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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Wish Maker

Neoral the Jirachi lived deep inside of Wishing Falls, it was where he felt most at home during the long summer. He traveled between both Bangam Island and Wishing Falls making his home in both locations depending on the time of the season. During the summer months, he slept and restored his wish magic at Wish Falls. Deep inside of the falls laid a special pond that was the source of the wishing magic and was where Neoral was naturally able to restore his powers without having to do nothing more than simply…sleep. While during the fall and winter months he spent his time at Bangam Island granting wishing and using the time to promote his research into hidden powers. He was very gifted alchemist and spent his time while at the school testing out potions, brews and new ways of channeling his wish magic into tools for helping others…. or himself. He sometimes would help around the school as a teacher, but he felt better staying out of the school’s affairs.

It was near the end of summer and Neoral was enjoying his long-extended nap time of several months. A small and very adorable snoring noise could be heard from the little Pokemon as he slept just above the ground, wrapped inside of a energy protection bubble. The little Jirachi snorted a bit as he dreamed of something entertaining to him.

“Neoral…” A voice seemly far away but at the same time oh so close said to him.

~ Oh….go away…I am still…sleeping…~ Neoral said psychically back.

“I do not give a fuck if you are sleeping!” The voice snapped and Neoral felt himself shaken by a unknown force. “Wake up, or I swear I will stick my paw up your ass so far that I could turn you into a puppet!”

“Huh…” Neoral woke up with a big yawn. He rubbed his eyes and thought that he saw the form of a Ninetales standing in front of him. With a groan the Jirachi stretched out his body and felt muscles that have been sleeping the safety of his bubble. “Ruby…oh Ruby…why do you have to be the wicked bitch of the west when I first wake up?”

“Because I need someone else to talk to." Neoral watched the Ninetales walk around in a circle. In all of the years that Neoral has known Ruby and he has known her for an extremely long time, he has never seen her look so upset. If it didn't concern him so much about her well-being, he would find amusement in seeing the Ninetales-Mew's misery.

"Am I really your only friend Ruby?" Neoral asked as he rubbed his eyes. The jirachi smiled once he felt ready to talk, no point beating around the bush. The faster he learned what was Ruby's issue, the faster he could hopefully get her out of here and he could go back to sleep. "What is troubling you so much that you had to wake a jirachi from his lumber?"

"No, you’re not my only friend... just one of them." Ruby growled, her ears folded downward as she seemed to be feeling embarrassed. Neoral folds his arms as he felt a bit pleased with himself. Neoral and Ruby had a love hate relationship, they usually took shots at one another, which usually was in good fun...but sometimes the pair could take it a bit fair. At the end of the day both legendries tried to not take anything personally by kissing to make up.

"So, what is the matter Ruby?" Neoral asked, he thought of Meadow and how a good friend the shaymin was to both. If anyone else was a good friend to Ruby, it was her. She was raising Ruby's oldest daughter Angelblade while Ruby took care of Fenzura. She was such a good mother to the vulpix....

"I... I sort of...I yelled at Fenzura and drove him away." Ruby said struggling to get her words out. Neoral felt his jaw drop as he couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could Ruby drive her only son away? All she ever spoke about was her plans for making him great and how he would be able to carry on the Mew heritage when the time came. The last thing she wanted to do was find a way to drive her son away from her.

"How?" Neoral asked, the jirachi looked more concerned for Ruby than upset. "How did you pull that off?"

"I do not approve of his life choices." Ruby pouted. Neoral felt his hand tense a bit. They have had this conversation before, each time Neoral reminding Ruby that she had to calm down or risk losing Fenzura like she did Angelblade. Each time she promised him that she would not go to far and just work through her own issues with Fenzura's choices. Neoral understood why Ruby was the way she was when it came to her children's decisions, he got that. But he could not stand by and watch her destroy her relationships with her pups. Believe it or not, Ruby did not do well being by herself.

"We've talked about this Ruby," Neoral began.

"I know," Ruby grumbled, the Ninetales walked over to the pond and looked down into it. The reflection that looked back at her was of a blue mew, Ruby's true form. Even if she used transform, places that revealed truth would reveal the mew's true form every time. Neoral noticed that in Ruby's reflection her eyes were puffy red as if she has been crying for a while. But in her ninetale's for the fox's eyes were bone dry.

"Then why did you drive Fenzura away?" Neoral asked, but he wasn't about to let Ruby answer that right away as he knew the answer. "Ruby you have to get over this fear you have that your children will not carry on your name, your species, your heritage. If you love them, and work to make sure that they understand how important they are to you and why you want them to do certain things, they will do them. Maybe not now, and maybe not the way you envision it, but they will make your proud one way or another."

Ruby remained quiet for a while, the ninetales-mew stared at herself in the lack. Neoral floated over to his little tea making fire and began a fire. He wasn't going to bother the fox-cat but instead let her think about what she has done. No words that he could pound into her head would change much. He knew her all to well, if Ruby wanted to argue with him she would do so in a heartbeat. Right now, she was coming to terms with her actions and how much fixing was in front of her. Neoral puts a pot of water from the pond into a pot and placed it over the fire on the proper holder, he then began looking through his collection of teabags.

