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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

The time has finally arrived for Chip, Amber and Ribbon to reach Bangam Island and prepare themselves for their new lives. But will the actions of Darious cost Amber and her brother the chance of a life time?

Else where Bangam is confronted by Nikcino about his moonlight actions. Truths are revealed and for the first time in a long time Bangam might not have a answer for his girl troubles.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5



Bangam the Absol: The head master of Bangam Academy for Sexual Intercourse and Survival.

Aurora the Jigglypuff: Bangam’s right paw. Aurora keeps Bangam and the other teachers in line.

Nikcino the Cinccino: Bangam’s mate. Nikcino is the Gym and Contest coach.

Bones the Gengar: One of Bangam’s oldest friends. Bones is the History Teacher.

Florian the Sylveon: Former Sexual Arts teacher that has been promoted to the role of Environmental Course Teacher.

Larsa the Clefable: Head of the Combat Organization. She works alongside Nikcino very often. 




Up and down the raft went through the water, each time it did it made all the student’s stomach on board of it feel like they were tossing and turning inside of their bodies. The ride over to Bangam Island this evening was rougher than it had been in a good long while, a storm was brewing up above and the high winds from it was causing the raft ride to be an unpleasant one. The Lapras was trying to crash though each wave with as much force as possible to cause the ride to be less painful but it only made things worse for the students as each time a large wave was crashed though it caused a torrent of cold water to crash down on top of them.

“Don’t you know how to swim without getting use wet?” One student spoke up.

“Ya I’m getting all wet.”

“This water is not good for my fire mane.”

“Why can’t we just fly over?”

Finally, Scruffy spoke from the front of the raft, he was standing by Captain Exploud.

“It is tradition for every first year student to ride the Lapras over.” The Furfrou spoke up from the front of the raft. Ribbon was slightly relieved to hear someone take charge, even if it was the ‘Fluffy’ doing it. She was feeling slightly sick from the rocking of the wave and hoped that soon they would reach dry land.

“Waaahhhhh…” The sound of a Riolu throwing up over the side of the boat made the Vulpix dry heave. She walked away from her spot near Darious and Halvon and walked nearby where Mina was sitting. Ever since the docks she was interested in speaking to the Braixen about what it was like to be a student at Bangam. In her forest, they spoke about the school a little bit but all the Pokemon that were known to have attended it did not always give out great deal of details and instead just chuckled and say, "You will find out when you get there." Which was something that Ribbon grew tired of hearing all the time. It made her wonder what was so special that they thought you had to go to find out. Even if she would find out soon enough what she was missing out on the Vulpix decided to try and gather a little information one more time.

"Um...Mina was it?" Ribbon asked as she approached the Braixen. Even now Mina seemed to hold a special kind of aura around her, one that felt full of fire and passion. It reminded Ribbon of Ruby a little bit, both vixens held a sort of, 'look at me' charm about them, but if needed could become powerful rivals. Mina did not respond at first and it was after a moment that Ribbon noticed that Mina was sleeping. Ribbon couldn't believe her eyes at how someone could be sleeping out here in this sort of rough conditions. Ribbon lightly tapped at the Braixen’s side with a paw, only to have it snatched by one of Mina's hands. Ribbon watched as Mina opened her eyes to look at her, the vixen couldn’t help but look a little scared.

"Sorry dear, reflexes." Mina lets go of Ribbon and rubs her eyes. "Are we there yet hun?"

"No not yet." Ribbon answered, a look of slight nervousness on her face. She wasn't use to being in the presence of someone like Mina that wasn’t named Ruby. She had heard stories of how the students who truly made it far at Bangam Academy were said to be highly skilled in just about all aspects of their life. "I am sorry Mina; I did not know you was asleep." Ribbon was about to depart when she heard the vixen yawn slightly.

" didn't...wake me up dear." Mina spoke while stretching herself a bit. "Did you need someone to speak to?"

"Yes, how did you know?" Ribbon's tails twitched as her curiosity in the older fox grew. Mina smiled and bends one of her legs and hugs it, she then pats a spot near her.

"Because I am a psychic type." Mina smiled. "Come on, let’s keep each other company dear." Ribbon takes Mina on her offer and sits next to her, the Braixen's warmth felt ok against her cold body. Ribbon didn't mind being warmed up slightly but she would prefer the company of a none fire type slightly more. Ribbon felt Mina's hand run up and down her back, the Braixen from time to time would scratch the ice fox's back. Ribbon purred happily and began uncontrollably nuzzling Mina's side.

