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Join the last Assassin, Tesla Nightclaw the Umbreon, on the most dangerous journey he will ever make.

Some unknown group, known only as the 'Black Shadow', has annihilated both the Assassin's and the Templar, leaving only one member of each group alive; Tesla, and a veteran Templar named Emily Renekta, an Espeon. When their paths cross a few weeks later, they both decide to team up to try and identify this new threat and take it down before it destroys everything.

However, the two lonely renegades soon become close, and they realise they must learn as much as they can about this strange enemy, or face utter destruction. With only a handful of allies, they must fight not only for the world, but for each other, as there is nothing as powerful as love and vengeance.

Story Notes:

7/9/16 - A huge thank you to Blue Moon, for making an awesome drawing of Tesla! See it here --->

9/9/16 - Sorry about the late upload. I will upload tomorrow. 

18/9/16 - Sorry about the inactivity. I've been under a lot of stress recently. I'll get back to writing soon. Thanks for waiting.

26/10/16 - I apologise for the long hiatus on here, i've been extremely busy with work, cleaning up my house and dealing with several injuries. I will try and get a new chapter out by my birthday (29th of this month) so stay tuned until then. Also, thank you so much for over 500 views! I appreciate it immensely! ^w^

  1. The Last Assassin (1001 words)

    Hey there! It's Tesla here with a relatively new story that I hope you will love. I've wanted to do an Assassins Creed/Pokemon Crossover for ages, and now I'm doing it.

    If anyone reading this is visiting from Colors3D, Hey guys! Please leave a comment telling me what you guys think, and stick around as this will be updated pretty rapidly. I will get a post out at least once every 3 days!

    Anyway, thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy my work!

  2. Bring It On (1004 words)

    Part 2! Here we see what Tesla is really capable of, when the Town Guard try to apprehend him! We also learn about an old ally of Tesla's; Kai the Grovyle!

    (Huge Pokemon Mystery Dungeon reference incoming!)

  3. The Last Templar (1000 words)

    Chapter 3! Here Tesla meets Emily for the first time, and saves her life from trouble he caused.

  4. The Black Shadow (1027 words)

    Part 4! Here we find out about the threat that Tesla and Emily are facing; The Black Shadow. Tesla also tells Emily how he feels about her, and the two fall in love.

  5. Soul Mates (NSFW) (1601 words)

    Part 5! Sorry about the delay, i've been busy at home, but i promised an update every 3 days, so here it is!

    In this chapter, Tesla and Emily have sex for the first time, and i warn you now, it will be very VERY lewd :3

  6. An Assassin's Duty (NSFW) (1145 words)

    Hey guys. Sorry about the late upload, but I've been under a lot of stress at home.

    In Part 6, Tesla and Emily come under attack, and an old friend joins forces with the team. 

  7. The New Assassins (NSFW) (1001 words)

    Sorry about the long delay guys. I've been seriously unwell. 

    But here is Part 7 now I'm better! Here, Tesla, Kai, Emily and Serena do some catching up.

  8. Star Crossed Lovers (NSFW) - Kai POV (1006 words)

    Chapter 8 is finally here! I thought I would try something a little different this time. This part is from Kai's point of view, so... Yeah.

    In this chapter Kai and Serena have a talk about their future, and have some fun as well. ;)

  9. The Spirit Of Aura (1102 words)

    Hey guys! First new chapter in a while! I apologise for the long delay, but im back now, so lets get back into the story!

    Here, Kai, Serena and Emily go out to get some supplies, leaving Tesla alone to rest. However, he gets a visit from a very powerful being, who bestows an unimaginable power on him...

  10. Training at Ironwood Grove (1024 words)

    Here ya go! The next chapter of the story!

    Here, Tesla starts practising his new Aura abilities, and begins to get a feel for the strength he now weilds.

  11. Tesla Vs. Kai (1042 words)

    Here is part 11!

    Kai and Tesla have an epic battle, and Tesla learns something new about his allies!

    Date:Sep 4 2016 Title:The Black Shadow

    Change of plan guys! When I reach 70 views i'll get the next chapter up!

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