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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Lightsoul finds himself confronting Flare, Ruby, Fenzura and even himself about various different things in his life. The more the Shinx confronts his issues the more he wonders what his future will hold, and if Fenzura will be apart of it.

Just when he thinks he can finally get a moment to think for himself, a secret admirer comes forth to give the wayward Shinx a new door to walk though.

Mysterious Abound

Chapter 6 Lightsoul Mysterious Abound    

Lightsoul was forced to watch everyone he knew head out for the Gathering while he was forced to stay behind as punishment for his and Fenzura’ s mistake of staying out all night. Since his return the Shinx had been doing double the work around the village from cleaning in, tending to the younger Pokémon children, throwing out the old food that had not been eaten, cleaning out the droppings area and doing anything else that his father or the senior members of the tribe could find for him. Flare made it very clear that Lightsoul will not continue his training until he told Flare a good reason for why him and Fenzura had been out all night. Flare did not like, "We wanted to do some nighttime training." He had reminded Lightsoul that he wasn't born yesterday and until he believed that the Shinx had learned his lesson, he was not to continue any of his training. That was a week and a half to go and Lightsoul was sure that after some time Flare would cool down and come to reason? But even now as Lightsoul was watching Fenzura and Ruby talking as they were heading towards the exit, Lightsoul had a feeling that his father would not budge. Unless the Shinx acted fast, he was going to be left behind and would miss out on his first Mating Season Gathering. But first Lightsoul had to catch Fenzura, it had been so long since they last spoke.

  “Fenzura!” the Shinx yelled as he ran over to Fenzura. Fenzura did not look at Lightsoul at first but instead whispered something to Ruby. Lightsoul tried to hear what they were saying but only caught a few words. “-yes but…I know….no he is not ready for the truth.” Was all Lightsoul was able to pick up. Fenzura finished speaking to his mother and finally was ready to speak to the Shinx. “Yes Light?” “Yes Light?” Lightsoul repeated. “What kind of greeting is that?” Lightsoul asked feeling like Fenzura was talking to him like he was a stranger. “I know we haven’t talked since ‘that’ day, but there is no way you would forget about me?” “No Lightsoul I haven’t forgotten who you are.” Fenzura seemed to still have coldness in his voice; as if the Vulpix thought less of his old friend. “We have been friends for a long time. Though I am about to go to the Gathering, this is a big one right? Why not we talk together and catch up?” The Shinx blinks a few times as he couldn’t figure out who it was that was standing in front of him. Fenzura was talking to the Shinx as if he had no feelings for him what so ever. It was hard for Lightsoul to figure out what about Fenzura was different but he felt that the Vulpix talking to him right now wasn’t all there. But for now Lightsoul had to go with it.


“You look really nice tonight.” Lightsoul said as he couldn’t help but notice how Fenzura was dressed up. Most Pokémon did not wear any real pieces of clothing, liking instead to be natural. Fenzura often would wear bows on his head and tails, which made him look like a girl. Tonight the Vulpix was wearing a pair of purple bows on either side of his ears, and a large purple bow at the base of his tail. If one did not look closely enough and see Fenzura’ s little sack they would think the male fox was a vixen. Lightsoul remembered when his brother Springleaf mistaken Fenzura for a girl and sniffed his rear. Fenzura funny enough played along and let Springleaf dirty talk him for a while, and only when the Skitty had started wanting it to get a little physical did Fenzura speak up, though the Vulpix told Springleaf if he ever wanted to get a little dirty he knew where to find him.


Lightsoul always admired his friend’s ability to just be himself, Fenzura didn’t care what others thought of him or worried about being popular. Instead Fenzura just lived for each day and only apologized when he messed up big time. Lightsoul really did like Fenzura a lot and deep down maybe even loved him. Though he worried about what Flare and Ruby would think. Flare always reminded the Shinx that the tribe came first, and that he needed to find a nice female tribe member. It wasn’t that Lightsoul didn’t like girls, he actually had a few relations outside of the tribe with girls from other tribes and he even had something going on with Wintertail. Sure she was a herm but she still had all of the parts. When it came down to it, Lightsoul just wanted to be happy and help make others be just as happy to. Gender wasn’t a thing he cared very much about, if there was a place to put it, he will mate with it.


