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She Who Harbored Jealousy

This fan fiction is rated T for blood, gore, dismemberment, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokémon or associated Medias

She who harbored Jealousy

“Okay kid, I have good news and bad news,” Sycamore announced as he returned from his lab; a white premiere ball in hand.

“What’s the bad news?” Anthony asked once he accepted his Brixen’s ball.

“Bad news is your Brixen has completely lost her sight in her right eye,”

“And the good?”

“There is a lot of hope that she could regain some sight in her left,” the Professor explained, “However this improvement could only be temporary,”

“How so?” the teen asked as he released the fire type.

“Vix has a rare defect in her optic nerve called Occipital Nerve Atrophy; that would have resulted in the eventual degradation of her sight, but her injury merely accelerated the process,” the man continued, “Now this defect could go away when she evolves or it could worsen to the point of total blindness.”

“What would happen if she remains a Brixen?”

“She will eventually go completely blind; her best bet is to evolve as soon as possible into a Delphox, because the younger her brain is the greater chance she will recover almost complete sight in her left eye.”

~ Anthony I’m not going to let you give up just because I can’t see, ~ Vix transmitted, ~ I might have just evolved but as long as we keep taking on gyms I’ll evolve again soon enough. ~

“I’m not giving up Vix but I’m keeping my options open.” The sandy haired teen sighed, “Anyway are there any precautions I should look out for when training?”

“Okay first try to keep her from as much physical harm as possible especially around her head and neck, and second once a week I want you to check for pupil contraction in her left eye; that way you’ll know if her ONA is progressing or regressing,” Sycamore listed handing the teen a small slip of paper, “here is my number let me know if there are any changes.”

Vix gave a short growl as she felt the man’s hand pass over her; earning her a quick yelp of surprise from the professor.

“Vix stop that there is no need to go threating professor Sycamore,” Anthony chastised as he grabbed the slip of paper from the startled man, “Thanks I better get going so I can catch up to April and Tony.”

“It’s okay I should be used to her antics by now, but I’m glad to see that you have developed such a strong bond with her.” Sycamore placated, “take care and good luck with your journey.”

Anthony hoisted the fire type to his shoulders as he left the lab, hastening his pace toward the gate towards route five.

“Vix, why don’t you and Sycamore get along? I mean didn’t he save you?”

~ I don’t hate him, but he makes the perfect target for my pranks, ~ the Brixen snickered, ~ but he never learned to take a joke, if I had hated him my pranks would be a lot more destructive. ~

“You were just bored,”

~ Exactly, if he had just played with me and not the whole throw the ball and I go fetch but intelligent games like those flash cards. ~

“Heh, you know I think they have them in braille,”

“Have what in braille?” asked a purple haired girl, a Gourgeist towering over her

“Ah hey April, I was just talking to Vix here about flash cards and if they have them in braille,” Anthony replied, “anyway how did your report go,”

“The nurse will be pulled and retrained,” the girl sighed, “I couldn’t get her fired though,”

“Well if we see her here at this center we’ll just go the one in Centrico Plaza,” the teen shrugged, “but real quick have you seen a blonde haired man wearing a red coat…”

“And followed by a stiff legged Meowstic,” April finished; pointing to the ranger and the Pokémon that followed behind.

“Yeah that’s him; hey Tony how was your stay at Hotel Richissime?”

“It was wonderful,” the man replied as he joined the group, “So who’s your friend.”

“Ah yes Tony this is April, April this is Tony,” Anthony introduced.

“I must admit that is a large Meowstic,” the purple haired trainer remarked as she knelt down to the psychic type’s level.

“Yeah and that is a very large Gourgeist,” the ranger replied, “I’m six one and she’s about on par with my height.”

“She was given to me by my father, but I digress why do you look like you’ve been fighting with your Meowstic?”

“Yeah I had to give Blair a bath, and she isn’t a fan of water,” Tony chuckled.

~ If you had just let me bath myself you wouldn’t be as scratched up… ~ the psychic type added

“Gourgeist,” the ghost snickered; drawing a nasty glare from the cat.

“Oh that is fascinating Blossom, I guess that would explain why she is walking so stiffly,” April remarked.

“Oh come on, between this kid’s psychic fox and this girl’s ghost our secret is as good as blown Blair.” The ranger snapped.

