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She Who Sought Revenge

This fan fiction is rated T for blood, gore, dismemberment, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokémon or associated Medias

She who Sought Revenge

Anthony snored light lightly as a Braixen lounged across his chest fiddling with a locket that hung about her neck, “V,I,X.”

“Hm hey Vix you up already,” the Flabébé yawned; opening her flower to begin her morning preening.

“I couldn’t sleep, nerves and stuff,”

“What are you nervous about?” Lucy asked

“Stuff, today we’ll start traveling to our next gym,” she explained, “the leader uses rock types so we’ll need you and your grass type moves,”

“I take it you are a little bummed out that you won’t be able to help as much,”

“Kind of,” Vix admitted, “but I was wondering, is it true that you can learn Wish?”

“Of course, but I’m not strong enough to learn it yet, why?”

“Could you teach it to me once you’re able to learn it?” Vix asked turning to face the Flabébé that sat on the desk. Lucy stopped tending to her flower to look at her friend, her gaze drawn to the faint scar that traced over the fire types right eye, “I’m sorry Vix but I can’t teach you,”

“Why not?”

“You would wish for your sight to come back,” she cooed, “Vix Wish always has a price,”

“A price?”

“One of my sisters tried to bring back a friend with Wish, she was so weak after she used it that she died…”

“Did it work?”

“No, my mother destroyed what it had become; I never saw what it turned into.” Lucy explained tearfully, “So if you try to wish for your sight what would you lose instead,”

The trainer stirred drawing the attention of the two Pokémon, “Morning Vix did you manage to get any sleep last night,”

~ Not really, ~ she confessed.

“Do you want to rest in your ball for a bit,” he asked sitting up.

~ Sure, ~ Vix yawned.

“Alright I’ll let you sleep in until lunch time okay,”

“Brai,” she nodded as her trainer retrived her white Premiere ball; in a flash of red light the fire type was safely contained within the pokeball.

“And how are you feeling Lucy,” he chimed once he stored Vix’s ball.

“Bébé!” she nodded quickly wiping her eyes

“What’s the matter?” Anthony cooed kneeling before the fairy, “were you crying?”

“Bé,” Lucy waved dismissively before her attention was drawn to the window where the first rays of the sun started to peek through.

“Bé!” she shrieked covering her ears. Anthony recognized the gesture and quickly mimicked the fairy as he turned his Fletchling snoozing on the window sill; as soon as the light shone on the bird he woke in an instant and began to greet the morning in a sharp grating voice.

“Good morning Arrow!” the teen shouted, cutting short the bird’s jubilant cacophony. Arrow turned to his trainer visibly vibrating with energy; with a single beat of his wings the tiny bird darted for the trainers face. Anthony quickly snatched the bird from the air and hugged his small form, “good morning Arrow, you crazy, brave, and undeniably reliable bird.”

The Fletchling wiggled out of the teens grasp and hopped to his messy mop of sandy hair; affectingly nuzzling the tangled locks, “Fletchling,”

“Well I’m up and awake, at least I won’t have to deal with you shooting fire for a while,” Anthony sighed, “well Lucy shall we get ready for the road.”

The trainer finished packing his bag with the supplies he and Vix grabbed the night before, and stepped to the door ready to open it when a light knock sounded from the other side. He open the door to reveal the smiling face of the blonde haired Ranger.

“uh hey… Tony right?” The teen greeted in surprise

“Yeah that’s me,” the man nodded, “Hey listen word on the street is that you’re planning on heading out to get your next badge.”

“Yeah, I just finished packing,” Anthony relayed suspiciously

“Well I have some business in Ambrette Town, something to do with some fossil poachers,”

“Let me guess, since we’re heading in the same direction why not travel together, right?”

“Yeah, basically that’s it,” Tony shrugged.

“Fine I promised my uncle that I would find a traveling partner my first week on my journey,” Anthony relented.


“But, I don’t want you coddling me or my Pokémon,” he finished

“So kid where’s your Braixen, Vix,” Tony asked as he walked alongside the teen.

“She couldn’t sleep last night, so I’m letting her sleep in, in her pokeball,” he answered, “I’ll wake her up when we stop for lunch.”

