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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 4 was done at the same time as Chapter 3.

Slight tension rises in the air after Amber and Ribbon's moment together. Chip is upset and confused as he has mixed emotions about what his sister is using his body for and the fact that their best friend seems to be taking advantage of the twins. Before all of Chip's emotions could get the better of him the Zorua leaves and heads to his hide away to think and be alone...or at least as alone as a duosoul Pokemon can be. But even after he does get his peace and quiet he finds out that someone followed him back home, and this someone has alternative motives on their mind.

Chapter Illustation:  Thanks to Revous for his great work as always. 

Chapter 3 - Fox and the Rockruff

Chapter 3



Amber: Chip’s “older” twin sister. She is a shiny Eevee that is duo souled with the Zorua, they share Chip’s body though the process of Shifting. When both siblings are sleep, they can communicate with one another in the spiritual sleeping world. Amber wears pink ribbons on her tail and ears to match her pink colored eyes.

Chip: Amber’s “younger” twin brother. He is an alternative colored Zorua, he has yellow cream like fur with purple highlights and neck fur. Chip is afraid of that others see him for nothing more than being a hermaphrodite and as such pushes other Pokémon away from him, whether that is his close friends or even his sister.  

Ribbon: A beautiful Alona Vulpix who wears several ribbons on her body. She is best friends with Chip and Amber and often plays the role of big sister, best friend or even at times lover. She takes care of those who she is close to and will go out of her way to assist them the best that she can. This has led to the vixen getting into a few sticky situations.

Darious: A Rockruff from the Wild Plains Pack. He is the youngest of three male Rockruff and is the first in his pack to attend formal education. Darious can be a curious puppy who will stick his nose where it doesn’t belong without thinking about the outcome. He has a alpha male mentality and rarely backs down from a challenge.

Halvon: Shiny colored Oshawott. Halvon wears a Macho Brace around his waist to help himself grow stronger over time. Halvon loves to cosplay as a cat and wears cat ears on top of his head all the time. He hopes to join the battle team when he arrives at school and follow in his 5th year older brother’s footsteps. From time to time Halvon will say “osh”, “woi” or even “meow” in the beginning or end of a sentence.



The resting form of Amber was laying up under the sleeping Ribbon, she was spent and ready to go to sleep but she maintained control of body for the time being. Amber wanted this moment to never end, her feelings for Ribbon felt as true as the air she took in that kept her alive. With a murr the Eevee nuzzled her friend's check and pressed her nose into her fur and drew in a deep breath full of Ribbon's scent. Amber closed her eyes and felt herself being drawn into the darkness of sleep, her mind and spirit returned to the joined plains that her and her brother shared.

In the waking world Chip and Amber could use things like mirrors, pools of water or any object that can cause a reflection to communicate with one another. When one of the twins considered it, they could see the other standing next to this, when this occurred the other twin that was not in control of their body could speak to the other one. Others around them were not able to see the other twin and it sometimes looked like Amber or Chip was a little crazy when they were holding a full-blown conversation by the pond. When the pair slept, they could speak to one another in the Plains of Existence, a special place within their mind that was connected to the spiritual world, it was there that both of their spirits could move around and interact with one another. The plains reflected the place where they were currently at, when they were near the pond it would have a reflective pool covered by trees, and when they were deep in the forest a beautiful canopy surrounded them.

Returning to their spiritual home Amber noticed that her brother was not out in the open but instead was hunched over under a log. She wondered if her brother was ok, he always was someone who would bottle his emotions up and not try to talk to her about what he was feeling. She tried to sense how he was feeling and instead of having a clear answer she felt like he was hiding himself behind a fog. She hoped that he was not upset about what happened between her and Ribbon. Amber walked over to her brother and sits about two tail lengths away from him.

“Chip…” Amber looked over at her brother, the Eevee’s big pink eyes were full of concern. She wondered if something was upsetting him, normally she found him either sitting out in the open or at least not looking like he was trying to avoid her. Chip and Amber did not have the worst brother and sister relationship and despite her brother saying, "I hate you" she knew he did not. Chip struggled to show love, while she struggled to show anger.