“Oh and what secrete is that?” the purple clad trainer smirked.

“Uh Tony and Blair…” Anthony started as he shot a quick wink towards the Meowstic, “They practice yoga, and I guess Blair pulled a hamstring doing something too advance.”

“Yeah and right now she’s just trying to walk it off,” Tony added

“And what pose was she trying to do; I could give a few pointers.”

~ Hanumanasana, I’ve done it before but I forgot to do the warm up poses beforehand, ~ Blair explained before she nodded towards the sandy haired trainer, ~ Thanks for that, I am in your debt, ~

‘Don’t worry about it, I know how mortified you were when Tony spilled the beans,’ Anthony conveyed knowing the Meowstic would understand

“Right anyway shall we get going, I am assuming you April will be joining us?” Tony clapped drawing the attention of the group

“Yes,” she nodded

“Okay focus and feel your energy flow to your paw,” Blair instructed as she watched a small bubble of energy form in the Brixen’s grasp, “good now pulse it… gently.”

Vix did as she was instructed; causing the bubble to flicker, “Ah! It, it worked I saw you for a moment… at least an outline of you.”

“Good if you pulse it repeatedly you will get a clearer picture, and the more frequently you pulse it the smoother you’ll see.”

The ball of energy started to flicker repeatedly slowly at first, but it gradually blinked with increasing frequency until it seemed to remain constant, “Wow… I…”

The bubble shattered as the Brixen spoke causing her to slump back from exhaustion

“Vix you okay?” Anthony called as he watched the Brixen pant

“Brixen…” she replied weakly; lifting her paw to wave at her trainer.

“That’s pretty good, if you slow down a bit you should be able to hold it for about five minutes,” Blair chimed, “not bad considering this is your fifth try,”

“How does making a ball of light make you tired?” chirped the grating voice of a Fletchling.

“Because Arrow I’m trying to see,” Vix retorted

“See what? Isn’t Foxy blind?”

“Ugh Arrow go bug Anthony,”

“Okay,” he chirped; darting off to land on his trainer’s shoulder.

“heh, He means well Vix,” A Flabébé cooed as she floated up with a simple meal for the Brixen

“Thank’s Lucy,” she thanked; accepting the sandwich and pickle, “I know he means well but he’s being extra annoying today.”

“Well I’m going to go join Tony, but we’ll pick up training this evening,” Blair sighed before rising to join her trainer.

“Hey Lucy are you gay?” Vix asked once the Meowstic was out of earshot.

“What do you mean by that,” the Fairy inquired

“Do you prefer girls over guys?”

Lucy pondered for a moment as the Brixen munched on the ham sandwich she brought, “I guess I do prefer girls but if there is a need I can lay with a male to produce children… heh once I’m old enough, but is that a bad thing to prefer girls over guys,”

“Hm… nah I’m cool with it,” the fire fox shrugged.

“What about you?”

“Me… heh sorry Lucy but I’m straight as an arrow,” Vix sighed as she finished the sandwich, “I’m sorry about kissing you last night, it’s just my way of showing kinship.”

“It’s okay; it’s just that you kind of brushed my wreath and that made it uncomfortable,” Lucy placated, “but if I were you I would talk to Anthony about your feelings.”

“My feelings… I care about him sure but I don’t have feelings for him.”

“Vix I may not be psychic but I can tell you have feelings for our trainer, but I can see you eye is starting to twitch so I’ll leave you to your thoughts… but seriously I would talk to him soon because it looks like the purple haired girl is putting moves on him.”

“What!” Vix snapped. She bolted up right and rushed to her trainer’s side; placing herself firmly between Anthony and April.

“Heh yup she has feelings for him.” Lucy chuckled.

Arrow woke at his usual early hour when he felt the sun warm his feathers; he stole a quick glance to his trainer’s tent, but instead of sounding his usual morning greeting he fluttered off into the tall grass.

“I evolve today!” he whistled to himself as he hunted for strong opponents. However as scores of Pokémon fainted to the bird none proved to be strong enough to push him over the edge to evolve.

“Stronger, trainer will love me if I’m strong,” Arrow huffed as the Plusle fainted before the Fletchling

“But you are strong, look here this is an electric type your weakness,” Cawed a Doduo, “if you help us, and we will take you to a place where the opponents are much stronger.”

