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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

The epic finale of Bangam Academy Book 1.

Chip and Meadow find themselves in interesting position as both Pokemon want the same thing but do not know how to say it. Well...maybe Meadow wants a bit more from Chip than just a good time. But how does the actions that Chip is taking affecting his sister who finds herself lashing at Ribbon for some odd reason.


I will say I am super proud of myself for writing about 10k words today and finishing this up. I still need to knock out the epilogue but it is not a required part of finishing the "book" and here you guys have the finished piece. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed this ride with me and wishing me luck in my goal of finishing this "book" before the clock strikes midnight. Leave those likes, drop a comment and let your boy know what you think of the end of Bangam Academy Book 1.

Chapter 30 - Tying up Loose Ends Part 3

Chapter 30


It had grown dark outside, the sound of the wind blowing against the fountains could be heard as both Chip and Meadow stood staring at one another in the setting sun light. Meadow had already changed back to her land form and was looking at Chip who stared at her in disbelief. The words she had last spoken to him was still echoing in his mind, “Why would you ask me a question like that?” He had asked her that because he wanted to be a little kinky with her, but at the same time he did not know if she wanted to mate with him or not. Now he felt his confidence was a bit shattered and he did not know where he wanted to go from here, it was obvious that Meadow did not like him the way he thought that she did and it was for good reason. How could a freak of a Zorua like him ever be with someone like her, she was perfect?


< ~ Damn…what do I do now? She rejected me. ~> Chip thought out loud.


< ~ How about you give her a kiss, because she hasn’t rejected you. ~> Chip heard someone speak back and Meadow stood there smiling in the early night shadows, her face was shining as light from the fountains was kicking on and helping to create a loving atmospheric environment. Meadow walked up close to Chip sits up on her two hind legs. <~ Are you really going to allow something you thought was rejection stop you from winning over the girl of yours dreams? ~>


“Hey…how are you doing that?” Chip asked and Meadow puts her fore-paws on her hips.


< ~ I have Psychic powers Chippy. I knew what you were thinking when I said, “Do you want to make a meal out of me.” ~> Meadow giggled and she reached up and puts her paws on Chip’s face and pulled him close enough to her for a kiss. Chip felt Meadow’s maw pressing up against his, her tongue had found itself inside of his mouth and was playing with his. The pair shared their saliva and as Meadow pulled herself away from him, a long sliver of their shared saliva stayed between them, only breaking when Meadow broke it herself.


“Chip I want to help you become more confident, you are not a bad Pokémon…in fact your heart is so pure it almost seems like a crime to do anything to tamper with it.” Meadow goes back onto all four and walks over to the path leading to the woods. She looks back at Chip and the Zorua blinks, he was still getting over the kiss they had shared together. His heart felt like it was fluttering and he wanted to do it again already. When he saw, Meadow looking at him, he felt like racing after her, the little distance between them already felt like they were a mile apart from the other. He strangely enough did not want to ever leave her.


“I am not weak Meadow!” Chip called after her, the Zorua chased after the Shaymin who began running herself and he found that she was faster than expected. In fact, she was the fastest Pokémon he has ever had to try to catch. “Um…why are you running?”


“Aww what’s wrong Chippy, is Meadow too fast for you to catch.” The Shaymin giggled as she entered the dark forest and Chip raced after her. He was able to see in the dark so it wasn’t a issue for him to keep track of her even in the dark, but he did not know anything about the forest as he never ventured into it. The placement of logs, branches and small pot holes in the ground made it hard for him to keep up and each time he had to stop to crawl or jump over something large Meadow got a bit further away from him.


“Mon…I just want to go back home and crawl into my bed and sleep…” Chip stopped and rolled onto his back, his body was exhausted and he didn’t think that he could keep running. He couldn’t for the life of him see how any of his species ever liked running so much and how he was ever wanting to put it onto his list of things to get good at. Laying on the ground the Zorua stared up at the night sky and saw the moon was out, it was a beautiful crescent moon, bright and full of life. Something that he did not feel like he at the moment as his paws were in pain. “Maybe I will just stay here and – “Chip howled as he felt something slam down on his stomach. “OW!!”