“Fenzura.” Ruby spoke up from behind the pair. Lightsoul looked up at the shiny silver Ninetales, and thought about how no matter how many times he has seen the vixen she always seemed to made him want to wet himself. Ruby was one of the village seniors though she didn’t look that old at all. She was one of the best hunters in the village and was always able to return with large catches ranging from Raticates to Tauros and Milktanks. Lightsoul respected the Ninetales for her wisdom, her amazing abilities and oh Arcues her amazing body that the Shinx would give his tail up for just an hour of doing a bit of cross breeding. A fact that Lightsoul hoped his friend Fenzura never learned about.


“Yes Ruby?” Fenzura asked


“Remember what we talked about.” Ruby looked from Fenzura to Lightsoul, her eyes Amber and Sapphire eyes seemed to be trying to see into his mind and soul. It wasn’t until he heard a strange voice did the Shinx feel like he was freed from her judgmental stare.


<“Oh…how delightful…”> Lightsoul heard a feminine voice say, but when he looked around to find the source he couldn’t see what it could be. The Shinx shakes his head and then turns his attention back to Ruby and Fenzura, both where looking at him with concerned looks on their faces. He felt slightly hot and hated the feeling of being put on the spot, even if he wasn’t.



“You didn’t hear that?” Lightsoul asked out loud

“No, should we have dear?” It was Ruby who asked. Her Amber and Sapphire eyes were locked on him again. “Its ok, you are among friends here.” Lightsoul never thought that Ruby considered herself as one of his ‘friends.’ She was always telling Fenzura to be careful around him, and not to let sometimes his bad habits rub off on her son. Lightsoul couldn’t help but chuckle on the thought of rubbing off on Fenzura. “Light what’s so funny?” Fenzura asked his friend causing the Shinx to stop his sudden chuckling. He usually let his inner thoughts sometimes bubble up to the surface.

“N-Nothing…um…just letting my thoughts wonder…” Lightsoul laughs and he felt his usual feelings of embarrassment bubble up. He really wished that he could use teleport and go somewhere else. Fenzura though was staring into his yellow eyes and the Shinx found that he was unable to look away. Lightsoul had seen in the past Fenzura would stare at another Pokemon for a few moments, it was as if he was trying to read their mind. Often afterwards Fenzura would close his eyes as if he was processing a lot of information all at once. Lightsoul just wrote it off that it was a Vulpix thing and left it at that. Fenzura this time though broke the stare after a short while, his already red face seemed to turn darker and the Vulpix lets outs a little gasp as if he was surprised.


“Oh my…” Fenzura said as he looks at Ruby. Fenzura’s tails were shaking and he was having issues keeping still. “Ah…ah…we need to go.” Fenzura’s breathing was heavy and the Vulpix looked like he was all of a sudden aroused.


“What is wrong Fenzura? What got into you?” Ruby asked before glaring at Lightsoul.


What did I do?’ Lightsoul thought to himself. “Fenzura…”


Fenzura looked at Lightsoul and smiled. “Light…” The Vulpix stepped over to his friend and then nuzzled him. Keeping his voice low the Vulpix whispered into his friend’s ear. “Meet me by the Elder Tree after the Gathering.”


“Fenzura are you crazy?” Lightsoul asked as he tried to keep his voice low. “This is why we got in trouble in the first place.”


“It will be fine, I promise.” Fenzura then steps away and turns in the direction of the exit. Lightsoul noticed Ruby glaring at him but when she saw her pup preparing to leave she did the same.


“I’ve got my eyes on you…little pervert.” Ruby growled, she wasn’t being very quiet about it either as Fenzura’s ears went down. “I do not know what you planning Fenzura, but if you lay one little tail out of bounds I will neuter you myself.”


“Y-yes Ruby…” Fenzura groaned as he left with the Ninetales. Lightsoul felt terrible and wondered if he had done something to get his friend in trouble. But as he saw Fenzura and Ruby walk over to where some of the other members of the tribe were gathering he saw his friend shaking his rear in his direction. Fenzura was calling out to him and was letting him know what it was still on if he wanted. Lightsoul happily nods and turned around and shook his own rear back. The pair had come up with the little gestor a while ago as a means of telling one another they had something special in mind. It had been the Shinx idea and it often lead to the pair getting intimate with each one another. 


“Sometimes I wonder how we came up with that.” Lightsoul thought to himself.


<”That looks like fun, maybe we can do that too.”> Lightsoul heard the strange voice again. He looked around in a desperate attempt to figure out where the voice was coming from, but like before he could not see heads, or tails of what it was.  “Where is that voice coming from?”


