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Mongol and a sexy serperior screw in the woods.

  1. Fucking in the Forest (2583 words) [Reviews: 3]

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Oct 30 2016 Chapter:Fucking in the Forest

    Eh... ALthough it's good to see multiple stories being put out, I feel they are all a bit rushed...


    And not to mention, how were we to tell if these characters are feral or anthro in body-type?

    Sorry to say, gonna lose a point here with this one...

    Reviewer: Beluinus
    Date:Nov 15 2016 Chapter:Fucking in the Forest

     It was hot, but there were quite a bit of noticable spelling errors, and way too many ~.  It's harder to find a better way to put lust and adoration into text than just adding ~ to a sentence, but it works out a lot better in the end. 

    Reviewer: abd33
    Date:Nov 13 2023 Chapter:Fucking in the Forest

    the story should've ended before the time skip