“You’re a lazy bum, come on get up, we still have a bit more to go.” Meadow had come back for him, the Shaymin had both of her fore-paws on this stomach. “Is this how you were planning to impress me Chip? Just lay out, open your legs and hope that I fall onto you?”


“But I’m tired…” Chip whined and Meadow rolled her eyes. She slammed her fore-paws onto his stomach again and made Chip cry out once more.


“Fight for what you want Chip, I am not going to just fall into her lap. I want a strong Pokémon who will fight for me even if he is tired, even if he is overmatch, be a male and get up and do something.” Meadow this time moves away from Chip, her big rear shaking little by little as she did so. With an eager grin she presents herself to him, the Shaymin raised her rear high into the air, her tail hole was showing, while her vag was slightly moist from Meadow’s own arousal. And finally, her cock was out slightly, the pink tip slowly was slipping out as the Shaymin was becoming turned on. “Come on Chip…I need you…I want you…don’t you want me?” Meadow asked Chip, the Shaymin’s face told that she wasn’t lying about how much she needed it.


< ~ Ok Chip…ok you can do this, you can do this…just do not lose it to early…~> Chip thought out loud again.


< ~ Chip I am getting cold… ~> Meadow thought back to him and Chip cursed himself for thinking to loud. He nods to himself and bounced over to Meadow who turned around on him.

“See was that so hard?” Meadow said and Chip falls onto his face. With a giggle the Shaymin used her strength to push Chip onto his back and gets in between his legs. “Speaking of hard…” Meadow kissed his lips and begins making out with the Zorua. Their hard herm rods were pressing up against one another, but neither was trying to grind or do anything to the other, the pair were enjoying the moment for what it was. Meadow presses her tongue against Chips and began sucking on it, the Shaymin’s lips were expertly squeezing on the long tongue and sucking up this saliva as she did so.


Aaaahhhyouuumeeeaaannn…. our…cocks?” Chip asked, the Zorua feels Meadow forcing him to drink down their saliva and then sucks on his lips to get some of it back. Once down the Shaymin wipes her mouth as she lets go.


“I love doing that, why is sex so much fun? From the foreplay, to the mating, to the climax, to the rest, then back to the climax again, a bit more foreplay and finally…we do it again.” Meadow giggled and Chip wondered if he could keep up with her. Meadow sensed the Zorua’s feelings and she rubs his head fur. “If you feel tired, let me know and I will do all the work, I am not above getting hot and sweaty myself.” Meadow and Chip both blush, the pair were feeling where this was going. Meadow takes the Zorua by his paw and slides herself down onto the ground and gets herself onto all four. She presented herself, rear up and ready for a good ride. “Take my tail hole first Chip, I rarely get to have it played with…and you are just the right size to do it. Large Pokémon…bit more stuffing than I would like.” She giggled as Chip takes a good sniff, he smelled her arousal scent and felt himself becoming filled with the drive to make her wish come true. With a little huff the dark fox mounts the fem and feels his cock slide against Meadows.


“You are not going to cry, are you?” Chip asked and Meadow rolled her eyes.


“Only reason I would cry is if you do a really bad job, trust me…a Zorua’s cock is nothing like a dragon’s. How else do you think I could keep Giratina under control. It wasn’t through sun shine and kind words. Come on Chip, less talk, more hammering, I am dying to see what you can do.” Meadow eagerly protested and Chip lets out a little huff as in his own little way fell for her “Taunt” and stopped playing around. With a semi angrily shove the Zorua found himself pushing himself into the Shaymin’s waiting tail hole.