“Ah I see, do you have an idea as to why she couldn’t sleep,”

“She was very fidgety last night, so when we stop for lunch I’ll ask her,” the trainer pondered, “I’ll need a little privacy if she needs it.”

“Just make sure it’s consensual,”


“Taking advantage of a Pokémon in heat is considered rape, in accordance to the Pokémon equality law.”

“Woah now just hang on a sec, that is the last thing on my mind,” Anthony balked, “and I know the law because my uncle help write it,”

“Ah I see,” Tony chuckled nervously, “I just…”

“Dude I grew up in a house full of Pokémon, heck I was even raised by them,” the teen interrupted, “so I fully understand that some Pokémon go into heat, but I know that Vix isn’t in hers.”

“How do you know?”

“Heh if you have to ask that you never had to raise a fire type,” the trainer smiled, “I Volunteered at the Pokecenter and I saw a lot of fire types pass through; so I talked to their trainers and gained a lot of insight into mammalian fire types,”

“Ah so if she isn’t in heat then what had her so restless,” the ranger asked.

“I believe she’s nervous about the next gym,”

“Ah that’s right the gym in Cyllage City use rock type Pokémon,”

“Flabébé,” Lucy offered tugging at the teen’s ear. Anthony instinctively petted the small fairy that sat atop his shoulder, “Yeah but I do have Lucy to counter that, she might not resist rock moves but with her vine whip and razor leaf I should be good,”

“Actually you might be in trouble, grass moves aren’t as effective against ice types and I know that Grant has an Amaura, a rock ice type,”

“I know, but I am planning on catching a steel type so Lucy won’t have to face the gym leader alone,”

“Flabébé?” the fairy asked.

“Well I want as much time with the new member so I’m thinking on catching a Honedge on route six,”

“Ah I have fond memories of Palais Lane, that’s where I met Blaire,”

“How many Pokémon do you have?”

“Four, Denryu is my starter, Blair was the cutest Espurr when she started to travel with me, Genie was a Togapi that was given to me by a friend, and Keys just started following me after I visited the lost hotel.”

“Cool it’s not often that you get to hear the story of a more experienced trainer, how many badges do you have?”

“Ha, I got all eight kid, aaaaand a mega stone,” Tony grinned flashing the inner lapel of his red coat revealing a filled badge case and a rainbow-colored stone, “I came so close to being champion but… I found a better calling,”

“Impressive, but I think it’s close enough to lunch time that I think we better get something to eat,” Anthony chimed glancing to his watch, “Okay Vix time to wake and join the world of the living,”

The Braixen yawned tiredly before sniffing the air, ~who’s the new scent? ~

“That’s Tony he’s going to be traveling with us for a while,” the teen explained.

~ He sounds vaguely familiar, ~

“He’s…” Anthony started when a bright flash announced the release of the ranger’s Pokémon, “He’s the one who helped us after you got hurt.”

~ Ah he’s the owner of Denryu, ~ Vix replied cheerily as the large yellow creature waddled up, ~ Hi Den! ~

“Amp!” the electric type chirped, waving a flipper in greeting.

“Um Denryu she can’t see you waving,”

“Pharos…” he sighed dropping his flipper.

“Meow…” a Meowstic cooed stepping to the side of the Ampharos; she led him back to their trainer where he passed a plate filled with assorted dried berries.

“Heh they make a cute couple,” Anthony smirked

~ They’re not together, ~ Vix interjected, ~ she doesn’t smell like she’s been with him… instead she… ~

“Meow!” the psychic cat turned; her ears quivered for a moment.

“Briaxen?” the fox asked.

“Meowstic,” Blair nodded; allowing her ears to calm.

~ It’s not my place to say, sorry Anthony, ~

“It’s okay Vix,” the trainer soothed as he fished into his bag for the essentals for lunch, “Anyway since you missed breakfast, you must be hungry.”

~ I am starving, ~ the Braixen sighed rubbing her stomach in an attempt to stifle its grumblings, ~ heh what’s for lunch. ~

“I got some premade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Lucy of course has her nectar and honey, and Arrow… ah here he comes,” Anthony paled when he saw his bird return covered in blood, “My god Arrow are you alright!”

