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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

With the end of the license exam comes a time of celebration for a crowning achievement in any student's time at the Academy. But what do the teacher's do after such a event? Bangam and Nikcino talk to one another about their future together and what changes needed to be made.

Angelblade and the girls go out for a night on the town and what better spot to take the celebration than to the biggest (and 1 of 2) clubs on the island Tail Lifters. Where they witness a interesting guest make a appearance.

chapter 29 - Tying up Loose Ends Part 2

Chapter 29

Bangam and Nikcino were sitting together in their personal box at Neon Central arena. Bangam picked this spot for them to have dinner as it was private and when a few modifications were done to the arena itself the place became a 5-star restaurant fit for the Headmaster and his mate to have a fine dinner together. He smiled as he looked his mate over, the Cinccino was starting to show over the past week and each time he looked at how far along she has come he couldn’t help but blush. Nikcino every time he did look at her in such a loving way always giggled and held onto him, she was just as excited as he was about their upcoming pup.

“I still can’t believe this is our first, with how much we do it…” She told him as the last of their meal was being brought out to them. Nikcino since she found out that she was pregnant had given up the junk food and now all she ate was green vegetables, very little meat and gave up drinking anything strong. She told Bangam that she wanted to be all natural and not let anything processed or unhealthy into her body. Bangam went along with it, he didn’t give up eating a lot of meat but he did stop eating unhealthy things and tried to be around Nikcino a bit more than he was before. Bangam has been with a lot of females, but he cannot remember ever getting this far with any of them. The Absol pictured himself with Nikcino as they raise their little family together, the image of him playing the dad role made him oddly happy inside.

“How long do you think we have until its time?” Bangam asked his mate and she takes a moment to think about it, the Cinccino puts her hands on her stomach area.

“Nurse Joy said it will be awhile. Remember that we are having a live birth Bangam, so it will be some time before its time.”

“I know. It is just that this is the first time I have ever been in this sort of situation. I mean this is my first after all.” Bangam said. He was very excited about what was happening. It almost seemed like a luck of the draw that they were having a live birth instead of Nikcino having a egg. It wasn’t uncommon for Pokémon to have a live birth, mammal like Pokémon along with a few others did it this way while others would have a egg. No one knew why some had live and others laid eggs but regardless they all came out the same way, with a beautiful bundle of joy being brought into the world. Or at least that is what the Audino nurse told them during their last checkup. Bangam had been paying attention but he sorts of wanted to get out of there too or at least not ask tough questions. Nikcino did most of the talking and he mainly stuck to the role of being a supportive mate.

“Bangam can we please begin finding a room for our baby?” Nikcino asked, she was eating a small salad and seemed to be day dreaming from time to time about something. Most likely it was about how she was going to do the babies room.

“We have plenty of them, shouldn’t take too long to pick one and go with it.” Bangam said, he didn’t find the topic that exciting, he stunk when it came to interior decorations. The entire castle was designed by a team of smart Pokémon, that included the interior decorations as well. He was just a Absol from the mountains, what did he know about colors going together or not using to much of one thing in one room. Leave that to the experts who had the time and patience to do so such a thing. He wanted to leave this sort of task to Nikcino but she seemed persistent on getting him involved with a lot more things than he imagined.

“Something a male would say.” Nikcino sighed and Bangam felt bad. “Well I guess I will ask Aurora if she would like to help me. Since you would rather not be as involved as I hoped you would.”

“Come on that is not fair, you know I do not know anything about interior decorating. Or what to feed a baby or honestly anything of this sort.” Bangam said as he was worried he had upset Nikcino. She looks at him as she takes a bite out of a tomato. The Cinccino seemed hard to get a read on at times and Bangam wished that he had mind reading powers. He wondered what he would find behind the cute eyes of his mate, would it be grand scheme plans of a hostile takeover of the school or simple cooking ideas for when Nikcino felt like fixing him a meal. She always loved doing that, normally it leads to them doing it afterwards. But ever since Nikcino has been starting to show she has taken it easy on any kind of sex practice. Even their morning blow jobs have fallen to the side and despite how much Bangam shouldn’t worry about it…he really could use a good release right about now.

