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Catch a Fennekin by the Tail by kolofox


She who wanted to help

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, dismemberment, strong language, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokemon or associated Medias. Heavier than normal for language, suggestive themes and traumatic events.

She who wanted to help

"Sir," the Nurse announced, "I have the results for your Honedge."

"And?" Anthony pressed worriedly.

"Physically he's sound aside from his nicked blade, but according to our local medium he is fighting for control with this fragment of a Malamar,"

"I know that, but can he be help?"

"Achem I must apologize but chances are not in his favor," an elderly man sighed, "At this point he is very dangerous."

"I'm not giving up on him," the teen protested.

"Son let me put it like this, the best case scenario is he expels the Malamar and wakes up, second best he evolves and he can control the Malamar, third best is he dies."

"I am not going to let him die,"

"Then answer this kid, where are you going to put an IV on him, or better yet how are you going to feed him the Life force needed to keep him alive?"

"Another ghost could do it," April offered.

"Ah yes you could do that, but you run the risk of strengthening this evil," the Medium sneered, "My advice, cut his tassel and catch a new ghost."

"Please don't listen to him Anthony," Vix cooed.

"Feh I should have expected this kind of behavior from you since you allowed your Braixen to practice such a Taboo," He huffed, "Do what you want, but if that sword kills you I don't want you haunting my front door."

The dark haired teen watched with disgust as the old man left, but just before the door clicked closed he turned back, "and I pray that Braixen is cursed with infertility!"

"That's it!" Anthony growled. He started to move to give pursue when April stopped him.

"Leave him be Dimitri, he's just a Traditionalist like most ghost trainers." She placated. A short sniffle drew the two human's attention the blind Braixen.


"No, no I'm fine; it's just that stung more than I thought, and sorry for not using your fake name Anthony,"

"It's alright 'Lady'," he said with a wink.

"I still hate that name, but please give Amaru a chance,"

"I will,"

"Then I suggest that we attach an everstone to him." the Nurse suggested.

"Yeah, but I guess we better go beat that gym while Amaru recovers."

"Alright Luther with Amaru out of action you're going to be my lead okay?" Anthony smiled.

"Hm!" the Lucario cheerfully huffed.

"Now I know I haven't worked with you a whole lot but I've seen you battle, so this gym shouldn't be too hard."

"Hm!" he once again huffed.

"Ha, ha that was a cake walk!" April chimed as she exited the gym.

"Got your second badge?"

"Yup Blossom swept through the whole gym, even his Amaura didn't stand a chance against her flamethrower."

"Blossom knows flamethrower?"

"Funniest look I've ever seen, I thought he'd shit himself when a grass type started breathing fire!"

"Well Luther should be able to do fine with his bullet punch and Lucy's grass moves."

"Stick to Luther, his Tyrunt is a dragon type he's not as affected by grass moves,"

"I'd use fairy moves but Lucy's fairy wind's really all she's got at the moment."

"Shouldn't she have evolved by now?"

"I'm not worried about it; if she wants to stay a Flabebe then I'm not going to hold it against her."

"If she's refusing to evolve you should just box her," Dillon sighed.

"Oh I see you're here to get your second badge then."

"Nope I've already got it; I picked it up when I went through here to..."

"Don't you owe me money?" Anthony interrupted.

"That battle wasn't finished!"

"No actually you ran away," April added.

"So that counts as a loss, pay up." The trainer pressed.

"Uh... crap um I think I see my mom so I'll see you later!" the Ginger evaded, running off to the Center.

"I'll pressure him into paying me once I get my second badge," Anthony shrugged, "anyway you ready Luther?"

"Hm!" the Lucario hummed.

"I'll go cheer you on!" April offered. The Teen smiled warmly as he led the way into the gym. The various gym trainers proved to be little challenge to Lucy as she and her trainer battled to the top.

"Welcome to the Cyliage city gym," the leader greeted, "My name is Grant and as you may have guessed I specialize in rock type Pokemon.

"Well shall we get started?" Anthony beamed.

"Lets, Amaura go!" the gym leader called, summoning forth the ice type

"Luther you're on!" the trainer countered; letting his Lucario to step into the ring.

"Icy wind, slow it down!"

"Bullet punch!" Anthony commanded. Luther nodded cheerfully before dashing in for a quick victory on the fossil Pokemon.

"I am impressed, is that your fathers Lucario?" Grant asked

"No, I only caught him a few weeks ago," the teen replied.

"Hm, I see, well I hope he can stand up against my Tyrunt," the gym leader smiled as he summoned the small t-rex like Pokemon.

"Same thing Luther, Bullet punch!" Anthony shouted, but the second the Tyrunt caught sight of the purple haired trainer standing to the side of the arena, and he charged for her instead of his opponent. Seeing this the Lucario instinctively placed himself between dragon and April. He tried to stop the powerful little Pokemon but with a toss from its head he was sent sailing over the edge of the arena.

