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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Like every year there are always a few students who refuse to pack their belongings and head out to go to school. Chip the Zorua refuses to go, his sister wants nothing else to do but go, and their best friend has other ideas. When all of the fun comes to a end there is one big question that no one is asking, how much time do they have to catch that Lapras?

Chapter 2 - Duosoul Fox

Chapter 2

Character List:

Chip: Cream, Purple and Black Zorua with Purple eyes. Chip is a herm Zorua that tries to act very bitter and angry all the time. He often fights with his sister and with his mother about being a hermaphrodite. Chip and Amber are duosoul, meaning that their souls share a single body. Every 6-8 hours the twins switch who is in control of their body with an ability called Shift. Chip wears a large purple bow on the base of his tail, he tells everyone that Amber makes him wear it…

Amber: Silver, Cream Eevee with Pink eyes. Amber is Chip’s herm sister. Amber tries to be a sweetheart and fix her brother’s problems with her happy go lucky personality. But do not take her kindness as a weakness as the Eevee can be as tough as her brother. Amber wears a pair of yellow ribbons around her ears and one on the base of her tail. She does this so she can look like her best friend Ribbon who she has strong feelings for.

Ribbon: Alona Vulpix with ice blue ribbons around her neck and butt. Ribbon is the daughter of Ruby the Ninetales and is the older sister of Fenzura the Vulpix. Ribbon is a pansexual Vulpix that does not care about gender and instead wishes to just have sex for the fun of it. She has a strong relationship with Chip and Amber and is able to see past the Zorua’s outward defenses and sees that he has a good heart.

Cresent: Chip and Amber’s Zoroark mother. Her and her mate Kia struck a deal with Neoral the Jirachi years ago to save the life of their dying daughter. Crescent loves both of her children and often must play the role of discipliner because of her mate having a long work schedule.

Halvon: A local male Oshawott that is friends with Chip, Amber and Ribbon.

Forest Pokemon: Stunky and Pichu



“Chip, Chip are you ready to go?” Chip heard the voice of his sister Amber call to him. The Zorua awoke from his long slumber with a big yawn, and rolled over onto his back. Blinking the Zorua sleepily rubs his face with a paw, all the while he tries to get over the fact that today he was being shipped out to a place he never has heard of before against his will. “Chip come on you, wake up!” Chip feels something push up against him and finally the Zorua bitterly gets up. Standing by him was the slightly hazy image of his yellow ribbon wearing sister Amber.

“Amber what if I was in here doing something.” Chip barked. “Learn to knock.”

“Better yet, why not learn to get up, when someone tells you to.” Amber sits down and glares at her brother. “Today is our first day of school, we are getting to be like our parents and attend the most prestigious school in the world. Bangam Acadmey of Sexual Intercourse and Survival. Fancy name huh?” Amber giggled as she said the name of the school. Chip on the other paw was not amused, he always found his sister’s duty like nature to be annoying. Amber always looked for a reason to do something to the best of her ability even if it seemed like a waste of time, the Eevee always found pride in doing it. When they received their welcome letters to Bangam’s Amber broke down in tears, it was her dream to follow in their parent’s paw steps and attend Bangam Acadmey, while Chip on the other paw could care less and fought their parents about why he shouldn’t go.

“Sounds stupid if you ask me. Could use a better name.” Chip could care less about the name of the place, it was a prison to him all the same.

“Come on Chip, you get to have all of the sex you ever could muster.” Amber was trying to find a way to appease her brother. Chip didn’t want to find the silver lining.

“Really who would want to mess with a Zorua like me?” Chip asked his sister. Chip was a different kind of Zorua altogether. Instead of the black coat that his species loved he had a cream colored fur coat, while the red highlights Zoruas have normally was purple instead. Chip’s eyes were purple instead of red, while the only thing black on him was his neck fur that he tried to keep straight as much as possible. But for Chip his uniqueness did not end there as if you was to look behind him and lifted his tail you would not just see his tiny little pucker of a tail hole, or his sack and balls, but you would find that the Zorua had a slit and a cock. Chip was a pure hermophodite, a male and female Zorua living in perfect balance. Chip did not know why he was born this way and but  he flat out hated every minute of it and wished that he wasn’t a shi, though if you ever called him a shi then watch out as Chip will do everything in his power to make you pay for it.