“Ok Bangam you do not have to help me pick a spot. But if you do not help me, you cannot complain about where I set up. Deal?” Nikcino asked, she had a piece of lettuce in her tiny hands and was eating it like a chip. She smiled when he agreed to the deal and the Cinccino got up from her spot, walked over and kissed him on the cheeks. “Don’t worry I will not do anything mean like turn your study into the baby’s room. Are you going to go out tonight?” Nikcino asked.

“Um…I didn’t have any plans for this evening.” Bangam said, he planned on spending his time with Nikcino but she seemed persistent on getting him out of the castle.

“Why don’t you go see Sawyer.” Nikcino said and Bangam shakes his head.

“We haven’t spoken since our fight. I haven’t even thought of going to Tail Lifters.” Bangam thought of his Jolteon friend, he missed his dearly.

“As much as I do not want you down there, I do know how much he makes you happy. Believe it or not but you actually taste better when you are not all backed up and miserable.” Nikcino said and Bangam tilted his head in wonder. She kisses him on the lips and gives the Absol a hug. “Yes I can tell when you are um…cleaning the pipes out down there. Do not ask me how…just know that a mate can tell when her male is happy and satisfied and right now you are only half happy.” Nikcino turns herself around on Bangam and lets him hold on as she embraced him. Bangam felt his girl grope him a little bit and he turned a bit red when she gives him a, ‘see what I mean’ look as it had been a little while since he has gotten laid.

“No offense but we are not doing it that often.” Bangam answered.

“Honey we are not doing it at all right now. Sorry but I am not as in the mood as I want to be.” She shifted herself around on him. “Tell you what, go down to Tail Lifters, work things out with Sawyer, get that tail hole of yours plowed, and when you come back here, I will let you do me in mine. Deal?” Nikcino asked and Bangam couldn’t help but rub his head.

“Where did this come from?” Bangam asked and Nikcino smiled at him.

“I love you Bangam, if I cannot love everything about you, then why be with you. And besides…I do not know what Sawyer puts on your cock, but when you come back from there and I give you, your morning blow job…you taste so good.” Nikcino pats the Abso’s crotch. “Try to bring him back so I can get his secrets, you would be so surprised how much the little things can make a difference.”

“Oh brother…” Bangam groaned. “When should I go- “Nikcino hugs her mate and then pushed him along.

“Right now, Bangam. Right now.” Nikcino pushed the Absol out of the door to the Headmaster’s box and down the hall. She finally lets him go when they were far enough along. “Oh, and tell Sawyer I said hi ok.”

Angleblade, Mina and Chioren sat inside of Tail Lifters that evening drinking fruity drinks and talking about anything that didn’t involve school or boys in general. Angelblade had spent the day hanging out with her mother Ruby, but it didn’t feel that great since both her and Chioren couldn’t stop fighting one another over Angelblade’s attention. Chioren kept telling Angelblade that Ruby was bad news and that she should avoid her if possible, while Ruby who overheard everything told Angelblade that the Meowstic was trying to corrupt her. Angelblade in truth didn’t care about what either thought and that she wanted to live her own life, make her own mistakes and see and talk to who she wanted to. It was Mina’s idea that they should go to Tail Lifters because tonight was girl’s night out and everything in the bar/club was geared for female Pokémon. Discounted drinks, discounted entry, discounted dances and all of Sawyer’s favorite male dancers were here to please the ladies tonight. It was the perfect night to get away and enjoy one another’s company without any real distractions.

“Are you ladies enjoying yourselves?” Sawyer himself had come over to talk to the girls. He was a former classmate of theirs who graduated and came back to take over his father’s bar. Mina nods as she holds up a few Poke’ dollars for the Jolteon.

“Are you available?” Mina asked and the Jolteon smirks as he happily takes her money from the eager fox.