'Oh that feels really good...' Ribbon thought and she heard Mina giggle. "Hey are you reading my mind?" Ribbon asked out of concern.

"No need hun, its written all over your face." Mina continued to giggle. "I use to act the same way when I was an adorable little Fenniken. Though not so cat like though. You are the first fox I've seen purr."

"My mother was...unique." Ribbon said uncomfortably. She did not know how easy it would be to explain her unique linage.

"Oh...alright? Was she a cat?" Mina said as she kept scratching Ribbon. The Vulpix purr a bit more. "There are plenty of pairs that are not of the same species. Why some of the most powerful and beautiful Pokemon were born from mixed pairings." Ribbon took a moment to think about what she heard, and realized that she had come here for more than a good unexpected back scratch. She needed to find out what she was about to get herself into.

"Mom sort of is a cat…" Ribbon answered as he wondered how she could explain her interesting linage. But then she remembered that she was here for more than just a good back scratch. “What is Bangam Academy like?”

The Braixen continued scratching Ribbon, her nails dug carefully into Ribbon's skin, but wasn't enough to break skin. Ribbon wondered after a moment if she had heard her, but right before she could ask again the mage fox spoke. "I heard you little one, no need to ask me again." Mina pats Ribbon's back and then stops touching her all together. She cleared her throat.

"Bangam Academy is what you make of it, some go and experience the best years of their lives and other come two to three years and then leave. No one has ever gone to Bangam's and left after the first year, they always come back for more." Ribbon noticed a look of satisfaction on the Mina's face, her eyes were closed and she seemed to be deep in thought.

Ribbon did not know entirely how to take that answer, she had heard these things before from others who had gone to the Academy. Frankly at this point she believed she would never get a straight answer. Ribbon looked up at Mina with slight hurt on her face. Maybe she could try to guilt her into revealing more.

"Mina I never had an older sibling to teach me anything." Ribbon sand and the Braixen opened one eye at her.

"You never had anyone to tell you the inside stories about Bangam's?" Mina asked. Ribbon shook her head.

"Nope..." Ribbon felt that she was getting some were now. "I am the oldest and I do not know if my mother attended."

"Well you will find out soon enough." Mina said finally letting go for her leg. Ribbon sighed as she felt that there was no way to get her way. Mina smiled and gives Ribbon a pat on her head as if she was her little sister. "I was just like you when I took this boat ride, full of questions and wondered about what I would expect from my first year. Were all of the rumors true about the school, was the headmaster really as powerful as everyone said he was, was the school really all about you know what."

"Out of all of my friends I am the only one who wants to know." Ribbon said. "As excited as I am to go, if all we do is make out then...I am already a master." Mina smirks as she takes hold of Ribbon's face and squeezes her cheeks until they turned red.

"Is that right...we'll see how much you think you know after your first week." Mina said as she lets go of Ribbon who rubs her cheeks, they felt a bit raw and very sore.

"What was that for?" Ribbon asked feeling confused.

"I felt that you needed to be brought back to earth. Picture your brain being like that for your entire first year." Mina chuckled.

"Why would -"

"GET READY TO MAKE PORT!" The sound of Captain Exploud spoke from the front of the raft. In the distance Ribbon, could see the island coming into view. She felt her heart race a bit as the storm that was trying to keep them away passing, and a new storm picked up, but not one that was in the physical world but instead was brewing inside of her heart. If she gathered anything from Mina was that her quite easy life was coming to an end and in turn a new turbulent one was about to start. But if Ribbon could survive it then she would that she no longer would be the same. 



"Mr. Bangam, the last Lapres carrying the new students has arrived." Bangam heard Aurora say to him as they stood just outside of Angel Harbor. The old Absol always liked watching students come in off the Laprases, the looks on their young faces when they first stepped into a new place always made him happy. Some looked excited, others nervous and there was the occasional one that looked depressed to be so far away from home. It was a good way to remind himself of how he felt when he first began his school program, he had a mixture of emotions that was no different than what his new and even old students experienced and how over time he learned to channel his emotions and turn it into a drive to keep improving.

