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Sasha The Arcanine by Rayune


Chapter 1

The morning was beautiful. The sky was crisp and clear and the air was as fresh as it could be. Sasha slowly opened her eyes as she looked around her room, letting out a long, winded yawn as the rays of morning sun caused her to cover her eyes with her paws, as her eyes had not yet adjusted to the bright light. As she woke, she slowly sat up and let out another yawn, jumping in surprise as she suddenly heard firm knocking at her door, followed by an elderly voice.

“Sasha!! It's time to wake up. You are late for breakfast!”.

Sasha perked her ears as she listened, and she was able to immediately recognize the voice as the Guild Master. The Guild Master was an elderly Slowking, who had taken Sasha under his wing and trained her when she was only a young Growlithe. This had earned him the name “Grandpa”. He never did seem to mind it though, If anything, Sasha seemed to notice more happiness from him when she first started referring to him as her grandpa all those years ago as a young pup.

Sasha let out a heavy groan as she stretched.

“Alright, alright! I am awake Gramps, I'll be out in a minute.”

She slowly stood as she heard the Slowking walking away from her door. Padding slowly over to a nearby mirror, she looked her form over. A strong Arcanine, with a very healthy coat, glared back at her with teeth bared.

“Best of the best. I'll show the other Pokémon in the Guild up by completing another S-rank mission today!” She then smiled softly as she giggled at herself in the mirror, thinking to herself as she headed out her bedroom door.

As Sasha walked down the hall, she could see that the hall was unusually empty. Normally, it was teeming with life and work from the other Pokémon preparing for their missions, but today, there was not a single Pokémon to be found. She continued walking down the hall as she sniffed the air, able to easily pick up the familiar scent of her grandpa, padding down the hall to the dining hall. Sasha then walked over to the Slowking, who was already sitting at the table, and took her seat beside him.

“What’s the deal Grandpa? Why is the Guild so empty today?” Sasha asked as she pulled a few berries from the table to eat. The Slowking replying in a slow and calming voice

“Well.. If my old memory serves, I gave them the day off to go enjoy a nearby fair that some traveling Pokémon host.” The Slowking paused as he rubbed his chin. “You are free to take the day off as well if you wish Sasha, You have done very well on your missions lately and deserve the break.”

Sasha thought for a moment, slowly eating some of her berries as she contemplated attending that fair… but she decided against it.

“No thanks Gramps, I have my mind made up on doing an S-Rank mission today,” she said with a proud smile as she noticed the Slowking shuffle a bit as he rubbed his chin before speaking.

“I only have one S-rank mission on the board today, Sasha... While you are one of the few I allow to accept those missions, I must ask for you to wait for the other Pokémon to return from their day off. I feel that this mission may be a bit much for you to handle alone, and I would feel much more comfortable knowing that there is a group handling this particular mission.”

Sasha let out a frustrated sigh as she looked at her grandfather, quickly speaking against his suggestion.

“Gramps! I have done plenty of the S-Rank missions by myself. I doubt I will have any more trouble out of this one than the other S-Ranks I was able to complete flawlessly.”

The Slowking looked at her with a stern look, The look causing her to instinctively lay her ears flat as if she was a pup who had gotten in trouble. He then closed his eyes as he spoke,

“Sasha... This mission is not one to be taken lightly. It will not be the same as the others. It worries me because it deals with an old rival of yours from the days you were merely a pup.”

“Seth..?” she said as she paused, speaking the first name that came to her mind. Seth was a male Houndoom, who used to bully other Pokémon when they were younger. Sasha would always intervene and defeat Seth at any challenge he made to her. When defeated, Seth was often made to never bully the Pokémon again, though this didn’t stop him for long. The last time she had defeated him, he left and was never seen again, as well as eventually forgotten.

“Yes, you still remember him, I see. You also remember all the trouble he caused, I am sure,” the Slowking said as he slowly looked down. “So… are you going to disregard my warnings and attempt the mission anyways Sasha?”