“There, in!” Chip happily said and he starts rocking himself into the Meadow who made a few sounds, the Shaymin seemed to enjoy the tight fit and didn’t seem to want to complain about much of anything now. Chip felt his cock slip in and out of the grass Pokémon’s anal ring, the hard muscle that helped to keep things in and push things out when needed felt amazing against the Zorua’s rod, and Chip almost felt like it was trying to suck him inside for keeps. Meadow was controlling the flow of the moment as she pushed back against Chip and used her strong hind legs to help push him up and down on her.


“At least…you are not just sitting there and…just soaking it all in.” Meadow said and Chip saw her with her eyes closed, the girl was taking in everything. Chip tried not to worry about not pleasing her, as vocal as she has been she would have said something by now. Instead he decided to assert his dominance and gives the flower girl a good tug on the fur around her neck, and pushes himself further up on her and picks up the pace. Each hump was harder than the last and Chip felt his cock slip in deeper each time, the Shaymin was having a tough time trying to keep him from slamming down her back door and making her ass his.


“There we go…you take it…you take all of it.” Chip moaned, the Zorua was feeling himself. He wasn’t about to let Meadow be the only one teaching tonight. He did not hear her say anything but instead gets a small squeak instead, followed by a, Mmmhhh. Chip did not think anything of it, but instead thinks of it as a victory, finally he was going to the dominate one, both Darious and Meadow seemed to be able to control the bedroom, do all the teaching and slapped his rear away whenever they pleased. It wasn’t like he was complaining as he liked getting his rear slapped but he wanted to be the one doing the slapping too. With another tight tug on her back Chip slammed himself into Meadow as hard and deep as he could and feels himself blow his first load into her. The feeling of his climax hitting made the Zorua cry out as he loved how good it felt, his tail raised itself over his head and he kicked the ground, as the last of his seed was shot into the waiting Shaymin’s little tush. Once done the Zorua blew out some air and chuckled.


“That felt good, no need to thank me Meadow…good old Chippy will gladly satisfy your needs from here on out…” Chip really was smelling himself now, the Zorua actually was giving off a strong arousal scent.


“…” Meadow didn’t say anything, but the Shaymin did seem to be thinking of something. She had a little surprise for the Zorua who was wanting to mark her so quickly, if he wanted her to be his gal, she was going to show him that it can go both ways.




Elsewhere Amber and Ribbon were sitting by the fountains, the pair were talking about who they thought were the cute couples and who were just blah. Amber though wasn’t talking to much but instead of letting Ribbon do most of the talking, the reason was because the Eevee was finding it hard to keep focused. She had felt for a bit today her mind being clouded, as if something was happening to her that was so powerful it was keeping her from keeping a clear mind. Putting her paw on her head the Eevee felt herself start pawing at her crotch and before long the vee’s rod member was slipping out. Ribbon take long to notice and turns around and puts her tails over her friend’s crotch.


“Amber what is wrong with you?” Ribbon asked in a stern voice. “This is not the time or place for that.”


“I can’t…I can’t help it. I need to nail something right now.” Amber panted and growled at Ribbon. “If you really do love me, turn around and let me do you right now!” The Eevee said and Ribbon glared back at her.


“You better turn those hormones down right now.” Ribbon snapped


“Oh, what would you know, all you need to do is lift those stupid tails of yours and anything with a dick will fill you.” Amber was panting faster, the Eevee puts her paws on top of her head like she was Psyduck and shakes it. Ribbon did not do anything but hugged her, the Vulpix kissed her love’s head.


“You are going into heat right now, I can smell it.” Ribbon said and Amber hugged her back.


“Its awful Ribbon…I…I am sorry for being so mean.” Amber was crying. “I…I…I really need to hump something right now…” She blushed as she was trying to hot dog her friend’s hind paws as Ribbon was sitting on her butt. Amber aw Ribbon blushing.


