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Affections by Zana An


Author's Chapter Notes:

Amber awakes to find herself in a difficult situation, with so much that's happened, was this really meant to be or would her love die in the same way her last did, undeclared. 

A plan carved


Chained Souls

Chapter 10

~A Plan Carved~-



A pounding sensation woke Amber first. When she reached to touch her forehead, where it seemed to originate from, something soft and velvet feeling prevented her right arm from lifting or maybe it was the touch of the bedsheets and it was paralyzed? Opening her eyes to see, she closed them just as quickly and gave a sharp hiss. Resting flat out on her back with the bed on an incline, she felt how the light tingle and burn along her eyes.

From the decaying scents in the air mixed with those of flowers and the sound of steady beeps besides her, she made the guess that she was in a hospital. Flexing her fingers on the opposite hand she felt a pain, sharp and needle like, a cannula stabbed in from a drip feed no doubt and with the way her nose felt stuffed another carrying an oxygen feed. Trying to open her eyes once more, she did so but ever so slowly, they gradually adjusted to the brightness beaming in through a nearby window.

The room was a pale green, a very light shade and soft. It didn’t help that it was a vinyl coating reflecting more of that undesirable light, although she loved suns radiant rays, it felt rather unpleasant this time.

"Ahhhh, you're awake!"Lifting her head just a tiny bit with a struggle, her head throbbed making her gave in, and rest promptly back against the pillow, finding the pain to be too much. Thankfully, Laurell moved into view and made it easier for her. Amber focused in on the blurry figure as the lines joined and he became one. That crazy large top hat sat on on the man’s head, wearing one of his outrageously colourful suits, and purple.

"I think you're a rainbow after that storm," she whispered with a dry mouth.

"Hahahaha," he chuckled at her paid reference of him. "And the brightest one. Top of the morning to you, and it’s good to see you're doing better, little missy," he said, lightly touching her arm before teasing. "Or should I say little mummy, with all those bandages?" Tisking, he continued to smile at her. "That act you thought of... I think it's a wash for the circus."

It took a moment for her to realize he was talking about her jump from the wagon to the tree. With a snort, Amber pressed her head back further against the pillow.

"Yeah, no duh, bad joke." she muttered, shutting her eyes again. Amber swallowed feeling a burning sensation in the back of her throat. But then... The sudden feeling that overcame her was terrifyingly familiar, so very similar to what had happened to her Electabuzz. She could feel fear weighing down on her heart, causing it to pump frantically as the beeping sounds coming from besides her began to speed up. It was exactly how she had learned of how she lost her secret love.

Don’t let it happen again... Not to Havi too.

She was scared to ask, but she had to know... "Where’s Havi?" she whispered, opening her eyes and waiting to see the same look of loss that Laurel had shown when she'd asked of her Electabuzz.

“Oh that tyrant?” he asked.

“Is he... is he okay? Please tell me he’s okay?” she pleaded with urgency. Why would he call him a tyrant? Instead, he just smiled and pointed to her bed. Rather than a blanket, which she had assumed the velvet to be, Havi lay across her arm, sleeping. Maybe it wasn’t paralysed after all. Drawing in a breath, she felt her heart slowing back down to its normal beating, a smile on her face. There was an abrupt loud sound as a Nurse rushed in, pacing right up to her but taking a deep breath of relief. Laurel turned to her as she came over. “It’s fine she just had a little panic is all, circus folk love attention, you know how it is.” This inspired a girlish giggle from Amber. The nurse flustered around just to be certain, before leaving.

Laurel resumed where he stopped. "Yeah, he was a little difficult to handle. We couldn't keep him away from you. Every time we put him out, he climbed through a window or snuck in when someone came to visit." Laurel rubbed the back of his head. "We figured it'd just be easier to keep him with you, before he broke a ceiling or something." He gave a laugh. "I tried explaining that you needed your rest but the damn thing is rather stubborn. He even stayed up two days straight after being allowed in with you, just passed out about an hour ago, poor things exhausted."

Amber turned her head just slightly to hide the slight flush she felt building behind her cheeks. It was... nice. To know that he cared so much for her granted a special feeling inside, and just a little embarrassing that he had caused trouble in the hospital, but still charming.

Becoming more stern and focused, Laurel took her hand careful to not disturb the embedded needle. "Seriously, though, thank goodness you both are in one piece." The elderly man slowly shook his head. "If not for Havi, you wouldn't be here with us..." He gave a small laugh losing that brooding expression he picked up. "Neither would I, I guess. Things did get a little hairy back there and you both only just made it. Any longer and you would have bled to death, and Havi, well it was you that saved him in some roundabout way." He stopped just there as he simply gazed at her. She could only tell he was relieved she was alright.