<”You can stop looking cutie, I am not inside your village.”> The voice spoke. <”I am using Psychic powers to speak to you and only you.”>


“This is really weird.” Lightsoul said under his breath. ‘Why would anyone with Psychic powers be interested in me?’


<” Oh that is easy to answer; you are the key to the future.”> The voice answered. Lightsoul remembered his dream of Mew and remembered how he had been told that he was part of some kind of prophecy. Did this voice know something as well? 


“That sounds pretty awesome.” Lightsoul couldn’t help but puff up his chest a little bit. He liked the idea that he was special. “What do you need someone like me to do?”


<” Oh is that so.”> Lightsoul heard the voice giggle a little bit. He was able to tell that it was female, and most likely she had to be nearby. But he couldn’t figure out what it could be or why she had any interest in him.


“Who are you?” Lightsoul asked deciding to take over the conversation. “Why are you interested in me?”


<” My name is Elizabeth and I am interested in you Lightsoul the Shinx.”> The voice spoke with a lot of enthusiasm.


“Why me?” Lightsoul curiously asked. Elizabeth had told him that she was outside of the village and he felt like he needed to find her, and strangely enough he wanted to meet her. He began walking towards the exit of the village, but as he neared the gate he was stopped by the Poochyena twins Razorfang and Lilyfang.


“Sorry Light but we were given strict orders to not let you leave the village.” Razorfang the Poochyena to the left said.


“Flare wants to talk to you before you go anywhere. Sorry.” Lilyfang the Poochyena to the right spoke.


“I am not surprised…” Lightsoul sighed. He had a feeling that Flare would not let him leave the village without a good reason. Maybe if he begged enough Flare would finally let up on his punishment. “Are you two going to the Gathering tonight?” Lilyfang and Razorfang were identical twins, minus the fact that Lilyfang was female and Razorfang was male. Interestly enough they were his step cousins and were related to his mother Silverstreak.


“We are going to the Gathering tonight.” Lilyfang said with a big smile.


“I can’t see why anyone would not be allowed to go, unless they are…in your situation.” Razorfang looked unsure if he wanted to finish his sentence. Lightsoul knew that the pup meant well but it still stung a bit to hear him talk. 


“I will go talk to my dad. Maybe I will get lucky and he is in a better mood.” Lightsoul closed his eyes and hoped for the best. It felt good to have his eyes closed and see only darkness; it was strangely for him soothing to be in a ‘world’ all of his own. No one was around to bother him and even if just for a few moments, the Shinx found peace with himself. When he opened his eyes he was looking at the Poochyena twins, both were bending over to bow.


“Hail Thunderplains.” The pair said and Lightsoul turned around to see Flare had arrived. Beside the Flareon was his adoptive mother Silverstreak and beside her was Chip the Furret.


“I assume that everyone is beginning to gather for the trip.” Flare asked the twins. Lightsoul slightly wondered if Flare even acknowledged that he was there.


“Everyone who is allowed to make the trip has begun to gather sir.” Lilyfang reported. Both her and her brother remained in the bowing position, Flare had yet to ask for them to rise yet.


“Shall we be allowed to go as well my leader?” Razorfang asked, Lightsoul could sense a bit of hope was in his voice.


“It will be your first mating season Gathering, I encourage both of you to go.” Flare bowed his head back and both pups rise to look at their leader. Lightsoul wanted to move away but as he looked for a way out he noticed Silverstreak shaking her head, she wanted him to stay put.


“Thank you sir.” The twins spoke together.


“Any Pokémon you two meet will be lucky to be with you.” Flare murred happily, Lightsoul always enjoyed seeing his father’s kind side, he always wished to fill others with hope and courage, it was rare to see his bad side and even then he still did not try to put anyone down. Flare’s judgement and punishments were just and usually correct, though Lightsoul felt that his father’s punishment this time had gone on for too long.


“You are to kind sir.” Razorfang spoke, his tail was wagging so fast that Lightsoul thought that he may  fly away.


“May be relieved of our duties?” Lilyfang said as she was panting heavily, the wolf pups were very excited for the evening.


“Yes, I want everyone who is able to attend and that want to go to be there.” Lightsoul heard his father say and the twins barked happily as they ran off without even being excused. Flare must not have mind as he chuckles at how his niece and nephew were having a good time. After a moment the Flareon turned his attention to Lightsoul.


“I do not want to leave you behind tonight.” Flare said after clearing his throat.


“I know.” Lightsoul took a breath as he was trying to keep himself composed. This was his chance to finally be free of his punishment.


