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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Darious gets to know Sir "Scruffy" alot better and we learn a little bit more about Canine Laws. On the other side of things Bangam begins the long awaited Sorting Ceramony. Where shall our favorite Pokemon go?

Chapter 6 - Darious and the Alpah "Fluff"

Chapter 6





Bangam: Headmaster of Bangam Academy.

Nikcino: Bangam’s mate. She is the contest and gym coach.

Aurora: Bangam’s right paw. She is his personal assistant and organizer.

Kia: Chip and Amber’s father. He has recently become a teacher at the academy.



Amber: Chip’s twin sister. She is a shiny Eevee with cream color highlights and pink eyes. She wears pink ribbons on her ears and tail to look like her best Ribbon.

Chip: Amber’s twin brother. He is a cream colored Zorua with purple highlights and purple eyes. He sometimes wears a big purple bow on the base of his tail.

Ribbon: Chip and Amber’s best friend. Ribbon is a Alola Vulpix that wears icy blue ribbons on her ears and tail. She has a very mixed and close relationship with Amber.

Darious: A Rockruff from the Wild Plains Dog Pack. Darious has an odd relationship with Chip and his sister. He is a very sexual active Pokemon.

Mina: A fifth year Braixen from Woods Den. She is a premier battler and is Sir Scruffy’s girlfriend. She apricates how Sir Scruffy loves her regardless of what others may think.

Sir “Scruffy” McAllister the Forth: A fifth year Furfrou from Woods Den. He is a premier battler and is Mina’s boyfriend. His real name is Sir Fluffy Mcallister the Forth. Only Mina is allowed to call him by his real name.


Darious felt his face kiss he marble floor of the Great Hall as Sir Scruffy threw him inside of it. For a moment, the puppy blacked out from the impact, his brain slamming against his skull.


“Ooohhh…” Darious groaned as he was looking up at the glaring Furfrou. “Wow…you throw like a girl.” The comment got the pup a punch to the jaw as Sir Scruffy mud stomped him with his forepaws. Darious’s jaw felt like it was broken but it was just badly bruised and the pup spat out a bit of blood as his lip was busted.


“There are two kinds of students here pup.” Sir Scruffy growled as he began dragging Darious by his tail further into the Great Hall. A few other students could be heard behind them but the Furfrou didn’t seem to care that everyone else was watching him discipline the puppy. Once they were just out of ear shot of most Sir Scruffy dropped Darious tail and puts a hindlegs on his chest.


“Dicks and Assholes?” Darious said as he was looking at Sir Scruffy’s sheath and tail hole. The puppy chuckled as he thought he had a good view. “Anyone ever tell you that you have a nice pair of balls, just the perfect set, I mean I would let you do some nasty things to me-“ Darious gets sat on by the dog, his tail hole was inches from the puppy’s mouth. Darious found it hard to breath, not only from the pressure to his chest, but from having to smell the Furfrou’s rear end.


“Those who listen and follow the rules, and those who need to be taught their place.” Sir Scruffy said as he pushes back on Darious’s face, the puppy couldn’t smell anything but the poodle’s tail hole.


“Well…I can…tell you had…. something…spicy for…lunch today.” Darious joked and he gets a nasty growl as the Furfrou wanted to honestly hurt him a lot and Darious loved it. “No one is watching…why not we get a little messy, I know you want to.” Darious laughed and he feels Sir Scruffy get off him. The Furfrou panted and Darious saw that he had little boner beginning to show. The Rockruff giggled.


“You better pray to Arceus I am not your mentor. I swear I will break you.”


“You going to bend me over and teach me good.” Darious laughed and he saw poodle smirked, his half hard rod was dangling from side to side.


“I am not into gay sex, but domination...hearing your pathetic littles cries as I bury my puppies into you…that will be satisfying in its own rights.” Sir Scruffy gave Darious a evil grin and finally the puppy stopped playing around. He didn’t expect his teasing to possibly backfire. “You wild dogs think that you are the only ones who follow the old laws. The laws of canines are the same for all, watch yourself pup. Angry sex is sometimes more fun than passionate sex.” Sir Scruffy turned around and Darious saw his tail was up, and his cock was still swinging. The pup gulps as he pictured himself stuffing the poodle but then the idea of getting stuff instead by such a powerful and proud pooch did occurred to him.


“That would be such a prize…taking that dogs ass. If I can beat him…then I can be the alpha around here.” Darious grins and gets up. “I hope you are my mentor.” Darious announce and Sir Scruffy looked at the pup.


“If I am your mentor…your behind will hurt every day, I fucking guarantee it.” Sir Scruffy smirked and wagged his tail. “And I do not mean it entirely in a sexual way.”


Darious got up and shakes himself, he was still in a lot of pain but he was feeling good regardless. He growled happily at the challenge. “You didn’t say that it didn’t have to not be a little kinky.” Darious barked and happily moved over to the poodle who rolled his eyes. The pup could tell that Sir Scruffy was trying to figure out how someone could get beat up and still be feeling good afterwards.


“Mon you wild dogs are something else.” Sir Scruffy picked Darious up again by his scruff and began carrying him to where the other students were, and it was just in time as Bangam and the teachers were just walking in. Once over to the others Sir Scruffy dropped Darious who handed with a “thud” on the ground. “Get your mind out of the gutter pup.”