"Aurora do you know how many new students we are going to have this year?" Nikcino asked.

"We have about...hmm.... well Nikcino I do not see your name under being my boss." Aurora said and Bangam felt his mate become frustrated. Bangam and Nikcino have been together for so long that the pair could feel the other's feelings and he knew that comment could get under her fur.

"Rude!" Nikcino tried to swipe at Aurora but the Jigglypuff moved just out of her way. Bangam stopped the girls from striking the other by moving his body in front of them. The Absol looked at his girls, a look of disappointment on his face.

"Settle down both of you. Aurora, you know if Nikcino is asking you for information you give it to her, assume it’s coming from me." Bangam said as he stared down Aurora who nods. He then looks at Nikcino. "It is not right to attack anyone out of anger, even more so a old friend."

"You heard what she-" Nikcino was cut off by Bangam.

"Violence out of anger is never the right answer. If there is a problem on my said you are to tell me about it." Bangam never liked scolding anyone, even more so his mate. But the Absol had to assert his dominance as leader of his island and would not allow anyone, even his mate or his second in command to step out of bounds. Bangam looked firmly at Nikcino for a moment, the pair were seeming to have a discussion between one another that only they could understand.  But soon after the pair smiled and kissed. Once over Bangam returned his gaze to looking out at the water, it was night now and soon the main even would begin.

"Mr. Bangam shall I inform the Slowpoke that he is to prepare himself?" Aurora asked from the side. The sorting Slowpoke was a tradition that dated back the beginning of the school. New students were sorted by their characteristics, personality, linage, potential and other small factors that the Slowpoke deemed suited a student to be placed into one of four different dens. Each of the different dens represented an important environment in nature, Woods, Open Water, Desert and Lava Dens.

“Yes please tell the teaches to begin preparing the school for tonight’s’ events. I want each of the student and teacher representatives in the Great Hall when the students arrive.” Bangam took a breath and looked to head into the port village, he needed a moment to himself before he wouldn’t have much of that any more. Being the Headmaster meant that he was always being requested.

“Sir are you going to Tail Lifter’s?” Aurora said with a cough. Bangam was a bit annoyed that Aurora would bring that up. Of course, he wanted to go to Tail Lifters, it had the atmosphere he enjoyed and usually no one bothered him there. Plus, his best male friend was there, the adorable and handsome Sawyer the Jolteon. He was the bartender and owner of Tail Lifers and he had always been an ear to listen to Bangam’s problems and he rarely gave him advice, instead just being there was more than enough to make the Absol happy. Nikcino sometimes doubted that their relationship was everything it seemed and Bangam worried that someday she could be right.

“Bangam please do not be long.” Nikcino said as she puts a hand on his side. The Absol felt that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“Yes baby I will not be long.” Bangam kissed his mate and murred as he took in her sweet scent. It was warm and familiar to him. “Aurora how much time do I have before I am needed again?”

“Maybe an hour or two sir. But that is with us taking the new students around on a tour and you know how that is not supposed to happen until after the sorting ceremony.” Aurora said while taking her feather pen off her head and began scribbling notes into her usual notepad. The Absol wanted to see his friend badly but he also needed to attend to his duties. Whispering a promise to himself that he would see his friend today the Absol turned to head towards his castle. He had a look of disappointment on his face. Nikcino stopped him with a tug on his fur.

“Go see Sawyer, we can handle this sorting ceremony.” Nikcino firmly said. “If seeing your friend will make you not be so…moody then go see him.”

“I am not moody.” Bangam said with a slight growl, he was acting a bit more aggressive. Nikcino wiggles her finger in his face and Aurora pitched in.

“Sir you tend to come back from Tail Lifters in a very…. bubbly mood.” She seemed to be trying to be clever with her words. “The name does…symbolize the…type of…you know…Pokemon that like to go there.” Bangam was a bit frustrated.

“What that mostly males go there?” Bangam said with a shrug. “It’s a place that boys like to escape to, so what. I am sure females have a place they like to run away to and escape the boys.”

“Yah but they are not bubbly.” Nikcino yanked on Bangam’s fur a bit tighter, she seemed to be slowly becoming upset. “Please I want you to be happy…if going there and being with that Jolteon is helping you to do that then…I support you.”