“Why do you need my help, you seem to strong and healthy,” the Fletchling asked

“Ah but you see, we cannot control this field alone, but with your help we will be able to usurp the Furfrou at the top of the hill,” the twin headed bird offered

“Hmm, nah I mustn’t travel very far from my trainer, but you seem close enough,” Arrow shrugged before darting for one of the Doduo’s heads

“Ack! What are you doing?! I am a fellow bird!” he shrieked as he backed away from the onslaught of pecks that assaulted his two heads.

“You can’t fly, birds fly!” Arrow retorted, “Foolish to think that we are kin!”

The Doduo quickly fainted unable to fight back against the black and red blur.

“Feh coward… but a strong coward,” the Fletchling spat as he felt his body grow and change in the early morning light, “hm what is this heat I feel rising beneath my breast,”

The newly evolved Fletchinder coughed a few times until he spat a small ember from his beak, “ha, ha I made fire like Foxy does, trainer will be pleased!”

Just before Arrow darted off for the camp he paused to look to the fainted Doduo, and then to the Plusle that watched the bird with a terrified expression.

“The Furfrou at the top of the hill is he a cruel or kind?” he asked the Electric type

“You mean Dogen yeah he’s nice, he helped my family when we couldn’t find enough food,” she replied nervously, “but he was exiled because he kept trying to usurp him.”

“What is the penalty for his return?”

“Dogen said that he is dead to this field if he ever returned,”

“Okay then he will never return I claim him as my kill do you dispute?”

“Nope he’s all yours,” the Plusle sighed. Arrow nodded and with a practiced eye he delivered a quick blow to each of the heads of the Doduo effectively killing the helpless bird.

“Arceus thank you for this kill,” the Fletchinder prayed just before lifting the bird into the air with ease.

“That is a very strange bird…” the Plusle sighed as she watched the fire bird fly away with the carcass.

Arrow landed in the middle of the camp to see its occupants still snoring away in their tents.

“That won’t do,” he grunted. With a quick flap of his wings he perched himself back onto his original perch.

“Wake up! Wake up! Good Morning Master! Good Morning Ghost Lady! Good Morning Nice Man! Wake up I brought food!” Arrow called.

“I’m up! I’m up,” Anthony cried as he heard the jubilant yet softer cry of his bird, “Good morning Ar… Holy shit you evolved,”

The Fletchinder ceased his singing as he watched his trainer stand next to his tent balanced on his one leg.

“Well, come here you crazy bird,” the trainer beckoned, “though I’m a little peeved that you didn’t let me watch you evolve I think I can deal with it as long as you let me see you evolve into a Tallonflame,”

“Fletch?” Arrow cooed; his voice no longer grating or metallic, but soft and bell like.

“Now I wouldn’t mind to waking up to that every morning,” Tony yawned as he crawled out of his tent.

“Ack Morning sun… pain… much pain,” April hissed as she too emerged from her purple tent, “Why does he sing so damn early?”

“Because he cares, and I love him because he cares,” Anthony shot back. His remark causing the Fletchinder to dart from his perch to land in the teen’s sandy hair; cooing as he nuzzled the messy locks, “oh I’m going to miss that voice of yours, but I have to admit that your new voice is less murderous on the ears.”

“Well it also seems that he cares enough to catch Breakfast,” the Ranger remarked as he gestured to the dead Doduo, “We’ll be hitting the road a little late today,”

“Hey Blair what’s it like to be with Tony?” Vix asked as she walked alongside the Meowstic.

“Hm well he’s big,” she remarked, “Heh the first time we did it I found it hard to accomidate him even if I am larger than the average Meowstic.”

“But what about kids, don’t you want any?”

“Of course, but up until recently has Tony started to share the want for children; you have a rock on the path by the way,”

“Thanks,” the Brixen nodded once her wand ticked against the obstruction, “but are you saying that you and Tony are compatible?”

“Tony seems to think so, he’s been taking precautions every time we have sex well except for the last few times,”

“And has anything come of it?”

“No nothing yet, but I haven’t been exactly on my estrus, but rest assured that that is coming very soon,”

“Is that why you are so worried about being judged,”

“No, no it’s not that,” the Meowstic paused, “If Tony wasn’t a ranger I would be all for being open about it, but while he is we have to maintain a proper Trainer/Pokémon relationship.”