“Depends, what do you want me to do for you? Or should I say to you?” Sawyer asked with a wink and Mina giggled.

“Oh it’s not for me, it’s for my friend Blossom. She has been eye balling you all night cutie.” Mina said and points over to the Leafeon who was over at the bar area getting the rest of them some more drinks. Next to her was her best friend Nizi the Ribombee. “I am already off the table.”

“Well I will see what I can do for you friend. But you do remember the rule here, what happens at Tail Lifter’s stays at Tail Lifter’s.” Sawyer said and he takes a seat next to Mina as they wait for Blossom to return. Angelblade pulls out her pouch of coins and gives a few more to Sawyer.

“Well you please go help Blossom and Nivi bring back the drinks.” Angelblade said as she at least wanted to Jolteon to be a gentlemon about it. With a smile the Jolteon did so and they watched him walk off to help the other girls out. With him gone Angelblade looks at Mina with a slight look of amusement on her face. “Are you trying to get Blossom laid tonight?”

“You do know that Sawyer is bi, right?” Mina said snickered. “I mean when he was in school he was always chasing the girls around, only later did he start dating males.” Sighs. “To bad him and Headmaster Bangam broke up, I mean they made such a cute couple. I remember coming in here all the time last year and seeing them make out behind the counter.”

“I really do not know why Headmaster Bangam did not want anyone else finding out…or thinking that no one noticed him in here.” Angelblade said as she watched Sawyer help Blossom and Nivi with the drinks. The Jolteon cleverly could use Magnet Rise to keep the tray floating in the air and casually walks it over to them. “I mean the entire school knew about them, heck I remember they dating when Sawyer was still a student here.”

“Headmaster Bangam believes that he is supposed to be a role model.” Chioren spoke for the first time the entire night. She had been silently sipping on her glass of water. She did not like to put anything into her body that she thought would be bad for her. Which was good since it kept her mind sharp and she was very good at keeping the other girls out of trouble. “He also felt pressured from Nikcino to be a certain way, all of that put together made him become very stressed out and Sawyer was able to sense it.”

“Wow did you get all that from reading their minds or something?” Mina asked, the fellow Psychic type seemed lost.

“No…I talked to Sawyer about it after him and Bangam broke up.” Chioren went back to drinking her water.

“Right…” Mina seemed embarrassed and Angelblade couldn’t blame her. Chioren sometimes was short on words, but when she did talk she was very sharp with her tongue, didn’t give you a ton of tauros and when she was done went back to doing whatever she was doing before. Angelblade usually could get more out of Chioren than just her sharp words, and she saw her for more than just the tough fur she had on the outside.

“…so you are telling me, that you got an A on every license exam you ever took.” Angelblade heard Blossom say as she returned to the table. Sawyer nods and sits the tray down on the table, there were a few more drinks than the Absol remembered putting money in for. The Jolteon gives the girls a bow as the sound of the music in the background was being turned up.

“No joke, I got an A on all but…my last one. That one I got an A minus on.” Sawyer admitted. “That was the test that I sort of didn’t care that much about and I did not study as hard for.”

Still impressive feat.” Nivi said, the Ribombee flew over the table and took a seat next to Chioren who moved over for her. “Lowest I ever have scored on the exam was a B.”

“What is with the extra drinks?” Angelblade asked.

“These my girls, are a few experimental drinks I am working on. Their flavor is a mystery and I wasn’t planning on revealing them until the end of the festival at the mix drink off contest. I am hoping to beat Gertrude this year, and to do that I need to figure out how I can make something that taste better than a milk shake. “Sawyer said and he shows the girls what he meant as he began combining a few of the small shot drinks together into a larger glass and then adds in some milk. Finishing up he poured everything into a shaker and used his electric powers to shake everything up and then poured a small amount into a glass.

“Shaken not stirred, I call this the Bangam.” Sawyer said as he presents the drink to the girls. It was a milky white drink with a sweet aroma to it, cold as it had been shaken over ice and as a finishing touch Sawyer added a small piece of chocolate to the drink. It floated to the top and reminded Angelblade of the Absol horn.