“What?” An upset Zorua responded. Chip looked at his sister and Amber gasped when she saw his purple eyes were puffy and slightly red from crying.

“Sis…I mean bro?” Amber asked as she was completely caught off guard. Chip growled at his sister and Amber moved closer to her brother, the Eevee was concerned for her twin. She nuzzled him, her cheek brushed up against her brother's tear soaked cheeks. "Brother why are you crying?" Chip tried to pull away from Amber but she stayed close to him.

“Why are you touching me?” Chip groaned. Amber giggled and licks his cheek.

"Because I am your sister." Amber murred and she leaned her head against her brother's. "I will always be here for you, whether you like it or not." Amber remembered when Ribbon said something like her when they were slightly younger. The trio made a vow that they will always be there for one another, blood or not. Amber knew that Chip sometimes forgot just how family bonds were, but she was here to remind him both though voice and by action. She knew that her brother can learn to trust others, that he can show happier emotions and not act like he had something stuck up his rear. "Now why are you crying?"

“I am not a bitch Amber.” The Zorua said while looking away from his sister. Amber saw him try to wipe his tears away but just as he got rid of a few of them a couple more ran down his face. 

Amber smirked. “Of course not, you are not pregnant.” She chuckled. “You can tell me what is wrong little sister.”

“Shut up.” Chip barked as he wiped his face a few more times, the tears were not stopping just yet. “You must have done something to me…you and your girl emotions.”

“Believe it or not Chip but you are a herm. Its ok if you have 'girl' emotions, they are a part of who you are.” Amber said as her and Chip had this discussion at least once a week. "Now what is wrong little sister." Amber giggled.

“I am mad that you and your little vixen friend used me like some cheap sex toy.” Chip said bitterly. Amber nods her head as she knew this was going to happen. Amber tried to think of how she could keep this from getting out of control. Chip was hot headed, quick to judge and could sometimes be impossible to talk to. But she believed that her brother could be reasoned with.

“Chip…” Amber said as she smiled at her brother, the Eevee patted her brother’s back and for once he did not move or growl at her. "This is my body too and she didn't use me. She shared in a very loving and emotionally charged moment." Amber said gleefully, the thought of being with Ribbon made her happy. She knew that her brother could sense her emotions and most likely had two and two together. Unlike her he wasn't a complete virgin. Strangely as it was the Zorua had a little bit of experience, thought it wasn't much. Mostly was him experimenting with pillows and a little bit with their Pichu friend which was even more odd since Amber didn't know the little mouse had it in her.


Chip rolled his eyes and wiped his face again. “I am pretty sure that what you two released wasn’t ‘emotions’” Chip gagged at the thought. He thought of Ribbon rubbing and grinding up and down his sister as they were stimulating their genitals. The smell of their sex, the sounds of their moaning and slapping body parts and the touching…all of that touching. How could anyone ever want to do something like that to themselves? Chip was sleeping and because the twins could not share their memories, the Zorua did not know the details of what happened. But he could feel his sister’s emotions and she love for Ribbon had only grown after that they did together.

“Chip you can’t be afraid to live a little.” Murring Amber smiled at her brother, no matter what he said it wouldn’t change how she felt about Ribbon. “Me and Ribbon are entering into a series relationship. One that once you become older will understand.”

Chip wasn’t someone who wanted to hit his sister, but an image of him headbutting her popped into his mind. She had the nerve to tell him that he wasn’t old enough to understand what having a relationship was all about. Getting up from his spot the Zorua flashed and he began disappearing as he was going to return to the waking world. But he wasn’t going without sticking his tongue out at Amber who shook her head.

“You should really try getting laid some time little sister, it will change your life.” Amber proudly said.

“Blow it up your ass.” Chip snapped before vanishing all together.


Chip awoke to a feeling like he was in a freezer, the male shivered and looked to his side to see that Ribbon was already awake and…was staring at him. The Zorua noticed that he was still in his sister's Eevee form and groaned. Being that the time for their Shift hadn't arrived yet he would have to use Illusion himself to Shift back over to being a Zorua. For now, he could stand being a Eevee, least until he got up and got some air.

