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Milky Star by jireh


Story Notes:

This was my oldest fanfic involving sexual themes using my favorite legendary pokemon. Too bad her name is not listed on this site's character list.

Chapter 1

Some years ago, I met Jirachi when I was a working man of 20's already. As for me, I was about to retire as a trainer while I look for a new opportunity in life. She was indeed an inspiring legendary for me. Her innocence was charming, curiosity to learn, and the openness for new opportunities is what made me determined to make her happy, teach her everything I can about my world, and ultimately, win her heart. After a difficult moment when she approached her hibernation, I asked her about true love. I told her everything about myself, how it can be sad to live a life alone like hers, even teaching her about death, which is painful for both of us. Eventually, I wished for her that she won't have to hibernate again for another thousand years. It resulted to the loss of her wishing powers. I did it not wish for self-gain. But for her sake to live a life like mine since I pity her for she has missed many moments of her life. Her previous friends many millennia ago were now dead. I was a lone person for some time looking for company. But it’s not like my sweetheart who had seven days to live every millennium.

As months passed after the seventh night we hang along together before her slumber, our close friendship evolved when she fell in love with me just like I did before. Those kisses were like strings that she can easily play with as we love each other for being ourselves.
Six years later, we travelled to many places and learned new things as our secret relationship grew. Up until the last couple nights, I educated her about mating and sex education. How did that come to life? Unfortunately for me, while we had a trip somewhere in hoenn, she encountered a wild pokemon couple having sex when I didn’t watch out for her. Since he is rather naïve, I shared to her my knowledge of romance. Though pokemon relationships are quite different from my human standards, I find it to be nearly the same.

I’d been honest about denying her to teach her more about sex even if I wanted to have sex with her since we are a couple by now after celebrating this year’s valentine’s day. But the constant denial for patience lasting for two weeks only triggered her body’s genetics to heat itself up just like an ordinary everyday pokemon I see every day. And I thought she won’t have that issue at first since she’s like probably the only one of a kind. I didn’t even have a thought of wishing for her body to heat itself up for mating. It just came naturally.

On this particular night tonight, after making tough choices, both of us agree on teaching her the art of sexual mating. Renting ourselves a room on a love hotel for three nights somewhere in Hoenn the next day, I show her the ins and outs of sex. Overall, I trained her how to use her mouth to pleasure me which left me rather ok even if she couldn’t swallow and suckle much of it thanks to her head’s size. Then I taught her a bit of anal on the next day. But as we tried it, she hesitated to further just like me since I’m not comfortable with anal sex for the most part. So she suckled at my penis instead.
But tonight, I can finally express to her the wonder of vaginal sex and mating. Not to mention how to give childbirth and where babies come from.

After teaching her the lecture of it, she asks me, "So master, this the actual act for both of us?"

"Not yet. But close." I said

"Why?" seeing her head tilting right flashes back to the days when she asked me some deep questions.

"After a little bit of studying your sweet, delicate body, it seems that if I just go bring my big penis straight inside you, you'll get hurt badly while I just get pleasure just from mating you without you being comfortable. I don't want that to happen to you." Concerned with our size differences, I feel very responsible for her well-being if we are going through this.

"Then what act would that be?" she is quite more speculative than I personally admit though.

"It is rape. A forceful sexual act for one's self desire without care for the other's consent." I glumly said. I never liked those kinds of people who are forceful yet I also disliked society and its view of human and pokemon mating as a wrong thing when both sides wanted it.

"Then … what will you do to this? My mouth couldn’t even take it all in me." she points at her cute little opening that I'll be expanding like an Excadrill drilling into a small opening.

"I'll make it bigger for you," I pet my love on her head. "Trust me. If it is big enough, we can have some real fun. Now, sit and relax on that pillow." As I sit on the bed watching her lay on a pillow, we have a deep kiss on the lips. She may be a small pokemon but she can be quite dominant after our first kiss on the seventh night that I met her.