“Wow…it sorts of reminds me of a Absol’s head.” Chioren said, the Meowstic was staring right at her. Angelblade hated when she did that as she always felt that the cat was drying to see into her soul.

< ~ Chioren stop that, you are creeping me out. ~> Angelblade spoke to her lover. The Meowstic broke eye contact with her and went back to sipping her water.

< ~ You shouldn’t be creeped out around me. You should worry more about the other Absol that just entered the room. ~> Chioren said and Angelblade felt her heart race as she felt the presence of Headmaster Bangam. She did not know why, but when he was nearby her the younger Absol always felt her heart race a little bit. Look towards the door she saw the older Absol standing there. Sawyer and the rest of the club had noticed as well.

< ~ Told ya. You have fun with this one, I am going to enjoy my glass of water and maybe read a book. ~> Angleblade could smack her love as she saw her pull out a book and start reading. Sometimes she wondered what it took to make her give a damn.

“Bangam…Bangam…. what brings you here?” Sawyer spoke as he walked away from the table where the girls were at and over to the middle of the dance floor. The lights were still low and the music had been turned down. Angleblade moved away from the table and walked over to the side of the dance floor. Bangam walked to the middle of it and took a deep breath.

“I came to talk to you Sawyer, about what happened between us, and about our future.” Bangam said in a commanding voice. Angelblade wondered what could have happened to the old Absol, and why he seemed so different than the last time she saw him. Bangam had been absent from the public view since his fight with Sawyer, some had begun to wonder if he had been hurt so badly from the fight that he was near death. Other thought that he had such public embarrassment that the old Absol left the island to spend his days alone in the wild. Angelblade didn’t believe any of it.

“Oh, really Bangam, you want to finally talk to me like we are equals? And I am not some one night stand that you can forget about the next day?” Sawyer said, a few sparks could be heard crackling. Angleblade hoped that they would not start a fight here, the club wasn’t built to handle intense fights.

“I did you wrong and for that…I am sorry.” Bangam said calmly, the Absol had closed his eyes as if he was ready to accept whatever punishment that Sawyer may give him that he hadn’t already. Angelblade raised one of her paws and looked at one of her ankle bracelets, she was staring at the one that contained her Mega Stone and she then looks at the one that was hanging from Bangam’s collar. She couldn’t put her paw on it, but she felt that their stone were related somehow. It was only a feeling…

“No wonder you never were able to settle down Bangam, you only care about your own image.” Sawyer snarled, he was still very upset from how things went before. Angelblade could feel the fire of Sawyer’s anger, it was so powerful that it could overwhelm someone who wasn’t ready for it. But at the same time, she could feel the coolness of Bangam’s aura, it reminded her of the icy cold water of winter, cool and able to put out the hottest of fires.

“That is true Sawyer.” Bangam opened his eyes and Angelblade could sense the older Absol’s determination. He did not intend to leave here without taking Sawyer with him. “I did only care about myself, about my image and what the school children thought of me. How could I be their Headmaster and not be someone that they could look up to. And for that I was wrong, I was selfish and it is amazing that anyone could love me. But you loved me regardless, and I loved…still love you.”

“You wouldn’t know the first thing about love even if it walked into the room right now and slapped you in the face.” Sawyer looked around and all of the students, teachers and a few locals were staring at them. Bangam shook his head, he was smiling.

“Well then come here and slap me then, but after that I want to make out with you right here.” Bangam said and Sawyer laughed.

Of course, you would, we are in Tail Lifter’s. The name says it all, I mean this is the place where Pokémon like you come to get your tail holes plowed and no one has to know about it.” Sawyer said spat at Bangam and the Angelblade saw a line of drool drip down Bangam’s face. She gulped as the younger Absol felt sorry for the older one. She touched her stone and saw it glow for a moment, the same thing happened to the one Bangam wore. “Your full of shit Bangam. If you thought that I would just go falling back into her paws you were –“Everyone gasped as Bangam was standing inches from Sawyer’s face, a red paw print was on the Jolteon’s face. Bangam had Mega Evolved and used his new-found speed to punish Sawyer.