“Light you know what I want to hear.” Flare sat down next to the Shinx and with a nod of his head Chip walked away.


“ROLE CALL!!” Chip yelled as he walked away.



Flare waited for Chip to be out of ear shot. “Just tell me the truth.”


“I have.” Lightsoul looks down at his paws. “We were just out for some night time training.”


“What is so bad that you cannot tell me?” Lightsoul heard Flare asked. Taking a deep breath the Shinx decided that if he wanted to go to the Gathering and then meet with Fenzura he had to tell Flare the truth.


“Flare…dad…me and Fenzura that night…we…we had…we mated that night.” Lightsoul stumbled to get the words out, his paws were shaking and he couldn’t stop looking at the ground, the fear of looking at Flare’s face was too much to handle.


“You did what?” Lightsoul heard the Flareon say after a moment. He then heard Silverstreak’ s voice, but to him everything sounded like mumbling. Lightsoul felt that he was about to heard his dad yell at him for doing something so stupid, not only had himself and Fenzura been out all night but then they had what could be considered forbidden relations as well. Lightsoul worried that he would be shunned by his family and forced to have to make it on his own. Maybe that was for the best, what family wanted to have a wild and out of control Shinx running around sticking it into everything that moved, even if who he did truly made him happy. For Fenzura Lightsoul knew he would do anything for his bow loving Vulpix.


“Lightsoul!” The Shinx jumped jump at the yelling of his name. He finally looked at his father and saw that the Flareon was staring him down.


Oh no…he looks pissed.” Lightsoul thought to himself as he couldn’t stop shaking. What new form of punishment was he going to receive now?


“I am very disappointed in you.” Flare growled. “I cannot believe you stayed out late just to get some tail.” Lightsoul thought that Flare was going to use Flamethrower on him. But then he saw in the Flareon’s eyes something else, it wasn’t anger or disappointment…it was amusement. “You know you and your little gender-bender friend could have used the dens here. I use to take Silverstreak up to the make out point that was only just behind the village.”


Lightsoul saw Silverstreak giggle as she seemed to be remember some of their misadventures. “We use to make good use of those dens back there. Those caves were always so quiet-“


“Not when we were there.” Flare said before murred while pressing his nose against Silverstreak’ s. Lightsoul felt a bit uncomfortable, sure he liked watching intimate moments, but not when it was his parents. He looked in the direction that he remembered Fenzura was at and saw his friend there talking to Springleaf. The pair seemed to be having a nice conversation and Lightsoul hoped that he could join them.

“Anyway…” Flare up and Lightsoul knew their conversation was to continue. “I cannot…understand why you would interested in Fenzura. I myself never…conducted such activities. I find it strange and unnatural.”


“I do not know how to explain it.” Lightsoul looked once again at Fenzura and he saw the group preparing to head out. He felt his heart skip a beat when Fenzura looked back in his direction and for a moment it felt like they locked eyes. Feeling a bit more confident the Shinx speaks to his father once again. “But I feel happy and at peace just when I think about Fenzura, he is special to me and I can not picture my life without him.”

At that moment Lightsoul felt like nothing could bring him down, he confronted his fear of being open about Fenzura and he was sure after this his punishment was going to be lifted and he could spend the entire mating season being with Fenzura…


“I do not want you seeing Fenzura anymore.” Lightsoul heard Flare say and in a instant he felt like the ground under him had just broken apart and he was falling through it. The words that Flare had just spoken seemed to be echoing in his ears.


“What…why?” Lightsoul fell onto his stomach, the strength in his paws felt striped away, his mind was spinning and his eyes were becoming hot with tears. “How could you say that?”


“We think that you should seek more…natural relationships sweetie.” Silverstreak looked even more unhappy than her mate. Lightsoul wanted to for the first time in his life actually hurt someone else and right now it was both of his parents as the Shinx felt lost. It was only moments ago they were saying what he could have done better, that he should have used the secret little dens just on the other side of the village, how nice they looked together. Now they are telling him to seek a more natural relationship, wasn’t what he had with Fenzura natural?

“We know how you feel honey, about how you two make the other feel.” His mother continued. Silverstreak and Flare were not even his real parents, his were dead. How was this natural? Silverstreak didn’t give birth to a Shinx and Skitty, no she gave birth to a couple of Eevees.

“But there is more to Fenzura than you know right-“Lightsoul finally couldn’t take it anymore, he wasn’t going to sit here and let his parents crap all over everything he loved.


