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The following is a 2nd person narative told from the prespective of a angry pent-up Mewtwo. Alone, angsty and filled with frustration towards human trainers who just won't leave him be, Mewtwo will be taking it out on a poor unsuspecting trainer who has earned a special place on his shit-list.

Story Notes:

This is my first fic here so feedback on what could be improved is welcomed. No need to flame though. If you do..... Well, in the wise words of Johnny Storm, Flame on.

  1. Chapter 1 (4087 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Date:Jul 25 2017

    I would absolutely love to find a very good Pokemon x human femdom like I don't know fendom Latias X male human that would be good too but this is just awesome as well

    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Sep 14 2016 Chapter:Chapter 1

    *interlaces fingers, emulating Mr.Burns* Excellent...


    All honesty, not my prefered cup of tea for a couple reasons. BUT! Keeping my personal preferences at bay, I will say this was a rather nice read. Not often does one find a story written in 2nd-person. And it can be so easy to slip up in doing so. You managed to pull this off with only a few minor spelling/grammar mistakes--to which I offer my help with proofreading.


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