“If you are this bad right now, I can only picture what your brother must be feeling. And he is the one controlling the body right now.” Ribbon pointed out and Amber looked up into the night sky. A beautiful crescent moon was out tonight, a wonderful night for eggs to be made…



Meadow allowed Chip to have a moment to himself, the Zorua seemed to need the chance to both celebrate his success and recover himself. The Shaymin tried to not compare him to some of her past partners, there was a reason why they were her “past” partners and despite his lack of experience, stamina and wild nature he was very sweet and passionate. Something her past partners could learn a thing or two about. Ruby had wanted her to get with Chip as a means of getting close to Amber, but she ended up falling for the little fox strangely enough. Plus because of the doll the pair were able to be “separated” from one another so unless Meadow decided to get with the sister it was hard to keep a eye on her. But then again at this point Meadow didn’t care that much about Ruby and her war against her children’s love interest. She was the mother of Pokémon, go make another baby and raise it for once.


Meadow laid in a small bed of flowers staring at Chip, the Zorua was laying on his back and staring up at the sky. The same position she found him in when she came back for him. The little legendary wanted to go back to her valley but she didn’t think it was worth taking Chip there just yet, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t bring the fun to him right here and now. Taking in a deep breath she could smell that he was in heat, which meant that he was ripe for the mating with today. Meadow didn’t have a normal fertility cycle, as she was the Pokémon of Fertility to begin with, she was always good for the breeding. But she could pick and choose when she would allow herself to be bred and not since she gave up being the head of the Shaymin Village did she stop breeding; the world did not need any more of her kind just yet. But she also did not want to just bend over and breed with just any other Pokémon, that was easy and honestly if she wanted to be that way she would have taken Ace’s offer and became mates with him. But Ace was a Victini that needed to learn that he doesn’t always get what he wants and that it wasn’t funny using Searing Shot on her rear after he was done. She wanted to knock his teeth out for that one, but he was too fast to catch.


Meadow pulled up a few strands of grass and munched on them as she waited for Chip to recover. She had been planning what she was going to do and she had a good idea of how she was going to handle herself, tonight was the night that her and the herm Zorua tie up the last of their loose ends.


“You ok over there honey?” Meadow asked in between bites. With a cute little swallow that sounded like, “gulp” she got up and cracked her back. Her tail hole was still dripping out the Zorua’s seed. He seemed to have plenty to give, which was a good thing. She did not intend to have this night end up being a dry one. “Need me to help you get it up again?”


“No…” Chip moaned. “Wasn’t that tail plugging good enough? No offense but…I think I’m pooped.” Chip chuckled as the Zorua thought that he could just pop one good one and get away from her having her fun. It seemed that Chip needed a little lesson in being a good finisher. The gentlemon always remembers that the lady needs to be satisfied, or risk never getting laid by her again. She will let it slide for now…


“And a wonderful job you did my love, but now it is time for round two.” Meadow starts licking her paw, she had a fun little idea that she wanted to try out. After a few good licks the Shaymin spits out a seed. She walks over to Chip and feeds it to him, the Zorua didn’t seem to notice what she was doing until after he ended up swallowing the seed.


“Arceus what did you just do to me?” Chip screamed. “Why did you feed me that seed?” Meadow jumps up onto Chip, the little Shaymin made the Zorua gasp out as she used her body weight to keep him pinned down. She wasn’t about to let him up until she was good and ready. Chippy needed a lesson in going the extra mile.


“I didn’t do anything to you…are you afraid that the little seed I dropped in you was made for doing a bit more than tasting good?” Meadow licks her paws again, before sliding back on Chip and slipping herself onto his long hard cock. The Shaymin’s seed was already working its magic as she had hit him with a Fertility Seed, a special seed that only she could create. It was packed with all the needed energy for mating and allowed both partners to be under the “Ditto” effect. A interesting little seed that when used on Pokémon of the same sex could cause them to be under the Ditto Effect as well and allow M/M to breed with one another and F/F to do the same. It was a fun little ability that Arceus gave to her so she could help Pokemon species that had a single gender can keep reproducing. When used in a moment like this with someone that she loved, Meadow did not mind using it. She was ready to do a bit more than just be the adoptive mother to Angleblade. With a kiss, Meadow helped Chip to relax and allow her to take over. The seed didn’t affect his mind, which was a good thing since she wanted to consider his eyes and know that it is was Chip who she was bonding with and not something else.