“I pretty sure you can find a nice girl while we are at school….maybe a boy.” Amber giggled when she heard Chip growl. “Oh come on Chip, you know I love you and want to see you be happy.”

“I will be happier, not having you remind me of my short comings.” Chip snorts. Amber puts a paw in her brother’s face and shakes it. She always was trying to tell her brother that he should be happy to be who he is no matter what.

“How many other Pokemon out there can say that they know how to pleasure both a male and female, because they are one. Dittos, Mew, and you.” Amber pokes Chip’s nose and the fox tried to bite his sister’s paw but miss. Amber was relieved that she had good reflexes or else she brother would have made her feel that one for days.

“Annoying!” Chip pouts and walks by his sister and heads toward the door. Amber followed him and together the fox siblings headed towards their dining room where there mother Crescent the Zoroark was fixing the table. When she noticed her children coming in the mother bent down to give them both a big hug. Amber enjoyed it while Chip tried to pull away, though Crescent held on tightly until her pup finally gave in and gives her a warm hug back. Once Chip was free he growled feeling dirty from having to show feelings.

“Oh my darling pups, mama is going to miss you both so much.” Crescent became choked up and cried a little bit. Amber reached up to lick her mother’s cheek while Chip sighed and decided to do the same, he felt like he was obligated to do so. Though if he didn’t have to he wouldn’t. The moment Chip licked his mother he cringed as he felt dirty for doing so, he couldn’t understand why Amber and his mother enjoyed being so friendly with one another. At least their father didn’t require them to kiss him.

“Yuck….I think I want to vomit.” The Zorua blew a raspberry at his sister who ends up getting a bit of spit on her face and wipes it away. “Can’t believe you made me do that.”

“We’re going to miss mom, I am going to miss mom.” Amber said with a whimper and Chip began to feel bad and made the sound too. The Zorua growled and tries to stop himself from doing it.

“Mon I hate you so much!” Chip said and he gets a smack on his rear from their mother who was upset that her children were fighting. Chip bounced up slightly and Amber giggled even though she felt the pain in her rear as well, but when ever her brother got what was coming to him for being mean to her sometimes she enjoyed it. Chip looked at their mother and groans. “Mom she is so annoying…why do me and her have to share “MY” BODY!”

“You know why little one.” Crescent picks up Chip and Amber and hugs both of them. Her face went though Amber’s a little bit, the illusion projected by her and Chip’s powers made the Eevee almost completely real in their world but even the best illusion was just that, an illusion. Amber and Chip were a duesoul Pokemon, meaning that their two souls shared one body. Chip and his sister are the miracle twins of Crescent the Zororak and Kia the Espeon; the twins who were never supposed to be born.  Crescent and Kia refused to tell their children that they were never suppose to exist but they have told them how they became duesouls. Amber was born first, her body was so frail and weak that she only was going to live long enough for her to “see” her brother born. Just before Chip was born into the world a legendary Pokemon appeared before the grieving mother and father as they watched their daughter slowly dying before them. The legendary Pokemon was Neoral the Jirachi, one of the 5 special legendary Pokemon who protected the region. He promised that he could save the soul of their daughter if the pair were willing to make him a deal.

But the Jirachi never told the pair how he would save their family and instead of simply curing Amber’s weak and frail body he allowed her to die and used his powers to transfer her soul into her brother’s newborn body and fused their soul’s enough so they were still able to be individuals but neither’s soul could leave the body. Neoral never did tell the parents if Chip was made into a hermphadiote or if Amber’s soul being used with his caused the Zorua to be transformed into one. Chip always blamed his sister for everything bad in his life and he tried hard to push her conscious as deep into his mind as possible. But Neoral did do one nice thing for the Eevee besides save her life, one that made it possible for the pair to enjoy a some what normal pup hood and have equal time in “their” body.

