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Instead of mass uploading all of my stories I decided to upload all of the one shots into a story as multiple chapters! Titles of the chapter will include the pairing and tags

  1. F Human M Blaziken Raised on the Ranch (4003 words)

    After a busy day of working on the ranch Morgan decides to relax by surfing the net only to be caught peeking at something naughty by her Combusken.

  2. M Mincinno F Cincinno: Sudden Change (1927 words) [Reviews: 1]

    After being rescued by her best friend a nosy Mincinno digs through a trainer's backpack and goes through a sudden change!

  3. M Human F Ampharos: Razzberry Wine (3040 words)

    A young man and his buddy Ampharos decides to reminisce while enjoying a bottle of cheap razzberry wine.

  4. M Umbreon M Sylveon: Entangled Ecstasy (3275 words)

    A Sylveon and Umbreon take shelter from a storm inside a cave. Sylveon then decides to tease Umbreon who is in denial about feeling attracted to the feminine looking male.

  5. M Breloom F Whimsicott: Scrutinized Recovery (3479 words)

    After inflicting a serious injury to Breloom Whimsicott tries to keep him conscious anyway she can.

  6. M Wailord F Skitty: Out of Proportion (2483 words)

    A skittyand wWailordare left at a daycare. WWhat could possiblyfgo wrong?

  7. A Talk by the Fire (Eevee x Lucario) (2900 words)

    An Eevee and Lucario begins disputing when the lucario grows overprotective of Eevee after just achieving his evolved formed.

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    Reviewer: zackarykidder
    Date:Jul 31 2017 Chapter:M Mincinno F Cincinno: Sudden Change

    ~awww soooo cute needs to become more of a story maybe more chapters with character development -zero's extra effects review BTW 3/5 aka 7/10 cute would be ten but character development is missing!