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Assassins Creed: Vengeance by Tesla_Nightclaw


Story Notes:

7/9/16 - A huge thank you to Blue Moon, for making an awesome drawing of Tesla! See it here --->

9/9/16 - Sorry about the late upload. I will upload tomorrow. 

18/9/16 - Sorry about the inactivity. I've been under a lot of stress recently. I'll get back to writing soon. Thanks for waiting.

26/10/16 - I apologise for the long hiatus on here, i've been extremely busy with work, cleaning up my house and dealing with several injuries. I will try and get a new chapter out by my birthday (29th of this month) so stay tuned until then. Also, thank you so much for over 500 views! I appreciate it immensely! ^w^

Author's Chapter Notes:

Part 5! Sorry about the delay, i've been busy at home, but i promised an update every 3 days, so here it is!

In this chapter, Tesla and Emily have sex for the first time, and i warn you now, it will be very VERY lewd :3

Soul Mates (NSFW)

Emily stood in front of me, grinning and blushing. "I hope you like my body Tessy..." She said, undoing her bra, before letting it drop to the floor. I stared at her breasts. They were round and firm and fuzzy... In other words... Perfect. I started drooling as she turned to face away from me and pulled her panties off, revealing her big bouncy butt. "Oh my..." I said, my face getting redder and my cock getting harder with every second. Emily giggled and bent right over, spreading her legs to give me a great view of her tight pussy, a view which very nearly made my head explode. Her left leg was still bandaged, but it made her look no less sexy. 

"How about you lemme see what you're packing then Tesla..." Emily purred, her voice like lewd silk. "O-okay..." I replied, a little nervous. I stood up and took off my vest, revealing my well toned chest, which made Emily blush. I then slid off my leggings and boxers, revealing my hard 8 inch member, which nearly made Emily have a nosebleed. "It's soooooo big....~" She giggled, practically drooling over my dick. I blushed insanely, and sat back down on the sofa, my face bright red. "Th-thank you Emily..." I replied, smiling. Emily walked over to me, taking hold of my hand, and smiled as she sat on me. "Do you wanna feel my body baby?" She purred, rubbing my paw. I nodded, and she pressed my paws against her tits, making me quiver in pleasure. "Oooohhhh shit... Ahhhhh...." I moaned out, this being my very first time doing anything like this. "Hehe... Do you like them baby? Do my soft... Plump... Round titties make you horny?" She moaned, massaging her tits with my hands. I nodded, my hard-on throbbing excitedly, my balls twitching as well. As Emily let go of my hands, I kept them on her breasts, grinning as I massaged and caressed her beautiful breasts. "Oh Tesla... You naughty boy..." She moaned out, breathing heavily, obviously enjoying my touch. 

I started gently tugging on her nipples, and when they hardened, I leant forward and slid my tongue across one, making her shudder from pleasure. "O-o-oh T-Tesla!" She quivered, a wet feeling coming from my stomach. I looked down and noticed that Emily was wet already, and her fluids were spilling out onto my stomach. "My god." I thought to myself, still licking her nipples,"I've almost made her cum already, and I haven't even penetrated her." 

I decided to give her as much pleasure as I could. I started suckling on her nipples gently, and while one hand stroked her tailhole, I used two fingers to push inside her dripping pussy. The combination of all three nearly made her scream in pleasure. "Fuck! Tesla! Aaahhh! That's so.... You're going to make me.... Nyaaahhh!!!" She moaned desperately as I continued my three-way assault on her amazing body. It didn't take long for her to climax, and she yelled my name as she did. "T-Tesla!!!" She screamed as she released, her fluids leaking out almost in a torrent, covering me in her love-juice. She panted and stared at me, nothing but love and lust in her eyes. "Goddamn Tesla... That was incredible..." She gasped. "Thanks Emily..." I smiled, giving her a wink. 

Emily quickly regained her composure and slid off my lap, brushing my still throbbing cock as she did. "Ooohhh...." I moaned lightly as Emily licked my stomach clean. When she finished, she grabbed my member and grinned. "How about I get you up to score?" She murred. "S-score?" I asked, wincing a little as she gripped my cock. "Mhmm! You haven't cum at all yet baby, and I think it's high time you did..." She winked, before lightly jerking my dick. "Oooh myyy..." I moaned out as she pumped my hard-on. "Hehe... You enjoying yourself there cutie?" She said, sticking her tongue out as she rubbed faster and harder. "It's sooo goood..." I panted, my tongue rolling out my mouth. 