Sasha paused for a moment as she looked at him, she could tell he was very concerned for her well being and that something was worrying him.

“Yes Gramps, I’m going to complete this mission, just like I have all the others. Stop worrying so much! You always worry too much when I go out on missions, It can't be good for your health,” she said as she slowly stood from the table, placing an Oran berry in front of her grandpa's plate as she trotted off to her room.

The Slowking watched as she walked away, softly rubbing his chin as he ate the berry.

“Please be safe on this mission Sasha...”

Sasha continued walking through the hall until she eventually came up to the mission board, looking it over. She could see the posted missions, and true to what her grandpa had said, there was only one S-rank this time. She quickly put her paw print on it as she took the intel scrolls and headed to her room. Once she was in her room, She opened the scroll and began reading through the details.. The information was rather vague on the issue in that it was only asking that someone stop a small group of Pokémon lead by a Houndoom from stealing the food supply of a nearby village.

“Hmm.. So I just have to stop a few Pokémon, led by Seth, from stealing... I don't know why Gramps was so worried about this mission. This will be easy pickings!”

She continued reading through the notes of the intel. Overall, the information was bland and mostly useless. One bit of the information, however, did catch her attention. A map that led to a marked location of what appeared to be a stockpile of their stolen goods…

“Excellent. Finally, the scouts provide some useful information on an S-rank,” Sasha muttered as she continued reading.

The scouts for the Guild were not the best in providing information when it came to S-rank missions. The details were always very vague and often lead to dead ends.

“There is no telling how long this intel will stay usable.. I’ll have to start the mission immediately,” Sasha thought to herself as she headed out the door, sneaking past the dining hall to avoid gramps trying to talk her out of doing the mission again. She couldn't allow the trail to grow any colder. After sneaking past the hall, She eventually came to the doors and exited the Guild.

“Alright.. Now to get to the area on this map before the trail gets too cold and this Intel becomes useless,” Sasha thought as she sprinted at her top speed, her paws making thunderous sounds as they hit the ground. After a few hours of following the Intel, She was lead to a distant forest. Sasha paused as her ears perked. She had picked up a scent, one that she hadn’t smelled in a very long time.

“Seth... I knew you would be here somewhere.. You will never learn your lesson no matter how many times I beat you..” Sasha thought as she continued along the path, sniffing at the air.

She continued to follow the scent, the scent growing stronger as she neared its source. Eventually she came upon some bushes and ducked down into them, crawling on her belly as she stayed hidden. She had located an open area within the forest. Looking around, she could see several Pokémon chained together and being forced to push stolen goods into a nearby cave. As she continued looking around, her eyes slowly wandered over to a large, powerful-looking Houndoom barking orders to a couple Mightyena.

“Seth...?” She continued to sniff at the air as she looked him over, not remembering him looking so strong from their last fight. As she looked at the Houndoom, she noticed a strange feeling, the Arcanine beginning to feel a bit hotter than usual, causing her to pant a bit. In her distraction, Sasha did not notice a nearby Bellsprout come up to her as it put a vine over a nose. Sasha let out a muffled meep as she held in her surprise.

“You nearly scared me to death.. What do you think you're doing?” She asked the Bellsprout curiously, without saying a word, The sprout suddenly released a stun spore at her nose, instantly causing her body to go limp as she plopped on to the ground, The Bellsprout then looked at her as it patted her nose gently before running out of the bushes and began making a scene..

“No..” Sasha said as the Bellsprout quickly grabbed the attention of the two Mightyenas Seth was speaking with, her body completely stunned and unable to move. They quickly came running as they spotted her, reaching into the bushes and biting at the scruff of her neck, pulling her limp body from the bushes, Seth standing with an evil grin as he looked her over.

“Good work boys, You found the treasure I was desiring the most..” Seth said as he padded closer. Sasha looking up and letting out a weakened growl, Her body still under the effects of the stun spore.

“Now now Sasha, That is no way to treat an old friend that you have not seen in years. An old friend that you ruined time and time again. This time will be different however...” He was quickly interrupted by a Poochyena who was panting heavily.

