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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


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<p>With the license exam behind them the students of Bangam Academy prepare for the up coming Fall Festival. Chip and Amber find themselves fighting with one another over something that both of them share. Amber loves her brother and she refuses to see him throw away his chance for happiness over something petty and outside of their control. <br /><br />Ruby has a dicussion with her oldest child over the fate of Ribbon and what must be done to protect her. At the same time she meets Chioren a Meowstic who for some odd reason doesn't believe in being pushed around so easily by the Mew. Does she have any idea who she is starting a war with...?<br /><br />Meadow wants to help Chip to see that she is just the right gal for him. But when he ask her a strange question, she decides to give him just the right response. Is the Zorua truly worthy of winning over the courtship of the Shaymin or will his own insecurities do him in. Well if he fails...he always has Darious to stick </p>

Chapter 28 - Tying up Loose Ends part 1

Chapter 28

The license exam went by easily for everyone that had taken it. The exam for all first years was a simple question and answer exam that was issued by their homeroom teachers, with small hands on exam afterwards. The test had been changed since a few years ago, and no longer made first year students must perform everything right away and instead slowly guided young Pokémon along. The test for Chip and Amber had been done in Professor Lita’s room, she gave them a exam that was a 50 question test with multiple choice questions, short answer and a small essay that had to all be completed in 2 hours. Afterwards she had the students point out important parts of a Pokémon’s body of different body types from quad-pads, to bipeds, and bird Pokémon. Pokémon that had extremely different body types like Muks and Dittos was not covered and after the test was over the students were given the chance to speak to the teacher about anything on their minds.

“ Charmy...not all teachers were students here once.” Professor Lita said as she was answering Charmy the Charmander’s question. Chip’s head was throbbing as he felt like crap after that long exam. He thought at first 50 questions would be easy, but once he began having to do the short answer part and then the mini essay at the end, he was burnt out. Meadow’s little lessons from yesterday did not prepare him for what he had to do today, paws on his ass. The only paws on he had was getting to touch the silicone models in front of him during the oral exam.

Oh, are teachers and students allowed to date?” Chip heard the Charmander ask, all the students stared at the Clefairy, eager to know her answer. Chip even was a bit interested.

“It is rare to see it happen, but there have been cases in the past of students and teachers having relationships.” Professor Lita sits on her desk, her legs crossed and she was playing with her teaching stick. The Clefairy for some odd reason seemed hotter than usual, the Zorua no longer felt like he was pooped out and instead was staring at his teacher. He wasn’t the only one in the room doing so as several of the other boys, including Charmy were staring at their teacher, eyes wide and their rears were glued to the edge of their seats.   

Oh, please tell us more…”

“Wow when has Professor Lita gotten so hot?”

“Chip, Chip...Chip!” The Zorua stopped staring and looked around. He noticed his sister was standing by his desk, the Eevee was looking a bit grumpy. Chip blinks and feels slightly dizzy.

“Amber…” Shakes his head as he tries to get the feeling of being in a trance out of him. “What...what do you want?”

“You were in a trance, you fell for Professor Lita’s Cute Charm.” Amber said. Chip noticed that most of the room was gone, along with Professor Lita. He puts a paw on top of his head.

“I... feel dizzy…”

“What happens when you fall for something like Cute Charm. Remember what Coach Nikcino said, ‘Attract based moves are most dangers when used outside of combat. Also, you do not have to be touched by someone with Cute Charm to fall for them.’” Amber quoted their teacher. “Professor Lita meant to use her ability at the end of class. Most of the boys followed her out after the bell ringed, I just happened to stop you from walking out with her. Oh, and before you ask what happened to them, she walked all of the tranced boys into the fountain, but Charmy who she just used wake-up-slap on.”

“Why didn’t it affect you?” Chip asked his sister. Amber taps the Zorua on his head.

“Remember I am using a doll as my body right now. Plus, I am the female half of our body. Some things do not affect me as much as they do you.” Amber licks Chip’s head and helps him up. “Professor Lita told us that we have the rest of today and this weekend off so we may celebrate our victory and the Fall Festival. Meadow told me to tell you that she wants to see you this evening out near the fountains. She says that she wants to help you celebrate passing your first license exam the right way.” Amber giggled and Chip looked embarrassed, he didn’t want his sister knowing about his personal life...well more than what he could hide from her.

“Sis you know how I feel about my business being put out.” Chip said, the effects of the charm was going away.