“Fletch!” he screeched happily; landing before the teen to pick at the small skull clutched in his tallons.

“It looks like he took out a Rattata,” Tony observed as he petted a Togakiss, “don’t worry though he doesn’t look to be in any pain, and he’s helping control the Rattata population,”

“Okay… but I doubt that Rattatas have this much blood in them,” the trainer sighed gesturing to the still dripping Fletchling

“He probably took out a couple of them, and as such he’s probably going to evolve soon,”

“Geez Arrow what did you do,”

The bird gave a happy chirp; dropping the bit of bone left over from his meal.

~ I’m glad I’m not squeamish else I would have lost my appetite, ~ Vix grimaced.

“Arrow I’m glad that your such an accomplish hunter, and I’m sure that you will be helping us with supplying food, but please try to be cleaner,” Anthony sighed, “damn near gave me a heart attack, covered in so much blood.”

~ Okay Arrow’s been chastised, I’m wasting away here, ~ the Braixen huffed holding out her paw. Anthony smiled depositing a crust less sandwich into the waiting fox’s open paw, “here you go Vix,”

~ What’s this, ~ she asked as she sniffed her implied meal, ~ It smells sour. ~

“It’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with Iapapa berry jam,” the trainer laughed. Vix smiled and stuffed almost half the sandwich into her mouth squealing from the tart jelly, ~ Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! ~

“Your wel, mmhf!” the teen started when his over excited Briaxen kissed him full on the lips. Vix jerked back when she realized that she missed her trainers cheek, ~ oh god Anthony I’m so sorry, ~

“Ho man,” he puckered wiping the sour jelly from his lips, “Okay I was not ready for that level of sour,”

~ sorry… ~ the fire type squeaked.

“Your fine Vix,” Anthony cajoled, “the kiss its self wasn’t that bad, just sour.”

“Heh, I’m glad Blair favors sweets,” Tony smirked as he munched on an MRE.

“Meowstic,” the psychic type balked smacking her trainer

“Heh sorry Blair,” the ranger flinched, “I guess the cat’s out of the bag,”

The Meowstic smacked Tony again, before picking up her food to join the younger trainer and his Pokémon, ~ well you know our secret, what’s your judgment, ~

“My judgment?” Anthony asked, “well truth be told I’m not at all bothered by it; it’s not illegal and I can clearly see that Tony does love you just from the way he talked about you,”

~ Yeah and I do love him as well… when he’s not being an ASS! ~ the cat shouted.

“Heh, well all I ask is that you keep it in the bedroom, I might have been raised in a house of Pokémon, but even Penny and Larz kept their romps private,”

~ Who’s… ~

“Penelope is an Audino, and Larz is a Chesnaught,” Anthony supplied when he noted the Meowstic’s puzzled look, “they practically raised me after my parents died,”

~ How did they die? ~ Vix asked as she grabbed a second sandwich.

“I suppose you deserve to know, but let’s wait until we’re on the road,” the teen nodded grabbing a sandwich for himself.

~ come on Anthony you said you would tell us, ~ the Braixen cheered as she rode her trainer’s shoulders.

“Okay, okay,” he relented, grabbing the fire type’s feet to keep them from kicking him again, “let me think; both my parents were Pokémon trainers when I was born,”

“Flabébé, bé flabé?” Lucy cooed from atop the Braixen’s foot.

~ She asked what their teams were, ~ Vix translated

“Ah thank you Vix… unfortunately I don’t remember much, but what I do remember is that my dad had a Greninja named Jet, and a Gallade named Bard,” Anthony recounted, “and my mom had a Delphox named Magious, and a Gardevoir named…”

~ Tess… ~ the fire type finished, ~ you say her name sometimes in your sleep, ~

“Bébé,” the fairy added

“She was the last victim of Lysandre mad attempt to commit suicide,” Anthony sighed, “my parents were the first…”

~ is that also how you lost your leg, ~

“It was, my leg was pinned and Bard had to cut me free; Tess teleported me out before… before Geosenge was destroyed.”

