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New to the Force by Drass


Author's Chapter Notes:

Mark and Co. set out for the police station to begin their internship, and are met with the usual scrub work that internship entails; at least until one errand nets them an unexpected discovery.

First Day on the Job

Ted woke us up early and fed us a light breakfast right before the taxi he apparently called earlier pulled up the driveway. I thanked him for the meal and the ride as I called Flare back into his pokeball. Clara and I then hopped in the back of the cab and we were on our way to town. Clara spent her time staring out the window at the fields rolling by as I asked the cab driver what the town was like. He said it wasn't exactly a small town, though it wasn't a city either. He also explained that they didn't see many traveling trainers often because the town was off the beaten path for the eight main gyms in Jhoto, though every once and a while they had one show up on their way to a more obscure gym or that got utterly lost passing through the nearby forest. It wasn't long before I ran out of questions and resigned myself to staring out the window with Clara. It was about ten minutes into the ride that we finally pulled into town, passing by a small pokemon center and pokemart as we drove up the one main road in town. There were plenty of side roads leading off our street, and those all seemed to lead to housing developments.

"Our town's a suburb of Goldenrod," The cab driver explained, "most everyone who lives here works in the city; though we're still pretty far out for a suburb."

I nodded, understanding as we continued through town. It was only five minutes until we pulled up in front of the police station. We got out and thanked our driver for the ride. I called Flare out of his pokeball before all three of us headed in.

The front doors opened on a simple lobby: grey carpet and a few semi-comfortable chairs set up next to a rack filled with mostly up to date issues of popular magazines. Directly ahead was a simple wooden desk where a middle-aged woman sat, looking over today's newspaper. She looked up and smiled at me as I approached. She looked at the two pokemon to either side of me, "You must be the new intern we're getting." She remarked.

"Yeah," I said, "I'm Mark, this is my Gardevoir partner Clara, and my Arcanine partner is Flare." I gestured to each pokemon in turn.

"Nice to finally meet you Mark," She said, "Though no one thought you would show up this early. I'm Carol, would you mind taking a seat while I call the chief?"

"Sure, no problem." I said, and walked back to the magazine rack before sitting down with Clara; Flare sat patiently in front of us.

I noticed Clara looking around the room, seeming confused.

"What's wrong?" I asked her quietly.

"It looks nothing like the academy did." She said.

"Yeah," I said. "it's different but I'm sure we'll get used to it before long."

She nodded and didn't say anything more. I heard the secretary talking quietly into a phone and guessed she was talking with the chief now. I waited patiently for her to finish the call, and once she hung up the phone she waved us over.

"The Chief, Ramsey, will be out here in just a moment" She said as we reached the desk.

"Thank you." I said, just as a door to our left opened and a uniformed man walked in. I put him to be in his late forties as he looked Clara, Flare, and I up and down, as if appraising us.

"You must be our new intern," The man said, holding his hand out. I obligingly reached out and shook his hand. "I'm Samuel Ramsey, the chief officer here."

"I'm Mark," I said as he shook my hand firmly in return, "This is Clara, and this is Flare." I said, nodding to each of my partners.

Ramsey gave a nod to my partners as he let my hand go. "I had to see it to believe it, but you really do have an odd choice in partners." He remarked, "Though I suppose you know how to handle them considering the glowing recommendation we got from your former counselor."

"You talked to Mrs. Feld?" I asked, then added, "Wait, she gave me a recommendation?"

Ramsey chuckled. "Yeah, well might as well follow me; I'll give you a tour of our office." He said, turning back to the door he had come through. We followed him into the inner workings of the police station; it was a tight fit for Flare, but he was conscious of his size and didn't knock anything over. Behind the lobby was what appeared to be an open room separated by about four cubicles, each decorated differently by small photos or figurines. Three of the desks were occupied and a few officers looked up and waved at us before returning to their work. Ramsey explained there were only three other officers for the town, and that only two would be patrolling the town at any given time. The town was pretty deserted during the day when most of the citizens were in Goldenrod working, so they didn't need much manpower. He then led us to a windowed door at the back of the room, which led to a small office. He welcomed us to his office as we stepped inside; though Flare could barely fit in the small room. The chief couldn't help but chuckle watching the massive dog squeeze in through the door.