“Chip even with this fake body I still can feel just about everything you do.” Amber seemed more serious now. “No matter what brother, we are together always, a fake body cannot change that.” She steps in front of the Zorua and nuzzled him. “If you were to tell me right now to ditch this doll and go back to the real us I would do it in a heartbeat. I know how much you like Meadow and you know how much I love Ribbon. When I look at Meadow I can feel your feelings flowing through me, and...I know how you feel about Darious.”

“Amber…” Chip said and he watches his sister put a paw up to stop him.

“You love him. You love both Darious and Meadow and... there is nothing wrong with that. They care deeply for you two and that is something I would never want to take away from you.” Amber and Chip could feel they were having a moment, something that has been long coming. “Both see that there is more to you than what you let on. Darious cares for you a lot...even if he sometimes can be just...really, really, stupid. I just worry that he sees you as a sex object, but if he does.... he does a very good job pretending that you are not. And Meadow...she is the perfect Pokémon for you.”

“Amber, it is not like that.” Chip said. “I mean she is a legendary Pokémon, and I am just some freak.”

“You are so stupid!” Amber stomps her paw, her expression scared the Zorua a little bit as the Eevee glared at him. “We are not a freak, we are a beautiful Pokémon that was gifted with the ability to love anything or anyone. If we are a freak, then Meadow is one too. She is a herm like us, gifted with the ability to breed with nearly everything. And you are so into trying to be like everyone else that you fail to realize how special we are, how special Meadow is and even Mina who I wouldn’t mind getting to play with sometime.” Amber pokes at her brother’s shoulder, the Eevee glared at him. “You have one of the cutest, brightest and sexiest females I ever have met interested in you, and you are so worried about being a herm to realize how much you mean to Meadow.”

“What do you mean?” Chip asked his sister, he was feeling a little worried that he put his paw in his mouth. “Look I am stupid sometimes- “

“You are not stupid Chip, just dim.” Amber huffed. She points Chip towards the door. “Let’s go, I want to go find Ribbon, and you need to talk to Meadow. Talk to her about being a herm, you need to hear about it from someone other than me.”

“When did you get so bossy?” Chip asked, the Zorua and his sister walk out the door. Amber walked as fast as she could beside him, the Eevee was not done with him just yet. Chip remembered why he always has problems with his sister, she thought she knew everything, was bossy and to him was just annoying at times. “Has Ribbon not be eating you out lately, or not been sticking something up that ass of yours. Honestly you girls really should learn to fill your time with other things other than each other. Cause no one things the two of you are cute.”

“You are a real piece of work sometimes brother.” Amber growled. “All I want to do is help you, and all you can do is make fun of my relationship with Ribbon.”

“What relationship? She doesn’t even like you the same way you like her. Your nothing more than a nice piece of ass to her.” Chip comments and moves a bit quicker, he wanted to be away from Amber and honestly away from everyone right now. Chip feels something in the back of his mind and feels himself slowing down. Amber was giving him a reminder that despite using the doll body, she was still apart of him.

<~ If I am nothing more than a piece of ass to Ribbon, you know that Vulpix that actually likes me alot. What does that make you and Darious? Remember Chip…when Ribbon is going on down on me…and me on her…it is our body that is doing it. So…next time you want to say something ‘funny’ about me and Ribbon…remember that you are having sex with her just as much as I am. ~> Amber walked beside him, she gives him a smirk and blew the Zorua a kiss. “I hope you have a nice day Chip, and remember…I am always here for you…but do not make rude comments about my girl again.” Amber gets right into Chip’s face, she wasn’t smiling anymore. “Or it will be bad news for you.” With that the Eevee smiles and nuzzles her brother. “Now go find Meadow. Ciao.”

Angelblade the Absol was ushering some of the worn-out students back to their dens, the license exam always left everyone in a mess and normally required the assistance of some of the older students. She was a established 5th year and was very good at pacing herself during the exam, as such she wasn’t as tired as everyone else was. She was coming from outside as she helped some of the students that Professor Lita has walked into the fountain back inside, it wasn’t warm outside like back at the very beginning of the school year and the last thing the school needed was students catching a bad cold. She could hear the chatter from Professor Bones to the Clefairy as he didn’t found her student to be very nice.