“Well in about…30 minutes I get to take over anyway and your going to sleep little sister.” Amber said as the illusion Eevee blew a raspberry back at her brother. Chip close his eyes as he tries to push her away, but because their time for their Shift was so close it was impossible for him to do so now. Neoral had designed a system that allowed Chip and Amber to shift conscious and depending on who was in the “lead” allowed for that spirit to control their body. Every 6-8 hours or when one of the used up all of their energy the other would take over and the other would go to sleep. Though this did not mean that when Amber was in charge her Eevee body would appear, in fact she was a Zorua by default. But she learned to use her brother’s Illusion ability to transform their body into what her Eevee body would look like and with a little help from Neoral’s powers her Shifted body literally looked, felt and acted like a real Eevee’s. Only when she neared the time for her Shift would she begin to lose control and she no longer was able to maintain a ‘perfect’ body. Even now Chip had one purple eye and one pink eye, this meant that Amber was awake and the twins were in perfect union, but when both eyes became pink it was time for Amber to take over and the shift would begin.

“One of these days I am going to figure out how to get rid of you once and for all.” Chip snarled and he gets an even harder slap on the rear from their mother. Amber even cried this time.

“Chip say sorry to your sister.” Crescent snarled back at her son and the Zorua looked down, he was scared and ashamed of himself.


“That is ok…little sister.” Amber giggled and Crescent slapped Chip on his rear again, the twins jumped and looked at their mother in fear.

“Chip is your little brother, if he does not want to be called a girl then he is not one. Understand!” Crescent taps her foot on the ground.

“Yes Mama.” The twins spoke and they sat down in their spots. Crescent had four spots on the table set up, even though one of her children were physically here. She used her powers of Illusion, Chip’s power and her mate’s psychic energy to create a projection of her pup that was not in control of their body. That way they could at least feel as normal as possible, but it only worked in their den and the surrounding area.

Crescent puts out a plate of char-tipped Rattata and a bowl of sliced fruit for both of her children. Amber did not touch her food as she was not physically there, but it at least allowed her to feel that she was part of the family meal. Chip did not give thanks to his mother for the food and began digging in right away. Amber slapped her brother’s nose and the Zorua rubbed it, the pair wer still able to mentally touch one another and could affect them slightly in the outside world.

“Give mom a thank you.” Amber barked.

“Thank her for what, this is what mom’s do.” Chip did not like taking orders from his sister. Crescent had not been in the area to hear what her son had said, but if she had the mother would not worry about what her son had said, she knew he meant well. Plus Amber would always keep him in line one way or another. Crescent only wished that her son was not so bitter all of the time, but despite that the Zorua had a soft spot for a pretty face and bushy tails.

“Amber.” Crescent called her daughter and Chip watched as his sister’s Illusion ran out of the room and into the kitchen. A sudden rush of tireness was washing over him and the Zorua lets out a big yawn as he knew his time was almost up. His mother must have known that and she was waiting for the Zorua to Shift. With a snort the Zorua gets up and walks into the kitchen so he could hear what the girls were trying to say.

“Now Amber, you do not have to worry about how you and your brother will attend classes that is already been arranaged.”

“How mother?” Amber asked tilting her head, the vee was trying to keep up. Chip from the door rolled his eyes, he thought that his sister was a idiot. A small ping of pain hit him as the Eevee was able to read her brother’s emotions. The pair were not able to read the other’s thoughts, or see their memories, but they were able to feel what the other was feeling and it took a bit of work for either of them to not feel the other naturally. Amber was better at hiding her feelings than Chip surprisenly enough.

“Mon I hate you!” Chip whispered and he saw Amber look at him from where she was standing with evil smirk on her face, he knew that she enjoyed sticking it to him when she could.

~ <I love you too dear brother.> ~ Amber spoke in his mind. ~ <I know how much you do not want to go to school, but…We are going whether you like it or not.> The moment she uttered the words Chip’s eyes changed from purple to pink and the Zorua fell over onto his side. The Illusion Eevee that had been in front of Crescent passed out as well and vanished as it hit the ground. Moment later the Zorua that was laying on the floor shined and got back up. Amber had Shifted and now she was in control.


“We can finish talking now mom.” Amber spoke as she closed her eyes and a moment later the Zorua did a backflip and ‘transformed’ into the Illusion Eevee. She was even complete with the ribbons on her ears. “Do you think that I should put the bow on?” Amber giggles as she wiggles her rear. “Me and Chip look so cute when we girly up.”