“I can’t do this.” Lightsoul said, he was starting to pant; the anger that he had kept in was fighting to come out. “I like Fenzura…No I love him.” Lightsoul growled and glared at both Flare and Silverstreak. “And now you want to see us apart.”


“That is not true.” Flare stepped in front of Silverstreak; he was prepared to protect his mate in case something happens.


“Is it because Fenzura is a boy, and I am one two?” Lightsoul asked, he wanted to see what Flare would do.


“Yes…yes it is.” Flare said as he takes an deep breath. “If you two continue to be with one another, you will be in a unnatural relationship. One that is unhealthy and bad for everyone involved. You must stop seeing him.”


“NO!” Lightsoul stomped the ground, the crackling sound of static was heard all around the Shinx and his fur was starting to glow. Lightsoul wanted to bite Flare, to hurt him for telling him something like this. It wasn’t fair, how could he come so close and have it ripped away from him so easily. Fenzura was everything to him, they have been friends for longer than the Shinx could remember, they shared so many first moments together, even down to them having their first kisses together, they helped each other with their first climaxes and they shared their first times together. If the Shinx could not be with the one he loved…

“I’m…I’m leaving!” Lightsoul cried, he looked at the ground again, his heart felt heavy and his spirit broken. Lightsoul did not even notice that when he had become upset that he had gotten up, nor did he notice that everyone was staring at them, the argument had become louder than expected. He wasn’t sure if everyone knew why they were fighting but they knew that it was bad enough to make the Shinx want to leave.


“I will not stop you.” Flare simply said. “This is a lot to process…”


“Flare!” Silverstreak looked down at Lightsoul; fear in her eyes for her son’s safety. “We should be going to the Gathering, not fighting one another.”


“I want Lightsoul to come with us, but we cannot ignore what is going through his mind either.” Flare looked at the Shinx, and Lightsoul looked back at Flare. Lightsoul wanted to go to the Gathering as well, but he wanted to be with Fenzura too.

“If you leave, I will give you till morning to come back.”


“I need time to think…” Lightsoul let his thoughts trail for a moment, his body felt so heavy. “I promise I will return.” Lightsoul began walking away but as he did so, Flare’s voice seemed to follow him.


“But if you do not attend the Gathering tonight you will not be allowed to be part of any of the following events.”


Lightsoul stopped in place and looked back at his father and mother. Flare had gotten up and walked past his son as he headed over to the gate. “The Gathering will end at sunrise tomorrow morning. Once that happens we will be leaving to go to the sacred grounds. Only those who have been given the blessing while at the Gathering will be allowed to enter.”


“This is to keep outsiders from following us in.” Silverstreak said as she got up to join her mate. “We do not want outsiders and the unclean ones to join us.”


“So best to get over whatever crap you have, let your balls drop and get to the Gathering as soon as you can.” Flare snarled at Lightsoul. “If missing out on a two weeks of sex is what you want to do, then do not show up.”


“Flare.” Silverstreak barked at her mate. “Is that all you think this event is about?”


“Yes.” Flare said and he got a playful bit on his neck fur by Silverstreak.


“Good answer.” Lightsoul heard his mother say and he wondered why he was being kept from enjoying such companionship. He began picking up the pace as he wanted to get as far away from everyone as possible. Though as he neared the gate out he felt his side pressed up against, though the Shinx did not have to turn to see who it was. He could pick Fenzura’ s scent out of a valley full of Vulpixs.


“I do not know what happened, but be careful out there.” Fenzura told him. Lightsoul looked at his friend and smiled. No matter what anyone else thought, no matter what they said, or how much they tried to keep them apart. Fenzura and him would always find a way to be together, even if only though spirit alone. “Come back to me please.”


“You know I will.” Lightsoul looks Fenzura directly in the eyes. Both pressed their heads together, for even if just for a moment, for that single sliver of time, Lightsoul and Fenzura were together and nothing could tear them apart.



A short time after Lightsoul had left the village behind, the Shinx found himself wandering around the back of it. Thunderplain’s village was situated near the Limestone Mountain Pass which was the pass that separated the northern part of the region from the southern part. He had watched Fenzura and the others leave for the Gathering and the Shinx was picturing in his mind the amount of time it would take for him to run from where he was at now to the Gathering grounds. It took about a hour hike from where they lived to reach the trail that led up to the grounds.