“Well…I feel way more full of energy, honestly I think I could do this for days right now.” Chip blushed and looked up into Meadow’s eyes. “You look so beautiful tonight, so full of light, and life…I think I can stare up into your big emerald eyes forever.”


“Aww…and I love your big purple eyes too Chip. You make me so happy and I am so glad that I took a risk on getting to know you.” Meadow kisses Chip again, the Shaymin moved her head just enough so she could see herself from behind. She was rocking herself onto the loving Zorua under her, Chip was rubbing his paws onto her hips and back to her big ass. The Shaymin murred happily as she feels Chip explore, the dark fox seemed to want to know as much about her body as he could. “There you go Chip…get a good grip.” Meadow said as she drips some of her seed onto of his belly, while the Shaymin’s cock filled love hole was making the wonderful squishing nose that only came from two Pokémon in the middle of a rousing mating session. Meadow hadn’t heard it for a good while, she refused to let anyone experience making love with her if she didn’t find them worthy.


“Wow…I think I am…already…” Meadow normally would be slightly annoyed with someone who at least couldn’t at least half last as long as her but she would take it. She did love Chip and a good foxy like him can be taught, it would just involve a lot of practice. Purring at the idea of getting lots of practice in with Chip made the Shaymin dig herself into his chest fur and hump back on his cock as fast as she could, the sound of their love making was music to her hears.




“Say it…Saying it loud…say my…name!!” Meadow begged as she wanted it badly, the image of him blowing his load into her, filling her with his seed and making her feel more alive than she has in a long time. She wanted it more than anything and at this point, nothing was going to make her not enjoy making that image become real.


“Oh…Arceus…. MEADOW!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!” Meadow feels the Zorua blow his load into her cunny, the feeling of his rod trembling inside of her deepest region felt better than any other male who has had the pleasure doing her like this ever. She did not spend a lot of time trying to savior the feeling of his rod feeling just right inside of her, how his tip had pushed its way into her waiting womb and how the point blank blowing of his load right inside of her was almost as good as doing it herself. No Meadow was too busy thinking about how happy she was to finally find someone that she did like a lot, and how she never wanted to let him go. No when they woke up tomorrow, she was going to make sure to savior every moment, and think about every little detail of their mating.


“Oh…. oh…. Meadow…” Chip groaned, the Zorua looked really pooped this time and Meadow blushed as she pets his chest.


“So, adorable…” She kisses his face and feels up under her own body, she hadn’t cummed out of her own cock yet. “Don’t worry, we are almost done.”


“I do not think I can…cum anymore…Meadow.” Chip panted. “What else…can we do?”


“I can think of something…” Blushing the Shaymin pulled herself free of the Zorua’s cock and gives her ‘mate’ a kiss. “Time to be a girl.”


“Huh?! MEADOW!!” Meadow pushed her own cock into the fellow herm’s waiting vagina. Meadow knew that Chip wouldn’t go for it normally and she had to be a little sneaky with it. She could smell that he was for over the past few days and she had been waiting for when his body was at the peak of its condition before doing this.


“Um…it slipped in?” She giggled and continues pushing herself in and out of her mate, the Zorua was whining from time to time but she could hear that he needed this just as much as her. Like it or not he was a herm and the long he tried to deny that, the more pain and less sex he will have. Lucky, she was here to satisfy all of his needs, even if he might whine about it. But that was ok, that was why they invented the 69 position.


“Um…can you…oh that feels so good…um…slip out?” Chip begged. Meadow licks the Zorua’s face, she loved how tight his big love hole was, so warm, tight, and really, moist. Oh, how could he be denying so many Pokémon the fun of filling him up, she felt like he was naturally built for this. Oh, there was no way she wanted to pull out now…the Shaymin wanted to keep this wonderful sex machine all to herself.