“You should ask your brother, when he wakes up.” Crescent waits for her daughter to settle down. Even after all of this time she still found the twins Shift to be strange to watch. To see either of them suddenly just drop and almost seem dead, only to moments later to rise up and change appearance all together. Crescent was a master of illusions but there was some things that made her have to stare in amazement at.

“You know as well as me that your brother will not be easy to control once he is out of your father’s and myself’s eyes. It will be up to you his big sister to keep him under control.” Crescent watched Amber nod yes. “I worry that when you two Shift and you are asleep that Chip will do something foolish.”

“Don’t worry mother I will do my best.” Amber wagged her tail as Crescent pets her on her head. Amber had a strong love for her family and believed strongly in doing what she can to support them. Even her bitter brother who she knew had the sweetest of hearts, it was just buried behind a false belief that the world was against him. Amber was sure that with a little bit of work, and maybe finding just the right help she could find a way to break though her brother’s heart of coal and show him the diamond that it can be.



Amber was told by her mother that this evening that Lapras would be down at the docks to pick up the first year students and take them to Bangam Academy. It was custom that 5-7th year students went in the morning, 2-4 years went in the afternoon and finally 1st year students went during sunset. When she asked her mother why it was that way all she received was a chuckle and was told that when she got there she will see. Amber hated being left in the dark but her mother would not budge and her father wasn’t going to be around until today, he had left early that morning with a promise that she will see him again but he could not see her off. Amber was annoyed about this, she loved her mom, but she really loved her dad. Not in a incest sort of way but Amber was daddy’s little girl and she would be the first to defend her position.

It was nearing time for her to go but she still had time to run around the forest and see her friends before going. Not all of them were going this year or at all so there was a good few that she would not see again until after she returned. All of her friends knew about her and Chip, not the finer details of their shared history but knew that they shared a body.

“Aww, we are going to miss you Amber.”

“You are the last cute girl in the forest, all your leaving me with are Poison types.”

“Aww you guys…” Amber said as she was touching noses with her Pichu and Stunky friends. She giggled when Stunky kicked up some dust at Pichu who whined. She really was going to miss her friends, but Pichu was sure to go to school next year and Stunky was happy being just a regular old wild type.

“Oh tell Chip that I said hi.” Stunky murred happily. “Maybe we can practice some of those moves you two will learn while away.” Amber gasped and giggles, if Chip heard that he would want to pumple Stunky into the dirt. Stunky was always hitting on her brother and maybe if the skunk was a “she” he might just take him up on his offer. Her brother worked hard scare away anyone that took a interest in his body, which meant that she couldn’t get to know anyone else either. Chip often told Amber that if there anything swinging from between the legs he wasn’t interested. Amber would often roll her eyes when she heard this, she knew for a fact that there was a few times that Chip had to do a double take when he saw a Pokemon he thought was cute, male or female. It was hard to fight hormones but she let him do what he wanted, the day when he is raising his tail and begging to get plowed wasn’t all that far away, heck she already was starting to get that away and she only got their body every 8 hours.

“I wouldn’t count on it sweety, my brother can be…very craby.” Amber said with a sigh. Stunky shrugged it off.

“Sex changes everything.” Stunk licked his lips. “Can make even a angry Rhyhorn fall over in a good mood.”

“This is Chip we are talking about Stunky.” Pichu said from a tree that she had crawled up. The little rodent was looking for some cherries to pick. Once she found some the little chu began greedly eating them all by herself. “I think you have a better chance getting laid by that same Rhyhorn than getting that bitter fox to even touch you. And that is a friendly way.”

“A skunk can dream Pichu, why would I not want to get with a gal that has 3 holes and a dick.”

“Gross.” Pichu looks at Aber who looked annoyed. “Sounds like something out of a perverts wet dream or a normal Pokemon’s nightmare. I mean what mutant of a Pokemon is like that…” Pichu remembered what Amber was and looks at her friend slowly. “Sorry Amber…It is just something I am not into.”

“Um…no comments.” Amber sighed as she was ready to find her best friend, they were going to school together. After that unintential burn she just got from Pichu the Eevee wanted to go cool off. “Anyway I will see you two when I return.”

