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Wings of Justice by zoroark_the_aroused


Story Notes:

So... disclaimers: The owners of all materials and phrases that are used are their owner's property; it's just been suited to serve in a slight off-shoot parody. If you don't know how the traditional means to disclaimers work (ie pokemon = Game Freak, Nintendo), then clearly you may be too young.., too unobservant, or too focus on finding legal errors to even be here.

Other then that, enjoy.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Second one, coming right up~

02 Digging up Evidence

#5 days 11 hours before Ash’s trial:#

(Nusoki) “You know it isn’t very helpful for us to be conversing over these Holocasters, who know who may be watching on the other side…”

(Serena) ^Stop being such a worry wart and just go in already!^

#Meanwhile, in Lysandre’s Base:#

(Grunt #1) “…anything new on the channels?”

(Grunt #2) “Other then the fact there sure seems to be a lot of pokephiles bluntly gossiping back and forth on our Holocasters..? *sigh* The nerves of those…”

(Grunt #3) “Hold on, there’s a signal coming in from Dendemille Town. They’re talking about some mission and the government.”

(Admin #1) “Grunt, cue in on that line at once!”

(Grunt #3) “Yes, sir, patching us though… now.”

#Back at the mansion:#

(Serena) ^Maybe if you’d stop talking and keep searching, you’d probably find something and be on your way. But no, you want to complain about the risk of the estate’s owner returning to haunt you in a form of a specter.^

(Nusoki) “I am not worried if he returns or not, I just want to be out of here before it does!”

(Grunt #4) *I know that guy, I know that guy~*

(Admin #2) *Me too~ He’s… he is… damn, what’s his name again?*

(Grunt #5) *No way… That is Kalos’ own supreme attorney~*

(Admin #3) *The hero of love~*

(Grunt #2) *…and the wing of justice!*

(Admin #2 *The one…*

(Grunt #4) *…the only…..*

(All the Fans) *Nusoki Bulona~*

#Fu-Rin-Kasan music plays in the background as the group of fans collaborate#

(Grunt #3) *…..who?*

(Grunt #1) *I don’t know.., some chick-flick guy…*

(Grunt #3) If this guy’s some fem-friendly movie star, then why was there more male then female Flare members chanting in?*

(Grunt #1) *……….. Fffuuuuuuu…!!!*

(Admin #1) *Quiet, you two blithering idiots! He’s revealing to us the secrets to his genius mind!*

(Serena) ^Uh… what’s the problem ‘now’, Nusoki?^

(Nusoki) “I don’t know… It felt like a base-worth of fans squealed out in ecstatic bliss.., and then were suddenly… silenced. I shudder at the power that can do such a thing!”

(Serena) ^Oh great, here we go again…^

(Grunt #5) *Look, look.., he’s passionately concerned over the welfare of his loyal worshippers!*

(Grunt #6) *………he’s so awesome~*

(Admin #1) *Zip it, you fool!*

(Nusoki) “…..! Who’s there?!?”

(Grunt #7) “…did he hear us?”

(Grunt #1) “Nah, audio only goes one-way…”

(Admin #1) “Shut up, you idiots!!!”
(Serena) ^Now WHAT!!!^

(Nusoki) “There’s someone here….. a woman!?!”

Indeed. She is fully enclosed within a coal-colored sash and gown. Though, if she is here to mourn for the deceased, she is in the wrong location… the cemetery is out the main gate, right on Riley Street.., it’ll be the third lot on the left: before the Mac Dullard’s but after the Bull’s-Eye convenient store.

(Nusoki) “…..miss, are you okay?”

(???) “………”

(Nusoki) “Eh….. why are you here?”

(???) “I am here… on my own accord. …as you are, Nusoki.”

(Nusoki) “Ah… so you know of me?”

(???) “Yes, and I know why you are here.”

(Nusoki) “You DO?!?”

(Serena) ^No way! Seriously…!?^

(???) “…and that is why, Mister Nusoki, you must leave.”

(Nusoki) “Egh, explain why ‘I’ must leave?”

(???) “…Ash’s Pikachu is being held inside the animal shelter outside of Lumiose City. He will be ‘put down’ due to Mr. Zenithal’s murder, regardless of Ash being guilty or not.., unless something is done. He is being tranquilized due to the excessive power that is normally found in any other Pikachu; because of this, you need to get him back to consciousness. Only afterwards will you know what to do….. Also, make sure Serena is with you when you do go…”

(Nusoki) “O… okay..? And what about you, ma’am?