"Welcome back cutie." Ribbon giggled and Chip puts on his grumpy expression. "What lovely eyes you have...Chip. You would make such a cute Eevee, I highly recommend you stay like that." Ribbon gives Chip a nose to nose kiss and for a moment the Eevee

“Gross…I do not know where that nose of yours has been.” Chip snarled. “For all I know it could have been up someone’s ass.” Ribbon smirked and nuzzled him again, this time on the other cheek and Chip pulled away again. “Double gross!”

“Only place my nose has been is with your adorable sister.” Ribbon said and Chip couldn’t help but blush, his sister’s feelings bubbled up inside of him. “Though I do not mind letting it explore you for a bit handsome…” Chip pushed away from the leaning in Vulpix and he got up and moved away. Ribbon murred again and gets up, but instead of chasing him she just brushes herself off, as if she was done playing with him.

“What is wrong with you girls?” Chip asked and he feels Amber’s conscience bubble up.

<~ It is called enjoying the company of another brother. When you are older you will understand. ~> Amber spoke to him and Chip heard Ribbon giggling.

“Don’t tell me you heard that?” Chip groaned and Ribbon nods happily.

“Don’t let the beautiful white and blue coat fool you Chip, I am still a Vulpix.” Ribbon’s eyes glowed for a moment and a few rocks began floating around her. “Psychic powers comes as second nature to me.” The rocks float around Ribbon a bit more before she throws them at Chip.

“HEY!” Chip screams in a slightly girly voice as the rock past him and fly into the tree trunk behind him. The letters, ‘R.A.C’ was spelled out. Giggling Ribbon walked by the slightly shivering Chip and she walked into her den, all the while Chip saw her shaking her rear around. The Eevee noted that some of her fur was sticking out as the now mostly dried up cum was causing it to stand.

“Nice ass.” Chip mocked. Ribbon giggled and waves her rear at him as usual.

“Well there goes the gay theory.” Ribbon teased and Chip rolled his eyes. Amber giggled and then lets out a yawn which caused her brother to do the same. Ribbon shook her tails.

<~ I am getting sleepy. But…. ~> Amber yawned again. <~ I want to make sure you make it to the docks Chip. ~>

“Come on sis, have a bit more faith in me?” Chip said.

<~ Your right little sister, when I was your age I wanted to have other’s believe in me too. ~> Amber joked as she settled herself down. She wasn’t going to sleep yet but she was going to let Chip full control for now.

“I am NOT YOUNGER THAN YOU!!!” Chip screamed while a laughing ice vixen was falling over herself in her den laughing. Chip looked at Ribbon and bared his teeth. “I swear I am going to knock you up…I mean out!” Ribbon laughed even more when she heard the male fox. Chip taps his forepaw on the ground, his cheeks turning slightly red. 

“Aww then bring that ass over here then.” Ribbon stopped laughing and murrs as she stays laying on her stomach. The Vulpix licked her lips and waved for Chip to come join her, the Eevee did not and stayed put. “You want me to teach you how babies are made? Trust me it’s fun for both of us sweetie. I can just picture what wonderful little fox the three of us can make together.”

“There is something mentally wrong with you.” Chip turned and walked away, the Eevee was heading in the direction of the forest. He heard Ribbon run out of her den and call behind him.

“Be back here before sunset begins, we’ll walk down to the docks together.” Ribbon said, Chip did not answer her nor did he want to look back.

As he walks up the trail back into the woods he heard something rustling in the leaves behind him, though when he tried to see what it was there was nothing there. He looks around for a moment to see if it showed back up, but when he saw nothing the Eevee decided to keep going. He was going to head over to his hidden grotto and relax for a bit before he returned to Ribbon. Hopefully by then she would have cleaned up and calmed down. Today all anyone could think of was sex, sex, sex, and even more sex. What was so special about it that everyone was addicted to it?



