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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Ruby of my Heart


The trip up north towards the breeding grounds was a yearly event that took place just at the beginning of breeding season. The event was usually uneventful and simply involved traveling though the plains, though a bit of Shadowfang’s forest and just into the mountains that housed Open Air Tribe. The walk itself was about a day’s trip time. For some like Ruby this event was something that she has done several times before in the past, while for someone like Ruby’s son Fenzura, this would be his first time making the trip, a bit achievement in the young fox’s life. But as much as Ruby wanted to make this trip special, she still couldn’t get over how close her son was to not it at all. Thanks entirely to her son’s relationship with Lightsoul. No two Pokemon like them should ever be involved together, it was unorthodox, unsavorily and could ruin everything that the Ninetales had planned.


But for as hard as Ruby was on Fenzura for not being right in the head, she still loved him, even if she constantly was fighting with him about wearing bows, and being more feminine than his sisters. Ruby felt that she had to be hard on Fenzura, he was her only son and the only one of her three children that inherited her species. Fenzura like Ruby was really a mew, but both lived the lives of normal Pokemon as a means of hiding their try identities. Fenzura unlike Ruby was born as a Vulpix, but could transform between being a vulpix and a mew. But that was where their similarities ended as Fenzura was very rebellious and often would go completely against what Ruby wanted him to do and be. Instead he insisted that he was his own fox and wished to cast aside his legendary roots in exchange for happiness and a chance to be himself. In Ruby’s eyes, her son might as well stab her in the heart with a long icy spike and bury her six feet under.

“Fenzura stop looking like that.” Ruby spoke snapped at her son. Fenzura and Ruby were near the end of the trail of Thunderplains Pokemon. The pair hadn’t spoken much to one another since Lightsoul had ran away from the tribe, which for Ruby was a blessing and a annoyance at the same time. On one paw, she did not have to listen to her son’s complaining about making his best friend run away, but at the same time Ruby did not have anyone to talk to. “I am beginning to think that you are mad at me.”

“Why should I care what you think?” Fenzura growled back. Ruby felt like ripping her son apart for disrespecting her, and in front of others no less. But she held back her rage and instead of slamming the vulpix into the ground like she pictured in her mind, she instead glared at the young pix. He was going to be as rebellious against her as possible, a mistake that she intended to see that he paid for sooner or later.

It’s hard to believe that you came from me.” Ruby replied. Fenzura glared back at the ninetales which prompted that pair to stop walking. Ruby felt a few villagers pass by them as no one wanted to get involved between the mother and son, a fight that many had seen coming since the moment they left their home. Ruby would have thought that they would have started fighting back in the plains, but somehow they managed to hold it together. They managed to make it through Shadowfang’s forest without hurting the others was amazing and made both Ruby and everyone else believe that possibly things would be ok. But here they were, standing at the base of Open Air’s mountain pass, staring the other down as at any moment either fox could be at the other’s throat. Ruby wasn’t worried, she was the experienced one, more powerful, more battle tested, and accepted what she was. Unlike Fenzura who denied his true form, but then against…he was always nothing more than a tail lifter, that alone made him weak in her eyes.

Yes, it is Ruby.” Fenzura growled, his fur was raising up as the male fox bared his teeth at his mother. “How can you be so cruel? You drop my friend…my love away. Just because you cannot accept me for being myself and following my-“ Ruby cuts off Fenzura as she grew tired of the cliché’ drivel that was pouring out of her son’s mouth.

Oh, please don’t give me that load of tauros shit,” Ruby waved off Fenzura’s words like they meant nothing to her, which they didn’t. “Why can’t you be more like Ribbon, at least she doesn’t care about love, or finding her soul mate. That and she is not tail lifting, butt muncher like you are. You make me sick.”

“Mother…” Ruby noticed that Fenzura had stopped glaring at her, but instead had eyes that was full of sorrow, as if Ruby had said something that had made him sad. “How could you?”