“What?” Bangam said while looking at his mate. He felt lost and confused. Making her let him go the Absol faced the Cinccino and kisses her on the lips, their mouths met and the pair began making out slowly. Bangam wondered why Nikcino was getting onto his case, but he wasn’t going to let her go on believing that anything was going on. “I love it when your jealous…it’s so hot.” The Absol said while slowly helping to walk her back to a tree and the pair continued kissing, their tongues were pressing up against one another, the Cinccino’s body was pressing up against the tree, her legs wrapped around his fore body, pulling him into her.

“The only tail you need to lift is mine.” Nikcino moaned and Bangam felt like he wanted to take his girl right now. But before either could begin acting on their wild thoughts they heard a big coughing sound from Aurora who was watching with a blush on her face. The Jigglypuff was biting her lip, the puff wanted to keep watching but they had a job to do.

“As entertaining as this is…” Aurora began chewing on her feather pen. “We have about 200 new students who need to get sorted out and welcomed into the program. After that I do believe that we have some time for a bit of runting.”

“Kill joy…instead of being such a good girl…” Nikcino licks her lips, her tongue dripped a bit of saliva onto her chest. Bangam growled happily and licks the drool off his mate’s chest and licks up and down her neck. “Why not just join us.”

“Oh…” Aurora gasped and then looks around. Bangam chuckles and let’s go of Nikcino, but not before licking her ears, he slightly sucks on one of them. “Mmmm…I am going to put a baby in you later.” Bangam sounded bit out of character but then again he was just around his mate and assistant. The only two girls…well right now that got to see the real him. Or better yet the Absol that he used to be back before he created his school and became a teacher and mentor to so many young Pokémon.

“Oh I want you to fuck me into the ground baby.” Nikcino hugged the Absol’s side and then slapped his ass, the Cinccino reminding the puff who he belonged to. Bangam enjoyed seeing the jealous and Alpha Female side of his mate and hoped that he could get her to act this way more often. “You can watch if you want Aurora, I do not mind it at all.

“I want to fuck you right now…” Bangam felt his old instincts kicking in, the male’s rod was becoming exposed as the red rod slung ever so slightly from side to side under him. Aurora coughed again and both Bangam and Nikcino angrily looked at her.

“Can we please just get through this sorting thing.” The Jigglypuff was fanning herself, the pair saw that someone else was wanting to get down just as much as them. “After that we can…” Aurora was fanning herself faster. “We can get hot and messy ok…”

“That’s my girl.” Nikcino surprisingly said and she walks over to Aurora and kisses her on the lip, the Cinccino showed her other side a bit. Bangam remembered that the girls use to be roommates when they attended here years ago. He wondered if they were friends with benefits and if so…why is he just now finding out that he could have had a few threesomes by now.

‘Damn…is Aurora into girls? Come on Bangam you’re the master of this sort of stuff, you run a school dedicated to sex, you live and breathe this stuff. You if anyone should be able to swing that radar on and know what a female is thinking.’ Bangam thought to himself as he followed behind his girls, the Absol decided that he needed to observe his girls a little bit more. Like he tells his students in his classes: First rule of getting laid, watch and learn. The key to getting in between is knowing what they like and how to use that to your advantage.


Amber’s first impression of Bangam Island was that the place was every different than her home back in Unity Forest. Back home she was sheltered under the large pine and oak trees, here she felt that she was out in the open and had nowhere to run. She was standing on the docks of a place called Angel Harbor which was supposed to be the place where all students first arrive when they reach Bangam Academy. The dock itself was made of wood that slightly creaked when the waves crashed against it. Once someone leaves the docks they enter a small sea side town that have a variety of shops and that someone can shop at or trade in old gear for quick cash. As the young pokes were being taken though the town by the older students they were told that instead of being on dirt roads they were walking on top of something called bricks, which was laid so that when it rained the road would not become muddy. In the summer time, it stunk because the bricks would heat up and burn the Pokémon’s paws but there were ways around that and when the time came the older students would show the younger ones. Amber wanted to continue exploring the town, she wanted to run into all the shops and see what they had to offer but their tour guide Mina said that they had keep moving and head up to the castle. There was a ceremony that was about to happen but it couldn’t start until they got there and the longer the ceremony was held up the longer the older students would have to wait to eat.