“Those two are always arguing.” Chioren a female Meowstic said to the Absol as her best friend, battle partner and lover was helping to get the younger students inside. Angelblade was into girls, she didn’t dislike boys but she didn’t find them as thrilling as girls were. Being the oldest of 3 the Absol knew that she had to set the example for her younger siblings. Or at least that was what she would do it her mother allowed her to reveal her relations to them. Angelblade was the Ruby the Blue Mother’s oldest child and she often wished that she had either been born second or had been born as the opposite sex. It wasn’t just her that believed this, Ruby did a great job saying it herself as well. The words, “If you only had been born a boy…I might actually approve of your life choices more. How am I supposed to pass my DNA and name along, when all of my children are…I cannot even finish my words.” True words, she literally told her that the last time they saw one another. Angelblade luckily did not have to deal with Ruby all of the time and instead lived with Meadow in her valley when she wasn’t in school.

Yes, they are, but that is what happens when you have two opposite ideas on how to teach.” Angelblade said as she ushered in a Pichu that was soaked to the bone in cold water. Chioren raised a hand and used her powers to pull all the water from the Pichu and form it into a water bubble. Angelblade then watched as Chioren sends the water bubble back outside and into the grassy area.

“Thank you so much.” The Pichu’s fur puffed out as she was dried off now. Chioren rubs her head and sends the little mouse on her way.

“You do good work as always.” Angelblade said. Chioren looked at the Absol, she was trying to read her emotions and Angelblade looked away, she hated it when Psychic types did that. But she couldn’t hide much from her friend and Chioren crosses her arms and taps her foot.

“You are thinking about her again, what did we just talk about sweetie.”

“I know…but knowing that she is here, it makes me slightly uncomfortable.” Angelblade sighed and Chioren touches her face. Angelblade was a undersized Absol, where most of her kind got over 3 feet tall, she was actually a foot smaller than usual. It could have something to do with the fact that she was a rare cream colored shiny Absol, or possibly it could be a result of who her mother was. Regardless she was a petit sized Absol and was just the right size for Chioren who stood at only 2 feet tall herself. Chioren kisses her on the cheek and Angelblade nuzzled her back.

“We are done ushering in students now, how about we do a little something to get our minds off the exams, responsibilities, battles, and we just spend the rest of the stay in the other’s embrace. Thinking about anything other than each other.” Chioren offered, she nudged Angelblade away. The Absol blushed and followed her lover, and together they began walking back towards their den. As they did so the pair passed by a odd colored Zorua. Angelblade stood for a moment to look at it, taking a good look at it from behind. She noticed something odd was off about it, but before she could dive into it any more Chioren pulled on her chest fur.

< ~ Worry about it later. ~> Angelblade heard Chioren say to her via psychic speech. Angelblade didn’t want to, she wanted to track down the Zorua and speak to it. It was such a strange color and if anything, she knew, strange colored Pokémon usually had interesting secrets or even powers. At least that is what her mother taught her, but before she could walk in the opposite direction Chioren filled her mind with the image of the Meowstic laid out on their bed, with her legs spread open and the kinky kitty showing a little pink for her.

< ~Chioren, you know you are dirty. ~> Angelblade thought and with a regretful last look in the direction other Pokémon went the Absol followed her lover back to their room. But she wasn’t about to soon forget the little fox that has caught her attention.

Ruby sat on the stairs leading up to the Wood’s Den chambers, with the exams over and students running about no one seemed to mind seeing the Ninetales sitting by the entrance. Everyone was enjoying the short time off from studying as the exams were right before the fall festival and that was a three-day event that allowed students to enjoy time off. Ruby has come to the school more than enough in the past to know the schedule and what everyone was expected to do during different times of the year. She was planning on tending to a few things right before she decides to depart to go back up north for a little bit and tend to her youngest. But before she left the Ninetales needed to see her oldest child. Even if she was a disappointment in her eyes, the Absol was still her flesh and blood and she needed to make sure that she knew that she still loved her. Even if she felt that she could do better.

Ruby had a rocky relationship with Angelblade, a strained mother and daughter relationship with Ribbon and a mama’s little boy relationship with Fenzura. Out of all of her children, none of them were turning out the way that she planned. Seeing each of her pups in a same sex relationship was a bit much for her to deal with, but it wasn’t a reason to dislike them or put any of them down. Sure, she did make jokes, make suggestions and sometimes try to interfere in their affairs but she did it one so she could try to guide them to what she wanted them to be, and two…so she could relieve some of her stress about the situations. Ruby really did want to sometimes use Psychic to blast the world apart, but she kept her temper under control. So instead of blasting the world to pieces she instead got involved in their affairs and when things did not work out, find some innocent looking Pokémon and fuck her brains out with them. Which would explain Fenzura’s and Angelblade’s births. Ribbon was different…she was in love when she was with Snow.