“How could I what, tell you the truth?” Ruby didn’t care if she made Fenzura feel sad or hurt his feelings. To her love was nothing more than a feeling that led to being weak, something that a legendary Pokemon like her could not afford to be. Ruby felt that she already couldn’t do anything with her oldest, and despite them not being from the same father, Ribbon and Fenzura were basically twins and were Ruby’s second chance to do the parenting things correctly. And she was not about to fail a second or third time so easily like before.

“How can you be so cold, even to your own son?” Fenzura asked in a hurt voice. Ruby felt slightly bad about how she treated Fenzura, but he needed this. She wasn’t about to raise a pussy.

“Because Fenzura, when I see you waking back into our village, your tails down in shame, because you decided to be a little butt fucker, and do not want anyone to see how much creamy, sticky, shameful cum you have all over yourself, what is a mother to think.” Ruby was tired of trying to sugar coat everything, Fenzura needed to be broken down, that way she could rebuild him back up. Looking ahead, most of the rest of the other Pokemon were more than far enough ahead to not hear anything or be a bother. Ruby saw her son look down at the ground, paws shaking and from what she could tell, was close to tears. Ruby couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. Maybe she could finally get through to him about the error of his ways and save him before he fell to far into darkness.

“Don’t worry Fenzura, its mating season, I am sure there is some nice girl who would enjoy playing with your little pee, pee.” Ruby chuckled as she prepared to start walking forward once more. “Trust me, once you enjoy spending some time with a female, you will come to realize what you have been missing.”

“What is that?” Fenzura asked, the male pix hadn’t moved from where he has been sitting. Ruby couldn’t help but notice that Fenzura seemed to be sulking, as if he was still trying to wrap his mind around what the ninetales has been preaching this entire time. As good of a sign as that was, they could not fall to far behind.

“We do not have time to sit around and talk about this anymore.” Ruby said as she began walking again. Fenzura still did not move. Ruby was beginning to lose her temper again.

“Move your ass…” It was Ruby’s turn to growl. Fenzura got up, turned around and bent himself over as if he was presenting himself. Fenzura’s tails moved out of the way of his tail hole giving Ruby a unhindered view of him. “What are you doing?”

“If you want me to change who I am, then fuck it out of me.” Fenzura said as he did not stop showing himself to Ruby who continued to look away. “Because mother, you have to have a big dick to be so cruel to your own child.”

“Don’t tempt me,” Ruby’s eyes flashed red for a moment as she was struggling to hold back her anger. “You know what, you want that stupid little lion so badly, then go to him. You are useless to me anyway!” Ruby said finally having it with Fenzura. “I am not going to say that you are dead to me, but you are close enough to it.” Ruby began thinking about Wishing Falls and the one Pokemon that she could go to when she needed advice or to blow off some steam with. But as she walked away the Ninetales felt something push up against her. Looking to her side she saw that Fenzura was crying as he dug his face into his mother’s side. “What are you doing?”

“I am not going to give up on you mother,” Ruby saw that Fenzura was looking up at her, a familiar gaze of determination in his eyes…just like his father and Ribbon’s fathers. “You might be cruel sometimes, but…I still love you.”

“Get off…” Ruby pushed Fenzura away, she couldn’t stand seeing him cry. “Go find your little butt buddy. I’ll go make myself a new son, one who won’t be so weak.” Ruby needed to get away from Fenzura, not because he was annoying her, nor was he making her mad. “Just know that when you find him, he may have moved on.”

“What do you mean?” Fenzura asked. Ruby smirked as a blue light shined around her.

“There is more than one way to fix a vulpix,” Ruby spoke as she vanished behind a blinding light. The last thing she saw was the confused face of her son as she left him with a riddle that was sure to make him worry about his friend even more. But she wasn’t worried, if everything worked out the way she planned for it to, then by the time Fenzura and Lightsoul were reunited, the shinx might not even want the fox anymore.





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