AGNPH Stories

New to the Force by Drass


Author's Chapter Notes:

We now continue Mark and Co.'s story as they move on from the academy to begin their internship as licensed officers.

Leaving home

It had been about a year and a half since Clara had become my partner at the academy, and now we were finally graduated from it. Clara and I carefully packed the framed diplomas they had given us at the graduation ceremony into the cardboard box we were filling, and packed newspaper in between them to protect them from breaking during the coming trip. Once they were secure, we filled the box with the rest of the plates and bowls still left in our cupboard, similarly wrapping them in newspaper. Once full, I taped the box shut and wrote "FRAGILE" on the top of the box before hefting it up and carrying it down the stairs of my apartment building. On the way down I passed the two Machoke used by the guy from the shipping agency as they carried our couch down for us. I passed Flare as I went outside, who was lying next to the shipping agency's truck looking rather annoyed. He wanted to help move, but he unfortunately couldn't help much because of his size and lack of hands. I smiled at him and told him it was okay as I walked up the ramp into the back of the truck and set my box down on top of the growing pile of other boxes.

I could barely believe it myself but we were finally licensed officers; though we didn't have any experience yet and there weren't any internships available at the police station in our town. We had searched the nearby cities as well, but the other graduates had been faster than us in applying to them, so we were forced to look even further away. After a month of searching it seemed there wasn't an open job for us in all of Kanto. Thankfully, it was my uncle who saved us. Once he caught wind of our graduation, he sent me an email letting me know that the police station in town near his farm had been looking for an intern for a long time now, but couldn't get any because of how remote it was from any of the academies. I asked him to forward an application to them for me and he agreed. They responded within a day, requesting I work for them as soon as possible. I called my uncle and told him the good news, and he was kind enough to offer me a room to stay on his farm while I got situated and found a place of my own in town. That was about a week ago, and since then we had been busy making travel arrangements to move to Jhoto and packing in our spare time.

"Figures you'd be hiding in the truck lost in thought" Sarah spoke up from behind me as she added another box to the pile.

"Sorry," I said, blushing. "Just got caught up think about how far we've come."

"Yeah, it has been a while since we started here at the academy." Sarah said, leaning back against the side of the truck. "You know, I'm gonna be heading back to my hometown in Jhoto after this, so you could come visit if you get bored."

I smiled. "Thanks, we'll be sure to drop by after we get situated."

Just then Clara walked in hauling her own box. "Come on you two, we'll never finish if we're just sitting around talking." She said, smiling.

Sarah and I both apologized and headed back up to my apartment just as the Machokes emerged with my couch and carried it into the truck. By this point we were almost done and in just a a few more trips for each of us we had all the boxes moved and in the truck. I headed back up and directed the Machoke as the carried our mattress down the stairs as Clara and Sarah both started carrying the pieces of the frame we had disassembled the night before. After getting the mattress secured inside the truck I headed back up and helped carry the last few pieces of the bed frame down. Once the fame was packed away we closed up the back of the truck, relieved to finally have everything moved out. We took a break after that and I chatted with Sarah for a while before finally heading in and returning my apartment key to my landlord, as well as the copy I had for Clara's lanyard. As I walked back outside I was surprised to see Mrs. Feld standing there waiting for me.

"Hey Mark!" She said, notably more cheerful than her usual self.

"Oh, hello ma'am." I responded.

"You can cut it with the ma'am stuff now," She said, "I'm not your counselor anymore. Call me Sue or Susan."

"Susan Feld?" I asked, surprised it was only now I was learning her first name.

"Yeah." She said, "Just don't get cocky thinking we're equals now or something."

"Don't worry," I said, chuckling a little. "I'll always consider you a mentor."

"Good." She said, seeming satisfied.

"How are Charger and Nora doing?" I asked.

"They're fine." She said matter-of-factly.

"Good to hear." I said, "So did you just stop by to see me off?"

