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Wings of Justice by zoroark_the_aroused


Story Notes:

So... disclaimers: The owners of all materials and phrases that are used are their owner's property; it's just been suited to serve in a slight off-shoot parody. If you don't know how the traditional means to disclaimers work (ie pokemon = Game Freak, Nintendo), then clearly you may be too young.., too unobservant, or too focus on finding legal errors to even be here.

Other then that, enjoy.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The laaast one~ Huzzah, the end is in sight!

03 The Verdict

#42 minutes before Ash’s Trial:#

Thirty-five randomly selected citizens take their seat in the jury section of the court as a small audience of barely fifty people, other then members from the press, is present for the upcoming court reading. A worried Serena takes her seat on the bench; pleased only that Pikachu will be spared up until the verdict had been made upon Ash.

Merely a minute until judgment’s sound-off.., the last person in line to greet the haggard judge is hastily stating out a request and the weary arbitrator sighs out his reply, when a alarm chimes for the beginning of today’s event.

(Judge) “Silence in the court! #TCK, TCK, TCK# This session is now ready to begin. Now that I have everyone’s attention, let me state this clearly as to how this will work; make sure to pay full attention:

‘Judge’s Rules:’ I will decide who will be permitted to talk and for how long. If either the defendant’s side… or the accuser’s side… interferes at any time during the overall hearing, or out of their turn; then they will be marked for the misconduct. My opinion will be weighed with the evidence ALONG with the tallies that have been given.

If either sides have accumulated five total tallies, then they will be dismissed and I will conclude in my decision.

(Serena) “What?!? Is that even lega…”


(Judge) “One tally against the defendant!”

Serena cringed. Merely wanting to ask a question, she has invertedly caused them an early handicap to begin with.

(Judge) “Young lady.., I have not even finished the disclaimer and you already caused you side’s first folly. I WAS going to be saying that I have legal power to set up this style of court ruling, but heedlessly… youthful arrogance has ruined the virtue of patience; to which, if left unchecked, will inevitably prove costly.”

With the interruption temporarily put in its place, he continues.

(Judge) “*ahem* Also, let it be known that if one member on attack or defense is the cause for delay any three of the five times.., not only will that person be alleviated from the courtroom, they will be fined for ‘obstruction of justice.’

Even with those present who wish to delegate against such harsh decrement, none wish to risk themselves in opposition of the adjudicator.

(Judge) “And finally, the audience and jury are permitted to ask questions during their section’s turn. If, by any reason, any one member is a cause of interruption, you will be dismissed. Furthermore, if that group obstructs the process of the hearing three times, the ENTIRE group will be dismissed. Other then that, all non-interfering rules standard to courthouse dealings are still in effect.”


(Judge) “This session will now begin. Emanuel, set the clock… Persecutor, your time starts….. now.”

(Persecutor) Ash Ketchum, you are the ‘escape-goat’ for your Pokemon’s crime. You, failing to train your Pikachu better, have become instrumental in the death, of Eduardo Zenithal! With that said, I end my turn.”

(Judge) “Yes, stating what is already known is a waste of time; however, it sets the term to how the proceedings will start. A shrewd tactic, yet again, Mr. O’Malley.

The accuser takes his seat, giving Nusoki a jeerful smirk before sitting down.

(Judge) “Defense, you are up next.”

Nusoki takes his stand to start the clock for continuance of the hearing.

(Nusoki) I would like to start by saying that it is a bit overly harsh for a youth, a teen even… to be punished on behalf of a feral creature that… miraculously through science, we have rendered ‘docile.’ And yet this same science, that excuses us to utilize their use on a daily basis for combat against one another for recreational enjoyment, has still little to no ilking of what these creatures truly are; either capability or…”


(Nusoki) “…egh!”

(Judge) “Your point is well received; however, for the sake of a time-orderly trial… I have decided to trim your time this round as a means of ‘warning’. To prevent from another one of your well-known… hour-long speeches that you are notorious in doing from being brought to fruition, I have nipped this one to make myself clear. Take a seat.”

