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She who Showed Compassion

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, dismemberment, strong language, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokemon or associated Medias.
She who showed compassion

Vix carefully opened the door to the hotel room to see Lucy worrying her flower outside the bathroom door.

"How's he doing?" the Braixen asked.

"He's thrown up about thr..." the floette paused when the sound of their trainer retching into the toilet sounded from the other side of the door. "Four times now."

"What about the scent of blood?"

"Three cuts on his chest. I managed to butterfly them closed but I want to get him cleaned up before covering them," She explained.

"Alright I'll try to get him to take a shower," Vix sighed. She gently knocked on the door before letting herself in.

"Anthony?" the Braixen squeaked.

"Did, did you hurt her?" he asked, his voice cracking from stress. Vix felt she walked the razors edge as she carefully picked her answer.

"I wanted to," she admitted. "But you matter so much more to me than any thought of revenge."

"How could she do that?" the teen wept. "I knew her, trusted her, how could Fay do that?"

"It wasn't Fay, Fay cared about you. And it was April who was in the cave, because that was what she answered to when I confronted her."

"You said..."

"Harsh words only Anthony," Vix soothed. "Now please, can you step into the shower to get cleaned up?"


"I'm blind Anthony, I'm not going to see anything," the Braixen reminded. She heard the shuddering breath of her trainer as he hoisted himself onto the edge of the tub. The tingle of his belt and shifting of cloth soon followed.

"Your leg too Anthony," she sighed. "I'll borrow one of Luther's crutches for when you get done."

"Okay," he muttered. Vix waited for the shower to start running before collecting the discarded clothes and leg.

"How's he doing?" Kris asked.

"He's... in shock, but right now he just needs some space," the Braixen choked as she gathered up a fresh change of clothes and one of Luther's crutches. "Wait here."

Vix once again let herself into the bathroom and carefully laid the clothes and crutch upon the sink.

"Anthony, I left your clothes on the sink,"

"Thank you," she heard over the rushing water.

"You're welcome," she nodded as she left the bathroom.

"Are you alright?" Lucy whispered, noticing that her friend had started crying.

"Yeah I'm fine, it's just he's been so strong for us but now we have to be strong for him." she sniffled. The sound of the shower soon died down and Anthony sluggishly exited the restroom wearing only the boxers Vix laid out for him. All his Pokemon waited in silence as he tentatively sat down on the bed.

"Luther, do you mind returning to your ball for tonight?" he asked. The Lucario shook his head no as he carefully slid his cast bound leg off the bed and permitted his trainer to return him.

"Floette," Lucy cooed as she began dressing the three long gashes that marred his chest. The teen nodded his gratitude and laid onto the bed. She hovered there waiting for Anthony to fall asleep before moving away to console Vix.

"What are we going to tell Tony and Blair?" she asked quietly.

"I don't know," the Braixen sighed.

"Ahem, I may be able to assist with that," a large Gourgeist spoke as she phased through the door.

"What are you doing here Blossom?" Vix growled.

"What Fay did was inexcusable, had I known her intentions I would have..."

"What are you doing here Blossom?" the Braixen growled again.

"Amaru, Fay did make a promise I intend to keep," the ghost sighed.

"What about..."

"She will follow but she will maintain a day's distance from you and Anthony," Blossom explained.

"I don't exactly feel comfortable with having her following us after this," Kris added.

"That is understandable, but I feel that she will still be needed to keep Anthony safe from the BBB."

"Atonement, I'm not too sure she deserves it," Vix huffed.

"It's what I feel is best,"

"I'll permit this on one condition; you teach me how to help Amaru so you can keep April in check."

"Very well, but not tonight," the ghost sighed.

"Fine, Amaru's ball should be on the desk," the Braixen relented. "I am going to turn in."

Blossom watched the fire type tiredly climbed into the chair closest to the bed before grabbing the honedge's ultraball and taking it into the bathroom.

"It's been a long a night." Kris sighed as she lay at the foot of the bed. The Gourgeist quickly finished her ritual while the rest of the room fell into an uneasy calm as each Pokemon fell into a fitful slumber. Vix had the worst of it as she woke to every noise that came from the bed. Time seemed to crawl by unseen by the blind Braixen until the early morning bustle started up. The time was soon punctuated by her trainer sitting up in the bed.

"Anthony?" she cooed.

"My chest hurts," he sighed

"I'll get you some aspirin," Vix nodded. The trainer watched his starter move to his bag and ran her paws over the brail tags until she found the medical pouch.