"Luther!" his trainer cried as the steel type disappeared over the edge of the faux mountain.

"Tyrunt return!" Grant gasped. Anthony, April and the gym leader ran to the edge to see the steel type lying at the bottom clutching his leg in pain. The Lucario's trainer led the way down the slope that led to the entrance to see the appendage bent at the wrong angle.

"Come on lets go get him to the center," Grant offered.

"Dimitri Slatter?" the Nurse called, "Dimitri Slatter?"

"Anthony she's calling you," April whispered.

"Hm oh yes," he quickly answered, "How is Luther?"

"It's a clean break, but I'll have to put a battling restriction on him for a few months," Nurse Joy explained.

"Month?" the teen balked.

"Steel types while resilient take longer for their bones to heal, but that isn't the reason I'm placing a restriction on him."


"Come with me," she sighed. Anthony followed the Nurse to a dimly lit room with bright illuminated panels.

"This is an X-ray of a normal Lucario, and this is an X-ray of Luther," Joy explained as she pinned thin plastic sheets onto the bright panels. The difference was clear, on one side the normal Lucario's solid white bones were clean and smooth while his Lucario's skeleton showed rough lumpy bumps.

"All those bumps you see are healed factures and injuries, normally something like this occurs over the course of a Pokemon's battling career, but in this frequency and density this Lucario was most likely..."

"Abused," Anthony finished, "But wouldn't that lead to mental trama? I know that Kris still has a few nightmares from her ordeal with the BBB."

"Look here," she gestured to Luther's skull, "something with strong deliberate force fractured his skull causing server amnesia."

"Geez, will he get his memories back?" the teen paled.

"With something like this would you want them to come back?"

"I guess not,"

"Given his age and the extent of the abuse," the nurse paused to turn the X-ray viewing panel and to turn the room lights back on, "Whatever, or whoever did this to him it's a blessing in disguise."

"I see but I'm curious, you make Luther out to be fairly old?"

"I'll show you ," she smiled, "I'm sure you are no doubt eager to see him now."

"Yeah, but let me go get the rest of my team."

"Of course," she nodded. Anthony returned to the lobby where his team waited.

"Hey kid what's going on?" Tony asked.

"Luther's fine, he just has a broken leg," he placated.

"How long is he going to be out of it?" Vix inquired

"He's on a battle restriction for a few months."

"A few months!" The ranger balked, "Ant... Dimitri we can't wait that long!"

"Lucy's gotten pretty strong so with a little bit of training I'm sure she could do it, and if I have to I'll use Vix..."

"Lady," Tony corrected.

"Lady to take out his Amaura,"

"I'll give you a two weeks but no more than that,"

"Fine, come on guys lets go see Luther," Anthony shrugged. His team quickly followed after their trainer. The short walk led the small group a small room where the Lucario rested with his leg bound in a heavy cast.

"Hey Luther," the teen greeted.

"Hm?" he huffed looking up from the piece of paper he worried.

"Hey there sweetie can I see your paw again?" the Nurse cooed. The Lucario gave a puzzled look before offering his bandaged arm.

"Thank you my dear," she beamed taking his paw, "now if you look at his wrist spike, where I've marked you can see three strata with a forth forming?"

"Yeah?" Anthony nodded confused, "what does that mean?"

"It takes five years for those strata to form so that means he is between fifteen two twenty years of age."

"So how long do Lucario's live for?"

"Oh you don't have to worry, Lucarios typically live for about eighty to eighty-five years," Joy smiled.

"Wow I wond... ouch!" the trainer jumped when his Braixen gave him a sharp pinch.

~ Don't worry about it, ~ Vix conveyed telepathically

"How are you feeling Luther?" the fire type asked while her trainer was out getting food for the team.

"I'm alright, it doesn't hurt anymore," he shrugged

"I heard that you lost your memories, is that true?"

"I guess, I don't remember a whole lot, just flashes here and there, but from what I could gather I think I had a mate a long time ago,"

"Do you mind if I take a look?"

"Go ahead, though you're not going to find much." Luther shrugged. Vix nodded before extending her psychic power into the Lucario's mind. His mind seemed old but she couldn't find anything from when he was a Riolu save for a gentle face of a Zangoose. She tried to press deeper into the void but the harder she pressed the more she realized that something very powerful completely wiped out his memories.

"Who was the Zangoose?"

"Beth I think was her name, but she died, a cave filled with..." Luther paused when he heard the door open. Anthony recognized the Braixen's gesture of reading the Lucario's mind.

"Vix could I have a word with you," he sighed as he deposited the tray laden with food upon the bed, "Kris and Lucy could you pass out the food please."