(???) “I am to stay for a while longer… I have business to attend to. We WILL meet again, Mister Nusoki, that… I am sure of…..”

With the conversement’s adieu, she goes back to staring at the lifeless room, envisioning the past… slipping by her… as if she was reading it from a book. Reluctant to dismiss the woman so easily, he starts to confront the woman again, though Serena intervenes.

(Serena) ^Hey Nusoki, she may be right. If you go by yourself, Pikachu may just attack you like the guards were. Since Pikachu already knows me, the little cutie may reconsider. I’d go myself but the Duputy you left me with *again* says he will not risk me ‘tampering the evidence.’ Besides, it’ll be another day before you get back.., and the longer you wait, the closer Pikachu’s going to be to being ‘put asleep’, so hurry on back here!^

He looks back over to the lady to find her still lost in thought. Now realizing time IS of the essence, he begrudgingly head out to catch a taxi back to Lumiose City.

(Grunt #5) “We have pinpointed his location and his destination on radar, should we pursue?”

(Admin #1) “Affirmative.”

(Admin #1) *Soon, all the power inside your vigilante mind; the strategy at to your success, all the confidential information you know.., the very being of your soul, Nusoki, …..shall be mine! Heh hee ha haa hah…*

#Lumiose City, 3 days 17 hours before Ash’s trial:#

(Serena) “What I want to know is why must we wake Pikachu.., if we are rescuing him, I’d understand, but to interrogate him?!? You’re crazy!”

(Nusoki) “Oh dear Serena, have some faith! For as long as I, Nusoki Bulona… am on the case, I will hear the accounts that ALL that were at the scene of the crime have to say. Which reminds me, you’re up next after Mr. Bell…”

(Serena) “What?!? First of all, Jeffrey’s still out cold. Secondly, I don’t even have an account to even say, nit-wit!”

(Nusoki) “Oh, but of course you do! And until you are out with it, I will not stop hounding you for…”

(Serena) “Oh, we’re here already~”

(Nusoki) “…really? So soon?”

The three get out of the vehicle and make their way into the shelter’s lobby.

(Nusoki) “Deputy Lad, get the door, will ya?”

(Deputy) Ah! Yes, Sir Nusoki. Anything else for you?

(Nusoki) Do find out about the Pikachu that we are looking for and do what you must to bring it off the sedatives.”

(Deputy) “At once, Sir Nusoki~”

(Serena) “Geez, you sure like all the power that’s going to your head a lot…”

(Nusoki) “…hm?”

(Serena) “Eh..., oh, look at the cute Sentret. Aww, you poor thing… Oh, and there’s a Litleo! Ha hah haa, so cute~”

(Nusoki) “???”

(Serena) *…..that was too close... If that goof-ball’s going to be of ANY help, might as well lay off ‘most’ of the insults…*

While the ‘heroes’ of this story strive to ascertain Pikachu’s well-being, the ‘villains’ (be it in any story with Team Flare in it) don the mantles of their team’s insignia and are deployed for the upcoming covert mission.

(Deputy) “Here’s the Pokemon. Hey, Pikasnooze, wake up!”

(Nusoki) “Oh let the sleeping mouse be. Saveur ton reste, un petit, par celui juste mai être ton futur.” (Enjoy your rest, little one, for this just may be your future.)

Suddenly there was a loud crash, as the back door is abruptly pried open; during which several Flare ‘troopers’ pour into the already cramped room.

(Admin #1) “Well, if it isn’t the illustrious attorney of the Kalos region, Nusoki Bulona!”

(Nusoki) “YOU!!! You.., …uh….. who are all of you??? Are you some trendy form of a trendy flash-mob or something?”

(Serena) “Team Flare?!? What are you doing here!?!”

(Grunt #3) “Our boss here is quite interested in the noggin inside your head ‘Nusomi’~”

(Nusoki) Erk, how ‘dare’ you call me by a girl’s name!

(Serena) “Oh come on, there are plenty of men throughout history that had a more girly name then that who have proven to be manlier…..”

(Grunt #1) Well get use to it, bonnet-face, when our boss is through with you… you’ll wish that was the only thing to be cursed upon you today. So boss, take it from here~”

(Admin #1) Lackeys, hold the remaining ‘fannies’ that are among you in check. The rest of you, get him! I want to feast myself upon his ‘mellow masculinity’!!!”