“Snow…” Ruby puts a paw on her heart, closed her eyes as she thinks about the Glaceon who stole her heart away and made her know how it felt to be in love with someone else. She wouldn’t openly admit it but she regrets how she left him and wished every day that she had the strength to tell him that she was sorry. But chances were that he moved on and found an new mate, and why wouldn’t he, she left him in the middle of the night, with no word about where she went and if she would ever return. Her and Ribbon could be dead for all he knew and at this point Ruby felt it was better that way.

Oh, my Arceus…” Ruby couldn’t help but smirk as she heard her oldest. She opened her eyes and saw the Absol standing across the hall from here. Standing beside her was the Meowstic she had heard of, Chioren. Ruby couldn’t help but snicker at the sight of the petit Absol and her darling of a partner Meowstic. “What are you doing here?”

“Now is that any way to greet your mother?” Ruby asked, she looked at Chioren and smiled. “Has she told you about me?”

“Every little detail that she knows of.” The fellow Psychic type said, Ruby could sense that she was trying to read her mind, but it would be a failed dream to think that she could do so, the Mew knew perfectly how to secure her mind from just about anything. Only by weakening her could one even begin to try to search her thoughts. Even then she kept fail-safes buried deep inside of her mind as a means of protecting certain deep dark secrets. It didn’t take long for the psychic kitty to figure out that she wasn’t even going to make a dent trying to get into her mind and stops. “She told me that you really are. It’s an honor…” The kitty bows her head to Ruby and she returned to gesture. The bow reminded her of what they did back in the tribes and she couldn’t help wondering if Chioren had some ties to her second home.

“A very nice bow, I hope some of your good manners can rub off on my daughter.” Ruby said and Angelblade tensed up. Her cheeks turned red and she looks down.

“You are embarrassing me.” Angelblade said and Ruby watched Chioren pat her back.

“You do not have to feel embarrassed around me sweetie.” Ruby watched Chioren kiss her daughter on the cheek and the Ninetales grunts. The pair look at Ruby and giggle. “She told me how you feel about our type of relationship. Please trust me when I say we cannot help ourselves.”

“Need you remind me?” Ruby said as she rolled her eyes. “Angelblade I want to talk to you, I am staying in the local area for a little bit longer and I need to discuss something with you.”

“Anything you need to tell me, you can say in front of Chioren.” Angelblade said and Ruby shrugged as her eyes glowed and everything around them froze in place. The only Pokémon that could move about was the three of them. Ruby was kind enough to let her daughter’s wishes be met, besides it didn’t matter much if the fellow feline knew what was being discussed. Once Ruby was confident that no one escaped her Psychic attack the Ninetales began walking gracefully over to the pair. As she did so she slowly changed back into her true form and by the time she reached them, a cute blue Mew floated over them.

“Very well then.” Ruby said, the Mew smirked as she looked down at the pair. Angelblade groaned while Chioren gasped in awe. Only a few Pokémon could stand to be around Ruby when she was in her true form, her oldest was a dark type and as such had a natural resistance to her powers, while Chioren was a Psychic type and likewise had a natural resistance. Ribbon did not have any resistances and she was a very special Vulpix who had high sensitivity to mystic Pokémon’s powers. Ruby was learning to shield her powers, but until she finds a good way of doing it she could not be her natural self around Ribbon. “You like what you see darling?” Ruby asked the feline and Chioren nods.

“Yes ma ’ma.”

Oh, my Arceus…really Chioren?” Angelblade said and Ruby saw the Meowstic blush. The Mew scratched her head, she really did not predict that her friend would find her that attractive.

“Ok let’s focus…” Ruby said. “I came here because we have a issue. Your sister is here and I do not want her finding out about you until she is ready to know.” Ruby said, she crossed her arms and floats down to eye level. Angelblade grunted and Ruby almost thought that she sounded just like her. It was strange how the little things are the things that she noticed most about her children and what oddly made her happy. “Anyway, we cannot have her knowing your shared relationship until the time is right.”

“What is having her know about me going to change?” Angelblade asked. “Do you know how annoying it is, having to every single day pass by a family member and not be able to tell them that you are related, that you love them for being family. Or has sitting up on that throne of yours made you forget about the little Pokémon?”