~ Wait if she teleported you out why didn’t she survive? ~

“She… she was… with child… a miscarry,” Anthony choked out while all three of his Pokémon gasped.

~ She… ~

“Yeah… we were close… but the loss of her kid… it just drove her over the edge,”

~ Anthony… ~ Vix cooed hugging the teen’s head.

“Hey kid we’re pretty close to Lumiose City, and if we press into the night we might make it before midnight,” Tony soothed, “I think you could use a good comfortable bed after sharing something like that.”

“Yeah sure, just give me a moment to get another sock on,” he nodded, “Vix if you could,”

~ Yeah, ~ she answered fishing into Anthony’s large pack for what he asked for, ~ Here you go, ~

“Wait what?” the Ranger balked as he watched the younger trainer pull his right leg off, “I… you, you only have one leg?!”

“Yeah and it’s a little loose so I have to pad it up some more,” the teen shrugged as he pulled the fresh sock over his stump, before reseating it into his prosthetic, “Ah much better that should last me until we reach Lumiose City,”


“Ah yes my home City,” Tony sighed as he and Anthony passed through the gate.

“Amph, Ampharos,” Denryu mimicked his tail flashing brilliantly with excitement.

“Tonight we’re going to treat ourselves to Hotel Richissime to celebrate,”

“Not me; I’m going to get a room at the center,” the teen chuckled, “but tomorrow morning I’m going to stop by Professor Sycamore’s lab to see if I can’t do anything now to help Vix regain more of her sight,”

“hm I have an idea,” the ranger thought for a moment, “Blair think you could teach Vix some of the stuff you know?”

“Meowstic,” the psychic type glared.

“Now that is not my intention at all,” Tony placated, “I’m just saying when we are on the road you can help develop her powers so she can see with them.”

“Meow…” Blair huffed, ~ tomorrow then, Vix you might not be able to master it to use Extrasensory in combat, but you will be able to mentally perceive your surroundings and opponents with little trouble. ~

~ That would help, ~ the fox yawned, ~ how would it work, ~

~ It’s not unlike a Lucario using aura sense, but dark types are all but invisible to it, ~

~ I can still use sound and smell to pinpoint those,~ the Braixen nodded, ~ tomorrow then, ~

“Flabébé!” Lucy huffed drawing the attention of the group.

~ Right, sorry Lucy I forgot that you’re good against dark types, ~ Vix laughed plucking the tiny fairy from her tail.

“Well see you kid,” Tony waved before stepping off in the direction of the northern district of the large city.

“See you in the morning,” Anthony called back.

“Flabé, Bé!” the fairy yelled as she jabbed her flower into the Trainer’s lapel, before closing up into it.

~ Aw Lucy I meant nothing by it, it was just a kiss, ~ Vix cooed.


“Vix what did you do?” the teen asked.

~ Um I’m not sure, ~ she replied, “Braixen, bria…”

“Bé! Flabébé,” the fairy interrupted, she continued to rant reemerging from her flower. Lucy finally punctuated her tirade with a frustrated huff; Anthony watched the still irate fairy wake and convince Arrow to fly her to the pokecenter.

“Okay can you translate that,” Anthony asked as he watched the bird and flower disappear into the pokecenter.

~ Um well first she’s mad because I kissed her on top her head, ~ the Braixen relayed, ~ and second she thinks I have a crush on you and that I shouldn’t be so fickle in my affections, ~

“Well do you?”

~ I like you, but I see you more as a good friend than as a mate, ~ she explained, ~ No I think the way she was ranting… Anthony, I think Lucy’s gay. ~

“Actually I think it would be more appropriate to say that she’s bi,” the teen corrected, “but that would make sense with the way she’s been acting around you; kind of like she has a crush on you,”

~ ew… ~ Vix shuddered.

“Now don’t be like that, from her view you were willing to discard your affections for me to pursue her,”

~ Yeah but I kissed her on her head, I see that as a friendly gesture rather than an affectionate one; now if I had kissed her on the lips that would have been a lot deeper, ~ the fox sighed, ~ I’ll talk to her when I have a chance. ~

“Good, now I’ve been meaning to ask, what kept you up all night last night?”