Chip lost track of time as he continued walking towards his hidden hiding place, and by the time he arrived he felt that he may have spent too much time away as looking up in the sky he saw the sun was slowly moving closer and closer to the western side of the sky. It wouldn’t be long before he would have to return to Ribbon and so they could go to the docks together. Ribbon and Amber had used him like a play toy, treated his body like it was something that they could get a kick out of, and then afterwards just roll his body over and leave it for next time. But as he walked the Eevee felt something else, a slight hint of regret that he couldn’t have experienced what his sister had. He always had liked Ribbon a little bit as well, it wasn’t just Amber who had the hots for her but he liked her for other reasons. Ribbon had this edge about her, she emitted an aura of confidence that could make a Lucario envy her a little bit and he wanted to be just like that. Confident.

But how could he when he was like…this. A freak of nature.

Taking a deep breath Chip focused on the image of himself as a Zorua, his trade mark colors flashed in his mind, his yellow coat with purple highlights, his black neck fur. With the picture in his mind Chip felt his body change and a moment later he stood as his normal self. The handsome Zorua that everyone loved or hated.

"Good to be me again."

Chip heard something shuffling around inside some of the bushes that were nearby his grotto, the Zorua’s ears perked up as he focused on not just the shuffling of the bushes but for the sound of how it was moving. He wanted to know if it was moving towards him or away, and within a few moments he got his answer as the sound was moving slowly closer to him. He wondered if it was the same creature that had been following him since he was back at Ribbon’s den. Whatever it was, it picked the wrong Zorua to follow. Taking a breath, the Zorua turned to face the bushes and shifted his legs apart so he could help keep his balance.

“I know you are following me, come out now and I won’t hurt you…much.” Chip hoped that whatever it was wanted to fight, he was feeling a bit bored right now and he could use the practice. The bushes stopped rustling and Chip wondered if whatever it was ran away. But just as he wanted to let his guard down a shadowy figure leaped out of the bushes and tackled the Zorua to the ground. Chip couldn’t see whatever it was that was attacking him but instead felt bite after bite on his neck fur.

“Off, off…” Chip cried as he tried to use his hind legs to help him push the creature off of him. He heard a few barks and then more biting as it was not attacking the back of his neck. All the while Chip was running out of strength as whatever it was that was attacking him out weighed him just enough to make it hard for him to do much else but fumble around. Though just when the Zorua thought all was lost he heard something laughing.

“…I’m sorry…. you should…. see your face…I can’t…keep…doing this…ha-ha” It was his attacker; his attacker was laughing at him. Chip opened his eyes and looked up to see that a dog like Pokémon was sitting on top of him, the Pokémon was looking down at him with a bit smile on his face while panting. A few drops of drool fell onto his face and the fox growled as he tried to push the dog away from him again but it did not help.

“Get your fat ass off me.” Chip snapped as the Zorua had all right to be annoyed. The dog Pokémon shook his head.

“I won the fight, that means you are mine to do with as I please.”

“You PREVERT!!!” Chip growled and tries to push him off again but the Zorua’s paws were in a bad position and he couldn’t get any push off. He felt his attacker shift around on him a bit so his crotch was touching Chip’s, the Zorua gulps as he did not like where this was going.

“You challenged me to a fight. I won and now you are mine? It was a fair fight, am I right?” The dog asked and Chip tilted his head slightly. Who sneak attacks you and ask if the fight was fair. Chip didn’t care, he’ll play along and see where this goes.

“What are you talking?! You followed me up her, ambushed me and took advantage of me.” Chip growled, the Zorua bared his fang.  The pup shook his head yes and gives Chip a lick across his face. It was still hard to see what all the features of the dog Pokémon was but now that the sun was not directly behind him he did not look like a shadowy figure anymore. Instead what he saw a tan and brown puppy looking Pokémon with big ears, a strange collar like tuft of fur on the middle of its neck and a long slightly bushy at the end tail. Chip gulped as he was slightly not minding being stuck like this.