"Here you go," she smiled as she handed over the pills and his water bottle. Anthony carefully took both bottles and set them aside. He slid from the bed and pulled the blind Braixen into a tight hug.

"I don't deserve you," he wept.

"You still have me," the fire type smiled as she returned the hug.

"Umbreon," Kris gently barked as she too joined the pair.


"Floette," Lucy and Arrow both joined. Anthony released his other two Pokemon and pulled them into the group hug so none of his team felt left out.

"Thanks guys, I-I'll be alright," he sighed and for a few moments at least he felt Amaru's comatose shaking lessen.

"What time is it?" Vix asked.

"Um, it's half past four," Anthony answered.

"What do you want to do?" she asked. The trainer thought for a moment before replying.

"We start getting ready to go, once we reach Lumiose City, and then I'll think about it."

"Okay," The Braixen nodded. "Lucy could you change his bandages while Kris and I run to grab breakfast?"

Anthony silently smiled as his Braixen and Umbreon left the room while his Floette tended his bandages. The stench of stale blood and puss quickly assaulted his nose while the fairy cooed her disapproval. Though she wasn't much bigger he could feel the spike in her power as she started to cure the infection with a quick use of her aromatherapy. Once she was done she hovered over to the open pouch on his bag and retrieved the bacterial ointment. Anthony hated the feel of the stuff as Lucy packed it in to the wound, but the gross feeling faded when the fresh gauze was applied.

"Thank you Lucy, hopefully that'll keep them from getting infected again," he sighed.

"We should also pick up some antibiotics if you are getting an infection," Vix said upon her return with pilfered breakfast goods. "Anyway, we managed to get there right as they were setting up the waffle iron so I made waffles for everyone."

"That's good," he nodded.

"How's your chest?" she asked when she heard her trainer scratch at his bandages.

"It hurts," Anthony shrugged.

"Did you take the aspirin?"

"Oh, no I guess I forgot," he laughed. "I guess I got wrapped up in hugging you guys."


"Yes, yes I'm taking them," he dismissed as he retrieved the bottle of pills.

"Thank you," Vix nodded before grabbing a plate from the breakfast cart she borrowed. "Now, have some breakfast and we'll get going."

"You guys go ahead I'm going to start packing up."

"Anthony you need to eat," she pressed.

"I-I'm not that hungry."

"Oh no I made these waffles for you and you are going to tell me how the taste," The Braixen snapped. Anthony gulped at the dark brown waffles before taking one in hand.

"Well?" Vix asked when she heard the hard crunch from the burnt pastry.

"There not too bad, a little bland, but I can teach you how Penny makes waffles," he answered honestly.

"Good, I didn't burn them too badly. Anyway, I'm sure they will taste better with some syrup and butter," she sighed as she loaded up a plate with couple more waffles and some pilfered bacon, "Now eat up."

"Alright," the teen relented.

"I know I'm being tough but you won't be able to walk very far on an empty stomach."

"You're right Vix, it's just..."

"I know it's hard, but I'm here for you, you can trust me," she cooed.

"I-I do," Anthony smiled weakly before eating.

Tony gently knocked on the door to his protective custody half expecting him to be with the ghost trainer who spirited him away during the party. His Meowstic however noticed a small trail of blood leading into the room.

"Anthony!" he panicked as he began to fervently pound on the door.

"Yes?" the teen answered, opening the door.

"Are you alright?" the ranger asked. Tony didn't wait for the trainer to answer as he pushed his way into the room, but everything seemed to be in place as he looked about.

"I'm fine Tony, are we ready to head out?"

"No, not until you tell me who's blood that is," the man pressed pointing to the trail of smeared blood.

"Oh uh," he gulped. Kris suddenly gave a low whine as she pulled her fore paw to her chest, "I took Kris out for a walk last night and she stepped on a piece of broken glass."

"I see, for a moment there I thought that was your blood," Tony sighed. "Anyway, do you need a potion for it?"

"No, I already got it cleaned out," Anthony smiled. "She's just milking it now for bacon."

"Well as long as she's fine, go ahead and grab your stuff. I'll meet you down stairs after I wake up April."

"No, No!" the teen blurted. "She's... gone."


"Family emergency, she had to return home," Vix quickly explained.

"Do we need to stay an extra..." Tony started.

"No she said to go on without us, sick Uncle," Anthony added.

"Alright," the ranger sighed. "Damn, she had a good team with her too. Oh well we'll have to make do."