"Pretty much," She said, "Also wanted to let you know you can call any time if you need training advice."

"Oh, thank you." I said, smiling. "I'll be sure to let you know if we have any trouble."

We chatted for a while longer after that, but soon the man from the shipping agency called back his Machokes and said it was time to get going if we were going to make it to Saffron City by sun down. I said my goodbyes to Sarah and Sue before calling Flare back to his pokeball, much to his disdain. Clara and I then climbed into our side of the truck as the driver climbed into his seat. I let Clara have the window seat since it would be her first ride in anything other than the city bus, and she watched the driver intently as he started the truck up and shifted it into drive. I gave Sarah one last wave as we pulled away from the curb and started the long drive ahead of us.

Clara stared out her window as our town rolled by and soon we were on the road. Once out of the town the scenery was replaced by rolling fields interspersed between dense forests. The road was a bit bumpy as it wasn't built for a truck of this size, but we managed a decent speed going down it. Every now and then we would pass someone walking along the road and they would give us a friendly wave more often than not. At least half of them looked to be in the process of taking on the Kanto league by the pokeballs clipped to their belts or backpacks. About twenty minutes out of town, Clara asked me what my uncle's farm was like.

"Well, last time I was there I was so little I can barely remember it," I started, "but from what I do remember it's mostly fields where he takes care of and breeds pokemon at the request of trainers. He has a pretty big house in the middle of it too, and a barn as well."

"Oh, what kind of pokemon does he raise?" She asked, sounding interested.

"All kinds," I said, "Trainers will commission him to breed a specific pokemon for them and he raises the best one he can for them. Flare came from my uncle's farm, you know."

"He did?" Clara asked, sounding surprised.

"Yeah, my uncle heard about me entering the academy and bred a special Growlithe for me." I said, smiling.

Clara was quiet for a minute before something seemed to come to her. "How does your uncle breed pokemon?" she asked, seeming genuinely curious.

I paused, not sure how to answer her question. "Well, usually he just puts a compatible male and female pokemon in their own stable for the night and they'll do it on their own, but sometimes they need a little encouragement." I said.

"Encouragement?" She asked.

"Sometimes it's just an issue of giving them time to get comfortable around each other but in dire cases where he can't afford to waste more money on another breeding pair he'll use a special spray on them." I explained.

"So what's in the spray that makes them want to mate?" She asked.

"It's a special mix of pheromones that will induce estrus and encourage the male to perform as well." I explained, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Isn't that kind of unfair if they don't want to mate with each other?" Clara asked, sounding a bit worried.

"Yeah, sort of, but they don't seem to mind after the spray takes effect." I said, "It's kind of a gray area, but you have a point."

Clara went quiet, seeming to be deep in thought. I let her be for now, watching the road ahead. We soon came to a bridge crossing a large lake, and had to slow down due to a lot of people crossing it on foot. Clara and I watched the water as we made slow progress, occasionally catching glimpses of water pokemon swimming near the surface or jumping out of the water either to show off or catch bugs out of the air. About half way across the bridge we came to a dead stop as a pair of trainers ahead of us challenged each other to a battle. The crowd moved back to give them space as everyone watched. Seeing it was going to take a while, our driver parked the truck and told us we could get out and stretch our legs while they battled. We thanked him and hopped out of the truck.

"Master, I can't see the battle!" Clara said, standing on her tippy toes trying to see over the crowd.

I smirked and ducked down, quickly going under her legs before standing up so she was sitting on my shoulders. "Here you go." I said.

She let out a small squeak of surprise as I lifted her, but giggled and put her hands on my head for balance once she figured out what I was doing. "Thank you, I can see them now." She said.

"Who's winning?" I asked.

"The one on our side of the bridge sent out a Ghastly like Sarah has," She said, putting one hand up to block the sun from her eyes. "The other one sent out what looks like a big fox with a lot of tails."

"What color is the fox?" I asked.

"Red," She said. "It looks like the fox is doing a good job of predicting where Ghastly will appear and hitting it with fire."