“Please, continue?” she implored, desperate for the rest.

“Oh sorry, that, yes. It’s a little vague but from what I remember he raced down to you. You were bleeding pretty bad I thought I was going to lose you, if not by the impending fall, then from the head injury. He managed to tie a rope to secure you, then... collapsed,” he said and stopped once more to give a comforting smile.

Amber gently tugged her other hand out from under Havi, and reached over his head. The simple act rather draining as she continued to content herself with the feel of his fur. She lightly exerted herself feeling the fine hairs between her fingers, softly kneading through his scalp tentatively. My hero she thought, softly chewing her bottom lip. He didn't wake... but his head did push closer against her side. “Or is it all you remember, kind of anticlimactic! Boo!” she said with a weak laugh which made her head ache a little.

“No there’s more. You were safe but I thought he was pretty done for. He had no life line, no nothing,” he said tapping his chin looking out the window, before gazing back down at her. “The bell on his tail had caught firmly in your top.”

The engraving on the bell flashed within her mind, Forever Amber’s. Something else then made her worry when she remembered they weren’t the only ones in trouble. “Is Chatot okay?” she asked with a little concern knowing he was also out there. Despite being bird pokemon this particular Chatot couldn’t fly in the rain. He lacked in that regard.

"Speaking of him..." his voice grew hesitant. "Havi also saved my Chatot, when he was helping me. I know this isn't the right time, but I wouldn't feel right, letting you go on thinking that Havi was responsible for what went on in the Pokemon tent."

"How did you--?" Seems the incident wasn’t a secret. But that was to be expected.

A frown formed, his expression dipping. "My Chatot told me, after Havi saved us." Turning, he nudged something with his foot. Amber couldn't see what it was from the angle she was at, but she heard a squawk. "And he needs to confess what he did to you.” His head turned looking downwards. “Isn’t that right Chatot?"

Bending down a moment, Laurell rose with Chatot perched on his arm. The bird had his head tucked tight into his body, his eyes looking up then glancing back down.

"I..." Chatot paused before repeating. "I..."

Laurell frowned at him then gave him a quick tap on his beak. "Go on, then."

Chatot’s brows twisted downwards and closer together, as he flinched looking at the ringmaster before shuffling on his arm, muttering. "I'm sorry..."

"For...?" Laurell encouraged.

Rolling his eyes and fluffing his feathers out, the bird Pokemon grumbled. "For the trouble I caused... Havi didn't start the fight. He just defended himself when we tried to beat him." Chatot clicked his beak once then sighed, glancing up and meeting her shimmering amber eyes. "We always picked on him, and left him out, but he only wanted to be friends... I'm sorry."

Amber didn't reply right away, still combing her fingers through Havi's fur. While she was greatly upset to hear about it, she knew it took a bigger person, or even bird in this matter to know they were wrong and say sorry. She sincerely doubted any of them would pick on Havi now that he'd wiped the floor with them. That... and at least the last bit of the apology sounded sincere.

"I would tell him that yourself when he wakes up... but thank you for coming to me," Amber finally said, deciding to let Havi make his own choice on the matter. For her part, all had been forgiven now, even if it did still hurt for what he’d done to her Havi. Harboring ill feelings over something in the past was only fuel for more bitterness.

The Chatot lifted his head, giving a half flap of his wings and a hesitant smile. "He saved us, my master and I... even after all we did to him." The Chatot gave a bob of his head, a sort of bow. "Thank you... for raising such a well trained and kind Pokemon."

Amber gave a small laugh, having never really trained Havi so much as spoil him. Still, she decided not to correct the Chatot, figuring Havi deserved every little bit of praise and then some for the poor treatment the circus Pokemon had giving him.

Still it concerned her why they did bully him originally. “One thing,” she asked curiously. “Why did you want to pick on him though?” Amber reached for Chatot and ruffled her finger gently through the birds feathers to show she was willing to turn over a new leaf.

Breaking up he replied. “Because... He’s your pokemon...”

“Huh?” she replied stunned.

“Laurel, he always seemed to like you more than me, love you more than me, and always bought you things as he saw you as his daughter. So much love made me burn, it was hard for me. Squawwwwk. I won’t be trouble again. Ever.”