“Can you put in a good word to your brother?” Stunky asked as Amber began walking away. The vee rolles her eyes, she already knew what her brother would say.

“I will let him know. Maybe by the time we return he will have a change of heart.” Amber wasn’t holding her breath.


It was a short walk to where her friend Ribbon the Vulpix was staying, she lived at the bottom of the trail leading into and out of the forest. The Vulpix was popular among the other youth in the forest, she was very kind, helpful and she made sure to go out of her way to help everyone. Amber found her to be witty, smart and very pretty, the Eevee tried her hardest to not have a sexual attraction to her friend but it was hard to not want to.

“Ribbon, oh Ribbon are you here?” Amber asked as she reached her friend’s den, the Vulpix was sitting outside of it. Amber smiled as she saw her friend’s snowy white fur greet her when she called for her. Ribbon was an Alona Vulpix, the only known one that lived in the entire region. He mother Ruby a Ninetales from unknown parts wasn’t staying with her daughter at the moment and was instead living in the north with Ribbon’s brother a male Vulpix by the name of Fenzura.

“Amber I am glad you was able to make it.” Ribbon greeted her with a warm smile. “Are you ready for today? The boat leaves in only a few hours.”

“You know I am Ribbon.” Amber said returning the warm greeting. She couldn’t help but walk up and nuzzle her friend’s cool cheek. Ribbon’s body was the opposite of a normal Vulpix’s and instead of being warm all of the time it instead was cold to the touch. Ribbon’s tails were also different as they seemed fused together, but if you were to put something though them it was possible to spread them apart. Ribbon returned Amber’s nuzzling with a bit of her own and she even finished it with a kiss. Ribbon did not have a romantic relationship with the Eevee but she wasn’t afraid to be physical with her if she wanted. Though Amber did not know that and Ribbon was waiting for the right moment to reveal her desires.

“Ribbon what do you want to do before we leave? Chip will not return until tonight so there shouldn’t be any surprise pop ups from my little sister.” Amber called Chip her little sister when ever she was upset with him or when she was around Ribbon.

“You know how much he hates hearing that?” Ribbon said as she nuzzled her friend again. The Vulpix had a naughty idea on her mind, why not get in a bit of practice before heading out. “Well I was going to suggest that we head over to the lake and see if Halvon is around. I was thinking of maybe having a Menage a Trios. I wonder how that little cute Oshawott would take it.”  Ribbon asked herself. Amber on the other paw felt her head spin for a moment, one the idea of suddenly having sex out of the blue, two it would involve Ribbon the Vulpix that she cared strongly for and three….wait what did her friend say?”

“What is a Menage a Trios?” Amber felt like she may or may not like the response.

“Oh it is a threesome, well…maybe foursome in your cause.” Ribbon giggled and Amber knew she would question her friend.

“Why does everyone make a joke about me and Chip being herms.” Amber asked as she stomps her paw on the ground. Ribbon giggled again and nuzzled her friend’s face, the Vulpix was becoming a bit forceful and was trying to get her on the ground. It took a moment for Amber to do so and soon the Eevee was looking up at the icy fox. Ribbon began kissing Amber on the cheeks and then on her lips, the cold touch of Ribbon’s nose and mouth made Amber shiver a bit, each kiss was one icy touch after another. Amber lets out a little “vee” as she was becoming slowly aroused, the feeling of being kissed by the Vulpix she liked made her a little extra happy.

“Because Amber you have a cock and vag, and that is very sexy.” Ribbon giggled, she reached her inside hindleg over Amber’s lower region and sits down on her friend’s crotch. The Vulpix’s cold tails brushed up against Amber’s hind legs and tail. What really made the vee blush was how close Ribbon’s tail hole and vag was from her own, the vee literally was able to feel the mixture of cool and warm pressing up inches from her most private spots. Her cock was poking out of her slit a little bit and pressed up against her friend’s under belly. Amber pictured in her mind the Vulpix sitting her tail hole right on top of her cock, the Eevee always dreamed of being a little anal fiend. “But…Amber…” Ribbon said as she picks up one of her friend’s paws with her own two and leans down to start sucking on her digits, she spent a long few seconds on each one, letting her tongue and saliva cover each one of Amber’s digits in her cold saliva. Amber eeped as she feels the pressure being applied and she felt her cock pocking up against Ribbon’s underside even more. “If you can not figure out why I said that it could be a foursome instead…well…Mmmm…I will have to remind you of what you are.” Ribbon murred as she talked in riddles.