“Why? Your relationship seems healthy if a bit missed matched,”

“If we were open about our relationship it would make it seem that the Kalos government would support Pokephilia and while there are no laws forbidding it there are strict guidelines that establish what a healthy relationship is.”

“Guidelines?” Vix asked.

“The life of the Pokémon or human must not be endanger during intercourse, Both parties must be sexually mature and capable of understanding acts of intimacy, and lastly all sexual acts must be to the willful consent of both parties,” Blair listed, “Tony and I have to be careful about the first guideline; so every year I have to go in for an exam to insure that Tony isn’t hurting me,”

“That seems tedious, what happens if you miss a checkup?”

“Nothing good,” Blair sighed, “Tony would be put on suspension while his entire team including myself would be put through rigorous mental and physical evaluation, which normally wouldn’t be a problem except Denryu while he is very strong; his mind wouldn’t be able to understand what was going on.”

“He might say the wrong thing,” Vix assessed.

“While it is on the records that Denryu has a mental disability, we are already walking the razors edge with our relationship,” the Meowstic concluded, “anyway how is your extrasensory coming along.”

“Well I can hold it for about two minutes before it breaks,” the Brixen replied summoning the purple bubble to her wand tip,”

“You’re getting better at that; soon you’ll be ready to learn Miracle Eye,” Blair chimed.

“Bubble is bubble how can it get better?” Arrow whistled as he landed on the fire type’s tail.

“Ack Arrow that hurts get off,” Vix snapped shooing the Fletchinder off of her tail.

“Uh Vix stop,” Blair warned, but the distracted fire type failed to sense the rock in the middle of the path.

“Wah,” the fire type shrieked as she tripped, “Damn it Arrow get off of me!”

“Sorry Foxy,” the bird cooed, “I didn’t mean to make you trip,”

“Vix are you okay?” Anthony asked as he lifted the Fletchinder off of the prone fire type.

~ I am not his personal perch, and my name is not FOXY! ~ She spat once she picked herself of the ground.

“Vix calm down Arrow wasn’t trying to make you trip, and Arrow you know Vix doesn’t like being called Foxy,” the teen placated.

“Fletchinder…” the fire bird cooed apologetically

~ I’m sorry too, ~ the Brixen sighed, ~ and the reason I don’t like being called Foxy is because you didn’t asked me if it was okay, ~


~ Anthony asked if I like my name, he allowed me to choose my name, ~

“Fletch,” Arrow nodded, “Fletchinder?”

~ No, I don’t like being called Foxy for other reasons, but I wouldn’t mind if you called me Vixy or Miss Vix, ~

“Fletch!” He chirped before he darted off of the teen’s hand.

~ Damn it I said Vixy! ~ The Brixen called, ~ Gah never mind, ~

“Well I tried,” Anthony chuckled as he watched the bird fly up to join the Togakiss that flew high overhead.

“Heh well at least he plays well enough with Genie,” Tony remarked, “but if she lays an egg it’s your fault.”

“What!?” the teen balked.

“I’m kidding; the only way Genie could get an egg is with assistance, she doesn’t breed well on her own,”

“Heh but Blossom needs assistance to keep from getting pregnant,” the purple haired trainer remarked as she held the ghosts pokeball,”

“Hey April I see that you that you have four pokeballs on your belt, but I’ve only ever seen Blossom out, are you going to give us an introduction?” Anthony asked as he pitched his tent.

“Oh are you sure you want to meet them, they make Blossom seem mild with some of their antics,” she answered giving the large Gourgest a pat

“April; I have one leg, a blind Brixen, a neurotic Fletchinder, and a gay Flabébé, I think I can handle a few ghosts,” the teen listed.

“Okay don’t say I didn’t warn you,” the purple haired trainer sighed as she released her other three Pokémon. In a flash of Light; a Haunter, a Shuppet, and a Phantrump materialized into the camp.

“Okay first my Hunter’s name is Dr. Dark but you can call him Doc, my Shuppet’s name is Spooks, and…” April paused when Blossom snatched the Phantrump from the air and sauntered into the tall grass, “and that was Druid, Blossom’s mate; he’s not been let out in a while.”

“Phantrump!” the ghost shrieked as he struggled to escape the Gourgest’s grasp.