Amber just giggled and flushed awkwardly. “Silly bird, you shouldn’t feel that Laurel doesn’t love you. He does, and furthermore, unlike other chatot you speak fluently which is a miracle in itself, or is it because Laurel spent hours and hours with you? If I remember right he gave you just as much time. Sometimes we don’t always see what is being given if blinded by jealousy. He loves you but shows it in his own way. Why else would he have spent those long hours?”

The chatot gave a silent nod. “I know that now...”

Laurel nodded at the comment before Amber spoke again. “What’s better than a sorry, hmm? I know! It would be to come and visit me and Havi a little from time to time. He’d love to still be your friend, I know he’d forgive you too when you tell him. I’m pretty sure of that, after all he is my Havi.” It felt so nice to call him hers again now he’d returned.

The ringmaster smiled, lightly squeezing her shoulder. "You need some rest, little cherry pie. All this silly emotional make up stuff isn’t funny, you need a clown." He chuckled musing on his own joke but then paused as something came to mind. "Though... one thing does puzzle me..."


Laurell gestured to the bandage on her head. "The charts Nurse Joy had of Havi... they showed the exact same cuts and grazes that the doctors here said you had. I mean, identical." He shook his head. "Strange, don't you think?" He gave another smile to Amber before frowning at Chatot. "Well, on that note, we're going to head out. Someone's being punished for his misdeeds with no prawn crackers tonight but unflavoured plain crackers of the cheapest kind." The Chatot flinched at the thought, they tasted like cardboard. Laurell gave one last gentle pat on her shoulder.

“Thanks for coming by,” she said, relieved there were familiar faces when she woke up.

He moved to leave, giving a wave with his free hand. "We all know how much you hate hospitals so I'll see if I can push for an early discharge given you're awake now." He smiled. "You don't worry about anything but feeling better, okay? A night in the pokecenter had Havi as good as new but we humans, aren’t that simple to mend, so take it easy."

She nodded with another little throb rattling through her head as he left, leaving her with the still slumbering Havi. She must have been more tired than she thought, because she didn't remember falling asleep afterwards. All doubts had been cleared, no hesitations or conflicts but all the vibrant images of Havi growing up took her. They felt wonderful. She didn’t even feel conflicted about beginning to fall for him, as her mind took a firmer grasp.

Within this new comfort she had made a compromise with herself. She knew now that she could still be in love and he wouldn’t leave her, choosing remain just close friends without changing anything. Amber could place her hand on her heart and say she would be just as happy having made peace with herself. It would be unfair of her to take him as more than he is, denying him the love of another pokemon, regardless of her feelings for him, she knew this was for the better. It was the right thing to do, rather than strip him of any chances he may have of his own children.




Despite Laurel's best efforts, the doctor deemed she was unfit to leave the hospital for at least a couple of weeks or so at the quickest discharge. Although not life threatening anymore, she still was a little delicate. In her state they wanted to ensure she didn’t clot or have other complications while she recovered.

Neither Havi nor Amber really talk about what happened the night of the storm, most of it forgiven, but from time to time it hung around the room like an invisible Wailord, huge and imposing. It would be worse when Havi would be silent between his affectionate gestures until that uneasy sensation was interrupted by either nurses or the circus members who stopped by to bring Amber flowers or clothes. She loved hearing them praising Havi for a job well done, and giving their get well regards to her, she felt warm and loved, and she knew it was no different for him.

The early evening had started to come as it grew just a little darker outside. They were alone again as Havi evaluated her, he knew she found it distressing being pent up in bed. Carefully to not intrude too deep he took steps within her mind, seeing more of a fragile creature that could shatter with heartly matters. She wasn’t this unbreakable giant he once saw, or this gladiator that couldn’t be defeated. She was just like him, or how he use to be. It was his turn now to be there for her, to be her guardian. He did have a pleasant surprise, as he latched on that Amber would weaken to intimate affairs of the heart, and shy from them. He never would have thought of her as shy when love or intimacy was concerned, but there it was, and rather cute.

He couldn’t help it, and probed her mind further all the while looking deep into her eyes presenting a loving smile. His smile was one that was solemn feeling disappointment, as if he may lose his battle to win her over to him as he uncovered a saddening secret. Amber may have fallen for him, but he saw she had reached a point she had made the decision to never take that step. Something had to be done, believing this will be his only chance, he could see how close she was verging on convincing herself to bury what little attraction she had so she grant him a happy life with another of his species, and not strip him of being a father. Or maybe these were the reasons she chose to quell the scream of her heart for him. He couldn’t care less for those things, he wanted her and knew what it meant, it didn’t matter if she was a human as love is the acceptance to take someone for all their flaws or shortcomings, gender or differences and love them all the same.