"That's probably a Vulpix then." I said, "Ghastly has a bit of an advantage over it, but if it keeps predicting Ghastly's moves well it can win."

Suddenly there was a loud yelp from the battle followed by a whoosh sound.

"What happened?" I asked.

"The Vulpix won!" Clara exclaimed. "It used a psychic attack like one of mine, I had no idea a fire pokemon could do that!"

I smiled. "That's a special Vuplix he has, you need to have some special breeding for it to learn a move like Extrasensory." I said.

"So that's what that move is called." Clara said, sounding impressed.

With that, the crowd started to clear up and foot traffic began to flow again. We hopped back in the truck and soon we were moving again, and after another ten minutes or so we were across the bridge and back up to speed. More fields rolled by and I spotted a farm on the horizon. All I could make out on the property were a couple of either Ponyta or Rapidash, but I couldn't tell from how far away they were.

After a long drive, we pulled into Vermillion City around three in the afternoon. The driver pulled off the road to refill the gas tank as Clara and I stretched our legs. The moment we stepped out of the cabin, the familiar salty breeze off the ocean hit my nose and I knew we were back on the coast. We headed inside the little convenience store at the gas station and used the bathroom, as we'd been stuck in a truck all day. All they had was a family bathroom with one toilet, so I went first and while Clara was taking care of her own business I bought three bottles of juice for Clara, the driver, and myself. Clara emerged from the bathroom, looking relieved as I was checking out and we headed back to the truck. I handed the driver his bottle and he thanked me, though he looked at the bottle a little suspiciously.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"Sorry," The driver said, chuckling. "Just never been much of a fan of grape." He said.

Clara offered to trade her orange drink with him and he accepted gladly. After that all three of us hopped back in the truck and drove the rest of the way through Vermillion. It was only another hour before we were in Saffron City and pulled up in front of the train station. The driver got out and talked to a security guard at the entrance, then the guard nodded and pointed to the side. Our driver got back in and moved the van to the side of the building, past a little security gate which let us by before pulling up near the tracks next to a motionless train currently parked there.

"Alright guys, your train to Goldenrod City leaves at eleven, so don't be late. You should head into town and find a room for the night. Don't worry about your things, Me and my Machokes will get everything on the train for you tonight, and someone from our Jhoto offices will be there to pick you up and help you unload once you get there."

I thanked him and Clara and I walked back to town to find the hotel we had made our reservations in. Along the way, I let Flare out of his pokeball to let him stretch his legs. It was about a half hour before we found our hotel, and after a few moments talking with the lady at the front desk, we had our key and headed to our room.

It was a simple set up inside, one queen sized bed with a tiny bathroom at the back and a table with a couple chairs at the front. Clara went in first, intrigued by the small room. As she explored the place Flare let out a long yawn before bumping his nose to his pokeball on my belt, returning himself so he could sleep for the night, presumably. I chuckled and set his ball down on the table before closing the door behind me.

"They even have a television!" Clara said excitedly, and began hunting down the remote. She found it within moments and quickly turned the TV on. I smiled at her and laid down on the bed, trying to stretch my back which had cramped up in the long ride here. Clara sat down next to me and turned on the news as she petted my chest. We watched today's stories together for a while before the weather popped up and Clara got bored. She flipped through the channels, trying to find something else interesting. She stopped on the nature channel, which was showing a special on fire type pokemon. On the screen was a pair of Vulpix. I couldn't help but chuckle as she watched the screen intently. The program was going over the hunting methods of wild Vulpix as the two on screen presumably were doing so. I already knew pretty much everything the special had to say about this particular pokemon, so I relaxed as Clara watched it.