Nusoki, shocked by the abruptness of getting cut-off, sorrowfully takes his seat.

(Judge) “Now, members of the jury: decide among yourselves one to bring forth your first question.”

After a bit of murmured squabbling, one finally takes stand to narrate out the query to the court.
(Jury Member) “The video we viewed clearly shows a lapse of at least ten minutes from when Ash left to the time his Pikachu attacked. Even if the actions were premeditated by the trainer and dispensed to the Pokemon, very few, let alone a mere Pikachu, would have the capacity or the patience to count out the time before attacking.

The original term was meant for those who utilize their monsters as slaughter weapons instead of for sport. In light of what I and the defense attorney just said, is it really legal for the League to apply murder charge upon a trainer for any other condition then a direct conflict?”

To which the individual takes a seat.

(Judge) “That is an astute piece of wisdom you have displayed. In regards to what you and Mr. Nusoki have adhered, it is made clear that Ash should not be held responsible for the murder. And due to footage of him leaving the room for a definable amount of time before the Pikachu even stirs into the untimely action that triggered the death, he is clearly not the cause of the monster’s malevolent behavior. Therefore, I temporarily deem Ash not to be responsible in any direct way with the charge associated to the murder.., even against the contrary viewing of the law by the League….. The Pikachu instead will be put down due to rabid behavior. Which means, Serena, you are no longer recognized in assisting a murderer but for instead to have unknowingly assisted a fugitive in escape for now five assault charges. Serena, you are currently released from your applied charge.”


Serena, sighing in relief for the jubilant change in her fate, she then resteels herself against the remaining trial.

(Judge) “It is interesting that mere words do, in fact, influence another’s decisions. However, the sway in the final decision is far from yet being made. All members within the courtroom are allotted a ten-minute break.


#In the waiting room given to the defense:#

(Serena) “So what do you have to say about that gig you pulled back there, a defense? The guy on the jury did better then that! Besides, you’re suppose to get ALL of us out, not just me… and have Ash somewhat eased from jail time! What about little Pikachu?”

(Nusoki) “Sheesh, what do you want from me, a magic trick!?!” I’m an accuser, not a savior! I’ve made a career off of trainers being punished for abusing their Pokemon..; I think it’s about time it’s the other way around! Activists complaining about injustice being played out upon the Pokemon.., so are they saying the welfare of Pokemon exceeds humans?!? So what if things aren’t going to YOUR plan. Here’s a memo: grow up! Nothing’s stopping me from pulling the plug on assisting you and your punk boyfriend from being put in a corner!!!”

(Serena) “…what… has gotten into you..?”

(Nusoki) Oh, I don’t know… Stress, hunger pains.., oh I know: your damn snide comments every time things aren’t to your absolute liking! Here’s another one: who’s going to pay me for both babysitting you and keeping the tramp out of prison. Huh? Tell me; for as I sure as hell don’t know!!”

(Serena) “…… maybe our… parents will come up with something..?”

(Nusoki) “You better hope they do…”

With that, Nusoki storms out of the waiting room, leaving Serena behind.., now petrified at what she has become entangled with…..

Now back in the courtroom: the advantage Ash’s side has at winning the side has all but come to a mere trickle.., all the while with Nusoki’s thoughts being clouded by whether he’ll be getting a paycheck for all this…

(O’Malley) “Even with that said, something that should not be ignored is that even beside the point that he has had the Pikachu for nearly a decade.., cultivating some form of mutual bond that they respected, the rodent still snapped under some form of influence to debase it into lesser behavioral standings.”

(Judge) “…hmm, an interesting conclusion you have there O’Malley.., please continue…”

(O’Malley) “But of course. Granted that, in theory with all aspects taken, there is reason for…”

(Nusoki) “Oh, hogwash!”


(Judge) “Silence!”

(Nusoki) “You’re sooo funny when you get mad…”


(Judge) “Mr. Nu…so…ki..!”