"Honesty Neoral…I couldn’t tell you why,” Ruby sulked

“I can forgive you of course Ruby, but it is Fenzura who you need to find and say your sorry to,” Neoral found a bag of dark tea that he felt would help wake him up and puts it to the side until after his water finish boiling. The Jirachi could just use his powers to heat it, but he did like doing things the old fashion way. It kept him humble. “I am in a good mode Ruby, why not I set you up with some entertainment?”

“What kind of entertainment?” Ruby asked Neoral, her voice told him that she did not trust him. A wise decision.

“You my girl need to get laid,” Neoral slyly says. “That is something I can set you up with, I am sure a good puppy or two can ah…make you feel better.”

“I am not a whore Neoral,” Ruby growled, she walks over to the Jirachi and sits by him. “But I am listening.”

Well if I remember you right you haven’t done it for a long time.” Neoral said confidently.

Nope you are you wrong yet again.” Ruby always did try to bust the Jirachi’s confidence. He didn’t believe her of course. But Ruby wasn’t done yet. “I did a little converting of one of your loyal followers.” Ruby giggled.

I call Tauros on you.” Neoral bitterly said. “But then again…you are most likely so uptight that all you can take are tiny little puppy dicks.”

“Such…descriptive words you little shit.” Ruby snarled. “And fix me a cup, I could use the tea.”

“You insult me and then ask for some of my tea.” Neoral chuckles. “Looks like you are getting over your misfortunes. Look I need a sample of your daughter’s blood.”

“Why are you interested in my daughter for?” Ruby asked as the water was starting to boil. “Don’t you lay a dirty little hand on my little girl.”

“That fact that you are not around with her that much…” Neoral said as he used a large wooden spoon to test the water. “And if you must know why I am interest in Ribbon…think back to why not one but three souls are messed up because of you and me.” Neoral calmly answered as he dips two cups into the water and gathered up some hot water. “Ribbon has great hidden power, and I want to see just how much potential she has.”

“You are going to be at the school Neoral.” Ruby’s voice was full of concern. “You will get to watch her first paw.” Neoral noticed that Ruby was tensing up as if she knew something he didn’t. “I just…I just want Ribbon to not be harmed or used as a test subject.”

“She won’t,” Neoral dipped the tea bags into both of their drinks. The water began changing from clear to dark green. “She is my little niece, and family is something that you do not harm.” Neoral looked at Ruby when he said that, the Ninetales sighed as she understood what he was talking about. “We do not know just how powerful Ribbon is, nor do we know what could happen if both seals on her are broken. I mean...she does have the spirit of a Suicune sealed inside of her as a guardian."

"Thanks to you," Ruby glared as her eyes glowed as she used her powers to take a cup from Neoral.

"And you," Neoral said grinned as he took sip of his drink, he moved the cup away from his lips as it was to hot. "Damn burned myself."

"So what do we do Neoral?" Ruby asked as she waits for her drink to cool some.

" some point when Ribbon is at school I'll collect a sample of her blood-" Ruby cuts the Jirachi off.

"Out of the question," Ruby snarled. "I will not let you touch her!"

"Well then my hands are tied Ruby, and if both of those Ribbons come off at some point... bad shit could happen." Neoral simply took a sip of his tea again, this time feeling that it was a bit cooler. "Please Ruby, enjoy your tea, its getting cold."

"You really think you have everything figured out don't you?" Ruby asked as she began drinking. "Not bad..." Neoral smiled when he heard her compliment his tea. At least they could be a little civil.

"No Ruby, I wish I had everything figured out," Neoral sips some more of his drink. "I am just use to cleaning up the stinky messes you leave behind."

"I never ask you to," Ruby said in a slightly stooty tone of voice.

Neoral gave Ruby a warm smile, “Well…love will do that to ya.”

“Shut up Neoral!” Ruby looked a little choked up as she gulped down her drink. “I feel…a familiar presence is calling out to me…” Ruby’s eyes glowed blue and both legendary Pokemon felt the presence of the snow fox Ribbon. The young vixen was calling out to her mother. “I need to take this, I could be a bit.”

“I will save some tea for you, go answer your call.” Neoral said as he finished his own cup and looked to see how much was left or if he needed to start a new pot. Neoral watched Ruby vanish as she used teleport to travel to a place reserved for those with her unique blood line. Once gone Neoral looked over to his cabinet full of his favorite ingredients for his various creations that he has made in the past or was experimenting with. One of the ingredients was a empty vial with a unique label on it, “Blood of the Blue Mother.”

“Sooner or later...” Neoral said to himself. He was about to pour himself more to drink when he felt the presence of someone approaching his chambers. A uninvited guest decided to appear…well he would not be a great host if he did not entertain the new comer.

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