I started to nod off until I felt Clara's hand drifting down my torso, slowly but surely she would rub me lower and lower. I smiled, knowing what she was doing, but didn't move. She kept moving her hand lower until it was resting firmly on my crotch and kneaded it gently. I let out a sigh of pleasure and Clara giggled as she felt my malehood responding beneath her hand. She kept rubbing me, encouraging my growth as my pants bulged further out. I opened my eyes to see if she was ready, but she quickly put her free hand over them as she rubbed me faster.

"No peeking." She teased as I felt her tugging at my zipper. I sighed and relaxed, letting her do her work as I kept my eyes shut. She reached into my pants and in a few moments cool air on my shaft told me she had pulled it free and was likely eying her prize right now. I felt her fingers wrap around it and start slowly stroking it up and down, teasing me to throbbing hardness. Just as I was about to beg her to give me more, I felt her weight shift on the bed and a sudden warmth as she laid down on top of me. At first I thought she was planning to ride me, but I suddenly felt the familiar warm wetness of her tongue running up and down my shaft before she took it deep into her mouth. I moaned and couldn't keep from opening my eyes this time, and I was granted a wonderful view of her round ass directly in front of my face. I smirked and decided to give her some of her own treatment. I reached out my tongue and gently pressed it against her pucker. She paused, surprised by the sudden sensation, but quickly returned to working my manhood with her mouth. I started rimming her as I reached under her with my hand and found her hard shaft. I started stroking her in rhythm with my licking and soon felt her leaking pre all over my stomach. Smirking, I decided to take it further. I grabbed ahold of her legs and pulled her closer to my face, causing her mouth to come off my dick. Not giving her a chance to react, I quickly took her hard member in my hand and guided it to my mouth. Clara let out a loud moan and a shudder as it slid in and I started sucking her gently.

"M-Master I-" She started, but was cut short as her own moan broke her focus. I ran my tongue around the tip of her member as I reached up and slowly pressed two fingers inside her already loosened and slick asshole, quickly finding her prostate and massaging it. She moaned even louder and I felt her buck her hips into my mouth a little. Before I could get carried away though she reached forward and started quickly stroking my saliva-slick cock, making sure she wasn't the only one receiving pleasure. I redoubled my efforts, sucking on her shaft harder and fingering her faster as I felt her quickly working me to my peak. I tried to outlast her, but I started cumming a few seconds before she did. I splattered my seed all over her chest and face and with a moan she began filling my throat with hers. I swallowed every last drop before finally pulling off of her. She smiled and turned around before laying back on top of me, this time face to face.

"That was a nice surprise Master." She said, blushing.

"You liked it?" I asked, "It didn't make you uncomfortable that I was giving that part so much attention?" I had learned to address her gender and identity issues as gently as possible in our year and a half together.

She smiled "It did at first, but because it's you I didn't feel bad." She explained, and then kissed me. I kissed her back, and after a while we both resumed watching TV. The special was now talking about where in Kanto Vulpix were normally found, and briefly explained they were also found naturally in the Hoenn region as well. After the program ended Clara turned the television off, yawning.

"We should probably wash you off before we head to bed." I said.

Clara blushed, remembering there was still cum smeared across her face. "Yeah, you're right." She admitted. We headed to the tiny bathroom, and though the shower was small it was still bigger than the one we had been sharing at my apartment. We took turns washing each other until we were both clean, then I slipped my boxers back on before we crawled into bed together. I made sure to set the alarm on the night stand to nine AM before snuggling close to Clara and going to sleep.

The next morning we got up with the alarm to find Flare had let himself out in the night and was laying on the floor at the foot of the bed, oblivious to the beeping that had woken us up. I chuckled at him and Clara started trying to wake him up as I got dressed, putting on the same clothes I had worn the day before because all my other clothes were on the train now. By the time I was dressed Clara had managed to at least get Flare up on his feet, though I still doubted he was fully conscious.

"Come on Flare, you can sleep on the train." I consoled him. He let out a long yawn before shaking his head to clear it. We returned our room key to the desk, though a different person was there this morning, and headed out to the train station. The walk back was shorter because we knew how to get there now. Fifteen minutes later I was at the ticket desk, confirming my reservation. The cashier smiled and thanked me for my business as she handed me my ticket, and then we headed inside the station. Clara couldn't help but stare at all the people standing around with their pokemon, waiting for the train.