“Tomorrow we will bring you back down there so you can begin buying your school supplies.” Mina promised. “Your mentors will take good care of you.”

“Will you be my mentor?” Ribbon asked. Amber looked at her friend, she did not expect her to ask such a question. Ribbon usually was the do it yourself type.

“Maybe, both Scruffy and I are free to take on protégés but right now there is no way of knowing who you will get.” Mina said to the not just Ribbon but the crowd. “I will explain as we head up to the castle.” Mina takes her stick from her tail and lights it on fire. “Come on we have a bit of ground to cover.”

Darious walked by Amber and gave her a slap on her rear with his tail. Amber’s face turned red, though it wasn’t from being flattered. “What is your problem?” Amber asked, she still hadn’t used Illusion yet and she was still in her brother’s Zorua form. She had been back filled in by Ribbon about what Chip and Darious had done and as happy as she was for her brother finally bring loose a little bit and living, she found Darious to be annoying. He was usually being bumping into her on purpose and whispering erotic things into her ears. Amber told Darious that she wasn’t her brother and that she didn’t want anything from him, but Darious seemed to take that as a challenge and instead of backing off pushed himself onto her a bit more. Now he was crossing the line.

“Darious…” Amber said just loud enough for the Rockruff to hear her. The puppy scampered closer to her.

“Yes lovely…” The puppy asked. Amber smirks as she was controlling her emotions, the image of her headbutting him in the jaw pops into her mind repeatedly. The idea of her skull cracking his nose and causing him to cry out in pain seemed to make the Eevee feel a little excited. The joy of licking up his tears and blood seemed pleasing for some odd reason.

“If you do not leave me alone…I am going to break your nose.” Amber said to Darious who seemed a little freaked out. The puppy stopped walking and the same Riolu from the raft who couldn’t hold his stomach together walked right into Darious and the pair fall over one another.

“Hey why did you stop walking?” The Riolu asked angrily.

“She made my stop.” Darious said as he glared at Amber. He knew who she was, but didn’t know that unlike her brother she wasn’t a push over. If Amber could help it she would make sure her brother didn’t mess around with this sick puppy.

“Whatever man, don’t stop walking.” The Riolu got up and brushed himself off. “Besides its just a weird looking Zorua.”

“Thanks a lot.” Amber bitterly said, her voice was like her brother’s just now. She can see why he was so bitter sometimes. Most other Pokémon can be annoying.

“Keep moving.” Scruffy growled from the back. A Quilava and Snubbull were standing on either side of him. “This is not a time to loft off.”

“Yes Sir Scruffy.” The younger students said and then began running to catch up to the others.

“Thanks a lot mutt.” Amber said growled. Darious shoved Amber and she fell onto her side. She felt her head spin a bit as she had hit the ground hard ground and bumped her head a little bit. Darious stopped and growled down at her.

“Don’t call me a mutt!” Darious barked. “I can’t believe you and Chip are siblings. No wonder he hates you.”

“You do not know me or Chip, you stupid mutt.” Amber barked back and she got tackled by Darious. The pair rolled around on the ground until Darious and Amber were separated by Scruffy and the Quilava. Scruffy held onto Darious by his scruff.

“Damn wild dogs.” Scruffy said while walking with the Rockruff in his jaw.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Darious screamed the rest of the way up to the castle.

Amber was lucky to not be hauled up the long hill by her scruff but she did feel the embarrassment as all the other students were staring at her. Not only was she the most oddly colored Pokémon here, but now she was already proving to be “that” sort of student as. Even Ribbon looked a bit embarrassed as she caught up to her best friend. Ribbon just mouthed, “Sucks to be you right now, sorry babe.”

“Oh this can’t get any worst…” Amber thought as she wished that she could Shift back to her regular form, but there were to many other Pokémon here. She only had so much time before the Shift could happen on its own but the chances were low of that happening since she was awake right now and can control it. For now, she must go as a Zorua and hope that she didn’t draw to much more attention to herself. Last thing she needed was to become “popular” in all the wrong ways.

Inside the castle Bangam was standing in front of this staff of teachers and a few 6th and 7th year students who were beginning their interim ship to become teachers someday. He always hosted a large meeting before the doors opened for the first years to come in. They were standing outside in the garden near the portals to Neon Central, the air was slightly chilled tonight as they were in for an early fall this year.