“That was for being rude.” Bangam coolly said and then he holds onto Sawyer’s face with a paw and locks lips with the Jolteon who at first fought back but quickly gave into the long kiss. Angelblade couldn’t help but smile as the crowd cheered for the pair as Bangam showed that everyone deserved a second chance. Angelblade snuck back over to the table and finds Chioren was standing up on the seat, the Meowstic had been watching the entire time.

“What are you doing up there, get down.” Angelblade said and Chioren drops down to eye level with her. Angelblade giggled as she saw that Chioren had been crying, the Meowstic’s eyes were red and puffy. “You are such a big softy.”

“No…I…I…um…Oh ok! I am a sucker for happy endings.” Chioren cried and Angelblade gives her a kiss on the lips just like how Bangam did for Sawyer.

“I know you are…you’re a big pussy.” Angelblade giggled

“Fuck you…” Chioren said happily as she wiped a few more tears off her face.

“Sounds tempting, when can we start?” Angelblade snickered, the anklet shined for a moment before it stopped. She did not know why but the young Absol felt a strange kinship with the older Absol, she wondered if it was because of their shared Mega Stones or if there was a bit more between them than the same taste in battle items.

Bangam and Sawyer kissed for what felt like a long time, the pair did not even notice that everyone had begun dancing around them and that the party had started back up. Once they were done though Sawyer blushed and rubbed his cheek.

“Did you really have to hit me so hard?” Sawyer asked and Bangam nods.

“You can be a real ass sometimes, it sorts of just came out of me to smack you like that.” Bangam said and he kissed Sawyer’s cheek so he knew that he cared. “Love ya.”

“You always have.” Sawyer looked ashamed of himself. Bangam could understand as he had not been that good to him over the past few months and he knew that Sawyer wanted to just be a good mate to him. He had given up a bit just so he could be close to him, he gave up traveling up north to study at the old Academy up in the Mystic Mountains, he had given up going to the city to become a famous fighter and he instead took over his father’s bar here on the island just so he could be close to Bangam. Bangam wanted badly to make the Jolteon’s dreams come true, or at least pay him back for all the trouble he had put him though.

“Sawyer I want you to come live with me up in the castle.” Bangam offered and Sawyer looked confused.

“Why do you keep asking me that?” the Jolteon asked, he did not give Bangam the answer he was expecting. “You know I want to say yes, but what about Nikcino? Are you two not getting serious? Last I heard you two were trying to start a family.”

“We are…Nikcino and I haven’t told anyone yet, but…we are pregnant.” Bangam happily said and Sawyer kissed Bangam again.

“Oh, my gosh I am so happy for you two.” Bangam feels Sawyer hug him with his fore-legs and used his body weight to take the Absol to the ground. The pair feel the trembling of the dancing Pokémon around them as they laid on the floor together. “I am so proud of you, finally tying the knot and with a real looker too. I mean look at who you are with right now, I mean of course you have good taste.”

“Thank you, Sawyer…” Bangam said as he was sure he didn’t need Sawyer’s approve for who he was with. “Nikcino actually insisted that you stay with us. I think she had grown a bit fond of you, maybe she believes that you will fit right in. And you make me happy and she cares about that a lot.”

“Well I will give it a try, but I get my own room, and I will not be your maid. Though I do not mind dressing up as one just for you.” Sawyer licks Bangam’s face and the Absol felt the electric eon’s cock poking at him. “Oh, that will be so much fun, dress up like a French maid, cut out the back of course, I need to flaunt about what mama gave me.” Sawyer giggled and Bangam felt the Jolteon grind himself up against his own sheath, the Absol’s face showed that he was noticing what was happening.