"There's so many of them outside their pokeballs." She said.

"Yeah," I said, "Jhoto is more lenient with letting pokemon out in public than Kanto, so a lot of things are designed with pokemon in mind. This train's a prime example of that, there's going to be a lot of room on board so even Flare can fit comfortably without having to be put in his ball."

"That's awesome!" Clara said, grinning widely as she tried to count all the pokemon standing around her. I smiled with her and did almost the same thing, though I was testing myself to see how many of the pokemon I could name. I recognized a Psyduck and it's evolved form Golduck standing next to each other, and spotted another Vulpix. Further scanning the crowd, I spotted almost every stage of the three starter pokemon for the Kanto region, as well as the ones for the Jhoto region. I was stunned to even see someone with a Dragonite waiting for the train. I went on naming every pokemon I could as we waited for boarding to start for our train as Clara kept counting and Flare napped next to us. At ten they finally called out our train number and we followed the crowd in after shaking Flare from his sleep again. We handed the conductor our ticket as we boarded and he wished us a safe journey before letting us on. The inside of the train looked like a subway car, but with comfortable seats and a lot of space in the middle for pokemon to stand. We walked up the car a ways until we found a pair of unoccupied seats and sat down. Flare curled up in front of us and went back to sleep. It was another half hour from then until the train left the station, and I kept up my game of trying to name all the pokemon I saw. Mareep, Butterfree, Vennonat, Machop, all so many different pokemon all out in the open. Clara looked out the huge window at all the pokemon still waiting in the station, still in awe of the mixed crowd. Finally, a voice came through the PA system announcing we would be leaving shortly, and a few minutes after that the doors closed and the train began to move. We advanced slowly out of the station but quickly sped up once we were clear of the city. Trees and ponds rocketed past the window as the high speed train proved itself worthy of that title. Clara tried to watch out the window, but soon got motion sick and buried her face in my chest so she couldn't see anymore. I held her and rubbed her back, assuring her it wouldn't be too long.

About a half hour into the trip Flare woke up with a yawn and set to work getting to know his neighbors. He and a nearby Ninetales exchanged the traditional canine greeting as they sniffed under each others' tails before he moved on to sniff the Mareep next to us. The yellow sheep gave him a warning static shock and he left it alone after that. Soon enough he got bored of sniffing the other pokemon and curled up at my feet again, staring out the window. He didn't seem to be affected by motion sickness like Clara, who was still clinging to my chest and sharing a bit of her queasiness with me psychically. Eventually I spotted an approaching mountain, which I knew marked the border between Jhoto and Kanto, and hid the infamous Victory Road somewhere within its tunnels. We unfortunately didn't get to see any of the last challenge for trainers of the Kanto and Jhoto Leagues, as we shot into a tunnel built for the train at the base of the foothills.

The train went dark except for the internal lighting and Clara was able to sit up finally, no longer sickened by the blurred scenery; though her relief didn't last long as within ten minutes we had reached the other side of the mountain and emerged into Jhoto, forcing her to retreat against my chest once again. The other half of the train ride was noticeably shorter than the first, as within twenty minutes I could see the famous skyscrapers of Goldenrod City on the horizon. Five minutes after that we felt the train slow down and finally we pulled into the station. After a few minutes of waiting for the crowd to thin after the doors opened, we headed off the train ourselves; though I had to help Clara as she was still sick.