“Boss! We need your help, Some of the Pokémon at the town are trying to stir up trouble.”

Seth let out a low growl as he looked towards the town.

“You fools can’t do anything right, can you?” Seth barked, looking over to the stouter Mightyena.

“Spike, I want you to take her to my cave. Tie her to the rock and leave her be. Once she is restrained, leave the cave and guard the entrance. Nothing gets in or out until I return. Is that understood?”

Spike nodded in obedience as he bowed to his leader. Seth then turned to Sasha as he looked her over while she glared at him, Her body still completely limp and unmoving.

“Sasha, I will return to deal with you soon. This time it is I who will have what is rightfully mine...and you can do nothing to stop me from getting it.”

He grinned at her before turning around and dashing off into the distance, with the Poochyena, to solve the problems of the Pokémon trying to resist in town. As he left, The larger Mightyena chimed in once he was out of earshot.

“You heard him, I will guard her. Now go and make sure the workers are not getting any ideas about trying to resist.” He said as he looked at the smaller Mightyena next to him, as it nodded and quickly ran off. Sasha looked up as she tried to move, her body still far too heavy to even budge.

“Don't bother trying to move, girl. That stun spore will not wear off for several hours.” He said as he looked her form over. “I can understand why Seth would always refuse other female Pokémon that we had brought to him in offering. He was holding off for a nice piece of treasure like you.” He grinned as he padded over to her and picked her up by the scruff of her neck. He yanked her into the air as he caught her onto his back, Then began slowly making his way to the cave as her body laid weakly over his back.

“W...Why are you doing this..?” Sasha asked, panting heavily while draped over the Mightyena, her body effortlessly being held by his strength as he continued walking.

“Because by serving Seth, I get everything I want when I want. All the females I could ever desire, never having to worry about when I’ll eat again... You will find that is the story for most of us.” He looked back at her as he sniffed at the air.. “Damn you smell good... I can see why he wants you so bad.”

Sasha let out a weak growl as she laid her ears back “No... Stop sniffing me... You Swinub..”

Spike laughed as he ignored her, continuing to sniff as he noticed that his shaft was starting to peek out from his sheath between his hind legs “Hah... I’ve never met a female who smelled so pure.. Maybe I’ll put her to sleep and have a little bit of fun without the boss knowing..” Spike thought to himself as he continued walking, nearing the cave entrance.

“We’re nearly there girl. In the cave, you will be restrained so that our boss can properly take his prize.”

Sasha growled softly, Still unable to move despite her best efforts. “And don't bother trying to burn the restraints. You are not the first fire type we have had to subdue. Believe me when I say they are quite resistant to burning, they will only become stronger with heat.” The Mightyena growled as they arrived at moss-covered cave as he neared the entrance.

Sasha trying once again to move, still feeling as if she had stones tied to every inch of her body, unable to move in the slightest. As he carried her into the cave, he eventually came to a large open area. In the center, there was a pedestal-like stone slab. The Mightyena walked over to it as he leaned to the side, allowing her body to fall onto it. Sasha let out a weak whimper as she could feel him nudging her onto her back, he would take each of her legs into his mouth and restrain them using some form of restraint. She struggled to speak as he did so.

“Please... Don't do this.. Let me go...” She said as he finished tying down her last leg. Her body feeling completely exposed as she tried to tug against the vines restraining her, They seeming to tug back as she did so.

“No, girl. Your begging will not work on me. Your fate was sealed the second you came here and got yourself captured.” He growled at her as he walked around, an evil grin crossing his muzzle as he looked her over, his breathing becoming erratic and heavy.

“You smell simply amazing.. Nothing I have ever had even comes close. There’s such a purity to you. It’s almost as if... You have never been touched before.” He began to think for a moment as he started to laugh. “That’s it isn't! You're a virgin, completely untouched. No wonder the Boss is looking so happy... It’s a happiness I haven’t seen in him in a long, long time. Sasha weakly looked to him as he laughed, struggling to speak.