“NO….um…maybe…. well…. sort of…., ok yes I did follow you up here.” The pup Pokémon said after fumbling with his words. “But I only did it because I wanted to talk to you personally, and thank you for giving me that hot show between you and your Vulpix friend.” The pup’s tail wagged happily as Chip realized that he was talking about what his sister and Ribbon had done together. Strangely Chip felt upset, he couldn’t figure out why he felt disappointed that the puppy was here to talk to him about his sister.

“That wasn’t me, that was my sister.” Chip groaned as he felt that he could never get from under his sister’s shadow. How was it that this was his body and his sister still outshined him, even in front of another Pokémon who didn’t know what they were.

“Really…?” the pup asked curiously. “I would have sworn I saw what appeared to be a really cute Eevee there or am I mistaken?" The puppy chuckled and blushed.  "I remember seeing you and that cute vixen do it..." The puppy's blush became deeper red. "I might have gotten a little to excited back there." The pup licks Chip’s face again and shifts himself again, this time Chip felt something hard pressing up against him and it was the Zorua's turn to blush. If the fox remembered anything about dogs, it was that it took very little to get them excited.

“Hey, hey no getting excited.” Chip frantically cried, he was feeling hot under the color, and it wasn’t because the pup was on top of him. He couldn’t figure out why but outside of the pup’s sudden excitement and a bit of touching that wasn’t from either of their paws, he was liking what they were doing right now.

"Oh I'm sorry...It’s just that thinking about you and her are making it hard for me to contain myself." The puppy giggled and Chip felt the pup become harder.

“I do not even know you.” But that didn’t mean he didn’t want to get to know him. The puppy smiled and Chip couldn’t help but admire it, it was adorable and slightly made his heart melt.

“Right, right Pokémon down here like to introduce themselves.” The puppy said and he sits up and holds Chip down with is forepaws, the Zorua noted how strong he was for someone who was so small. “My name is Darious the Wild and Untamed Rockruff, though you can call me Darious or Dario for short.”

“Well Darious can you let me up, I mean…. this position sort of is…kind of personal.” Chip said as he looked up at the pup, and tried to not look at their hind sides. If he was to look he would notice that the both were slightly showing some red as the pair were stimulating the other.

Darious nods and gets up off of Chip who rolled onto his stomach and got up, the Zorua was somewhat glad he was free. He felt something was behind him and he noticed the pup was sniffing his rear as if he was another of his kind.

“Excuse me.” Chip said and Darious smiled and went back to sniffing him. Chip moved his tail in front of the pup who just used his forepaw to push it aside and go back to sniffing. Chip couldn’t tell if this dog was bold or not all up there. “First you beat me up and now your invading my privacy.”

“I am just getting to know you.” Darious responded as he finished sniffing Chip. He gets down in the playful position all dogs were known for, his fore body was now to the ground and his hind parts were sticking up in the air. He wagged his tail and barks. “Do you want to do what your sister did earlier with me?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Chip asked, but he had a feeling he wasn’t joking. when the Zorua looked at the pup’s cute eyes he had a hard time wanting to say no. Darious barks again and wags his tail faster.

“But it looks like so much fun, come on let’s play.”

“Do you think I am a play toy?” Chip asked as he walks between the vines leading into his grotto and entered his hidden little space. He heard Darious follow behind him into his grotto. Chip felt that the puppy had little clue that there was such a thing as privacy, if he could help it he was going to teach him a thing or two about it. The grotto itself was a nice clearing in the woods, with a high ceiling and trees lined all around it so it kept out a lot of light but still allowed some to come in.


“Oh no I would never think you was a thing. You are cute fox.” Darious said as he looked behind himself to make sure they were not being followed in. Chip watched him and rolled his eyes as he was trying to figure out why he was even entertaining this puppy. He did not look like anyone who lives out in the forest, in fact if he had to put a mark on where he came from he would guess the plains or mountains just to the north of their forest. There was a beautiful set of plains that was just to the north that created a buffer zone between Unity Forest and the Limestone Mountains.

“Hey you know I never caught your name.” Darious spoke as he walks further into the grotto and Chip sighed as he didn’t think he wasn’t going to get rid of him. He did not know if Darious was just that hard to get rid of or was it that the Zorua did not want him to leave.