(Un-fan Goons) “Yes sir! CHARGE!!!”

(Nusoki) “Hold it right there, you crooks! How DARE you mistake me, ME… for being mellow!?! Enforcer, defend my ego!!!”

The lawyer whips back his coat and detaches the lone pokeball in his position. As it cracks open, revealing the living being within itself; the advancing grunts pause and scoff.

(Grunt #7) “You’re going to fight us in ‘this’ cramped space? With all these confined Pokemon to become casualties?!?”

(Nusoki) Oh no… I’m not going to have Enforcer ‘fight’ you. Ah, you’re awake. Please, my friend, give them the old skit of your’s.”

The camera pans down to a grizzled Chatot, clearly up there in age. With a squawk ‘okay’ and a ruffling of its feathers, the veteran Pokemon steels itself for the combat style it expertise in, psychological warfare.

(Enforcer) “*sigh* Stop right there, criminal scum! Nobody breaks the law on my watch!!!”

(Grunt #1) “What the hell is this supposed to be, a medieval video game?!?”

(Enforcer) “…youmustpaythefine,orit’sofftojailforyou! Donotignoreme,pitifulhuman! Iamthegreatbeingofyourdemise! Fearthealmightysqwakingwraththatflowsoutofme!!! Fearme,fearme,FEARME!!!!!”

(Grunt #3) “Agh, IT’S SO ANNOYING!!!”

(Grunt #7) “MAKE IT STOP!!!

(Grunt #1) “MY HEAD… FEELS LIKE IT’S… GOING… TO….. POP!!!!!”


(Grunt #3) “IT’S TOO MUCH!!!”

(Grunt #1) “WE MUST FLEE!!!”

(Grunt #7) “AIYAAHH!!!!!”

(Enforcer) “*!@7#%^?*@+!!! #8%$#:43%>^$%|^=#@’!!!!! _0$#$*^$#?&*$^#*&.$8%#/%2*^#%:^^#%!!!!!!!”

(Admin #1) “Never… In all my years.., have I seen a Pokemon….. with such power! HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!~”

The last remaining Flare in the building falls backwards, bleeding slightly from the ears.. just as the parrot finishes its speech. Serena and all the Pokemon and staff with the compound, along with the deputy.., are all doubled-over in pain; struggling to shield their hearing from the vocal onslaught. Nusoki, however, is unphased.., pleased even, for the room-clearing effect from his trusty partner.

(Enforcer) “…….it is done. Nusoki, I’m going to take a little vacation now…”

(Nusoki) “Oh, hoo~ Take a long one if you please.., just be ready in around a month when I’ll need your gifted tongue and lungs again.”

The little parrot gives a weak ‘sure’ before returning back to its captivity, eager for some rest against the exuberating performance...

(Admin #1) “You… are clearly… *erk* creditable… to your fame, Nusoki!”

(Nusoki) “So, the leader of the gutter-slugs still remains, eh? This will not do…”

(Admin #1) “Aww, what’s the matter, detective.., defenseless to my advances? Well don’t worry, when I get you all strapped up… and stripped down, and I dive myself in.., your mind will be too dazed to my assault!!!”

(Serena) “Eww, that’s just… egh, NO!!!”

(Admin #1) “First, I think I just pop your skull open.., see the succulent flow of knowledge through your head. I’ll take your brain, I’ll put my ‘straw’ in it, then I’ll drink it up!!!”

(…) “Pi…”

(Admin #1) “Eh heh heee….. huh?”

Everyone looks down to see Pikachu, fully roused by the wake-up call from the Chatot, clearly pissed from rude awakening… and not liking the tone from the ugly guy.

(Pikachu) “Piiikaaaaaaa....!”

The Electric-Type chants with a deviant smile, harsh static excretes from the excessive build-up.

(Admin #1) “*tch* …and I was so close, too…”

(Pikachu) “...aaachyAAAAAAAHU!!!!!”

The over-powered rat unleashed its legendary move of unconceivable magnitude, Thunder. The bolt careening towards the maniacal homophiliac sadist. The screen rapidly whitens with the last glimpse from the madman guised of anguishing-jubilee; which is, oddly enough similar to that time just earlier when he became tone-deaf. Clearly, he enjoys his pleasures both ways: dispensing and receiving abuse from another…..