“How about you both do.” Darious heard Mina say from nearby. She had her arms crossed. “Nice woody Fluffy, did you like 69ing the pup?” Mina said in a sly voice. Darious blushed and giggled while the Furfrou grunted.


“Ya Fluffy did you like getting a good look at this puppy’s family gems?” Darious teased. “Or do you want to put it into my little pucker of a backdoor.” This time it was Mina who delivered the punishment as Darious got hit on the head by her stick, luckily it was lit on fire.


“Don’t call him Fluffy.” Mina said as she looks at Sir Scruffy who smiled back. Darious couldn’t help but look at them funny. “He is Sir Scruffy to you pup.”


“Hey are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?” Darious asked and Sir Scruffy grunted, but it was Mina who answered.


“Oh Fluffy its fine, it’s not like no one will not notice by this time tomorrow.” Mina blushed. “Yes little Rockruff we are together, but we are still exploring our relationship so please do not spread it around.”


“If you do I will tear you a new one.” Sir Scruffy threatened and Darious grins and nods.


“Back home, tearing someone a new one is a term of endearment.” Darious snickered and Sir Scruffy looked embarrassed while Mina giggled.


“Oh I hope you get him as a protégé, he is so adorable and I wouldn’t mind letting him join us from time to time. He looks like he will be really nice third wheel if you know what I mean.” Mina said and Sir Scruffy rolled his eyes.


“He couldn’t keep up.” The Furfrou huffed and Mina pets Darious’s head.


“Well he will have an awesome mentor who can teach him.” Mina said as she scratched both of their head. “And when he’s ready you two can even do the Poke’ Tower on me.”




“Wow what is that!?”


“Heh, heh.”


Bangam stepped up onto the balcony that overlooked the Great Hall, it was his spot where he made all his announcements and was the spot where he crowned each year’s champions. Today he would be standing up on it alone. The balcony was positioned at the far end of the Great Hall near the entrance to the garden.


“Students and teachers alike, welcome to another fantastic year at Bangam Academy of Survival and Intercourse.” Bangam looked around and he saw that some of the older students were starting to file into the hall. He did not like having to wait but he wouldn’t complain to the students about it, not when the den leaders were ripe for a good ass chewing. But putting on a smile the Absol waited patiently for the rest of the students to file in and once all were nearly inside he decided it was time to start.


“As you file in please find your seats.” Bangam looked down at Aurora and gave her a look of, ‘Fix this!’ Aurora looked back up at him and nods as she scribbles some notes down. Bangam looks around the hall and soon sees the last student run in, it was Munchlax and the Absol was not surprised to see it take so long to get seated. Once the glutton Pokémon was seated on top of an unlucky Tailow, the Absol was ready to start speaking as he watched the bird struggle to get out from under the Munchlax who looked a bit sorry for what it did.


“Once again welcome to another fine year of learning and growing here at Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival. I am for those who do not already know Headmaster Bangam.” Bangam heard the students and teachers begin clapping, barking, yelling or making whatever noise they could. The excitement was real and the Absol loved hearing every moment of it, and he took a moment to reflect on how far him and the school have come to reach this point. Once he was done reflecting and the students were done cheering the Absol ready to address everyone.


“I extend a warm welcome out to all of our returning students, each year you all return here ready to learn more than you have previous and for that I thank you. It may not seem like much that you are returning to a school that teaches you about enhancing the very primal instincts that you were born with but there are many things that we do not know and coming to a place that helps you to learn more about yourself, your fellow Pokémon and the world around us is important. So, to my 6th and 7th year students I extend a warm thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Bangam heard the oldest of his students cheery loudly from each of the long tables. Unlike other years this was one of his largest 6th and 7th year classes and he knew that slowly more and more students were finding out how important it was to complete the program.


“To my 4th and 5th year students this year you begin mentorship program, but not as the protégé but as the mentor, you have an important task in front of you.” Bangam began and the students made a few loud noises. “Yes, yes, it is your time to shine.” Bangam laughs as he heard most of the student howling joyfully about how it was their time to be the boss. “Remember that you will be tasked with watching over your protégé from now until they become a 4th hear as well or you graduate. The first three years of a student’s time here are critical and it is up to the experienced to guide the unexperienced.


“Hey what was that for?” Bangam heard someone yell and he looked around to find the source of the cry. He saw that it was the Furfrou from Wood’s den, Sir Fluffy.


“Guide and mentor someone, not tear them up.” Bangam heard the Braixen Mina say.

“Sir Fluffy and Ms. Mina is there something you would like to tell everyone?” Bangam said as he hated to be interrupted.


“No Headmaster Bangam.” Bangam heard the pair say and he looked satisfied. Clearing his throat the Absol went on.


“Third and second years prepare yourselves for you are no longer younglings but will not be tasked with more work than you have had before. Lean on the support of your mentors and power though. Finally, my first years…the time has come for you to be sorted. A time-honored tradition, each of you will be sorted into one of 4 dens. Woods, Open Water, Desert and Lava. Each of these dens have been here since the beginning of this school and each represent the tribes of the old. No one den is better than the other and each has something special to teach you, but you will only be part of one and the time to find out which shall be now.” Bangam looked down from his perch and saw that the Slowpoke had been brought out. In the past they let him walk out but…that took a long time and now they wheeled the slow Pokémon out. Bangam leaped down from the balcony and lands on the ground near the Slowpoke.


“Let’s begin.”





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