“ monster... Get away from me...” Sasha said as she closed her eyes, trying to pull against the vines. The Mightyena grinned as he walked over to the corner of the cave, Shuffling around a pile of items as he pulled out a small bag before speaking.

“Now now, We can't have the bosses prize getting too restless. We’re going to put you out until he gets back. Sleep tight, Princess” he says as he grins at her, taking the bag and rubbing it along her muzzle and neck, the Arcanine forced to inhale the strange powder as she tried to struggle.

“No... What are you... Stop it.. Please...” She cried, quickly realizing that he was coating her muzzle and neck with a very potent sleep spore. Her body and eyes became even heavier as she whited out... The Mightyena grinning as he put the bag away, taking a step back to over look the sleeping Arcanine forcefully displayed before him, He thinking to himself.

“I would be a fool NOT to take a piece of this bitch for myself. The Boss won't be back for quite some time... I believe I will have a bit of fun in the meantime...”

The Mightyena circled her as he looked over her, padding around to her hind legs as he looked between them. Her coat was well-kept and clean, a sign that she was extremely healthy and well kept up. He grinned as he slowly got closer, pushing his muzzle between her legs as he started to sniff at her folds, the scent driving him wild as his cock slid from its sheath into full hard-on.

“Damn... If I wasn't worried about the Boss killing me if he found out what I was doing.. I would have my way with this bitch in every way I could imagine. But for now, just a taste will have to do.” He thought silently to himself, quickly pressing the front of his muzzle against her mound and dragging his tongue roughly over it as he lapped at her folds.

The lips of her pussy spread ever so slightly as his tongue dipped slightly into her, Her taste almost making his fur stand on end in dominance. He pressed his muzzle against her folds this time, pushing his tongue deep into her as he lapped at her sex. He grinned as the sleeping Arcanine beginning to pant and whimper weakly in her sleep, something he took as a sign that her body was giving in to the pleasure…with or without her consent. Spike eventually pulled his muzzle from her sex and licked his lips. He slowly walked around her again as he straightened her head, pressing his muzzle to hers, licking forcefully into her mouth. The licking caused smacking sounds to echo through the cave as he made out with the unconscious Arcanine. After a few seconds of savoring her taste, He pulled away and began walking towards the entrance.

“I better not try to push my luck with more time. The Boss should be returning any minute now...” Spike said as he started to push the stone door to the cave closed. He then proceeded to guard the door against anyone trying to enter or exit.

A short time later, Seth reappeared from some distant woods, trotting towards the cave entrance as he approached Mightyena.

“Spike! How is my treasure doing? Did she give you any trouble?” Seth asked as he sniffed at the air.

“She tried fighting against the restraints. I used some of the spare sleep spore we had left over from the last batch of females we captured. It was enough to put her to sleep until you returned. She should be recovering anytime now. The Stun Spore that was used on her will last several more hours, Though if you find she needs more used on her, We do have some extra stored in the cave, Boss.” Seth nodding as the Mightyena spoke, He opening the cave entrance as Houndoom walked in, his voice echoing as he gave his orders to Spike.

“Keep guard at the entrance. No one enters until I say otherwise.” Seth Barked, Spike only nodding in acceptance as he closed the entrance to the cave. Seth walking through the cave as he approached his prize. Her breathing erratic as she looked his direction.

“Well well, it looks like you have finally come to, Did you sleep well?” Seth asked in a mocking tone, Sasha letting out a weak growl as she glared at him. She trying to pull against the restraints holding her tightly against the pedestal. The restraints pulling harder at her body the more she tried to struggle, causing her to tire out quickly.

“Why are you doing this.. Seth...?” Sasha asked, She still panting heavily from tiring herself out, her body still heavily under the effects of the stun spore. She watching Seth’s every step as he approached her bound body while beginning to speak.