I touched her little vagina with my index finger and began rubbing it in circles. This squirms her kissing in my mouth as we let go of each other for breath while I circle her lovely treasure, making her blush and pant out. Eventually, I penetrate her entrance by dipping my index and middle finger inside and started sliding them in and out while she suckles on my penis. When I started applying a little bit of force in it, my fingers began exploring her celestial treasure mapping out her body’s organic universe that I will soon claim for myself.

"Ahh … agh ... I feel … being stretched! Ahhh! Ahhh!" Of course I did not stop there while her panting increases. Since she's a steel type, I play a bit of aggressive force in it as I invade her sanctum while I avoid breaking her organic barrier. She’s tight like a chain binding my fingers just to immobilize my progress. "Aahhhh, I want to … feel it … some more!" Of course, I ejaculate my own release as well staining her mouth and white body with my own white essence, just waiting for me to enter her small cute depths and claim her as my lifelong mate.

After lots of rubbing and pumping her pussy, she shouts out in pleasure as my fingers get clench inside her vagina, "Damn! That hurts quite much. My fingers were one thing, but my big penis being crunched inside her…" I gulp to even think about it. But I quickly calm down after knowing a steel type's sexual biology. "I hope you won't cut it off from me."
"Master, can we go for the real thing?" after using her telepathy to speak at me, she pokes her vagina to the tip of my tool. She is energetic, though too energetic, for a legendary like her. Picking her small body, I lay down on the bed’s headdress as I poke her pussy with my tip anticipating my conquest on conquering her galactic organs.

"Sure! Want me to be gentle? Or can I go rough on you?" I ask while she passes me a nod. I guess it helps for both of us studying a steel type’s biology alongside my species biology even if I’m not a fan of that one.

"Be gentle for a moment. Please? I don't know if I could fit you inside me like from those sexy movies you showed me. But claim me as much as you like, my love." I get her point when there’s not much I can do to stop her. With not much else to hold me back, I sit on the bed.

We pecked each other a kiss before I lay her in between my legs. We blush a bit as I push her down on my dick until I get my first few two inches inside her warm vagina. Oh I love her tightness and sleekness. I guess I did accidentally insert all four of my fingers, minus thumb, in her pussy a while back then. Or was it just me? My size is about eight inches, enough size or more for me to plug myself inside her.

With three inches diving into her love tunnel, she squirms and moans a bit louder the more I gently enter her warm cavern. It is getting a bit cold for portions of my penis that I just wanted to enter it all. "Oh! Master, I feel something inside me slowly ripping whenever you push some more." As I know, it is my love's hymen. This is when my plan for my proposal as mates starts tonight.

"This is the ultimate moment Jirachi. For a couple to claim each other as mates, both must lose their virginity to each other. Then I must pleasure you and myself until I fill your womb with my sperm. Keep in mind that it is painful for a moment. But it will get better. I promise. Are you ready princess?" listening to the whole thing, I await her answer to accept my creed as her human mate.

"I'll take ANYTHING you want and need! Do it! My love! Claim me as yours!" All I did was lift her off from my penis and give her a quick kiss.

Then I animated the kind of scene where you stab the tip of your sword to the enemy. Though in our love making, I push her down on me hard, ramming her pussy into my dick on full force. She cries out in shrieking pain while it wince me a bit of flinching pain from the feeling of just suddenly cumming inside her. She’s facing me when her legendary womb connects with my human penis as her body slowly succumbs to my presence just like succumbing to her love years ago.

"Ooaahhh! Jirachi! You're really tight!" After exaggerating, I began comforting her. "It's okay my love… you can do it. Just embrace my essence just as I embrace your warmth and love" By now, I massage her cute little breasts and her forehead with my thumbs just to ease her pain. What's beautiful about my wife is that we can share each other's emotions and recent senses. But the power of her third eye, when treated with massaging just right, can give you a boost of energy to mate with her some more: something that I learned from her suckling on my penis days ago now that I look back just on how rough I somewhat get with pleasing myself with her mouth.