"I'm sorry, but we don't really have much work for you to do at the moment," the chief said, taking a seat behind his desk. "We don't have any active patrols you could tag along with right now, sorry to set you to just busy work but we do have a lot of paperwork backed up that needs filing."

I chuckled "No need to for sorry, I know how scrub work goes," I said, "Just point me to the stack and I'll get to work."

Ramsey grinned, "I like that attitude, Mark." He said, "You'll fit right in here."

After that he called in the secretary, who led us to the filing room and explained how the chief wanted things to be ordered. The room had one wall covered in filing cabinets and on the other side was a long table half-covered in two foot tall stacks of paper. I sized up the task before us as Carol gave her condolences for getting the mess dumped on us. I assured her we were up to the task before setting to work. Flare huffed, realizing he wouldn't be able to help again and curled up on the floor out of the way. I would start by taking a large chunk of a stack and organize it on the clear side of the table before filing them once I had them in order. Clara watched how I did it for the first two loads before taking a pile for herself and setting to work on floor organizing it. It was mind numbing work, but it was bearable since we were doing it together, at least it was for me. Clara seemed to never lose focus and seemed to actually enjoy the work. I couldn't help but smile with her as we worked. After what felt like a half hour of work I looked at my watch and was shocked to see it had only been ten minutes. I looked over at Flare and had to smile when I saw he had fallen asleep and was snoring lightly as he napped. Sighing, I resigned myself to the work again, this time vowing not to make it worse by watching the clock. What felt like an eternity passed and we had finally cleared the first of countless stacks of paper from the table just as Carol walked in.

"I'm surprised you two haven't nodded off from boredom by now" She remarked, and I chuckled. "Come with me, I'll give you something to do to take a break from the monotony." Clara got up off the floor and followed Carol and me, leaving Flare behind to his nap.

She led us out and past the cubicles out to the lobby, stopping in front of the magazine rack. "We were supposed to get a bunch of new magazines in today, but the postman is late by a couple hours now."

"So you want us to head to the post office?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's a bit of a hike but it's better than filing." She said, almost apologetically.

"Is Chief Ramsey okay with this?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's pretty lax as long as you're doing some sort of work." She explained, "If it does turn out to be an issue I'll take the blame for you. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to get to know the town a bit since you're gonna be here a while."

"Yeah, you have a point." I said, grateful for the break, "So where's the post office?"

"It's actually on the same street as us," She said, "Just it's about ten blocks north from here."

I thanked her for the break and Clara and I headed out. Clara seemed a little unhappy to leave the filing job unfinished, but was still interested in seeing the town on foot. We walked along the street, looking at each building as we passed. There was a supermarket that seemed empty at this time of day, a couple bars which were equally empty, a couple restaurants, a small motel, and an elementary school before we started passing houses. Clara asked about each place she was unfamiliar with as we passed them.

"So a bar is a place where people buy drinks?" Clara asked for confirmation as we walked.

"Partly, it's a place where adults go to drink alcohol and hang out." I explained, "I'm not quite old enough to drink yet so I don't know for sure." I felt the now familiar moment of dizziness as Cara picked out what alcohol meant out of my mind.

"Why would anyone drink something like that?" She asked, sounding amazed.

"Well, I guess because it's fun." I said, "It's kind of hard to explain."

"hmm... and a school is an academy for younger people?" Clara asked as we passed the red brick building right after I felt her pick the name and meaning of it out of my head.