“Oh, would you stop that, of course we are going to do it right here on the dance floor. I want everyone to see who that cute little ass of yours’s belongs to.”

“Come on Sawyer…don’t you think this is a bit much?” Bangam asked, he wanted badly to not be taken by his male mate right out here in public. Sawyer continued grinding his exposed rod against Bangam’s, the Jolteon already was dripping pre-all over Bangam’s underside. The scent of the jolty’s cum made Bangam become even more aroused than what Sawyer was already making him.

“If you and Nikcino can do it in front of the entire student body, then this should be easy.” Sawyer said, he pokes Bangam’s nose and nip’s his neck fur in a show of dominance. “Besides Bangam…do you remember who the Alpha male in our relationship is…now be a good boy and relax. I am going to just keep grinding on you until we both cum and then I’ll make that super clean coat of yours and after that we can go back and get cleaned up. Well that won’t stop the aroma of this eon’s scent from letting all the other boys know who your bitch to.

Bangam sighed as he forgot how Sawyer could get sometimes, he loved being top dog and always reminded the Absol of it. “Arceus I forgot how much of a dick you can be sometimes.”

“Its good to be back.” Sawyer said as he turned around on Bangam and slapped his ass. Bangam lets out a loud howl. “Don’t worry sweetie, a few more of those and we will be even, now how about putting that mouth to good use and give me a rimmy.”

Bangam looked right up and saw the Jolteon’s tail hole right over his mouth. With a sigh and a big blush on his face the Absol started licking away, the taste of the Jolteon’s tail hole filled his mouth and he wanted to both gag and keep eating him out all at the same time. In the back of his mind he felt the words he wanted to say bubble up inside of him. “I love you…”

Sawyer laughed, the Jolteon was licking at Bangam’s cock at the same time. “I know you do, now keep licking, you have 4 weeks’ worth of work to put in.”

“Yes love.” Bangam went back to work on his jolty love, and things were going well until he heard the sound of a familiar voice from the crowd.

“Mr. Bangam?” Only one Pokémon on the entire island called him that. Bangam gives Sawyer a pat on the rear for him to lift himself up a bit.

“Funny seeing you here Aurora.” Bangam said as it all began making sense now, how Aurora found out about him and Sawyer and how she always seemed to know when he had gone down to Tail Lifters to see him. “What do I own the pleasure?” He asked as the Absol looked up at the Jigglypuff who had her hands on her hips. She was covered in kiss marks and Bangam couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw that she looked to be a little wet down under. “Looks like someone has been enjoying Girls Night Out.”

“Tha-that is besides the point.” Aurora’s face was slightly inflated. “What if the students saw you here right now?”

“Oh they would be given a lesson on how to give a proper rim job.” Sawyer pitched in, the Jolteon winked at Aurora. “Looks like you have been getting a little frisky with some of the Pokémon here too Aurora.”

“I was…under cover.” Aurora tried to speak but she seemed lost for words.

“Someone is under your cover alright.” Sawyer snickered and Bangam knew he didn’t have to say much else, his Jolty love had this. He gave his little pucker a kiss of encouragement. “You should let them finish that.”

“Aurora where did you go?” Everyone looked to see Professor Lita there. The Clefairy was equally covered in kiss marks from where Aurora had been nipping and sucking on her and her mouth area was covered in most likely the balloon Pokémon’s clear fluids. “Oh, hey there Headmaster and Sawyer, congratulations on getting back together. Aurora leave them alone and get over here, I found my handcuff’s and vibe.” She holds up a pair of pink play handcuffs and a vibrator. “Mama doesn’t get to get out all the time, so get that ass over here.”

“I…I lost a bet…” Aurora deflated herself. Bangam and Sawyer laughed.

“Sure, you did.” Bangam said.

“Did you lose that bet over the summer, since you two are always in here together until close time.” They watched as Aurora goes back over to the waiting Clefairy. As they go back into the crowd Bangam saw Lita give the Jigglypuff a good slap on the rear.

“You know…that explains so much. So, so much.”

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