(Nusoki) “Wheee~~~ Heh hee hea hah haaa~”


(Judge) “DAMNIT, ORDER IN THE COURT!!! Guards!!! Get this blithering IDIOT out of MY COURTHOUSE!!!!!”

Besides the fact of the judge about to blow a gasket any second now, Serena’s mouth is agape from the unexpected display of immaturity that the attorney has displayed. As the guards take hold so as to usher him out, she silently mouths her distraughtful inquiry.

(Nusoki) “…heh, I know there’s no way your family’s going to come even close to paying for me. So, I’m taking my leave. No doubt, they’ll refer me to a psychiatrist for the mental ‘break-down’ I had. Oh, that’ll be alright… I think I’ll enjoy the vacation from the law department. And if I’m forced to resign, fine by me; it was getting boring and ludicrous to collect on pay anyways. Enjoy struggling, ungrateful brat!!!”

Giving up on struggling, the guards finally win in pulling the lunatic from the room. Serena continues to be dumbfounded, until her attention is turned back to the judge who managed to settle down.


(Judge) This is why I implement the system as it is for such a disrespectful show of manners. In light of what has happened… and him being removed from the premises, Mr. Nusoki’s previous petitioned comments in defense of Ash Ketchum are now considered null.., and the original accusation in now in effect!

(Serena) “W…wha…”


Serena locks in fear of what just took place. Not only has the old charges been re-instated, but she also let her surprise get the best of her. Why, why is this happening!!! As the crowd begin to mutter amongst each other over what will become of these two children, the judge rises from his seat and shouts for them to mute themselves before straining against his aged joint towards the girl. The clock-keeper, Emanuel, rushes to the elderly man’s side and assists him in the endeavor of being face-to-face with her.

“Young girl…” the weather man starts, “…there’s a clear line between being naïve and unaware… and being careless and unruly. It is clear to what actions are to be taken upon those who fail to uphold fair conduct; for there is also a reason to why my court has such form of rules established…”

The overly world-weary man gathers his strength before continuing.

“Listen to me.., you are a child… though expected to fully mature one day.., not so just overnight. You are still in the process of learning: being observant to how adults handle daily business and, based on the morale that their parents have trained them up with, are to decide within themselves to make the changes needed for the world to be less corrupt and more peaceful for the next generation.”

“*sigh* The rules I implement are intended to apply to all in general but mainly those who choose to disrespect my authority; the adults that have grown up.., but never fully mature, if at all. You, however, should be thankful… for I have decided to be lenient to your previous ‘misdemeanors’ in my courtroom and have pardoned your tallies from the current record. Do remember that I am gracing you with this only so you may in turn learn from this. So know that I am not going to let things get out of hand in here just because others wish for it to be so.”

With his speech finished he hobbles his way back to his pulpit. Once back in place, he straightens out and continues.

(Judge) “I am calling for another ten-minute break, as for everyone to reflect upon what has transpired. In the meanwhile, I will consult upon the lack of mediation that is of the defense.”


Serena, feeling dizzy from at the hecticness, decides on purchasing one of the small meals that the lobby’s vending machine dispenses. As she makes her way out, she brushes by a figure that makes it’s way over to converse with the judge, eager to discuss matter with him.

#Second Break#

(Serena) *…maybe, just maybe.., we’ll pull through this. We are probably better off without the crooked kook anyways. But…*

She drifts off yet again; focusing on everything and nothing at the same time, too dazed by the amounted course that this trial has accumulated in uncertainty.

(Deputy) “Hey, sleepy-head….. Serena!”

The patrolman nudges her with the billie-club, trying not to be too brash in stirring her back into reality’s focus.

(Deputy) “Time’s up and almost everyone’s already seated.”

(Serena) “!!! No time like the present, let’s go!”

She hops out of her chair and hastens along with the cop back into the room.

#During the next phase of the hearing:#

(Judge) “I will accept a few questions from the crowd before continuing.”