"I'll meet you downstairs," the trainer nodded nervously as he hoisted his bag to his shoulder. "Come on guys."

The Ranger silently watched the teen limp down the hall with his Pokemon in tow.

~ Anthony is keeping something from us, ~ Blair relayed as she pushed open the bathroom door. Upon the sink rested a pile of bloody rags and a torn shirt.

"I know," he nodded. Anthony waited in the lobby as his rival made his way down with his Mawile, Sophie.

"Hey Lucy, how did your night go with Sophie?" he asked.

"Floette," the fairy shrugged.

"Too small eh, well you can try again after I get you a Dawn stone,"

"Flo," she nodded before offering a sly wink to the Mawile.

"Mawile," the steel type groaned.

"Don't push too much Lucy, and be respectful," Anthony chastised.

"Floette," the fairy sighed

"Thank you, and you don't need to go out of you way just to impress her, just be yourself."

"Alright, is everybody ready?" Tony asked as he returned with his Meowstic

"Yes onward to-" Anthony paused a moment when he saw a mess of purple hair duck into the dining area.

"Geosenge," the Ranger finished.

"Yeah, let's get going," the teen added quickly.

The journey out of town was met with an uneasy silence. Anthony brought up the rear with Vix.

~Um well,~ Blair broadcasted in an effort to break the tension, ~Tony and I are planning on having kids but we are drawing a blank on names.~

"Seriously, it was bad enough hearing you two go at it last night," Dillon balked.

"That is our business, and you don't exactly have the track record to judge us," Tony retorted.

"Milo if it's a boy, Molly if it's a girl," Anthony chimed.

~Why?~ the Meowstic asked.

"Well if I hadn't got Amraru I would have caught an Espurr, and those were the names that were going through my head at the time," he shrugged. "Although if he doesn't make it I guess I'll have room to catch a water type."

"Amaru will make it, don't you worry," Vix soothed.

"I hope you're right," Anthony sighed. The trainer looked up from his shoes to see off in the distance stood one of the many standing stones that dotted the wide plane.

"What's up?" the Briaxen asked sensing her trainer had stopped.

"The last time I was here I was with my dad's Greninja," he smiled. "We would play hide and seek with my friends."

"Heh, I bet he always won," Tony laughed.

"Not always."

"What about your mother's Delphox?" Vix asked.

"Magious? He taught me stuff like caring for sick Pokemon, and basic letters and numbers,"

"I remember my mom," the Braixen sighed. "She was beautiful but harsh."

"Do you miss her?" Tony asked.

"Sometimes, but I miss my dad more."

"Who was your dad?" her trainer turned.

"A Luxray, he was big, strong and always played with me and my older brothers."

"Were you a daddy's girl?" the Ginger teased.

"Damn right, and he would probably kill you for..."

"Alright Vix, don't antagonize," Anthony chastised.

"Fine," the Braixen huffed. "Anyway he was against me getting sent to Sycamore for the starter program, but the breeder that owned my mom needed the money."

"What was the breeder's name?" the ranger asked. "I may be able to track him down,"

"Ethen or Erik, I don't remember him too well, but my mother was a famous contest Pokemon,"

"Scarlet Ember, the Delphox of the west perhaps?" Dillon remarked. "She was my mom's favorite to watch on the telly,"

"Actually, that's her," Vix shrugged. "And my dad was Cobrar,"

"The thunder of the east!" the Ginger exclaimed. "Aw man, now he was cool!"

"Anyway I know the breeder Edward is his name and he retired to a large apartment in Lumiose City." Tony explained.

"We can go visit if you like," Anthony offered.

"Yeah, when we pass through there for the badge," the Braixen smiled.

"Anyway I don't think we'll make it to Geosenge today," the ranger observed. "We'll try to make it to that standing stone."

The group fell back into silence as the followed the ranger, but thanks to the Meowstic's effort the general moral was more lax. The sun hung low in the sky as the neared the stone monument.

"Hey Anthony, do you mind getting dinner going while Blair and I pitch the tents?" Tony offered.

"Sure I don't mind," the teen yawned, "What are you in the mood for Vix?"

"What do we have?" the Braixen asked.

�"Basically anything the ice pack is still cold,"

"Hm, hotdogs." She smiled.

"I'll break out the relish," Anthony laughed.

"And I'll start the fire," Dillion sighed. Soon beef franks sizzled and popped over the open fire.

"Whoa back off the fire a bit there Vix, you're burning it," Anthony warned as he tipped the Braixen stick away from the fire.