“Damn it Ribbon….” Amber said as her blush became deeper red. “Why do you have to play so much?” Ribbon murred a bit more as she nuzzles her friend’s cheeks, the Vulpix began shifting her body a bit so her slit was sliding up against Amber’s now half exposed cock.

“Is this what you have wanted to do the whole time Amber…?” Ribbon asked as she pushes her upper body up with her forepaws and looks down at a panting Eevee. Ribbon blew a small gust of cool breath on her friend and smiles. “All you ever had to do was ask.” Ribbon began grinding herself up against Amber’s hard cock, the coolness from the Alona Vulpix’s body made Amber take a bit more time to get fully hard but once she was hard the Vulpix let out a seductive murr of amusement. “Do you know what is…so nice about ice types like me?” Ribbon waited for Amber to answer, when it took longer than she hoped (which was only 3 seconds) the fox slide herself up enough on her friend’s tip to let it begin trying to penetrate her but not let it go in. Amber didn’t understand what she was doing at first but after a few seconds she felt a strong want for her cock to find its way in and Ribbon was secretly not letting her get her way.

“I don’t know Ribbon!” Amber cried, the Eevee had tears in her eyes as she wanted to get fucked so badly. Never before in her life has she wanted something so badly, but Ribbon knew how to draw that desire out of her. “What, what? Oh please don’t make me beg for it…” Amber felt Ribbon pull herself completely off of her tip and instead lets a few cold drops of her pre drip down onto Amber’s erect cock, the cold chill made her become even more erect, which was hard to believe since the Eevee was nearly rock hard.

“Ice types are able to control our partner’s arousal though warming and cooling their blood.” Ribbon said before pushing giving her friend another kiss on the lips, though this time she was giving her a French kiss as the ice fox was pushing her tongue into Amber’s mouth, all the while she dropped herself down onto Amber’s cock and the Eevee felt a rush of cool wash over her as finally the Eevee got what she wanted so much. To be with her best friend in the world. “Something that a fire type can’t do, they are just able to be really warm and pop a bit faster. Good for quickies I suppose…”Ribbon giggled while patting Amber’s chest. “Not good for being…intimate.”

“NO…it is…not…Ribbon…” Amber groaned, she felt her friend pull up on her, the Vulpix making sure that she did not pull herself all the way off of her friend. Amber gulped as she had her cherry popped…well at least her male half was. Regardless it was being done by the best Pokémon to do it for her.

“Good girl.” Ribbon pushed herself back down on Amber’s cock with a wet plop, the Alona Vulpix was already wet and only getting wetter as she pulled herself back up again.

“Oh Ribbon I-“ Ribbon stopped Amber as she went down on her again, faster than before and Amber felt a cold chill wash over her that made the Eevee’s cock become stiffer.

“No more words please my love.” Ribbon moaned, her eyes closed, a breath of cool air left her mawl and blow on Amber. Amber did not think of much else after that, how could she when Ribbon called her “love.” Did she feel the same for her…did this union mean they were mates?

“Oh yes ma’ma.” Amber squeaked and Ribbon moaned happily. She did not speak again but instead let her body do all the talking as she pushed her cool paws up against Amber’s chest and began working herself up and down on the Eevee’s cock, her hips were bouncing up and down in a slow rhyme. The Vulpix did not want to let Amber pop to fast but she wasn’t about to take it easy on her too, the vee needed to be broken in and who better to do it than a best friend. Ribbon wanted to put her hind paws up on Amber’s thighs but she did not know how well she could handle her weight just yet and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt her best friend. If Amber was some random Growlithe out in the woods or even better yet a regular Vulpix she would have her way with them how ever she wanted. The Alona Vulpix wasn’t afraid to teach a regular Vulpix a thing or two in the art of screwing a bitch but Amber was different, she needed to be taken care of gently…then when she gets broken in put on the strap on and pop that female cherry.