"Yeah, only it's not training them for anything specific, just general things." I said, watching the kids run around the small playground as it was apparently recess for them. I couldn't help but smile at the feeling of nostalgia it invoked to see them: I could still remember my time back in primary school well enough to pick out what games were being played out of the seemingly random running of the children. About a third of them were wrapped up in a massive game of tag, while another small group were pretending to be pokemon trainers and exploring the playground, doing their best to have fun without interrupting the game of tag. There was also a small group of older kids playing a pokemon card game under the main platform of the jungle gym, and I knew from memory that they were there so the wind wouldn't take their hard earned cards away. At the edge of the playground, their teacher watched them with her partner pokemon, which appeared to be a larger round bird pokemon with red eyes; after a moment I recognized it as a Hoot-hoot. The teacher noticed me watching the kids as we walked by and waved. I smiled and waved back, but didn't stop to chat.

After about five minutes of walking past people's front yards and getting further and further from what appeared to be the business district, I began to worry we had missed the post office. My worries proved wrong though, when we came upon a white building sticking out like a sore thumb in the residential area. The familiar Pidgeot logo on the sign out front designated this to be the postal office, and Clara and I headed in.

"Hello?" I said to the oddly empty lobby. We walked cautiously to the desk, and saw there was no one behind it. I could see into the back of the room where there were a few bins full of letters. I looked to Clara, "Doesn't seem to be anyone here." I remarked.

Clara shook her head, looking confused. "No, there's someone here." She said. Before I could ask what she meant, she walked around the counter and into the back room.

"Wait, we can't go back there!" I called, jogging after her.

"But someone's here Master, just listen!" She pleaded, turning to face me.

Then I heard it: muffled grunts from the somewhere further back in the postal office. "All right, let's go." I said, taking the lead as I advanced into the back room. Clara followed me in, and walked quickly past the stacked up mail bins and into a small hallway in the back of the room, the noise growing louder as we went. There were three doors in the back, two of which were bathrooms. I tried my luck on the third door, which opened on a small office. A quick inspection proved the room to be empty, and behind me I heard Clara gasp out loud. I whipped around to see her holding open one of the bathroom doors. I leapt over to her and saw what had shocked her, and my jaw dropped.

Inside the bathroom a young man was sitting down against the wall as two pokemon were kneeling down in front of them. One looked like some kind of bipedal purple fox and the other appeared to be more human like sans a few exaggerated red features on its forehead and hips, as well as a pair of thick red lips, which were wrapped firmly around the tip of the man's member. Even in this moment my breeder mind took over and identified the pokemon as a Medicham and a Mienshao. While the Medicham worked the man's member, the Mienshao was hard as work licking his balls. There was barely enough room between the two pokemon to see what was going on, but from the pleasured grunts all three of them were giving, they seemed to be enjoying themselves and were so far unaware of our presence. Clara and I watched in stunned silence as the Medicham and Mienshao switched roles, the fox taking up the duty of bobbing her mouth up and down his shaft as Medicham tended to his testes. The man grunted sharply as he approached his climax and both pokemon backed off and started quickly jerking him off together as they caught his load with their faces and open mouths. I then noticed they both had their hands buried in their crotches and were quickly rubbing their pussies as the received their facials. Almost in unison they both seized up in orgasm right as the man finished frosting them, and they collapsed on top of him, panting. They lay together panting for a moment before the man noticed we were watching and froze up, and less than a second later the Medicham had picked itself up and launched itself directly at me without even looking at us.

"No! You won't take Simon away from us!" a voice shouted in my head as the Medicham's flying kick hit me square in the chest and sent me crashing back into the office behind us.

"Jade, no!" The man shouted, as I hit the floor; I wheezed as I realized the wind had been knocked out of me.

I heard a growl from Clara and a muffled grunt from directly above me. I looked in front of me, still stunned, and saw the Medicham hovering in the air above me, furiously throwing punches in my direction but being held back far enough she couldn't reach. I saw the man scrambling to his feet behind her and the Mienshao hiding behind him and covering her face. Jade growled in frustration as she kept swinging at me in vain, and I saw tears in her eyes right as the man scooped her up in his arms, holding her tight.

"Jade, I know this is bad but hurting him won't make it any better." Simon said, trying to calm her.

I started to pick myself up of the ground as I slowly regained my breath.