I scanned the huge crowd of pokemon and people at the station and I soon spotted a large cardboard sign being held up by a man which had "Mark, Clara, Flare" written on it. We waded our way through the crowd towards him, and as we got closer I saw he was wearing the same uniform as our driver had been yesterday. I waved as I approached to get his attention and introduced myself and my partners to him. He greeted us and told us the truck was gassed up and ready and they had already started unloading my things from the cargo car of the train. He led us out of the station and around to the back by the tracks. We offered to help him load up the truck, but he refused, saying that his Machokes were almost done with the work. As if to prove this, the Machokes then emerged from the second to last car on the tracks carrying a few pieces of our furniture and carefully packed them into the back of the waiting truck before closing the back. Our new driver thanked his pokemon for their help before calling them back to their pokeballs.

I called Flare to his pokeball and we headed out immediately. It took ten minutes to get out of the city, but once we did we were heading north on slightly better roads than the ones we had traveled in Kanto. Similarly, we saw many trainers walking along the sides of the road as we went. About a half hour into the trip, the driver handed me a sheet of paper from his pocket.

"I'm not so good with remembering directions," he said, "so if you don't mind helping could you read those off for me?" He asked.

I agreed and became his navigator, keeping him up to date on what turns he would be taking next. It was only a two hour drive this time, and before we knew it we were pulling up a long gravel road to a familiar faded blue house.

"This should be the place." The driver said, sounding doubtful.

"Don't worry, this is it." I said as Clara opened the door and we both hopped down.

The first thing in noticed was the unique smell of the surrounding fields; it was a huge contrast to the usual salty sea breeze back at the academy. I walked up to the door and knocked firmly.

"Just a minute!" a familiar voice hollered from the back of the house. I could help but smile as nostalgia overtook me. Moments later, the door opened and there stood my uncle, looking a little odd in the green apron he was wearing. "Ah, Mark!" he exclaimed, grabbing my shoulders, "What has it been, twelve years since I last saw you? At least sixteen since you last came here."

I smiled "Good to see you too, Ted." I said happily.

Uncle Ted turned and saw my partner Clara standing next to me Smiling a bit shyly at him. "Good to see you again Clara." He said, smiling at her.

"Good to see you too, Uncle Ted" Clara said amiably, calling him by the name I often used in my own mind.

Ted suddenly looked confused as he looked back at the truck, then to our right and left. "Now where's Flare hiding?" He asked.

As if on cue, Flare popped out of his pokeball and launched himself at my uncle, knocking him over as he barked his greeting.

Ted laughed as he went down and scratched Flare behind the ears until he let off of him. "Still lively as I remember." He said, grinning. "Though I never noticed how big you were for an Arcanine."

"Wait, Flare's big by Arcanine standards?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?" Ted asked, looking intrigued.

"My counselor had an Arcanine too, but that one made even Flare look small." I said.

Ted grinned "I'd love to see that pokemon, but as things are I don't have the time to go to Kanto on a whim. Still, that's one impressive specimen of an Arcanine if what you say is true."

Just then the driver walked up to us. "Where would you like us to unload the truck?" he asked my uncle.

"Oh, there's a barn around back," Ted said, "I'll go open the doors and you can just put everything there for now until we get something worked out for Mark in town."

The driver nodded and went back to his truck while we followed Ted around the house to the barn, which was the same faded blue as the house. Ted opened the doors and we were greeted with a musty smell which I found to be familiar, though from the way Clara immediately clutched at her nose, she wasn't a fan of it. Flare got one whiff and immediately turned heel and ran to the house, where he waited for us just as the truck backed up to the barn doors and the driver got out.

"Sorry about the smell," Ted said, "I had to use a pheromone spray on a reluctant pair the other day; the stuff has some major hang time to it."

"That's why I recognized the smell!" I said, finally pinning the source down.

"Clara you okay there?" Ted asked, looking at her concerned, "You may want to wait this one out over by Flare, I'm not sure if the blend I used will affect you but it still stinks."

"I-I'm fine." Clara insisted, "I want to help unload the truck."

"Okay." Ted said, then turned to our driver. "If you're planning on using Machokes or Machamps to empty the truck, I'd recommend you don't." he said sternly.