"If it's about Luther's memories," she started.

"Vix, now," the trainer commanded. The Braixen gulped before she quickly followed after Anthony. Once they were both out of earshot of the Pokemon within the room the teen turned to face his blind starter.

"Vix I ask that you do not mention Luther's memories or try to restore them."

"Why not, I restored yours," she protested.

"Vix Luther was abused, more so than Kris."

"If he was abused, there would have been evidence," the fire type paused when she realized what Anthony was saying, "His memories, his memories as a Riolu were gone like something stronger than Tess just erased them."

"Please don't mention this to him, we are his family and we'll give him a good memories to cherish in place of the ones that are gone."

"Okay Anthony, I promise I won't tell him." Vix sighed.

"Alright, Now tomorrow we are going to start training you, Kris and Lucy for that gym. You're going to take out the Amaura and with luck Lucy'll be able to take down that Tyrunt.

"Lady Flamethrower!" Anthony commanded. The Braixen summoned up a torrent of intense fire from her wand aimed at the gym leader's Amaura.

"Hey kid, I'm sorry about your Lucario, is he doing alright?" Grant asked as he returned the fainted ice type.

"He is, thank you for asking."

"Yeah, normally Tyrunt isn't that aggressive towards other trainers but for some reason that ghost trainer just made him snap.

"It's alright it was an accident," Anthony shrugged, "Lady come back, Lucy you're on!"

"Tyrunt you better behave yourself this time alright," Grant commanded as his Pokemon emerged from its ball.

"Flabebe!" the Fairy chimed once she recognized the dragon type.

"Buldoze!" the leader ordered

"Fairy wind Lucy, keep him back!" the trainer countered. He watched the tiny fairy repeatedly blast the royal Pokemon with her wind yet despite the type advantage the Tyrunt managed to get close enough to swat the flabebe from the air.

'Damn it Lucy girl you know you're stronger than this,' the fairy berated herself as she climbed back onto her orange flower.

"Are you good to go Lucy?" her trainer called.

"Flabebe," she answered.

"Alright use Grassy terrain," Anthony nodded. Upon command Lucy released a verdant wave of energy that caused soft grass to sprout from the gym floor. The teen felt the warm energy that the grass release creep up his only leg while he waited for the gym leader to give a command.

"Bide he's setting up for something!" Grant issued.

"Lucy, egg him on!" Vix shouted. The Flabebe turned for a brief moment see if her friend was serious.

"Vix," the trainer started.

"Lucy is small and quick, she'll be able to take pot shots to wear him down." The Braixen explained.

"Remember he is also getting healed from the grassy terrain."

"Lucy will be getting the hits in, he won't."

"I hope your right Vix," Anthony sighed, "Alright Lucy stay on the move and snipe him with your fairy wind!"

"Flabebe," she nodded, but the Tyrunt proved to be faster as it chased down the Fairy with surprising ease.

"Lucy!" the trainer called when the Fairy was knocked from her flower once again.

"He's faster?" the Braixen asked as she watched with her Extrasensory.

"Buldoze, it makes you slower, Lucy can't land the hits now."

"Flabebe!" the Fairy spat defiantly. The Tyrunt started to charge again aiming to finish the battle when the tiny Pokemon started to glow.

"Floette!" Lucy cried as she launched a volley of razor sharp leaves at the royal heir Pokemon. The magical leaves chased down her opponent with quick efficiency bringing an end to the drawn out battle.

"Wow," the leader started when the trainer cried with joy.

"Lucy you evolved!" Anthony exclaimed scooping up the somewhat larger fairy and her flower, "I am so proud of you!"

"Hi Anthony!" April chimed when she saw the trainer return from the gym, "Did you get the badge?"

"Yes I did," he beamed showing the purple haired trainer his badge case.

"Nice, we better go tell Tony so we can get out of here." She exclaimed before grabbing the trainer's wrist and led him to the center.

"Surprise!" everyone cheered when Anthony entered the Pokemon center.

"Thanks for letting me borrow your radio Tony," April smiled.

"Not exactly a good use for ranger equipment but it gave Blair enough time to set up the decorations.

~ Which thankfully were not a lot, ~ the Meowstic replied.

"It also helps that the center has Birthday decorations on hand for miscellaneous occasions," Nurse Joy added.

"So what are we waiting for, let's celebrate!" April cheered. The party went long into the night but Anthony found himself in the company of his purple haired friend. She led him from the party to entrance to connection cave.

"I promised that once you got your badge that I would take you to Fay," she turned when Anthony started to slow down.

"Well yeah but,"

"Don't worry she's not very far in, we don't need our Pokemon," the ghost trainer placated.

"Okay, lead the way," he nodded nervously. April smiled warmly and proceeded to lead the trainer into the cave.