"But he saw everything!" Jade pleaded, struggling weakly in the man's grip.

"Hold on, calm down." I wheezed as I regained my breath. "You don't need to worry, I'm just the intern for the police."

Jade resumed her struggle, almost breaking free of Simon's grip, "I knew you'd ruin it!" she all but screamed at me.

"No, I'm not gonna turn you in!" I pleaded, but Jade kept struggling.

Clara stepped between me and the man. "I'm sorry." She said, to both the man and Jade before firing off a special psychic pulse. Jade went instantly limp in his arms, snoring loudly as Clara's hypnosis hit hard from this short of a range. I was impressed she didn't knock the man out as well.

Simon seemed to panic for a moment, but calmed down as he realized she was just asleep. He sighed and slumped down to the floor, gently holding Jade in his lap as his Mienshao moved closer to him, but was careful to keep directly out of my sight. "I'm sorry about that, she's very protective of me and Ruby here..." Simon said sullenly. The Mienshao perked its ears up at the mention of its name.

Clara knelt down next to the man as I pulled myself to my knees. "Don't worry, I understand her reaction." She consoled.

He nodded silently and looked up at me. "I suppose you're going to arrest me?" He asked.

I shook my head.

He blinked and stared at me, "You're not?"

I nodded, "That looked consensual for all parties involved to me." I said, matter-of-factly.

"But the law says pokemon-"He started, but Clara interrupted.

"Don't worry about that." She said, "Mark and I understand your situation here." She said, trying to calm him.

"How?" He asked, looking back and forth at us. Then after a moment, it dawned on him, "Wait, you don't mean..."

I blushed as Clara smiled and nodded. Simon stared at us in stunned silence for a long time before realizing he was still naked from the waist down. "Would you mind if I took a moment to put my pants back on?" he asked, embarrassed.

Clara giggled and I told him to go ahead. He carefully handed Jade off to me as he stepped back into the bathroom, Ruby following close behind him, still nervous about us seeing her. I held the Medicham in my lap in the meantime, and I guessed her to be about four feet tall. Simon soon emerged, having taken care of business in the bathroom, and I could see he washed Ruby's face clean of his seed. He knelt down in front of Jade and I with a wet paper towel and began cleaning her face as well.

"Simon..." she mumbled, slowly waking up. She opened her eyes to see Simon smiling at her, and after a moment she whipped around in my lap and leapt back towards Simon, taking a defensive pose as she glared at me.

"Jade, they're not going to take you or Ruby away from me, you can relax." Simon said, putting a hand on her small shoulder. She glared at me for a moment longer before putting her arms down and turning. She walked behind Simon and looked Ruby over before sitting down next to her master.

"You're still perverts for peeping on us like that." Jade remarked grumpily.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to," I explained, "We were sent here to pick up some magazines and could only hear grunts coming from the back, we thought you were in trouble."

"We were getting kind of loud," Simon admitted, blushing. "Probably wasn't the best idea to do it at the office, Jade."

Jade huffed, "Don't blame me, you were rock hard the moment I suggested it."

I couldn't help but chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Jade demanded, looking at me angrily.

"I'm sorry, you two just make an adorable couple." I said.

Jade stared at me stunned, "Y-you'd really consider us a couple?" she asked.

"Of course!" Clara said smiling, "Mark and I are too." I smiled as well and nodded, confirming what she said.

The Medicham blushed deeply before muttering, "T-thank you."

The conversation seemed to die off there, until Simon spoke up. "You deserve proper introductions, I'm Simon, these are my mates Jade and Ruby."

"Pleased to meet you." Jade said in a militant tone as Ruby poked her head out and gave a mix between a woof and a yip as a greeting.

"I'm Mark and this is my partner Clara." I said, "It's a pleasure to meet you all too." Clara smiled and nodded, reflecting my sentiment.

We chatted for a while after that in our impromptu campfire circle on the floor, until I checked my watch and realized I had been gone almost an hour already. I apologized and said I had to get going, but Simon held me up. He led me to the back room and dug though a few bins before handing me a brown paper package tied up with twine.