“that…” Anthony started before the Ghost’s trainer clapped her hand over his mouth, “Shh, they get louder if they are criticized.”

April released the teen once the larger ghost was out of sight.

“Remember your pill Blossom,” she called “Druid is a masochist, and he only acts scared so Blossom will hurt him.”

“Kinky,” Tony remarked as he stripped his boots off, “anyway we should reach Camphrier town around noon tomorrow, so you two should hit the hay here soon.”

“Okay Uncle Simon,” Anthony sighed, “We’ll be turning in here soon.”

“Okay I get it, just don’t go complaining when your bird wakes you up in the morning,” the ranger huffed as he crawled into his tent.

“Now what did Blossom say to you the other night,” April whispered once Tony’s tent zippered close.

“She reminded me how I lost my leg,” He answered dryly, “But she also told me that you had another travel companion, that he hurt you while she was trapped in her ball.”

“I wasn’t always a ghost trainer,” she lamented, “Three years ago I was just starting out on my journey; just got my first badge,”

“What happened?”

“After I beat Viola I went to route 22 to catch a few more Pokémon, but I met up with this one black haired boy who always had his Mawile out, I don’t remember his name but he was looking for a Riolu,” April explained, “Anyway I had managed to catch a Litleo, heh Heloise was so cute, but after a week on the route the boy grew frustrated.”

“I take it he didn’t find a Riolu,” Anthony assessed as he sat down next to the fire to remove his leg

“No… I did, but I had seen how he treated his Mawile I wasn’t going to allow that baby to suffer such cruelty so I let it go,”

“I take it he found out,”

“He pulled a knife,” April shivered; sitting down next to the teen. She pulled her sweater up to show the thin scar that traced just under her bra, “Heloise tried to attack him but… with all the cruelty that Mawile endured she defend him, and Heloise never stood a chance… he… he made me watch as those jaws…”

“Haunter…” Doc cooed, his hands phasing through his trainer’s sweater to rub her back.

“Shuppet,” the other soothed as he nestled into April’s lap.

“You know that is really creepy with what your Hunter is doing,” Anthony smirked.

“It feels good though, he does this every time I get upset,” April sighed, “do you want to try?”

“I’ll pass; you need it more than I do,”

“You sure he’s really good at giving massages,”

“I’m sure, nothing against ghost but the last massage I got was from a Froslass,” the teen laughed.

“That must have been cold…”

“I wasn’t bothered by the cold but it was kind of unnerving when she phased right through my chest,”
“Oh you mean like this?” April smirked as she showed off the Haunter’s hand phasing through her own chest.

“Uh yeah except imagine that hand being ice cold,” the trainer paled.

“Brixen,” Vix sighed; flopping onto Anthony’s lap, ~ Oh sweet merciful trainer rub my belly for it is tender, ~

“What did you eat? Aside from that super spicy chili,” he asked as he complied with the fire type’s wish; earning a loud belch, “never mind you got into the pickles again judging from that smell,”

~ I couldn’t help it, they’re so good, ~

“Yeah but I did warn you that eating too much rich food will make you ill,” Anthony chastised. Vix merely stuck her tongue out as she started to dose off in the teen’s lap

“She’s cute…” April cooed; her hand reaching to pet the fire type’s head, “I guess why I feel like can trust you, is because of how well you treat your Pokémon.”

“I was practically raised by my Uncle’s Pokémon after my parents died,” the teen shrugged, “Even now I’m starting to pick up on what Lucy and Arrow are saying without Vix’s help,”

“When you’re with them a while it kind of just clicks, it’s the same way with Blossom and I,”

“I take it you do know about Tony’s and Blair’s relationship,”

“Yeah, I know but with all honesty I’m happy for them, now don’t get me wrong there are some people who would be completely grossed out by that.”

“Heh, but people like that still get boners when they watch a bathing Lucario,”

“How red do they get when you point that out?” April chuckled.

“Oh trust me, he was in nose bleed territory when I said something,” Anthony laughed in return. The sandy haired trainer sighed once he recovered, and leaned back to watch the night sky. The girl shifted next to the teen to join him in stargazing, her hand gently grasping his. Anthony turned a questioning gaze to April only to have her smile in return.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and I welcome advice on how to make the story better.
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