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A proud Arcanine takes on a high rank guild mission against her guildmaster's wishes. Has Sasha taken more than she can handle?



This story is also available on Furaffinity. My name on Furaffinity is Foxirus.

  1. Chapter 1 (6185 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Befuddling since 1985, when the Cows came home
    Date:May 25 2016 Title:Chapter 1

    That was deep and awesome. Most excellent.

    Thank you for playing!
    Reviewer: Matt_The_ZByte
    Date:Apr 13 2016

    One of my favorite kind of stories are the PMDs where the Teams bite off more than they can chew.  I was afraid of this being an anthro story, but it was a nicely written feral with some good non-con smut.

    Things could have been a little more detailed in general, and the sex scene could have been longer, but those are minor picks.  I didn't see a reason he couldn't have kept her for a few days to make sure it took, but those are all personal fetishes.

    Very well done.

    Befuddling since 1985, when the Cows came home
    Reviewer: Raw19
    Date:May 25 2016 Chapter:Chapter 1

    Would totally love to see more of this.

    Reviewer: loki_115
    Date:Sep 4 2016

    Awesome. This idea is so great, i don;t know why more people don't do it, i justhope we get to see more of these, and those other sex slaves they mantioned. all and all, great work.