“Because I have wanted this for the longest time. I never dreamed you would actually respond to one of the Guild missions that were put on us. So many before you have come in an attempt to stop me. Males, We defeated, Those who did not agree to serve us permanently... Well...let’s just say they are no longer around. The females, though...we broke their wills and turned them into our sex slaves. We used them until they were useful no more, then released them to their fates. Needless to say, we never need to worry about any of them returning to their previous lives of working for a Guild. The ones who didn't come crawling back to us, to remain in our service, were simply too ashamed to return to their old Guilds.” Seth said as an evil grin crossed his mouth, the Houndoom walking closer until his head was right next to hers as he let out a growl.

“But now that I have you... I finally have one worthy of being my mate. I finally have one who will bear me strong healthy pups that will take over the running of my pack,” Seth paused as he reached his paw to her cheek, slowly forcing her to face him as he looked deep into her ruby-colored eyes. He dragged his claws against her cheek as he dug them in, just barely enough to make her flinch, as he continued to speak.

“Of course.. Do not worry your pretty little head.. This pack is not ready to have a pregnant female slowing us down just yet. Once I have had my way with you, I will return you to your precious Grandfather and his worthless Guild.”

That grin she remembered from so long ago gave her have a sinking feeling as she began to speak, her voice trembling a bit.

“P-Please don't... Don't do this Seth...” Sasha said, She attempting to pull away from him as she tried to avoid looking into his eyes. His gaze almost feeling as if it was corrupting her very core.. She unable to summon any strength to use any of her attacks while she pulled futility at the restraints. Seth seeming to ignore her begging as he walked around her, She could feel his nose starting to press between her hind legs as he pushed it to her most private of areas. Sasha could feel his rough tongue drag over her exposed sex, she letting out a growl as she tried one last time to muster some strength to pull from the restraints. Unfortunately to no avail, The restraints held true and kept her firmly in place as Seth could be heard chuckling.

“Easy now, I don't want you hurting yourself trying to escape. I can assure you that these restraints have successfully held Pokémon much larger and stronger than you. However..” He paused as he rested a paw along her chest, slowly dragging it down her chest, over her tummy and coming to a rest on her folds as she could feel his claws easily running through her fur, Sasha remaining still as she knew what he was warning at... In this position, he could easily hurt her if was so inclined to do so, her soft underside completely exposed to him. She trembled as she began to speak.

“No... Please.. No..” She whimpered, she closing her eyes tightly as she looked away from him, she could feel his tongue once again dragging across her unprotected sex. This time however, he licked into her folds and he let out a low growl. Sasha winced as she felt him licking at her, trying to resist as she let out a quiet whine. The feeling was completely new to her as she felt a warmth deep inside of her. She attempted to speak as his tongue effortlessly violated her.

“S-Stop it... No... Nngh...” she said, tears forming as she could barely resist anymore, her body completely exhausted from her previous struggling against the restraints. His tongue forcing in and out of her as her breathing slowly became more and more erratic. She started to pant as she looked away, feeling disgusted with herself as her body slowly betrayed her. That warmth between her legs was becoming more and more powerful as her body was slowly swept over with pleasure... A feeling she had never experienced in her life, her mind racing as she tried to think of ways to stop him...ways she could escape this predicament... The pleasure she was feeling ultimately made it even harder for her to think straight as she started panting harder, lying there against her will, Seth speaking as he pulled his muzzle away from her sex for only a moment.

“I can already tell you’re starting to get immense pleasure from this. You may stare daggers at me as I have my way with you, but your body slowly and surely betrays your mind and gives in. Soon enough, Try to enjoy it. Relish the gift of life I am going to put in that healthy womb of yours,” Seth said with a smile, pressing his muzzle back to her sex as Sasha remained silent, She knowing that he was right... Her own body’s primal instincts starting to betray her, Forcing her to react to the powerful warm feelings that were emanating from her core. Those same pleasures sapping what little strength she had left as she could only look away, trying to catch her breath.