Many on the audience were eager to dispense with a question of their own before the judge selected who will be chosen.

(Citizen) “Should not the defendant himself have any say in this trial?”

The weathered arbiter gathers strength into his lungs before replying.

(Judge) “A phrase that should come to mind is that ‘only a fool defends himself alone’ …to which, when interrogated, he proved that statement.”

(Ash’s Guard) “Sir…”

(Judge) Go ahead, sonny.”

(Ash’s Guard) Since his fairy tale life that he has been living in since he began his journey has been shattered, I have deemed his current state too upheaved for him to respond to the matters within the court. Upon getting to hear his plea personally, it was decided that he should opt out and that I instead will translate any response comments he has to the best I can.”

(Judge) “That will not be necessary. Next to comment…”

(Civilian) “Ash still needs some form of defense or this trial will become too one-sided. Has any decision been made in regards to that matter?”

(Judge) “Yes, one has. While during the break, I have consulted with and deemed a new overseer in defense for the accused. In honor to her request, she will remain anonymously named until wishes. Now please, Ms. Anon, take your spot.

A woman, cloaked in a shrouding garment of a midnight coloring, steps forward into the middle of the room.

(Serena) *Wait a second, I saw her in the transmission during Nusoki’s time at the mansion. What is she doing here?*

Ash, who has surprisingly remain diligent to keeping quiet this entire time, FINALLY snaps out of his coma-like daze he has been in from self-inflicted denial and colors back to liveliness, miraculously rejuvenated with hope somehow by the woman’s presence alone.

(Anon) “Sir, to the extent needed, I do find myself in the predicament of not having enough time to properly report my claim. May I be allowed an extension for my time up here?”

(Judge) “Hmmm, eh.., sure. Go on ahead…”

(Anon) “Thank you, your Honor. Since discovery of this trial I have petitioned myself into investigating the true cause of this unfortunate dealing… I have here, in my hand, a folder containing a copy of my findings..; inside you’ll find some interesting inserts.”

The judge pops open the folder to view while she continues off of memory.

(Anon) “Three month ago.., head of the manor’s security, Franklin Hulbert, was promoted into his status by Mr. Zenithal. About that time.., steward to the estate, Jacob Dewley, on return from sabbatical due to attending his cousin’s wedding… was feeling light on funding due to not receiving any time-off pay, and was begrudgent to his employer’s wealth…..”

Suddenly, the steward snorts off a scoff.., only to be corrected.


(Judge) “Mr. Dewley, I know I may be aging and my hearing and memory may fade someday, though… did I not JUST have a conversion with a certain lass about behaving in MY court!?!”

The supposed ‘grown man’ winced at the harsh criticism to his tomfoolery…

(Judge) “Please, Ms. Anon, do continue…”

(Anon) “Two weeks later, a certain Jeffrey Bell, finds himself employed into the security force that guards the chateau. Even though actually being dismissed at first by Mr. Hulbert, Dewley convinced Mr. Zenithal to enlist him in addition to two other recruits. Upon skimming through past records on Jeff, I have brought back to light that he was previously accused of being in league with a smuggling operation in the Sinnoh region.., a group that primarily focused in stealing unrefined gems that are discovered during mining operations at the Oreburgh digsite.”

(Judge) “Interesting. Does the prosecutor have anything to say about this so far..?”

(Prosecutor O’Malley) “I find…”

(Hulbert) “Of course we do! You expect…”


(Hulbert) “Erk…”

(Judge) “I did specifically call for your attorney to rise to the debate. Take your seat and wait your turn, Mr. Hulbert.”

(Hulbert) “…*sigh*, yes sir…..”

(O’Malley) “You intend to bring up extraneous, overly-exaggerated accusations off a dusty shelf and expect to insult my clients… and think people are to believe it?”

(Anon) “I’m not asking for ‘your’ opinion, pin-head. Were it left up to you, you will fly through hoops and say whatever the person dangling the paycheck in front of you wants you to say; suffice to say, if it’s big enough for you. I am only appealing to the judge.”