Emily giggled. "It's about to get so much better..." She grinned, before wrapping her lips around my tip and suckling on my member like a straw. The sudden feeling of insane pleasure made me burst with release, pumping my warm, gooey, sweet cum into Emily's mouth. "Aahhh!!!" I yelled in pleasure, and Emily blushed madly as she got a mouthful of my love-fluids. When she was sure she got every drop, Emily moved her head up and opened her mouth. I could see all my cum in her maw. With a wink and a gulp, she swallowed it all. "Mmm...." She moaned, a dreamy smile spreading across her face. "I want more!" She grinned, before wrapping her lips around my dick once again, making me yell out in pleasure. "Oh yeah Emily..." I grinned, enjoying this more and more with every passing second. 

She started bobbing her head up and down at a fair pace, making me moan everytime she did so. She sped up steadily, going a little deeper every time, before she took my entire cock into her mouth and throat. I moaned even more as her tounge snaked out of her mouth, massaging and caressing my balls. I was getting close to cumming again, a fact that Emily must have been aware of, because at that moment, she jolted forward, pushing my round puppy-makers into her maw as well, making me cry out as I pumped a second load of cum into her throat. "Ooohhhh....." I moaned, watching a deep crimson blush spread across her face as she felt my sweet seed drip down her throat. Again, she waited until she was sure she got every drop, before removing my cock from her mouth and licking her lips. "I'll never get tired of tasting your cum Tessy..." She admitted, grinning happily. I blushed and smiled. "I'm glad to hear that cutie..." I replied, winking.

"So... Wanna get to the really fun part?" Emily giggled. I grinned. "Yes please!" I grinned, making my best puppy face I could. "You're such a cutie Tessy..." She smiled, climbing onto my lap again, this time straddling my cock. "Hehe... You're the cutie..." I grinned, before Emily slowly lowered herself onto my member. It slid snugly into her tight pussy, making us both yell out in pleasure. "Oh fuck Tesla! Its so big!" She cried out, taking inch after inch inside her, her tongue hanging out like the lusty little Espeon she was. "Sooo tight.... Fuck Emily you're good..." I groaned, moaning more and more until she finally came to rest against my balls, all 8 inches of my dick now inside her. "Fuck that feels good..." She panted, tickling my balls with her feet. "Oh my god Emily... I'm gonna explode!" I yelled in pleasure, and Emily shifted herself, getting into a btter position.

"Here we go baby..." Emily quivered, clearly nervous about us taking each others virginity. I held her hands and smiled. "Go for it baby..." I winked, and Emily nodded. She slid back up my member, and started bouncing up and down, moaning cutely as she did. "Oh Tesla! Nyah nyah nyah!" She gasped, riding my hard cock like a porn star. "Oh my fucking god Emily... You're gonna make me blow my load already!" I moaned out, cum starting to leak out of my cock. "Cum in me as many times as you want baby... I want your seed to make me all warm inside..." She purred as she bounced up and down, her tits jiggling with every rep. 

I cringed as I felt my third climax near, and it hit, making me grip the sofa cushions tightly to stop from screaming. "Aaahhh!!! Emily!!!" I yelled out, pumping my fluids deep inside her. "Ooohhh~~" Emily giggled, still riding me hard. "It's so good... Want me to take over Emily?" I grinned. Emily nodded and blushed as I grabbed her buttcheeks and held her in place. "Mmmmm.... Make me your bitch Tessy..." Emily winked, and I stared into her eyes. "You aren't my bitch... You are my soulmate Emily..." I said, tearing up. "Ohhh Tesla..." Emily replied, pressing her lips against mine. We kissed for a few moments before Emily pulled back, grinning happily. "You're my soulmate Tesla..." She giggled. I giggled too and gripped her buttcheeks tightly, before sliding fully into her. "Ooohhhh~!" Emily moaned out, loving that I had taken over. "Hehe... Here goes!" I grinned, before, sliding in and out at a rapid pace, catching Emily unaware and making her yell out in pleasure. "Oh fuck yes Tesla!!" She moaned. 

I sped up even more, my balls smacking her tailhole, making a lewd smack sound with every thrust. "Oh god yes Emily!" I moaned, getting faster and faster. "That's it Tesla! Fill me up!!!" She cried out, her tongue out as she moaned. It didn't take long for us both to reach our limits. I drove myself balls deep one final time, pushing us both over the edge. "Aaahhhh!!! Emily!!!" I cried out, pumping my seed deep into her. "Ooohhhh Tesla!!!" She screamed back, climaxing as well. 

After we both finished cumming, Emily toppled forward and fell against me, her head on my chest. My cock slipped out of her pussy and released our fluids all over us. We were a right state, sweat, saliva and cum all over our fur. Emily looked up at me and purred. "Thank you Tesla..." She whispered, before falling asleep on my chest. I stroked her head and fell asleep too, exhausted, but completely, utterly, madly in love.

Chapter End Notes:

There we go! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I'll see you next time! ;)

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