Seth eventually pulled back from her sex and licked his lips. The Houndoom wasted no time in hopping onto the pedestal to he position himself over her. His powerful forelegs wrapped around her waist, almost naturally locking themselves against her haunches as he slid her body closer to him, the restraints only easing up enough to allow her to quickly be moved. Sasha didn't try to move or resist, her body too sapped of strength, her mind too clouded with the pleasure she was being forced to experience. She could only look away as she felt something thick and hot start poking into her sex, the very tip of it violating her as it slowly pressed deeper into her, Sasha unable to hide her gasps of pleasure as it happened. The Houndoom took one of his paws and lifted her chin, forcing her to look up and expose her neck to him as he opened his muzzle and gently closed his razor sharp teeth around her neck. Seth kept only enough of a hold on her neck for her to know she was truly trapped. Sasha closed her eyes, raising her chin for him as she finally started to give in, knowing now that she truly had no way to escape him.

As soon as she raised her chin, Seth grinned, knowing she had accepted her fate. He tightened the grip of his forelegs around her as he let out a lustful growl into her soft throat, forcing the rest of his massive, throbbing cock into her. She could only whimper and gasp in pleasure. Sasha was completely dumbfounded... Her body had fully betrayed her, something she realized as she noticed that her body was countering his as he started to thrust, her walls protecting that cock that was buried so deeply into her as they instinctively milked his length for that life giving seed. She could only look away as she moaned and gasped heavily, her mind overcome by the powerful pleasures she was being given as Seth humped away at her limp body. The once-proud Arcanine forced to submit to her desires as she started to reach one of many orgasms, the result of which would cause her to weakly moan and whimper, the fur between her legs dripping more and more with each orgasm she had. Seth pulled from her neck for only a moment as he spoke to her.

“That's right Sasha, Just give in to those urges and let everything go. Accept your fate as the mother of my future pups and enjoy the gift I am giving you. There’s no reason you can't leave me for the time being feeling utterly completed and pleased. I know for a fact that no one at the Guild could even remotely show you such pleasure. None of them come close in matching the strength I have,” he said. Sasha could only listen as he continued humping her. She could feel a growing bulge start to press against her walls as it slowly slipped in, the feeling she received as it was forced into her was an unmatched one. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him as his words echoed through her mind. The least she could try to do was not give him the satisfaction of knowing she had accepted that fate, that she had given into his desires. She did her best to keep her voice level as she spoken between unsteady breaths.

“I... hate… you..” she said, as her body went limp again when she heard him laugh as he gave a final thrust, forcing that large knot completely into her as he came to a rest. She could feel every throb and twitch that mass did inside of her as he he let out a lust filled howl, reaching his orgasm, Sasha winced as she could feel his hot seed pumping into her womb, each throb of his cock pumping another thick load of the sticky nectar into her. He speaking as he finished, laying over her as his chest rested against hers, his knot occasionally throbbing as her walls clenched and squeezed around it. He slowly speaking as he pulled her head to face him.

“Now now, don't say that, my sweet girl. If that was the case, I couldn’t do this.”

He grinned, pressing his muzzle forcefully to hers as he locked her into a kiss, his tongue licking deeply into her throat as she could only open her muzzle wider for him, and try to counter his probing tongue with her own. She closed her eyes as she whimpered, knowing deep down that he was right. He had finally bested her. Seth pulled back from the kiss as Sasha looked away, hating the fact that she could still taste him despite the kiss being long over with, the Arcanine desperately trying to get the taste of him off her tongue. Sasha looked up at him as she glared at him, the exhaustion suddenly catching up with her as she reached one final orgasm from his throbbing knot inside her as she passed out, her limp body lying unconscious under him. Seth eventually pulled his deflating knot free as he climbed off her, padding over to the corner of the cave to grab the bag of sleep powder, mixing a tiny bit of it with a stun spore as he rubbed it on her muzzle.