(Judge) “Settle down, missy. It is clear that what you are saying is not settling well with the opposing side. So for now, let there be less focus on the history, more on the main picture.”

(Anon) “Very well then. I bring to mind that though Bell is in the hospital still, he has been in cahoots with Hulbert since the day he was hired up to the time he was incapacitated. They were after the contents in the display cases and inside a vault that Mr. Zenithal has hidden away. They needed a means of a distraction, so they did some researching… and came up with results. By setting up an elaborate ruse, they would feign an incident that would distract everyone long enough for them to ‘clear house’. They underestimated one thing: that you’d have all witnesses detained within Lumiose City under watchful eye; that is why they have yet to take actions.”

(Judge) “Anything to YOUR defense, ‘accusers’?

(Dewley) “Sir.., you’re going to take the woman’s side, who doesn’t want to reveal anything about herself, and the questionable ‘facts’ she has presented that forensic ‘failed’ to acquire?”

(Judge) “Anon?”

(Anon) …does forensics know you took evidence of the scene of the crime, twice?

(Hulbert) “Evidence..?”

(Judge) “…..twice, Ms. Anon?”

(Anon) “I will explain more on that a bit later… For now, I wish to bring up is about a peculiar event three weeks prior to the murder. Even with all the guess-work and checking I could, I could not discover ‘why’ Mr. Zenithal decided to take an interest in Pokemon just recently.., and with one or the other discovering that Ash… being in several League-official tournaments, it may have been decided then that he would be chosen to be the focal point of the distraction...”

(Judge) “Regardless.., what IS important is the contents about and NOT the aspect of how the framing took place.”

(Hulbert) “Permission to speak, sir?”

(Judge) “Granted.”

(Hulbert) “Why is she allotted significantly more time to talk?”

(Judge) “…in reason being that she is providing both evidence and motives to a different point of view that was not yet examined. You may be given more time IF you have information to be taken into consideration that is relevant to this case. Do you have such knowledge in your possession?”

(Hulbert) “…”

(Judge) “Well then, I do believe that there are a few more things needed to wrap things up.”

(Anon) “Mr. Hulbert, always with the ‘team player’ and ‘soldier-boy’ disposition… other then begrudgingly training in the way of his patrol and protocol the same person he had no wanting of dealing with, is not guilty of any further association. And not to be placing blame upon the owner… Henry Tucker’s only link to the crime is via his Eevee, which was in heat at the time. That proved to be a very utilizable source of bait for luring the Pikachu into action when discreetly applied into Mr. Zenithal’s lotion he lavishly applies due to a condition in which his skin constantly molts.., causing dry cracks in his epidermis. With the tainted moisturizer, in junction with promoxillan to dull sentient reasoning and heighten base emotions, allowed for easy manipulation of the Pikachu.

(Judge) …you can pause for a moment now. I have just got done reading the rest of the full report provided by you, Anon: the euphoria-inducing chemicals laced into the food served to the Pikachu, the discarded sweat-rag which still contained remnant traces of the pheromones, and the snippet showing Mr. Dewley cleaning off the emolument from Mr. Zenithal’s face then replacing the blood-stained towelet with a new one.., which you also later discard into the dumpster bin by the gardening shed; Ash Ketchum, you are hereby released from all charges! I’ll even see to you’re Pokemon being… ‘over-looked’ of what happened. As for you, Mr. Dewley… you have a lot of explaining to do. Partnering with a criminal, along with trying to drag you employees into the dirt that you put yourself into… on top of framing a mere child….. Well, YOU’LL be the one to take Ash’s place!!!

(Judge) Jacob Dewley, you are hereby convicted and guilty of murder on top of the other charges which now include tampering with evidence, two counts.

#Outside the courthouse#

(Ash) “Uuugh, straining to not say anything sure made me so hungry!!!”