With a crack, then a boom… an explosion emanates underfoot of the psychotic leader, propelling him into the sky. As he soars off into the sunset.., he blurts out.

(Admin #1) “…heh, clearly there still so much for me to dissect. A Pikachu with such skills of that level of intensity?!? Amazing! Fascinating, even!!! Aaahh…~ WHATAWORLD, what a world, what… a… world…..” #ding#

As everyone settles down from the hype of ealier’s potential bromance and gab-fest, the ‘currently un-sworn’ prosecutor kneels down and greets the Pokemon… who in return, give the man a static-filled glower towards him, warning the human that he is in a foul mood for any funny business.

(Serena) “Pikachu, don’t!”

The mouse debases the warning upon hearing her voice. Then proceeds to glancing around before frantically searching for his trainer.

(Serena) Pikachu… “Ash is… is…..”

The young girl begins to fidget from recalling the boy’s fate. The loyal Pokemon, with tears welling up in his eyes, winces from acknowledging what may have happened.

(Pikachu) “Pi… pika… pe…pi… pikaaaHAAHAAHAAAA!!! Pi…, peyaaah… pi!”

(Nusoki) “Yes, yes… As painful as it is, do not feel THAT sorry for him… for you ‘were’ the one to cause this to happen.

(Serena) “Hey, don’t be cruel to him! He’s had so much happen.., so lay off.”

(Nusoki) “Even so… Now, Pikachu, even among your sorrow and heart-felt apology… what you’re saying doesn’t match with what you did; what trouble you’ve gotten your trainer into as well.”

The scruffy man pats the Pokemon on the head. Allthewhile, Pikachu grits from the taunt and rallies a surge into the depositories within his checks. Mere seconds from discharge, Pikachu growls from frustration, though Serena abruptly comes to save the man from an untimely demise.

(Serena) “Wait, you understand what he’s saying?!?”

(Nusoki) “Ha, but of course I do~ Years of interrogating ALL the convicts and felons that procrastinated the truth, well… let’s just say that I did learn from the best. Haaa.., thank you, Enforcer~”

(Serena) “Wait, your all-so-great mentor… was a PARROT?!? What the hell!?!”

(Nusoki) Indeed. Though you may find it hard to believe, I have become the recent care-taker to the fabled bird; feeding and clean, all in the meantime learning the way of becoming a refined attorney!”

(Serena) “You’re crazy!!!”

(Nusoki) “…and snazzy!!!”

The girl keels over in embarrassment; too ashamed to have ever met this weirdo.

(Nusoki) Now Pikachu, please state your plea slooowly….. My Pekanesse is very rusty.

(Pikachu) “…chaaa…..”

The Pokemon gives its elegy while the whacky man ‘translates’ what is said.

(Nusoki) “Hmm… ‘It’s my fault! I didn’t think this would happen… I was feeling “off” at the big place. Maybe I ate something bad. Then the old guy teased some scrap cloth in front of me, the same rag he used to wipe himself off with, and… well… I ended up “hugging” his face.’

(Serena) “…you did …yuck, Pikachu!!!”

(Nusoki) ‘I could not bring myself to stop “Serenie”, it smelled “sooo” good~. He just ended up whacked me with his cane, to which I in turn… shocked… him. He quit fussing.., I thought I just knocked him out….. Next thing I did was nip onto that old rag; it smelled sweet, like… like… eh heh hee~ Eh? Ahh! Oh, it also had a very strong cheese scent that guy was eating earlier… and that was about time when Ash came back and……. egh…’ “Well, that explains quite a little bit…”

(Serena) “Hold on for a moment: spiked food, scented handkerchief…”

(Nusoki) “Yes, yes.., YES! It all makes sense now!!! Only one thing remains now…”

(Serena) “To stop by forensics so we can check on evidence?

(Nusoki) “No… We… must… stop by a restaurant, I’m starving… Oh, not to mention sight-seeing, this is the best time of year to do so~”

(Serena) “You got to be kidding! You’re… so….. LAME!!!”

Will Ash be saved from being sentenced away to juvenile detention facility or will he have to learn the ‘jail-house blues..?’ Find out in the final chapter to this story!!!!!

Chapter End Notes:

Done onto the next. As you can see, I'm not a creativly discriptive as I'd hope. As to the whole 'gay scene' that was pretty much it.

Sorry about the mess. But if you've stayed for this long, might as well view the last section...

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