“Thank you for meeting me out here tonight, and as always welcome back all of you and I hope that you had a fun and safe summer.” Bangam began. “Tonight we have a crop of about 200 new students that will be joining us this year. That means that each den will be getting about 50 new students, that is a lot for use to take in all at once.”

“Sir may I deliver my report?” Aurora spoke up from his side.

“Yes Aurora I think you are more well suited for this than me.” Bangam chuckled, he never did like being a numbers guy, that is what Aurora was an expert at.

“We have 200 new students coming to use this year, most are from the southern region though we do have a few coming from the north. A few tribal Pokémon sir, maybe about 10 to 12 of them. We have a few ums…” clears her throat. “Unique Pokémon of interest sir, maybe about 5 to 7 of the new students are well…special cases.”

“Define special.” A voice spoke from the crowd. Bangam could tell that it was his oldest friend Professor Bones the Gengar. He was surprised to see the history teacher wanting to voice his opinion already, he never was one to just sit idly and just take in information.

“I am not going to get into the specifics about all of our students here Professor Bones. Some of this is confidential information that should only be between the students and teachers that are going to be instructing them.” Aurora said. Bangam would have said the same thing, even if it was his best friend there was a thin line between Headmaster and his professors. “Anyway sir shall I have the Slowpoke divide all of the students into 4 even groups among the dens so as no one den has to many?”

“No I want the students to go to the dens that makes sense for them.” Bangam looked out at his staff. “I have full faith that each of you will do a good job as always. Now before we break and help to welcome our new students into the family I want to welcome our new teachers. First will Professor Kia please step forward.”

All the teachers began cheering as the new Espeon teacher walked to the front of the crowd and up to Headmaster Bangam. The Espeon bows his head at Bangam who returned the jester. “Professor Kia has worked the past two school years an interim and now he is ready to stop being a student and finally take his place here as a proud professor.”

“Thank you Headmaster.” Kia said happily. “I am just happy that I was able to complete my training before my son and daughter began their first year here.” Kia was a unique Espeon, his color scheme was that of a Umbreon, instead of purple fur he had black fur with rings around his body. Kia’s rings were unique as well as some were silver, blue and purple. His species signature red gem was the only thing on him that stayed the same. Kia wore a red collar around his neck with a crescent moon tag on it with small diamonds embedded into it. On both of his thighs the Espeon had a pair of red and yellow stars that pointed towards his tail hole. The Espeon did not talk about why he had someone “close” to him liked to call tramp stamps but when asked he just said that liked the design.

“I know. They will make as fine of students as you and Crescent were.” Bangam said with a smile. Kia bowed his head again. “You will be our new Special Effects teacher.” Everyone in the crowd gasped as they did not expect that position to be filled so soon. Bangam knew he was taking a risk having a fresh new teacher take the position but he had full faith that Kia would be the perfect teacher for such a job. Kia bowed his head once more as he showed his Headmaster his due respect.

“I will not let you down sir.”

“I know you won’t.” Bangam returned the jester and the crowd cheered happily. Kia left and returned to the crowd. Once the cheering died down Bangam returned his attention to the crowd. “Next we shall welcome our new Environmental Instructor, Florian.” The place erupted in cheers as a Sylveon walked up to the front and bowed his head at Bangam who returned it. Florian was popular as he worked his way up the ranks much like Kia. Being the Environmental teacher was a big deal since it was a position that allowed the teacher nearly do what he or she wanted to do. The class took place mostly outside and involved a lot of exploring of Mystery Dungeon and using the environment in different ways. It was easier to just see it in action that to explain it. It was something that Bangam did not just give to anyone and he normally only assigned it to teachers who have done some time teaching elsewhere.

“Sir it is time.” Aurora spoke up and Bangam nods.  He looked out at the crowd as the Sylveon returned to the rest of the teachers. He couldn’t wait to see what his new teachers would be able to do this year. Bangam always did like eons, they were very versatile species and could adapt to just about anything. It reminded him of who he needed to go see after this was over, Sawyer would be waiting for him down at Tail Lifters.

“Yes…yes, it is.” Bangam began walking through the crowd and everyone moved out of the way so he had a hole to move though. Once he reached the other side Bangam signaled with his tail to head inside. It was time to see the new students into the school and give them their first test. It would be one that none of them would soon forget.

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