Although it came as lightning to learn she also loved him in the same way he did, which shook him beneath the fur. Knowing the love existed was enough for him to fight for it, he needed some way to help it grow to break free from the bars she’d imprisoned it behind. This was a delicate situation, if he just declared his love and asked her for it in return, she would only push him away. There had to be another way?

He knew he had a lot of private time with her between visits, and it would let him rebond but there in itself was no finer opportunity to also show her much more.

Quickly he tried to remember small details, things that would make her feel loved or things he knew created a warm bubbly feeling inside her. He decided to plant his seeds carefully, as it was better to ask than to pry into her memories themselves, he already delved more than he should have. The last thing he wanted to do was create more issues where there was so already many around such a sensitive subject.

Havi stroked his words along her mind like gentle caresses. “You raised me to become a fine adult, does it... disappoint you in anyway I’m not the little Eevee you knew me as?”

“That’s silly, it’s not that, I’m just getting use to things, this form is beautiful as you make it beautiful. For the the most, appearances help with the aesthetic side of things, but it’s only skin deep. It’s who you are inside, the look in your eyes you gave me, your fun side, the way you played with me when I found you, all those small things are you, not what you look like.”

“Thank you. I guess we can still play like we use to right? I sort of was worried you wouldn’t any more.”

“Wait until I’m all healed, this time I’ll play like I mean it. You’re not getting any leeway now you’re all grown up.” She scanned over his body, and felt too nervous to caress his body save for his head. His figure so lithe, so alluring to her. She felt she could lose more control of her heart if she didn’t tread carefully, than she could help. Her hand brushed softly against the side of his cheek, lovingly.

“I can’t wait, but what makes you think I won’t beat your skinny ass.”

“You won’t, because I’m allowed cheating now too. I don’t have powers and you cheated last time after you evolved, remember?”

“Oh I never would’ve figured you as a cheater,” he commented raising an eyebrow. She stuck her tongue out, even being strapped up to those tubes she did look just as cute to him.

“Well if you promise no powers then I’ll promise no cheating, but no promises,” she replied, still speaking only shy of a whisper.

“I want to wrestle too like we use to, amongst other games.” she secretly wished for that closer contact but managed to muster a shake of her head. “Why?” He seemed disappointed.

“I won’t be playing, I’ll be beating you.” A flare raised in her eyes, and his disappointment turned to an equally rivalling look.

“Is that so? We’ll see. Hmm there’s something that’s always had me thinking. Why did you name me Havi?” He knew pretty well why, he just wanted to hear it from her.

She didn’t reply a moment, just enjoying the luxurious feel of his fur against the back of her hand as she let it tenderly graze his cheek again settling into a pampering rhythm again, enjoyed the his purrs in return. “You always loved when I did this.”

“No drifting off topic. Come on, wuss,” he urged, giving a playful growl.

“Good catch, you caught me... Because it, hmm felt right, well, hehe okay there was more to it,” she eventually said, surprisingly a little bashful. He managed to get her where he wanted.

“Oh? I’d love to hear it.” He said, playing on his older shenanigans and making large eyes at her. “Pretty purr-lease?”

“Oh okay hehe. You win as always,” she said squinting in defeat, following by a flinch.

“It’s fine, talk as I do, within your mind as your voice is a little rough, and I can sense how laughing and talking causes the soreness to be felt, I feel it.”

”She nodded and continued within thoughts. The atmosphere was beginning to relax again which brought it’s own ease. “You really should learn to control it sometime soon. You were hurt because it bounced my injuries back to you. Anyway, I needed a name and well, one thing I loved to do a lot before you came along was read love stories, romances. You know the silly kind, sometimes ones which were...” she paused not knowing how to continue, but he caught onto her thoughts.

“Oh hmm, those kinds,” he asked playing the innocent card.

“Yes those kinds,” she became a little nervous at her confession. “It’s the ultimate act of making love, it’s not just, sex, so don’t get me wrong,” she quickly replied almost apprehensively. “I liked erotic romances with great storytelling and errr, there’s this author that makes my heart flutter with the way he forms the chemistry between the two lovers. He’s amazing, I got goose bumps at times. His name is CaptHavoc but it seemed a little too long.”

“Ah, I see now and get where Hav came from but where did the i?” This was the part he didn’t know.

He saw her take a small gulp. “I wasn’t thinking too much into it to be honest, but mostly from the nature of his stories.”