"Sorry but I like it with the crunchy skin," she smiled as she pulled the burnt dog from its spit, "pass the relish please."

"You should be careful if you're going to be picking up cooking,"

"Well then you can taste all the dishes I make," she smiled.

"Uh oh," Tony chuckled.

"I've survived my uncle's ditto's cooking; I think I'll be fine."

"Hey, I haven't poisoned you yet," the fire type pouted.

"Don't worry about it girl, you're bound to make a few bad dishes here and there," Anthony shrugged.

"A few? Ha! More like a few hundred," Dillon laughed, "I mean, how can she cook when she can't see?"

"Can I hit him now?" Vix asked innocently.

"No Vix," the teen sighed.

"Damn," the Braixen cursed. "But can I try cooking dinner tomorrow?"

"Sure I don't see any reason why not," Anthony shrugged.

"I do, I don't need to get food poisoning," the Ginger protested.

"Okay seriously can I hit him now?"

"No Vix," Anthony sighed once again with a scratch to his chest. "Anyway, I think we should turn in, after you finish your hot dog of course."

"Okay," Vix nodded. She quickly slathered the meal with relish and downed the dog.

"That was fast," Tony remarked.

"Don't care, got to go," she replied as she cleaned herself up and followed after her trainer.

"Tony, I think I know what they're doing," Dillon whispered as he made a lewd gesture with his hands.

"Quil!" Dillon's Quiliden snapped. She punched the brash teenager to get him to stop the vulgar display.

"That is none of my business nor is that any of yours," the Ranger huffed. Vix ignored the snide comment as she pushed open the tent flap.

"How's you're..." she started.

"It's fine, they only seeped a little bit," Anthony cut short. The Braixen heard the pulling of the bandage while her trainer gasped from the tenderness of the day old wound.

"Here let me help you," Vix offered.

"I don't think they got infected again," the teen murmured as the fire type helped pull the bandages off.

"No, I don't smell infection, but you sound like they really hurt."

"Yeah they do, I guess walking must have..." Anthony suddenly gasped as one of the Braixen's claws brushed over the wound.

"Ah sorry I didn't mean to hurt you," she jumped.

"Shh, it was just your c-claws."

"Sorry," Vix breathed. "I try to keep them short but... um can you clip them?"

"Yeah, just let me finish changing bandages," the trainer nodded. The fire type silently waited as the teen replaced the bandages and took another dose of painkillers to ease the tenderness of the wound.

"I-I guess I'm a bit afraid of you becoming like that," Anthony admitted as he took a set of nail clippers to the Braixen's claws.

"I know, it's kind of why I'm letting you trim my claws." Vix spoke, "I know what I am, and despite the great amount of control I possess, I'm still just a Pokemon."

"You're more than just a Pokemon, you're my friend and my..." the teen trailed off.

"Anthony, you don't need a mate right now, you need a friend, someone who can share your burdens," She explained. "But I'm still subject to instinct and my heat."

"I-I can help you with that," he gulped.

"I don't want to force it on you, it wouldn't feel right," Vix sighed. "And I want to be a Delphox before we try it."

"Then we would face the ritual," the teen reminded. "There you go got them clipped."

"Thank you, but you forgot a set," the Braixen smiled as she offered her feet.

"Even for us it's wrong to mate with those who are too young or barely mature enough to have kits," she continued.

"I guess that highlights how wrong April was," Anthony shrugged.

"A mother would have killed her for what she did, I wanted to but you mean far more to me than any ounce of revenge," Vix explained. Her trainer silently nodded while he finished clipping the claws on her feet. Idly he began massaging them while he contemplated on what she said.

"Ooo, that feels good," the Braixen swooned.

"Heh, I'm just rubbing your feet Vix," Anthony chuckled, amused by the fire type's reaction.

"I've been walking all day, and it just feels good," she shrugged. "You know this might sound crazy but maybe we should just let things happen and not worry about them."

"Forgive me for saying this Vix, but I think that's the smartest thing you've said all week," the teen laughed and the Braixen merely laughed alongside him.

"Thank you," she smiled as she sat up to hug her trainer. "And you know I'm up to teaching you brail tonight."

"I think I would like that," Anthony nodded.

And that ends the first part of recovery for Anthony, Next stop is will be Geosenge town or what's left of it. See you there

PS. I feel I might have bragged a bit too much regarding the last chapter; anyone can be a great writer. Start with an idea and expand on it, lean from what works and what doesn't and you'll be great.

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