“Oh…why…why would I do…that…” Meadow panted, she held onto Chip’s fur as she feels her much needed orgasm coming up. The feeling of her rod wanting to let spray its wonderful milky seed into the Zorua and create a bond with him that could never be so easily broken. “Ok Chip…here it comes…” Meadow moaned. She raised her rear as high into the air that she could and with everything she had in her shoved her cock into Chip as far as she could, the feeling of her cock sliding though his drenched vag and pushing itself through the Zorua’s cervix felt better than any other vag, ass or mouth she had ever done this too. Meadow looked up to the moon as she sprayed every drop of her Shaymin making seed into the Zorua’s waiting womb, the sound of Chip moaning from her filling him up made Meadow sigh happily. She had wished and prayed for this moment for so long and now it was finally happening. Maybe Arceus wasn’t as dead as everyone thought he was, at least he was coming though for her. Blushing she looks down at Chip, the Zorua had a look on his face of complete satisfaction.


“Wow…that felt…amazing…what…what…what just happened.” Chip smiled up at Meadow. The Shaymin wanted to savior that look on her mate’s face, he looked so cute and she wanted to try to keep that image inside of her mind. Mostly because she was sure that once she told him what was going to happen next…she sure she he wouldn’t going to look so happy.


“Well Chip…” Meadow giggled. “You and me just mated. Did the feeling of sharing each other’s cum make you feel good?”


“Yah…I loved it. Wow I never thought that you finishing inside of me would feel so good. Oh, my gosh…I see why Ribbon loves letting my sister do it so much. Heck…that felt better than Darious doing it in my ass. Maybe I should let him do me in the vag more often…always using Safeguard of course.” Meadow rubs her head as she kept smiling. She really was feeling very close to him right now, oh she loved feeling she had after having good sex.


“Um…Chip how would you feel if I told you that…neither of us used Safeguard…” Meadow giggled and Chip began laughing back with her. He did not register what she said…well for at least a few moments. But as soon as he did Meadow saw the look on his face change. “Don’t worry Chip, we will have very lovely eggs or babies…hmm I am not sure how either of us will have our little ones. Oh I love surprises, don’t you love surprise honey?”


“Surprise…???” Chip muttered as the pair laid together. Meadow was lovingly nuzzling Chip while the Zorua was seeming to be thinking about everything but wanting to cuddle. Meadow knew this would happen and sighed a little bit, she was worried that she had screwed up. But just when she thought that she might as well help Chip find his way back to the castle did she feel the Zorua cuddle up with her. He had gotten over the surprise of the moment.


“Chip?” Meadow asked, the flowers of her back were starting to shine as they were coming into bloom.


“I…I love you Meadow.” He seemed weakly, the Zorua was burned out from not one, but three orgasms. With a yawn, he nuzzled her again. “Let’s talk again in the morning.” And with a yawn he goes to sleep, the Zorua kept his forelegs around the Shaymin and held her in his loving embrace. Meadow knew that Chip was going to take a long time to get use to the idea that he could be sooner or later carrying her egg and Meadow believe it or not thought that it was crazy that she would want to carry anything inside of her again. But she did not feel scared or worried but instead she felt…inspired. The possibility of creating something new and wonderful that could be a beacon of light on this world, or at least in her’s and Chip’s lives. No, she was going to see this through to the end. Meadow gives Chip and kiss on his cheeks and purrs happily as she looks down at him.


“I love you too Chip. I can’t wait to look into your eyes tomorrow morning…and ride that big cock of yours again.” With a cute little giggle and wink Meadow nuzzles up against Chip and drifts off to sleep. The pair of small Pokémon at home in the other’s loving embrace.


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    Date:Aug 8 2017 Chapter:Chapter 30 - Tying up Loose Ends Part 3

    aww so cuttttte and with this i will rate 10/10 excellent character devolpment very realistic views on character thought and feelings you made a great series and it is successful keep it up also book 2 needs to be continued you must make more I NEEEEED IT XD. -you earned this 10/10 ~zero's Extra effects reviews