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Years ago, I was just a lonely person with no one to love with. Until Jirachi came to my life giving new meaning to my own life. I'm not a great lover, but I married Jirachi herself. This one, I will tell you my story as to how making love with her is different from other human females. Sometimes, the best sexual lifestyle is being bigger in size than your wife.

Human Male (Identity unknown) & Female Jirachi pairing.

Story Notes:

This was my oldest fanfic involving sexual themes using my favorite legendary pokemon. Too bad her name is not listed on this site's character list.

  1. Chapter 1 (3378 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    Reviewer: kolofox
    Date:Jul 1 2014 Chapter:Chapter 1
    Not bad unfortunately i couldn't take that route with a Victini being somewhat more frail than a steel type, anyway keep up the good work and i hope to read some more.
    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jul 2 2014 Chapter:Chapter 1
    Another fine work, though with this one, readability was adversely hindered by lack of proper pacing (aka commas). And some of the wording was a bit awkward in my opinion. Overall i liked this, but as stated, the pacing could have used a little work.

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