(Serena) “Seriously? You just got away from being locked away.., and the first thing you can think about is what your stomach wants?!?”

(Ash) “…but Serena, their food was so bad-tasting. It feels like my tongue could fall off any second now, that’s how bad it was!”

(Serena) “Geez, Ash, you’re so hopeless….. *sigh*”

(Anon) “Guess who wants to say hello..?~”

(Pikachu) “Pii pikaaa~”

(Ash) “Pikachu~ Boy, am I glad to see you!”

(Pikachu) “Pikachu~”

(Anon) “Ash, did you not say you were hungry?”

(Ash) “Oh yeah, I totally forgot, thanks~”

The youth and his Pokemon take off like lightning when it’s hungry, blazing off towards the nearest restaurant. Leaving Serena cheering out to her friend while the enigmatic figure remains by her…

(Serena) “Hey, Ash..! I’ll meet you by the Magenta Plaza when you’re finally done, alright?!”

(Ash) “Yeah! I will! See you then!~”

(Anon) “…you did well in telling about his imprisonment.

(Serena) “No problem~ He IS my friend, after all.

(Anon) “Indeed you are…”

(Serena) “Hey, ‘Anon’, why did you hold of on revealing to us who you are… shouldn’t you at least let Ash know who saved him?”

(Anon) “That is not necessary. Besides, he still has the bliss of being in a way pure-of-heart. Just because this may be the worst month of his life, either ever or currently just yet, doesn’t mean he’ll dwell on it for long.., in maybe a few months, maybe just week… this will just be a faint memory to him while he continues to make more reminiscences for himself.”

(Serena) “Okay.., but what if he does ask who saved him back there, what should I say?”

The lady muses to herself of what should be said, then she finally decided upon a response.

(Anon) Well, let’s just say I’m an admirer of his that will be rooting for him; a fan-girl if you must say.”

(Serena) “Oh… okay. Well I guess I’ll be going. Goodbye~”

The girl sprints over to her destination, leaving the mysterious figure by her lonesome. Feeling it unnecessary anymore, she finally removes the silken wrap off of herself…..

(???) “…*sigh*… always rooting for you, my baby…..”

Afterwards, Delilah coasts down the stairwell of the courthouse, only to be stopped by a familiar face.

(Nusoki) “Oh… what a heavenly visage dawned upon me~ Beauté le aucan-“ (Beauty of un…..)

(Delilah) “Can it, Casanova.., you dare to flirt with your last client’s mother, who you abandoned mid-term? Aren’t you a brave fool!!!”

After being filled with motherly vengeance, she unleashed several blows of righteous fury upon his head. Sated, she snoots his existence from her mind before resuming her leave of the city…..

(Nusoki) “…..egh, what.., what did I say? Sheesh.., why am I cursed with so many fan-girls but never anyone who truly wants me in… ‘that’ kind of way…..

(Admin #1) “Don’t worry, mister attorney.., you are perfectly wanted… by ME!!!!!”

(Nusoki) “What? Wait?!? No, noo… NOOHOOOhooooohooooooo…….!!!!!”

And thus, the story ends: the heroes were free to continue their Pokemon journey, Delilah kept her son from rotting in jail, the mysterious first-labeled admin got to be with the one he wanted, and the villains got what they deserved….. And life goes on…

*Except for Jeffrey, he dies in his coma. FTW?!?*

#The End#

…..or is it?
Nah, it’s the end!

…..or is it? Alright, I’ll stop screwing around now.., or will I?
Ah, damn, shutting up now… NOW!!! Ha~ Wait, nevermind……. I’ll stop.., later…

………made you look~ Yeah… it’s not funny anymore…

Chapter End Notes:

Yup, this is the official end to the story. I was drunk on sleeplessness when I inserted it. It was so funny when I went to delete it, I couldn't bring myself to...

Well, how'd ya' all think of it? I know, everyone has their own likes and such.., so I don't expect anyone to honestly give me a comment in regards, but I don't mind


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