~ Heh I was wondering when you would ask, ~ Vix laughed, ~ when I went out to get my wand I saw a young healthy Lucario doing his forms… It was a thing of beauty, ~

“Uh yeah and I think you can walk now,” Anthony chuckled lifting the fire type from his shoulders, “Anyway you still haven’t answered my question,”

~ I caught a whiff of that Lucario doing the dirty deed with a Mienshao, and I was unable to scratch that itch that stirred in my loins because you kept stirring every time I moved, ~ she huffed as she walked alongside her trainer.

“Sorry about that, I’ve always been a light sleeper,” Anthony sighed, “But if the urge ever strikes you again, you can take it to the bathroom,”

~ What if you wake to my un-pious moans of pleasure, ~

“Then I’ll cover my ears, Vix it’s a fact of life if you have your needs see to them don’t worry about me,”

~ Oh since we’re on the subject of life, my heat cycle is set to start here soon, ~ the Braixen blushed.

“Okay thanks for letting me know, when you start I’ll get you to a center so we can bring you out of it safely,” Anthony cooed as he guided the blind fire type through the door to the pokecenter.

~ Good, I don’t fancy getting taken advantage of by wild Pokémon or having an unexpected kit demanding milk every half-hour, ~ Vix nodded.

“Um excuse me sir but do you know who’s Pokémon are these,” the nurse asked gesturing to a passed out Fletchling and an irate Flabébé.

“Yeah they’re with me,” Anthony sighed.

“Oh good, because the second the Fletchling landed he gave a very sharp screech and passed out,” the woman glared, “at first we thought he died.”

“Heh that’s Arrow for you, I had to push into the night and he’s not accustom to traveling at night, but I garentee that the second that the sun hits him in the morning he’s going to be wide awake,” the trainer explained reaching to pet the exhausted bird.

“Oh no I also want you to explain to me why such a gentle and mild-mannered creature is in such a foul mood,” the nurse snapped pulling the sleeping bird from the teen’s reaching hand.

“That’s between her and my Braixen, Vix,”

“Well they can sort out their problems in the examination room,”

“Okay Vix go with her,” Anthony sighed.

~ Geez, that Nurse was rough, ~ Vix cringed as she gingerly sat down upon the bunk bed.

“Are you okay?” the trainer asked, dropping his pack in a chair to inspect his Braixen.

~ Yeah, she thought you were abusing me and was checking for any sign of physical evidence, ~

“Did you set her strait?”

~ No, but her Clefable did, ~ Vix groaned as she laid back onto the bed, ~ she stepped in when the nurse tried to check if my hymn was intact, ~

“What?!” Anthony balked

~ She threw a mega punch when I yelled ouch, ~ the Braixen sighed, ~ Lucy said it gave her one hell of a shiner, ~

“I take it the Clefable finished up the examination,”

~ Sort of, she used a heal pulse and ushered us out pretty quickly, ~

“Okay well sorry for looking but I do see a little blood,” Anthony cooed, “I’m going to take a closer look if you don’t mind.”

~ Please be careful it’s still very tender down there, ~

“Don’t worry I’m just taking a look,” he soothed, shifting to examine fire type, “Geez I find it hard that the woman even went to nursing school, you got a lot of bruising… and yeah she tore your hymn; its small so it might heal up but a nurse that rough has no business seeing Pokémon,”

~ Could I get your help getting cleaned up, ~ Vix asked tearfully once her trainer finished.

“Yeah I’ll help,” Anthony nodded squeezing the Braixen’s paw, “but so you’re not alarmed we do have a roommate; she’s not arrived yet but I want you to be on your best behavior.”

~ Okay… ~

“Come on let’s go get…”

“You disturbed the dirt…” chimed an eerie voice

“Huh,” the teen looked up glancing about the room, “what dirt?”

“The dirt on your shoe… it has been disturbed,”

~ Anthony it’s a ghost in the wall there, ~ Vix observed aiming her stick at the wall were a faint pair of dark eyes peered into the room.

“Ah there you are, want to come out?”

“Turn around, I must make myself decent,” the eyes answered.