“This should keep you asleep and easy to manage while I take you back to that worthless Guild. I know the old Slowking will keep you fed and healthy while you are pregnant with my pups...” he said, grinning a bit as he removed her restraints and pulled her limp body from the pedestal, setting her gently on the ground. He forced her legs apart as he lapped at her dripping sex, cleaning her as he smiled. The Houndoom then picked her back up, tugging her upwards and slipping under her as he rested her unconscious body over his back. He walked towards the entrance of the cave as he started to make his way back to the Guild.

“Spike. I am going to deliver her back to the Guild. You will remain in charge while I am out.” Seth said, the Mightyena looking at him with a confused look as he replied.

“But.. Boss.. Isn’t she what you’ve wanted all these years? Why’re letting her go?” he asked curiously.

“Because as it stands now, we cannot give her the proper care she would need to keep my pups healthy as they grow inside of her. That worthless Guild she stays with can. Once they are born however, we will return to collect her...and my pups. Do you have any more questions?” he asked, growling as he looked back at Spike, who suddenly realized he was angering Seth with his questioning.

“N...No. I am sorry for questioning your methods,” Spike said.

Seth ignored him as he slowly vanished into the forest. After a few hours of walking, Seth eventually came to one of the bridges of the Guild, stopping a few yards away from it and setting her body down on the ground. Turning around, he started to slowly walk away. Seth’s ears perked up as he heard something coming at him at a high speed. He swiftly jumped and rolled out of the way, a crash ringing out as whatever was flying at him smashed into the ground, causing a dust cloud to form.

Seth waited, watching the dust cloud dissipate to reveal a rather large crater in the ground. A Slowking stood up, Seth instantly recognizing who it was... He looked at the ground as he swallowed hard... That hit would have been enough to kill him if he had been even a millisecond slower.

“Well.. If it isn't the old leader himself... Come to greet your past mistake personally, I see!” Seth said with a chuckle. The Slowking was visibly infuriated with him as he slowly walked towards the Houndoom. He held up one of his claws, pointing toward the Houndoom, not saying a word as he glanced down at Sasha, who was lying unconscious on the ground. Particles of light spiraled towards his claw, forming a ball of energy, the Slowking nearly instantly launching a powerful Hyper Beam at the Houndoom. However, Seth had seen it coming just in time, quickly vanishing as he dodged and disappeared into the forest. His voice echoed throughout the woods.

“Take care of her old fool.. I will return when the time is right to collect her again.”

A large section of the forest was entirely destroyed from the unchecked Hyper Beam, leaving a massive tunnel of a cleared, though scorched, land. The Slowking quickly dispelled the energy he had gathered as he turned around, picking up Sasha and carrying her back to the Guild, setting her into her bed at the Guild as he looked her over. He called one of the other Pokémon in the guild over, a powerful Manectric, the only one to return early from the day off.

“Aikara... Speak nothing of what you have seen today to anyone. Please take her and get her cleaned up while she is still unconscious.”

The Manectric nodded as the Slowking gently set the Arcanine over Aikara’s back, the Manectric carrying her off to her room as she groomed her, setting her on her bed after she had cleaned up sleeping Arcanine. Aikara left and locked the door behind her.

After a few hours, Sasha finally came to, looking around as she shook her head... It all seemed like such a horrible dream...but her body felt different. Sasha looked up at the ceiling, unable to do anything besides think of the horror she had faced.

As she looked to the ceiling, Sasha noticed a leaf slowly falling to the ground. This leaf was odd however.  There was writing on it, which Sasha carefully read as it landed on the ground.

“Sasha.. Take care of my young when they are born. I will return to claim you and my pups again in the future. ~Seth”

Sasha let out a low growl as she grit her teeth, crushing the leaf beneath her paw as she looked to the mirror. She saw her reflection… and what she saw, a roughed up Arcanine who had been forcefully taken and used, frightened her. Nonetheless, that reflection wearily glared back at its owner. She looked down as she rubbed her tummy.

“I’ll be ready for you next time Seth... I will make you pay for what you did to me...and you will never see the pups I will bring into this world.” Sasha thought silently to herself, collecting herself as she headed out of her room.

She would face her Grandpa, determined to not let the events break her...

The End...?

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