The driver shrugged and nodded, understanding. He then opened the back of the truck and we began unloading. Clara took care of the heavy stuff like the couch and mattress, as she could lift them easily telekinetically, but she insisted on carrying things herself whenever she could, though she seemed easily distracted while inside the barn. The pile inside the barn slowly grew as we emptied the truck, and after a half hour of work we finally finished. The driver said his goodbyes and closed up the truck before heading out as Ted dragged out a tarp and covered our things so the smell wouldn't stick to them.

After that my uncle invited us into the house to show us our room. Inside the house was warm, in contrast to the crisp spring air outside. We entered in the back and went through the kitchen, then the dining room and living room before reaching the stairs. Upstairs were only three rooms, Ted's bedroom, a large bathroom, and the guest bedroom across the hall from Ted's room which was where we'd be sleeping. Ted explained we were welcome here as long as we wanted to stay, just as long as that wasn't forever.

"Would you like to follow me around as I finish up my work for today or would you prefer to get situated here by yourselves?" Ted asked.

"Well-" I started but was interrupted by Clara.

"Would it really be okay if we stayed here?" She asked.

"Sure, no harm in getting adjusted to your surroundings." Ted said cheerfully

"Alright, thank you!" Clara said, smiling back.

"That okay with you?" Ted asked me.

"Yeah it's fine," I said, "I'll stay here with Clara and follow you some other day. Though could you do me a favor and bring Flare along? It's been a while since he really got to stretch his legs.

Flare gave a happy bark at this suggestion.

"Sure, why not." Ted said, "Come on Flare, let's get to work!" and with that he headed down the stairs with Flare close on his heels, leaving Clara and I in the guest room alone.

Once I was sure he was out of earshot, I turned to Clara. "Is everything okay?" I asked her, but I didn't so much as finish my sentence before she had embraced me and was kissing me deeply. I blushed and took a moment to kiss her back, carefully closing the door behind me with my foot in case Ted came back for something.

"It was the pheromones..." Clara said, blushing deeply, I could already feel her shaft swelling as she pressed herself against me. "I did my best to hide it but I can't hold myself back anymore, Master."

I held her tighter, "Okay, I understand Clara, but we can't do it here. If we make a mess then Ted may end up finding out."

"Then where?" Clara pleaded, all but grinding against me at this point.

"Anywhere he won't find the mess." I said, still holding her. Clara paused for a moment before closing her eyes. I was surrounded by white light, and squinted my eyes against it. When the light cleared, we were both standing in the empty barn near where we had unloaded the truck. Clara knelt down in front of me and had my fly open in a few seconds. Not even waiting for me to get hard she started sucking on my member, doing her best to get me ready.

"If we do it in one of the stalls here he won't be able to tell the mess from the rest." Clara explained as she bobbed up and down my quickly growing shaft.

"But what if he walks in here on us?" I asked, before moaning as she skillfully ran her tongue all over the head of my cock.

"We'll have to be quick then," She said, standing up. She took my hand and led me into a nearby stall before spreading the back of her dress and leaning forward, presenting her asshole to me.

"Alright." I said, giving in as she had me too horny now to really stop. I tried to make the entry as gentle as I could, but we were both too turned on for that to be possible. I was inside her in seconds and a moment later I was thrusting in and out of her tight ass quickly as she stifled her moans. I felt her ass suddenly clenching around my shaft as Clara's whole body tensed up. Over her shoulder I saw a few spurts of her cum fly and land in the dust in front of her as she panted.

"You came already?" I asked Clara.