"They're the magazines for your department." He explained, "Would you mind stopping by here after you're finished with work? It's one hell of a coincidence for the two of us to meet and I would like to chat more with you at the very least."

"No problem!" I said cheerfully, "I'd be glad to."

After that we headed out the door with a wave. We walked back to the station at a brisk pace, noticing that a different group of kids were now out for recess that the ones we passed earlier; though the same teacher was still watching over them and waved again at us as we passed. Once back at the station, we apologized to Carol for taking so long. She smiled and assured us it was fine before setting to work organizing the new magazines on the rack. I shrugged and decided to go back to filing, relived to see Flare still snoring away on the floor; and that's how we spent the rest of the day. My brain was all but fried by the time Chief Ramsey walked into the office and thanked us for our day's work, and then told us we could head home now. We thanked him and stretched before waking Flare up. He shook his head groggily as he stood up, and after letting Flare get a post-nap stretch in we headed out the door. The sun began to set on the way to the post office, and Flare was confused at first when we were going seemingly the wrong way. Clara explained the situation to him in an instant in the way only she could, and after a wince from the sudden flow of information into his head, Flare gave a nod and followed us. We were held up at the school by a wave of children leaving on the way. We waited patiently for the tide to ebb, and once the crowd was thin enough and continued on our way. We arrived just as Simon was locking the door up, with Ruby and Jade standing close behind him.

"Hey there!" Simon greeted us cheerfully as we approached, then looked over at Flare. "You have another partner?" He asked.

"Yeah, his name's Flare." I said.

He looked the massive dog over. "Are you... With him too?" He asked timidly.

I blushed, "Y-yeah." I stammered out, "He was actually my first."

Simon stared dubiously at the canine.

"Is that a problem with you?" I asked, getting a bit defensive.

"N-no, not at all!" Simon stammered, "different strokes for different folks, I was just wondering how he let you do it."

I blushed and chuckled, "He's actually the one who usually does it." I said, putting finger quotes around "does".

Simon's jaw dropped. "Okay, that only raised more questions of how." He said exasperated.

"Let's just say it took a lot of practice and it's still a tight fit." I said, still chuckling.

Simon nodded and suddenly blushed, looking up and down the street. "Say, would you guys mind coming back to my house to continue this conversation?" he asked, "Someone could hear us out here."

"Yeah, probably a good idea." I admitted. Simon led us further away from the police station into the residential area. It was a short walk before we came to a stop in front of a small yellow house and Simon walked up to the door, pulling a key chain from his pocket. He unlocked the door and welcomed all three of us inside. Jade didn't seem happy to have us inside her home, but didn't make an issue out of it.

Simon offered us soda as he showed us the living room. We gratefully declined the drinks for the time being. Flare had issues fitting in the small room and it was surprisingly Jade who stepped in to help. She hefted the coffee table occupying the middle of the room over her shoulder with no noticeable effort and leaned it up against the wall, giving Flare ample room to lay down on the floor. After we were situated and comfortable, Simon got directly to the question that was at the front of his mind.

"So how did you end up being your pokemon's mates?" He asked, seeming a bit embarrassed at his own curiosity.

I thought for a moment on where to start, then began to tell our story up to this point, starting with how Flare and I first broke the species barrier, and then going on to how we met up with Clara and how I ended up with two partner pokemon as an officer. Simon occasionally interrupted with questions as he listened. Jade sat next to flare and quietly meditated as she listened to us while Ruby sat in Simon's lap, murring happily as he pet her. I talked late into the night, and eventually Simon offered for us to crash at his house that night, and after a quick call to my uncle to tell him where I was, we agreed. It was around ten at night when I finally finished telling our story, and I was honestly surprised how long it had taken to tell it.

Finally I turned to Simon, "So how did you, Jade, and Ruby all end up together?" I asked.

Ruby perked up at her name and Jade cracked one eye open to prove she was still meditating and not asleep. "Well..." Simon began, and we listened intently as he told his own story...
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