After a few minutes of her sitting on my dick, she gives me a nodding smile. "Welcome to my little star body master. It's all yours to claim. Explore my body, pulse and cream it all!" Her voice childish rings happiness and relief with a nice hint of sexiness as her pain finally falters out of the way.

I came inside her once, I can cum in again. Holding her small waist, I lift her up and down roughly yet deep and slow as I feel her walls clamping me like a hotdog being eaten by a bivalve. It’s immensely awesome. We moan with all of our joyful voice as I continue pounding that steel pussy to good use. Every inch of her love cosmo flesh obeys my order and tours me within her cervix and womb rewarding with my pre slowly ruling her body and heart with my essence. The way she responds would be more on the adorable than the sexy. But she still has that kind of sexy kink that I find the most beautiful.

After a while, I could feel her ‘Psychic’ kicking in to stimulate my crotch: something she tried herself two days ago. I’m already releasing pre cum within her walls. "You like it big prince?" she looks at me role-playing with pleading eyes.

"I love it my sweet milky star." I giggle with excitement by applying a little quick thrust inside her, yelping her quickly with pleasure. "You just got me excited."

"Excit-oh-ted?" her word cuts of as I interrupt her question with a swift thrust, hearing that wonderful moan of hers again as I speed up her vaginal impaling a bit using my penis.

"Yup. You are excited too." Once more, I begin thrusting fast with no wait for her, earning both of us more bonding time.

Along the way of our sexy moment, I play with her little clit with her unwary help with my left hand grabbing her little right hand as I rub on her tiny clit just clinging above her pussy being treated with erotic pleasure by me. "Ahh ... oh … so much pleasure! What are you doing to me now?!" she seems to breathe frantically amidst the ride of our sexual life.

"Look Jirachi. Rub it where your hands are." I said as I continue thrusting inside her cavern. This is where I feel her fleshy love starts to tighten much more than I anticipated. Normally pushing it in and pulling it out didn't do much for me. Gosh, I should have remembered that Steel type vaginas contract the hardest. “Looks like sex really disable your knowledge and ability to recall for a moment.” I said to myself within my own thoughts while I struggle to pull myself out even a few inches as she came again.

After her panting, "Master. What is wrong?" she asks with a bit of a whiny exhausted tone.

"Guess I never knew so well you would be THIS TIGHT!" I grunt out my unexpected bliss as if she had a black hole bringing me further inside her denying me to leave.

"I can feel you growing so much inside. But I find it a bit uncomfortable that you are really big. Even your penis tells a lot. I feel you plugged inside my womb holding you still. I don't know if I can loosen myself..." I feel her sense of pity while I’m helpless on mating her gently and equally.

Then an unnerving thought came to my mind. I whisper at her ear, "I got no choice but to do this the rough way. Will you do it with me? I'll be thrusting nonstop and rough on you until I can release my own cum inside you once more. But ..." I can't do it! I don't want to hurt her that badly that I ended up tearing up her body in half and bleed from my ramming. I’d hate myself so much if she ends up being hurt too much.

"Sweetheart, thanks for caring me. But now, after everything that we’ve been through, I wanted to give you something you wouldn’t forget for making me love you by being yourself. Just like you love me for who I truly am. I'll take everything. Do it for me. Mate me now how you see fit, even if it hurts." hearing her reassuring voice rings singing togetics to mind.

"You'll get use to my size. Relax and enjoy the ride." And with that nod from her, I hold my hands on her small body and thrust inside her vagina to the hilt again, but with a lot of force, pressure, and speed. As I see her small body bulging from the size of my penis, it makes me love what I’m doing to fill her vagina and womb with my penis acting as a fleshy block from any other males who dared mating with her unfairly. Her vagina would now be my Penis' new home to mingle every night of our lives. Its residing celestial vaginal walls and cervix are now conquered for her womb is about to fall under my sexual command.