Lightsoul was able to see down from where he stood at the village and he wondered if he would ever see it again. He did not plan to run away when he first decided to leave, but the thought of staying there under what he felt like was oppressive conditions did make the Shinx want to never return. He still couldn’t believe that Flare was so against his relationship with Fenzura, Ruby Fenzura’s hot mother wasn’t helping much either as she kept giving him death glares, worst of all Fenzura seemed to be both hot and cold when it came to them and Lightsoul wished that he could figure out what Fenzura thought of all this.


“What do I do now?” Lightsoul asked himself.


“I can answer that for you.” A voice spoke. Lightsoul looked around and he saw shiny blue Sylveon standing several feet away from him. The pair were up on a hill and Lightsoul couldn’t figure out how the fairy eon could have gotten by him. Regardless he had to be on the defensive, there was no telling what this Pokémon had in mind.


“Who are you?” Lightsoul asked as he took a battle stance. His chest was low to the ground, his paws were moving into the pouncing position and he bared his teeth. The Sylveon chuckled and give the Shinx an amused look.


“Is that anyway to greet a lady?” The Sylveon asked, one of her ribbons pats her side. Lightsoul had never seen a Pokémon like this Sylveon before. It was rare to see shiny Pokémon at all, they were nearly as rare as seeing a legendary Pokémon, but here one was in the flesh. Lightsoul did not know what to think of the situation as he felt a strange aura surrounding this Pokémon. He couldn’t see it like a Riolu or Lucario could but he was able to feel it, and from what he remembered a strong aura meant that the Pokémon who was making it…was very powerful. Only village leaders and a few others like Ruby were anywhere near this powerful. Who was she and why was she out here?


“It is how I treat someone who sneaks up on me.”


“We have not formally introduced.” The Sylveon took a few steps forward and Lightsoul growled in response, though this did not stop the fairy eon from coming closer. With each step Lightsoul felt more and more of the Sylveon’ s strength pushing against him and before he knew it the Shinx was having trouble keeping his fighting stance, the Sylveon’ s very presence was too much for him to handle. Lightsoul couldn’t figure out how it was possible, that without even lifting a paw he was being beaten. Only when the Sylveon was inches away from him did the pressure finally lift. The Sylveon bends down and gives the Shinx a wink.

“I do not even have to lift a ribbon to beat you; if I wanted to break you I couldn’t have done it long ago.” The fairy giggles; she then gives the Shinx a kiss on the cheek. “My name is Madam Elizabeth, Queen of the Fairies.”


Lightsoul shivered a bit as he looks up at the Sylveon, her name rung a small bell for him. He knew he had heard the name before, Madam Elizabeth. Some of the elders spoke the name from time to time in their stories and it made Lightsoul wonder if this was the same Pokémon, if so she was just as powerful as they had described. Cute, charming and very attractive, though if you was to cross her she was a bringer of pain. With a gulp the lion slightly tried to move away but he was stopped by a ribbon that had wrapped itself around his waist.

“Um…Madam Elizabeth…why…may I ask…why you are interested in um…me?”


“Oh I love small cute things.” The Sylveon had the biggest smile on her face and with a good tug Lightsoul felt himself yanked over to the fairy. Lightsoul felt his face pushed up against the eon’s body and he could pick up her scent, she reminded him of something very sweet, like a field of berries. Her fur was soft, almost like a pillow, though there was still a slightly toughness to it. Try as the Shinx liked he found it harder and harder to want to pull away from the Madam and before he knew it a purr of affection rose from him.

“There we go, let it out.” Lightsoul heard Madam Elizabeth say in the most soothing of voices. It almost reminded him of when Silverstreak use to nurse him and his brother when they were tiny. Purring a bit more the Shinx closes his eyes and he felt once again at peace, the warmth of the Sylveon’ s body seemed to help melt away all of his worries and the thought of losing Fenzura, his family and his tribe did not seem to matter. No what mattered now was that he was at peace, even if it was in the ribbons of this stranger who seemed to have a strange interest in him.

“I’ve been waiting for you…my King.”

    Date:Sep 3 2016

    Oh boy this went somewhere i didnt expext

    Reviewer: catsithx1999
    Date:Sep 3 2016 Chapter:Mysterious Abound

    This is a differnt story then the rest. A little bit of this little bit of that. I do see potential in this story. Some minor errors here and there some grammar and spelling nothing to cry over. 

    Author's Response:

    I am writing this story to be deeper than anything else I have written in the past. The grammer and spelling errors I will try to work out as the story goes along, or at least make sure its so minor that it is either unnoticable or does not impact the story itself. Thank you for the review. 


    Hope you continue to come back for more.