“Modesty for a ghost is new,”

“Who said I was modest,”

Anthony paled and turned when the owner of the eyes phased into the room, revealing a pretty, young and very naked girl, entangled in living pink hair of a Gourgeist, “ma’am I am so sorry.”

“heh most people would have bolted, besides it’s not like you’ve not seen what I have recently,” the purple haired girl laughed as she pulled an oversized wine colored sweater over her head

“Think what you want but I was concerned about Vix because of the treatment she received at the hands of that nurse,” the trainer countered.

“Oh I understand she was most cruel to Blossom I will be pressing charges in the morning,” she smiled petting the ghost that towered over the two humans, “I’m April by the way, this is Blossom my starter, and I specialize in training ghost types,”

“I’m Anthony, and this here is Vix, she’s my starter” the trainer introduced

“She’s blind,” the girl stated

“Yeah but I’m hoping that she will regain her sight when she evolves.” He soothed picking up the tired Braixen, “Look I’m going to go get her washed up and turn in for the night,”

“That’s fine I’ve already washed up,” April nodded crawling into one of the bunk beds, “goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Anthony replied as he opened the door to the bathroom, “come on Vix let’s get you washed up,”

~ Yeah, ~ she sighed, ~ hey Anthony why did you choose me as your starter, ~

“Well to be honest I didn’t know I would be getting you, I chose a Fennekin because I had such found memories playing with Magious,” he replied as he started the faucet to the bath tub, “there we go nice and hot,”

The young sandy-haired boy stood in a vast mist covered field adorned with odd standing stones, and before him stood a large heavy-set woman with pink animated hair.

“Hello Anthony,” she grinned showing of a pair of sharp fangs, “let’s see what is wrong with your leg,”

The youth leapt to the side to avoid the lunging woman, “Who… who are you!?”

“Aw you wound me dear sweet boy, surly you don’t remember me,” she mused, “let us delve into those forgotten memories.”

The field faded to Anthony’s old room, and to the shock of the boy he found his right leg pinned and bloody underneath the splintered remains of his bed. He glanced around looking for an escape, but to his horror he saw no soothing face to lull him to sleep; instead a tall thin figure loomed over him blades extended and poised to take his leg.

“no…” Anthony breathed, but no matter how much he wished it he couldn’t stop that terrible blade from sweeping across; severing his right leg just below the knee.

“AHHHHH!!!” he howled as pain overtook him.

“Tess go, for his sake and our child GO!” The figure yelled just as a bright flash illuminated the room. The light spilled across the lanky figure, showing the tear soaked face of a Galade.

“Bard…” a soft voice cooed.

“GO!” he shouted, “the ultimate weapon as fired, if you do no flee now you will parish.”

“Anthony… Anthony look at me,” Tess wept stilling the writhing child, “Sleep…”

The trainer woke as he always done, but instead he once again found himself in the mist covered field with the large woman looking over him, “why did you show me that Blossom,”

“Because you had forgotten,” she sang whimsically, “it is far better to remember a memory as it should be, rather than as you wish it to be.”

“Why are you here?”

“I am here to give you a warning,” Blossom’s expression turned dark, “my trainer traveled with another, and when I was trap inside my ball he did unspeakable things to her!”

“Who…” the teen glared

“Oh no it’s not him, he favors Pokémon,” the woman laughed, “No this trainer has a Mawile named Ellie,”

“So stay out of your way when you find him,” Anthony guessed. Blossom laughed cruelly her form changing to that of her natural form, “No my warning is this, if you harm my trainer I will kill you,”

“I give you my word,” he promised.

“Good!” the Gourgest lunged snatching the teen with her hair-like arms, “Because when I find that man I won’t survive the encounter but neither will HE!”

Blossom flung the trainer from the misty field waking him from the nightmare; fully awake he turned to see April’s sleeping form with a pair of glowing yellow eyes watch over her.

~ What’s the matter Anthony, ~ the Braixen cooed woke from the teen’s sudden movement

“Nothing, just a nightmare and a warning, go back to sleep,”

Okay that was a long chapter, I hope you all enjoy the long chapter as always leave a review and no flames please

Sincerely Kolofox
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