AGNPH Stories


The follow-up book/novella to Academy Affairs continuing to follow Mark and company as they begin their internship in a small town in Jhoto as official police officers.

  1. Leaving home (7274 words)

    We now continue Mark and Co.'s story as they move on from the academy to begin their internship as licensed officers.

  2. First Day on the Job (4518 words)

    Mark and Co. set out for the police station to begin their internship, and are met with the usual scrub work that internship entails; at least until one errand nets them an unexpected discovery.

  3. Simon's Story (8373 words)

    Now we learn the origins of Simon, Jade the medicham, and Ruby the mienshao's origins and how they came to be together, and it starts in Unova of all places.

  4. Road Trip (5020 words)

    We continue with Mark and Co.'s story, as they get settled in at the police station and plan a trip with Simon to go visit an old friend from the academy.

  5. First Assignment (11929 words)

    We join up again with Mark and Co. after their failed attempt at a visit with Sarah. While recovering from aforementioned events, Mark and his partners are surprised by a pair of guests at the station when they arrive one morning, and are further surprised to learn they're being dispatched to assist the duo.

  6. Friends, Old Renewed (11075 words)

    Surprised by Sarah's presence(to put it mildly), Mark does his best to restore the friendship they had before.

  7. Eyes in the Dark (9550 words)

    We join up with Mark and Co. again as they're nearing the end of their internship; no longer rookies, but not quite full officers. Life is a pleasant monotony, but something soon breaks that. A walking omen pays the town a visit and has an eye out for Mark specifically.

  8. Fire and Ice (17218 words)

    We begin the End of this segment of Mark's exploits, quite literally with a bang as he challenges the Thunder Pokemon, Raikou, but that's just the beginning. Even if he manages to defeat the legendary lion, there's still two more after him.

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