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Assassins Creed: Vengeance by Tesla_Nightclaw


Story Notes:

7/9/16 - A huge thank you to Blue Moon, for making an awesome drawing of Tesla! See it here --->

9/9/16 - Sorry about the late upload. I will upload tomorrow. 

18/9/16 - Sorry about the inactivity. I've been under a lot of stress recently. I'll get back to writing soon. Thanks for waiting.

26/10/16 - I apologise for the long hiatus on here, i've been extremely busy with work, cleaning up my house and dealing with several injuries. I will try and get a new chapter out by my birthday (29th of this month) so stay tuned until then. Also, thank you so much for over 500 views! I appreciate it immensely! ^w^

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 8 is finally here! I thought I would try something a little different this time. This part is from Kai's point of view, so... Yeah.

In this chapter Kai and Serena have a talk about their future, and have some fun as well. ;)

Star Crossed Lovers (NSFW) - Kai POV

As I walked out of Tesla's room with Serena, I closed the door behind me. "What do you think they're gonna get up to in their alone ehh Kai?" Serena said, smiling at me. "Put it this way, I bet that Emily is on top." I giggled, and Serena rolled her eyes. "For a noble warrior you sure have a dirty mind." Serena replied. "You know you love it baby..." I winked, kissing her cheek. 

"Mmmm...." She moaned lightly as I pulled away. "Hehe..." I grinned, scooping her up in my arms, before sitting on the sofa with her on my lap. "Are we really going to stay here with them?" Serena said, looking up at me. "Of course! Tesla is my friend, and as we aren't needed to save the future anymore, we can do whatever we want." I replied, smiling. "That's fair enough." She added. "Why? Don't you like Tesla?" I asked her. "No no no no! Of course I like him! I just... I don't want us to be in danger again, like we were with those huge Crystals back in the future..." Serena said, tearing up. 

I wiped the tears out of her beautiful green eyes. "Believe me, we won't be in that much danger again." I said, kissing her lips. "Okay Kai..." She replied, relaxing in my arms. "I love you Kai..." She added, smiling. "I love you too..." I grinned. 

"You know... We could be having a little fun of our own..." Serena said, winking. I blushed madly as I realised what she meant. "You really want to?" I asked her, grinning. "Mhmm!" Serena replied, pulling her shirt off, leaving her bra on. I blushed more and did the same. "Ooh Kai... You're such a sexy boy..." She giggled as she pulled her leggings off. "You're a curvaceous, dirty lil angel..." I replied, tossing my leggings aside. "Hehe... And don't you forget it baby..." She grinned, climbing back on my lap and sitting facing away from me, but still leaning against my chest. Before I could do anything else, she had used her feet to pull off my boxers, revealing my hard 7 inch member. 

"Oooh! Still just as tasty looking aren't we Kai?" Serena giggled, giving it a quick lick. The feeling of her tongue running down my rigid shaft made moan out in pleasure. Then she sat back up and wrapped her feet around my member and started jerking me off. "Ooohhh myyyy...." I moaned, grabbing Serena's bra and throwing it aside. "You naughty boy Kai..." She said fucking me with her feet. "That's so fucking good... Aaahhh..." I moaned louder and louder as my lover stroked me off. "Hehe... That's it baby... Let it all out..." She said, moving her feet faster and faster. 

After a few minutes, I reached my climax. "God damn yes Serena!!!" I yelled, spraying her feet with my cum. "Mmmmmm.... Good boy..." She purred, licking my cock and her feet clean. "Now imma give you a good sucking..." She purred, leaning down and wrapping her lips around my tip. "Oooh baby...." I moaned as she suckled on my cock like a straw. She had always been very good at fucking me senseless, but today I'm gonna repay the debt. 

I grabbed Serena and laid her on her back on the floor. "What's wrong Kai?" she said, looking into my eyes. "Nothing... I just wanted to get you in a better position." I said, smiling as she removed her panties, tossing them aside with the rest of our clothes. I now had a perfect view of Serena's tight, cock-loving pussy. "Mmmm.... Fuck me Kai.... Please just fuck me hard..." She panted, spreading her legs to give me better access.  

I took the oppurtunity to kneel between her legs, before kissing her pussy.  "Oh my yes!!" Serena screamed out, letting my tongue explore all her folds. I loved the taste of her pussy, it always tasted so sweet, just like her. 

After a good five minutes of licking her, she released. "Aaaggghhh!!! Kai!!!" She yelled out, her fluids spilling onto my face. I licked it all up and grinned at Serena. "You ready for the best part baby?" I asked her, grinning. "Yes please!" Serena replied. I gently pushed my member into her wet pussy, inch after inch sliding deep within her womanhood. "Oh fuck Kai... I almost forgot how big you are..." She panted heavily, groping her tits as I kept sliding in. "God damn this feels amazing..." I groaned, starting to thrust hard. "Oooohhhh yeahhhh!!!" Serena moaned out, drooling and moaning like the horny girl she was. "Yes... Yes... Fuck... That's it.... Mmmmm...." She groaned, practically begging me to go faster. I sped up and grinned at her. 

"Oh Fuck yes! Yes!!!" She screamed, my hips almost a blur as we got closer and closer to cumming each other silly. "God damn this is incredible!" I yelled, slamming in one last time, my hard cock pumping my warm, gooey seed into her gaping hole. "Fuck yeah...." Serena moaned, climaxing with me.

I kept humping her for a good while after, making sure she got every last drop of my cum in her pussy. When we were finished we got on the sofa and lay next to each other, panting from our release. "That... Was... Amazing..." Serena giggled, rubbing her pussy. "It really was..." I replied. "You still have some cleaning up to do baby..." I giggled. 

Serena immediately started licking my hard throbbing cock and her own pussy clean, before sitting beside me again. "We better get rested up for tomorrow... Goodnight my sexy lil munchkin." I said to Serena as I yawned. "Goodnight Kai, my big strong knight in shining armour." She giggled. Before long, we had both fallen asleep in each others arms. I knew it when I first met Serena... I knew it when we were stranded in the future... And I know it now... This girl is the one I want all my sex and kisses to be with.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you liked this! Tesla out!

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