“How are you doing Amber…” Ribbon panted as she clenched her teeth, a small spike of pleasure had hit her as the Eevee’s tip was pressing up against her cervix. The Vulpix wondered if she wanted to take the risk or not…

“I am fine Ribbon, really.” Amber panted, though the Eevee was looking up at Ribbon with a pair of eyes that the Vulpix had feared she would have. Ribbon always guessed that Amber had strong feelings for her that could only get…in her eyes “worst” if they had sex. She liked Amber a lot too, maybe even enough to be romantic someday, but that wasn’t today. Ribbon took a deep breath and she pushed herself all the way down on Amber’s rod, she found it easy to do now the Eevee’s cock was dripping from their combined fluids and rode herself all the way down on top of Amber’s knot. Ribbon closed her eyes and pictured herself taking every last inch of Amber that she could and before she knew it the Vulpix was forcing herself on top of the knot, the large bulb pushed her slit apart more than it already was and even the experienced vixen flinched in pain from taking her first knot.

“That makes one of us…” The icy vixen said as she forced herself down more onto Amber, with a sudden plop the Vulpix found herself with knot inside of her and a whining Eevee as Amber could barely hold on. The Vulpix lets out a roar as she looked up into the air and blew out a stream of cold air as the vixen felt her friend’s tip press though her inner most tunnel and blow her warm load of little Eevee seed right into her. Ribbon’s eyes rolled back a little bit, her own orgasm erupting. Amber felt her friend’s walls tighten around her, milking her rod as in turn the Eevee’s lap was drenched by Ribbon’s cold fluids. Ribbon panted and holds herself in place for a bit, the feeling of her womb being filled by her best friend made her need to take a second and reflect on what just happened. Ribbon hoped that she wouldn’t regret this but she did not want Amber thinking she didn’t care to make her first time be one of just spilling her seed all over the place. “Dammit…”

“Ribbon…oh…. that was so…much fun…” Amber was blushing under the icy fox and Ribbon couldn’t help but blush back. She shifted herself so she felt a bit more comfortable and leans over to give her friend a kiss. “Is this what school will be like?” Amber squeaked as she felt a small nip on her ear from her friend. “I never did anything like this before.”

“This and so much more.” Ribbon nipped her ear again and then nuzzles her cheek. Ribbon had been so into the moment that she failed to even keep watch of their surroundings and finally turns her head to see if they had been watched. She had trouble seeing it but the icy fox thought that she saw a pair of eyes or two watching them from some bushes not that far away, but as soon as she thought she saw them they were gone. Her attention returned to Amber who used a paw to push the vixen’s head towards her.

“Are you ok love?” Amber was testing the word out. Ribbon sighed, she really hoped that it would just be sex but she knew it wasn’t to her friend. But instead of bursting her bubble the Vulpix decided to keep her close, and besides it wasn’t like she didn’t feel something towards her either. It just wasn’t the same…yet.

“Yes Amber…” Ribbon spoke and in response Amber plants an uncharacteristic kiss on Ribbon’s lips.

“Oh I love you too Ribbon.” Amber said while trying to hug Ribbon. Ribbon rolled her eyes as she really hoped that she did not make the wrong decision…twice.

Chapter End Notes:

I am having a ton of fun writing this story, expect to have chapters come out pretty consistanly. If you have a character idea for either a teacher or studnet let me know. I am currently looking for new characters to add to the story, the more the better. 

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    Date:Oct 25 2016 Chapter:Chapter 2 - Duosoul Fox

    Looks to be shaping up nicely. Still a few spelling errors here nd there, and perhaps a few grammatical erros as well.


    Overall, can't wait for the rest! And I would like to perhaps see one of my characters cameo as a teacher!

    (I'll send a pm to you)


    {} Achievement Unlocked; 20G

    Two-Faced (for love)

    Have a character with a duel-personality


    {} Achievement Unlocked; 30G

    (not so) Cold at Heart

    Have an ice-type dispel the stereotype of being heartless


    {} Achievement Unlocked; 30G

    Cherry Picker

    Have a character (lovingly) lose his/her virginity

    Author's Response:

    I'm working on the proofreading, I've heard from more than one source my work is looking better each time. As for your character idea, I'll try to find you on the irc. I might set up a twitter and see if people would want to submit ideas to me though there.