"MASTER! AHHH! AHH! AHH! I cum out! I WANNA DO IT MORE! SO GOOD GO FASTER AND DEEPER!!" her voice becomes much more frantic than mine as I hump in and out of her small yet eternal celestial hole to the quickest and hardest that I could do to the point I clench my eyes and await the upcoming finish. As I approach my next upcoming orgasm, opening one of my shut down eyes, I see her third eye on her stomach glowing open. As I look straight at it, I get a glimpse as on how plugged I am inside her body. In fact, our sexual act collides with her third eye for a bit: a sweet spot exclusive to her

Much to enjoy and learn that when she opens her third eye during sex, it gives me this kind of invisible 'bind' where we can feel each other's pleasure within our souls. Determined to make her my soul mate once and for all, I hump her and myself even quicker and harder to push ourselves to the limit. We just scream, moan, and pant in pleasure as I rut at her pussy nonstop: reaching its near defeat on my attack. I want to give her a full time experience that I include massaging and squeezing her breast to please her. Though she is not releasing milk as of now, I will have sex with her again when I get her to be pregnant.

With me throbbing so much inside her I exclaim, "All of it is in Jirachi! I'm almost there! I'm almost ready to cum!"

"Master! Cum in me NOW! DO IT! I'M CUMMING NOW! Ahh…ahh ….aahh …ahhh….CUM IN MY WOMB MY LOVE! AHHHHH!" just when she said that, I shove my penis deep inside her womb one last time as I push her little star body on me like stabbing a slab of meat with a lance. Much to my dilemma, the head of my tool occupies the entirety of Jirachi's warm womb. All of her sex parts are now occupied by my tool. With a proud victory, I release it all out determined to fill her with my long awaiting seeds inside her conquered galactic inner galaxy as I lay my right hand on her belly eager to relish my victory. I could feel it build up with my essence since it cannot get out thanks to me blocking her pussy’s only exit to my new haven.

"I feel … chubby…" she pants out her words joyfully as we give each other the ultimate connection of love as soul mates. Yet as I release more cum into her pussy for more than ten minutes, I continue plowing my sweetheart’s body just to bulge her womb and third eye all for myself to enjoy. I love just how her small body adapts to my penis’ size from plowing her body so hard containing both my penis an the spunk I’m giving to her.. "I'm full. ... I'm ... getting ... so much ... that ... can't ... hold ... more..." All I did was lick her cheek remaining plugged inside my new organic universe: Jirachi’s millennium womb. Grabbing a pillow next to me, I place it behind my mate as she rests down tired like me.

As I rest for another ten minutes later, I can see our fused essence starting to leak out of her beaten pussy a bit before it stopped flowing away. I just remain hilted inside her for her vagina makes my penis feels so warm. It is like we are tuning with the same warmth and heartbeat of each other after a long war where our reproductive bodies bond together in harmony.

"Can we ... do this ... every night? Or ... least ...we sleep ... every night with penis ... inside you?" I ask for I love the idea of that as our nightly activity.

All she gives is a sigh and a nod.

"Love you my little wife. Sweet dreams Jirachi." I said with content.

“Thank you … for that wish … Master." It’s her lines that she said before we black out of exhaustion. And that's how we ended up being lovers, both mentally, spiritually, and physically for many of our years to come as a couple. Just like our intertwined bodies massaging each other in the middle of our bedtime.
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    Reviewer: kolofox
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    Not bad unfortunately i couldn't take that route with a Victini being somewhat more frail than a steel type, anyway keep up the good work and i hope to read some more.
    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jul 2 2014 Chapter:Chapter 1
    Another fine work, though with this one, readability was adversely hindered by lack of proper pacing (aka commas). And some of the wording was a bit awkward in my opinion. Overall i liked this, but as stated, the pacing could have used a little work.

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