"Don't stop Master, I need more!" She begged. I needed no further incentive and resumed fucking her quickly, causing her to have a second orgasm mere minutes later, adding to the already stained dirt beneath us. I kept going, grabbing her wrists and pulling her back against me as I thrust deeper into her ass. Clara was beyond moaning now, she just did her best to remain standing as she panted and whimpered occasionally. She came a third time, this time spurting even farther than the other two, and I picked up the pace, plowing into her asshole as fast as I could. I felt myself getting close right as Clara came a fourth time, clenching down hard on my member and locking me inside her as the last of her seed dribbled down her shaft to the dirt below. She must have sensed I was close because as soon as she finished she pulled off of me and knelt down. She took my shaft in both hands and began jerking me off as fast as she could into her open mouth. I couldn't resist and unloaded, spurting hard into her eager mouth as she did her best to catch every drop. When I stopped she carefully licked the last of my seed from the end of my shaft before wiping her face with her hand to get the few shots that missed, and then licked those up as well.

"Thank you Master." She said groggily as she swallowed the last of my cum.

"You okay Clara? I kind of went rough on you." I said, worried I may have hurt her.

"No it was wonderful; I'm just really tired now..." She said, slowly tipping forward. I caught her before she hit the dust and couldn't help but smile as she started snoring in my arms. I carefully picked her up, feeling her shift so she could wrap her arms around me, and carried her outside the barn. I spotted Flare running back and forth a few acres away at the edge of the property. Taking advantage of the distance, I jogged inside, hoping he wouldn't spot me and carried Clara back upstairs. Once in the guest room, I laid her down on the bed, but as I tried to stand up the grunted and wouldn't let go of me. I managed to pry free of her grip without waking her, but the frown on her face once I did was enough to convince me I could use a nap as well. I crawled up on the bed next to her and took her in my arms, relieved to see a peaceful smile return to her face. I smiled as well and closed my eyes as well. It took a while, but I dozed off eventually, comforted from holding my Clara close to me.

I woke up later that afternoon and watched Clara sleep for a while before gently waking her as well.

"How long was I out?" She asked groggily.

"If I had to guess about four hours, though I passed out too so I'm not sure." I said.

Clara smiled and leaned in to kiss me before sitting up and crawling off the bed. I smiled and got out of bed as well.

"Maybe we should go check up on Flare?" She asked.

"Yeah, wouldn't hurt to go see how he's doing." I said.

We headed downstairs and outside. After a moment of scanning the horizon, we spotted the massive dog running back and forth off to the east and started walking in his direction. It took about five minutes, but we caught up with Ted and Flare as Ted was tending a pair of Umbreons.

"Hey Mark," Ted greeted us. "Just about finished here." He said as he brushed the fur of one of the black foxes. The fox let out a happy murr at the treatment, enjoying the attention.

Flare butted up against me playfully and I scratched behind his ears before offering to help Ted groom the other fox. He thanked me and handed me a spare brush as I set to work tending the pokemon's fur. My Umbreon was less appreciative of the brushing, but was at least tolerant of it. After a few minutes we were done and Ted led us back to the house where he started making dinner. Clara asked if she could help since she wanted to learn more about cooking and Ted happily let her. Flare and I waited in the living room as they cooked. I watched TV as the big dog lay panting next to me, having worn himself out from running around so much. After about an hour, Clara called us into the dining room to eat and I was surprised to see Ted had made hamburgers and homemade fries for him and myself, as well as prepared what looked to be a salad for Clara and a bowl for Flare which was filled with some kind of meat blend. I thanked Uncle Ted and Clara happily for the meal and we dug in. the food was delicious, and Clara and Flare seemed to really enjoy their own meals as well.

After dinner we all relaxed in the living room as I filled Ted in on my time at the Academy. He listened intently, and asked about what kind of training they had us do in PE, and what kind of diet the school recommended. I answered his questions and he nodded, saying that those worked but there's better ways. After a while Ted said we should probably all head to bed since he had to be up early to work and I had to get to the police station in town tomorrow as well. We headed up the stairs and I half expected ted to ask about how all three of us would sleep in a room with one bed, but he either forgot to ask or figured we knew what we were doing as all he said after that was good night. Flare curled up on the floor at the foot of the guest bed as Clara and I crawled under the covers, once again cuddling close to each other as we closed our eyes, looking forward to the big day ahead of us tomorrow.
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