“Intimate hey?” he enquired, as his eyes widened a little before feeling a little nervous himself. The i part didn’t know until now.

“I didn’t say that! Okay, you caught red handed... again,” she laughed sheepishly feeling a little awkward, becoming more use to talking loudly with her mind to him.

“So you found me to be an intimate creature, tut tut,” he teased

“Now you’re twisting my words, you naughty boy,” and just as she said that, an idea came to him. This possibly could be what he was looking for.

“Anyway I think I need to go stretch my legs, being pent up with you can’t be good,” he cheekily said flicking his tongue out.

“Hey, how rude! But have fun anyway, the fresh air will do you some good. You can’t stay with me all the time you know.”

“Not all the time no, but you never leave me. I carry you in my mind wherever I go.”

“Oh brother, now that is completely cheesy!” she cried out with a little laugh. “Aw Aw my head... Anyhow where did you pick up those corny lines?”

“Hmm some cartoon show you put on for me once, I think anyway, but that cheese put a smile on your face, and it’s simply that smile I carry.”

“Still kinda corny but and a good enough comeback. I’ll let you off. But you’ll come back tonight right?”

“Of course, as always.” He said nodding as she made one of her goofy faces at him pulling her eyelid down and blowing a raspberry like she was a small child. “You always say something to lighten the mood. I love the way you cheer me up, you’re amazing you know?"

“Not half as much as you are,” she said, cocking her head to the side simply admiring him. He could look at her all day watching her fall deeper for him. He knew she was struggling to control it. He just needed to help her reach for him, and he’ll take her with open paws.

“Look who’s coming out with cheese now?”

“Scoot and go stretch your legs you scoundrel!” she said, feeling her temperature rising further. She wasn’t willing to admit her feelings for him, and he couldn’t either, a rejection now would undo his chances. Once no, the second no would come far more easier once said.

She gave him that smile he had been waiting for, the one that lit up her entire face. Contented he turned and dashed right to the window as he jumped up to the ledge. Looking back he returned that gesture she gave, flashing his teeth before he skipped out. Havi couldn’t read at all being a pokemon and all, which left him in quite the predicament.

He wouldn’t let her waste her second chance. Even if he knew of Electabuzz now after reading her thoughts, he may never fill his shoes as a replacement, but he could as himself. Havi could even tell from her the feelings she held for him, they’d become stronger than the last time she besieged them to her heart. She deserves love like everyone else, and he would be damned if he didn’t make this happen. A sea of uncertainty surrounded him, to make his original plan work. He realised he needed yet another plan to get to the first plan... This wasn’t as simple as he first thought.


With a surge of adrenalin, he bolted down the street even faster. If he’s in time the shops may still be open. The campground wasn’t too far as he made his way. About a couple of miles, and he was like a homing beacon locked to the birds scent from earlier that day.

I hope that troublesome bundle of feathers helps, I did save his tail-hole after all, the least he can do is this.

But will he?



End notes- Thanks once more and hope you liked this chapter. Although the next chapter is my favorite, and you'll also see why when I get it up in a few days after writing it. Super Cute!

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    Reviewer: darktypelust
    Date:Apr 19 2017 Chapter:A plan carved

    Another beautiful and heartwarming chapter. Thi

    Author's Response:

    Thanks so much :D I'll try and soon the conclusion shall happen ^^

    Reviewer: darktypelust
    Date:Apr 19 2017 Chapter:A plan carved

    (Got cut off) This continues to be my personal favorite series . I look forward to see what happens next. Please continue to be the great writer you are.

    Until next time ;)

    Author's Response:

    Thanks! I do complete stories, as one thing I can't stand is when writers begin a wonderful story but they don't have an ending in mind, thus the story continues chapter after chapter, before falling into abandonment. Hence I work my story series with a guideline and a rouch plot outine for each chapter before I even begin writing the first. "hen I do write I do have a completion in mind and don't have issues such as writers blocks etc. This will be a 12 chapter feature, so there will be 2 more chapters remaining after this :D Just a heads up ^_^

    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 21 2017 Chapter:A plan carved

    This was a really snuggle worthy chapter of "awwww," moments. The warmth I got from this was amazing and the tender moments came with charm and even wit with the flirting. I can see Amber warming up to love for him and coming to accept it more although she isn't quite admitting it to herself. 


    The writing was was on point and as always, a brilliant chapter to be indulged within. I can't describe how this story makes me feel but it leaves me begging for more. 

    Author's Response:

    Glad you liked it, :D