“My name is Chip, I am a duosoul Pokemon that shares my body with my sister Amber.” Chip didn’t know if the puppy would believe him, but at the same time he says that he had spied on the girls having sex, it must have been where he saw Amber. Darious happily pants and nods in approval.

“Oh that is why the Eevee vanished after it was over. Your sister is cute, though I think you are just the right kind of cute for me.” The puppy tries to pounce on Chip again but this time he could step out of the way. Darious shook it off and tries again this time catching Chip by the tail and he keeps hold of it with his mouth.

“Hey mouth off, I already got enough of your biting earlier.” Chip snarled and Darious began laughing as he lets him go. It was the same laugh he has earlier after their fight.

“Oh that is just me giving you love nips.” Darious moved close enough to Chip so he could give him another bite on the back of his neck. Chip didn’t feel any pain but instead he felt a small release of pleasure course throughout his body. Chip looked down between his hind legs and saw that he was showing a bit of red again as he was slowly becoming hard. Darious released him and chuckles.

"Why didn't I feel that earlier?" Chip asked as he fought to keep himself calm.

“Oh I couldn’t hurt you if I tried Chip. At least not when it comes to love nips.” Darious said while looking down at Chip’s slightly exposed cock. "The nips take a little time to kick in, usually mates do it to one another right know." The Rockruff chuckles and puts a paw on the top of it and began rubbing it. Chip gulped as he feels the slightly rough paw pad of the pup grind up against his sensitive tip. “But I can make you feel good if you let me.”

“Darious this is not how Pokémon down here get to know one another.” Chip begged as he feels more of his cock expose itself. He wanted to move his paws in front of Darious but he did not want the fun to stop. He feels the puppy brush up against him, it reminded the Zorua of how Ribbon was with his sister, the raw emotions from how his sister had felt during her session with their friend bubbled up into his mind.

“Aww but it should be Chip. Because I want to experience what the girls had.” Darious smirks and Chip decided to put a end to this before they got too far. He puts his paws in front of the puppy’s. As much as he did not want the good feelings to stop the Zorua was not going to let himself get wrapped into the chaotic sex world his sister, Ribbon and now this adorable Rockruff Darious were a apart of.

“I am a boy for one.” Chip said as he lightly pushes Darious away. “Unless your gay I would stop if I am you.”

“Gay? What is that?” Darious asked as he continued having that smirk on his face, and Chip wondered what the puppy was planning. “When I smelled you I picked up the scent of a lovely Zorua who needed a little breeding.” Darious’s tail wagged as he got into the playful position again. Chip began to experience what Amber had felt with Ribbon as the Zorua’s heart was pounding quickly in his chest, his body was eager for more contact. “Back in my pack we would say hello by smelling one another, and when we said good by…well it was with a good runt.”

“Ok now you are starting to really annoy me. Get out of my grotto now!” Chip pointed to the exit and Darious shook his head.

“Aww…how can you kick out this cute little puppy…” Darious said as he gives Chip the sad puppy dog eyes.

“Easy because I do not like the idea of having sex.” Chip had to fight against every instinct in his body and pushed Darious along the path out of his grotto. The pup puts on the brakes as he dug himself into the ground and pushed Chip off him. The pup smiled still and gives a little bow.

“Let me help you get over it then Chip. I did win our little duel and that means it’s my job to take care of you.”

“I am not yours, mutt.” Chip heard for the first time the pup crack a bit as he growled.

“I can take a lot of shit…” The Rockruff’s tone deepened, his glare was like daggers ready to strike. “Don’t call me mutt.”

“Aww do you want to sniff my butt, maybe the smell of shit will make you feel better. Mutt!” Chip egged on the pup and the pair began passing around one another, the fox and hound were sizing each other up. Round two was about to rough.


Chapter End Notes:

I will be uploading chapter 4 most likely either tomorrow of the next day, I was having so much fun while working on this chapter that I ended up writing enough text to create a entire another chapter. I am having a great time bringing this series back and I hope that you are enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it. 

- Lightsoul

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