Oh, did you really have to go there?” Ruby asked and she looked around at the frozen Pokémon around them. None of them will remember what happened, they will live their lives like nothing happened, something that she sometimes wishes she had the leisure of. But that wasn’t the life of a Legendary Pokémon like her, born to protect, to serve, and to fulfill the wishes of Master Arceus. Rest his soul.

Yes, I did. You are not going to get off so easily for leaving me, and my sister behind so you can run off to the tribal lands just to fulfill your hidden ambitions. I only play your little game because it unfortunately is the best thing for Ribbon. Since you decided to fuse her with that thing.” Angelblade growled. Chioren the entire time was staying quiet, the Meowstic was listening with great interest. Ruby decided it was time to finish this conversation.

“Would you like to at least get some food? I am willing to buy.” Ruby said as she lands on the ground and changed into her Pachirisu form, the cute squirrel body allowed her to blend in better with the students. The world around them returned to normal and all the students in the hallway and nearby chambers were able to move about once more.

“Fine…but no being cheap this time.” Angelblade did seem to calm down some, the Absol wasn’t impossible to get along with. Like Ribbon, she too deep down wanted to enjoy a mother and daughter relationship with Ruby. “Um…do you want to come along Chioren?”

Oh, course I would baby.” Ruby watched as the Meowstic kisses her daughter on the cheek, her tails wiggled some. Ruby felt like all the partners of her children seemed to want to flaunt themselves when they were around her. Granted she would do the same if she had a parent like herself…but that still didn’t make her like it any more. “If Ms. Villier would like to have me join.”

Of course, I would love to have you come along and eat lunch with me and my little girl.” Ruby had on her best fake smile that she could muster. ‘It is not like I have much of a choice anyway. If I do not have you come along then I am the bad mother who doesn’t want to support my little baby.’ Ruby thought out loud.

~ I know, and after lunch I am going to spend some quality time with Angelblade. ~ Ruby heard the Meowstic say to her in psychic speech. The Pachi-Mew knew that the little feline wasn’t done trying to get into her mind. Well good luck to her as the Pachi-Mew walked forward, a small regal look to her. She passed by Chioren who was hugging Angelblade and the pair exchanged a look that told one thing.

‘Try me and see what happens’

It was nearing night time and it was nearing the time for Chip to meet up with Meadow. The Shaymin had told him that she wanted to meet with him near nightfall but no time before that. She wanted him to spend the day celebrating his victory and when she met with him tonight they will eat a nice dinner on her and then she was going to take him out to her flower garden for a little bit of personal time together. Chip wondered if that personal time meant doing a bit of mating and if so, hopefully it did not involve her humping his mouth again. It wasn’t like it wasn’t somewhat enjoyable, but it felt very awkward and he would rather not have something constantly slamming into his throat.

Chip arrives to the fountain area like instructed, his heart was racing a bit and he wondered what to expect as Meadow was waiting for him. The Shaymin was in Sky Form, her tiny body was slightly larger than before, while her ears had become big wings that allowed for her to be able to fly. It was near sunset so she wasn’t long for being in her current form and soon would revert. As soon as the Shaymin saw the Zorua she eeped and happily flew over to him.

“Chip you came early, I didn’t even have time to change back.” She lands on top of him and takes the Zorua to the ground. Meadow giggles and nuzzled him all over, the fem seemed a lot more hyper when she was in this form.

“Hello…to you too…Meadow.” Chip struggled to breath and Meadow got off of him and sits herself in front of his nose, the fem smiling from ear to hear. A few other students were watching them, but once they had a chance to feed their curiosity they returned to what they were doing before.

Oh, sorry about that Chippy.” Meadow licks Chip’s nose and the Zorua gets up and shakes himself off. “Now where do you want to go for our date?” She asked. “Unless you want to just go back to my place and make a meal out of me?” Meadow asked and Chip’s brain stopped for a moment. Did he just get asked by the cutest girl he has ever seen or even been with if he wanted to make a meal out of her? He had to quickly find out if both were on the same page. And so, as the sun was setting over the horizon, Chip the Zorua asked Meadow the Shaymin the most important question he has ever asked anyone before in his life.

“Meadow…do you want to have sex with me?” Chip asked and Meadow gasped. The next words to come out of Meadow’s mouth nearly made Chip want to run away in tears.

“Why would you ask me something like that Chip…”

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