"Whoa slow down, I don't exactly have a good memory of this place," Anthony gulped.

"Oh, sorry um, her home is just around the corner." she turned. True to her word once the pair entered the small cave they saw a small dusty home filled with assorted bobbles pilfered from human homes.

"It looks like this place's been abandoned for years," the teen observed.

"She's been gone for a while."

"Is she..." Anthony turned to his companion only to see a purple furred Zoroark standing where April was.

"She's, me," Fay smiled, "I... I'm sorry for deceiving you Anthony."

"Fay," he gasped, "You're..."

"Come lay with me, we have a lot of catching up to do," she beckoned as she lay back on a pile of discarded cushions.

"I'm tempted but I can't Fay."

"Forget about Vix, she doesn't want you." The Zoroark pressed as she rose from the makeshift bed.

"You're wrong, she's just scared," Anthony retorted. Fay suddenly lunged for the teen, pinning him to the ground while her claws tore through his shirt.

"I want you Anthony," she growled hungrily.

"Fay, stop this isn't you!" the teen yelled. He tried to push the dark type off but her sharp claws started to dig into his chest. Her hungry eyes wandered down the pants that protected the trainer's loins.

"No, Fay no I don't want this!" Anthony fought, but the dark type had stopped listening. The Zoroark teasingly undid the belt and pants and pulled them down. The teen redoubled his fighting, grabbing the dark type by her wrist to pull them away from his unprotected crotch.

"Don't stop me Anthony!" Fay snapped as she pressed herself against him.

"You're not the Zorua I remember," He bit back. The dark type growled dangerously as he kept her paw away from their goal. They struggled for a bit until one of her paws slipped from his grip. Anthony gasped when her free paw drew three deep slashes across his chest. The scent of blood filled the air snapping Fay out of her lust addled state.

"Ah... oh god, Anthony what have I done!" she gasped when she staggered back from the writhing teen. The trainer clutched his chest as he slowly crawled away from the Zoroark.

"Please let me help you," she choked

"S, stay back," he gasped, his free hand struggling to pull his pants back up. Anthony managed to get to his feet; leaving the sobbing Zoroark behind in the cave. Slowly the events caught up to the disturbed teenager as he opened the door to his hotel room.

"Where were... oh shit I smell blood!" Vix gasped when her trainer stumbled into the room, "Anthony what happened?"

"I, I went with April," he admitted.

"Is she alright?"

"She did this, she's a Zoroark."

"Where is she?" the Braixen asked, "Never mind Lucy help see to Anthony, Kris come with me."

"Wait," the trainer protested but the Braixen was already out the door.

"Vix this is a Zoroark we're talking about, it's not something we can fight out right," the Umbreon gulped.

"Kris, you smelled what was on him, blood and sex," The fire type seethed, "April forced herself on to Anthony."

"He's not dead; Zoroarks don't exactly like it when a potential mate gets away."

"She's been hiding herself for months so she had to have gone through a few estruses, which means she either has a lot of control or Anthony really meant something to her."

"So how do we find her?"

"We follow Anthony's blood."

"April!" Vix called within the cave, her sensitive nose led her to a small musky hollow where a still sobbing Zoroark remained huddled on a pile of cushions.

"Vix, I'm so sorry I didn't know what came over me," She wept.

"Sorry, Sorry for raping Anthony!" the Braixen roared, her wand sending waves of searing heat washing over the small cave.

"Vix, hold up of a sec," Kris spoke, "Why, why didn't you kill him?"

"I smelled his blood, hurting him was the last thing I wanted, but now his blood is on my claws," April wailed.

"You are pathetic, if I didn't need you to keep Anthony safe I would kill you right now," the fire type spat.

"Wh, what?"

"I'm offering you a choice April, with the triple B breathing down our necks Anthony is in terrible danger if they ever found out about us," Vix explained. It was all she could do to keep her temper in check.

"I, I know but,"

"But nothing, You have two choices, one you leave and never come back, or with Anthony's concent we maintain the ruse on the condition that you Never touch him again, or so help me I will shove my wand so far up that cunt of yours, you'll wish you never laid a claw on him." the Braixen threatened.

"No, I can't, not after what I've done, I can't," April wept.

"Then we're done here," Vix huffed.

"I, I wouldn't have given her the chance," Kris added as they left the cave.

"I was kind of hoping she would lash out," Vix admitted, "But hearing her like that, its punishment enough to live with what she's done."

"What about the BBB?"

"Fuck 'em, I'm tired of living in fear of their bigoted views." The Braixen growled, "Anthony's hurt and I'm the best one who can help him."

And that is by far the darkest chapter to this date for Catch a Fennekin by the Tail, I suppose I should add a disclaimer: *achem* I am actually a fairly cheerful and kind person, I just know how to write a damn good story (not trying to brag or anything).
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