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Affections by Zana An


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A creature so foreign remains were her sweet Eevee was, presenting a new danger to her weakened heart. Would she save her sweet Havi or crumble under the fear of this new threat and be destroyed?

Transcending Boundaries

Welcome back one and all, and here's another chapter. I thank you for the time you've taken out to read this and hope to deliver another enjoyable chapter. Also there won't be another chapter update, pending feedback, as I don't know if anyone is reading this. 





Chained souls


Chapter 5


~Transcending Boundaries~.




Amber forced her sight back to it, beginning at the feet, and there, resting as a reminder he'd done something to her cherished one, the bell she had given Havi.


Deceptively, it had the softest-looking fur, the colour of gentle lavender, short and perfect, but she knew even the sweetest roses as beautiful as they appeared, had their thornes. It's physique well built, strong and lined with powerful feline muscles, carrying a dominating presence. She knew it would only take a few swipes of it's sturdy paws to maul her in no time. Terrifyingly, it being so close to her, tore trembles through her and sent her mind racing, yanked in a hundred directions.


With care and a quiver she observed it for any weakness or opening noticing its inner ear a slightly darker shade twitching, but if she tried to grab there it would easily chew her hands off. An unusual but pretty red gem marked its forehead casting a faint glow. She considered striking there as it seemed it may disorientate it, but violence was something she never partook in. Reckless abandon was something she could not be acquitted to at this time for Havi's sake. She looked for another way to subdue the beast without being killed or hurting it. Peering at it's tail, it seemed long and forked in two midway through. Stupidly, a thought came to snatch for it but soon was dismissed. It would turn faster than she had time to reach it. She gave into a sobbing sigh bearing the weight of mounting frustration on her burdened shoulders and cowering from it. The need to protect her sweet Havi was overshadowing her, and her heart ached for him, becoming the bomb; each beat a tick, feeling as if it would explode in her chest if she did nothing.


Amber had no idea what she could do anymore and it was that very same reckless abandon she blindly reached out with, more in desperation than any clarity. “Give him back!," she screamed, teary eyed. She wanted Havi and now didn't care if it did kill her. Its eyes suddenly locked onto her own with a brief purple glow giving a sharp flash. It's sudden gesture, causing her hands to snap back rapidly with reflexive action, startling her and making her jump a little with gasp. She felt she couldn't do anything right as fear raced through her like venom. She cursed at her self under her breath for being this weak, verging on breaking down into tears. Finding it hard to swallow at all it felt like a knot had just got stuck in her throat. Disorientingly, she was becoming light headed, thinking she would collapse at any given moment.


"Amber, it's okay. It's me," a voice softly spoke, not one familiar to her.


She tilted her head back looking for a sign of someone around her frantically, maybe help, but that thought quickly died when she saw no one but her and this strange Pokemon. Her sight began to blur with the mounted tears, before two large drops shed along the sides of her cheeks.


She finally managed to swallow hard against the bulge in her throat and latched to what little courage she could. “Where is my Havi? I swear if you've done something to him, God help you, I'll..." Amber stopped. It was just not in her to make threats, even if these were idle with no promise. She was only running on the manifesting fumes driven by desperate emotions.


"It's me, who else would it be?" He raised his paw and looked at it then padded over his body as if he was searching for something. “Oh I see. I look different huh?"


“Who are you and... and why can I hear you..." she snapped.


“Ask your heart and you'll know who I am." A realisation broke into her; and this voice she heard was also coming from within her head and knew it was Havi, but... it can't be? The conflict divided her from accepting fully. Was it really Havi, was he even the same sweet creature she knew or a new monstrosity?


"No, I'm the same Havi, although I do feel somewhat strange. I haven't just mentally and physically evolved I think. I have also gained the ability to speak to your heart and mind directly it seems. I look pretty good if I do say so myself, I like this form already." Maybe self compliments were a little premature but any effort to dispel her anxiety and even some he was beginning to feel seeing her like this, was worth the feeble attempt at banter.


Amber felt some disbelief with his words, his personality conflicting with the little Eevee she knew, that plus speech. Havi was light hearted and silly, but this psychic... thing stood there, intimidating her, and his personality seemed so...




"Lies, I don't believe you," she cried out but in herself she knew it was true now. Havi's face became noticeably downtrodden. Those eyes she saw when she first ran into Havi at the orphanage, that unforgettable look. The fear seemed to be vaporizing as she gazed into them, she was hurting him, she was hurting her... Havi. She felt so confused.


Her voice dropped from the loud mouthed panic she'd displayed before. “I'm.. I'm... I just don't, I..." she quietly ushered, and barely audible.


"You spoke of changes. You told me not to be afraid, I'm asking the same. Should I prove it the old way where I do something silly?" He paused having gotten an idea. “Rather, how about this?" The Espeon twisted his flexible body towards his posterior, locking his teeth on his own rump with a quick motion. He darted forwarded, quickly slapping her thigh with a paw swat, not too hard though. He almost hit her special intimate spot, the cheeky little Pokemon!


"OUCCHIEEEee! What was that for?" Amber almost shot straight to her feet as Havi stuck his tongue out. Havi would do that gesture, and just like that too, but he's different? And ouch did that ever hurt. Their linked bond allowed her to feel her own rear bitten, as well as that slap to the thigh. It was the wakeup call she needed, but still some parts didn't agree with her entirely.


“For being silly and not recognising me. Sorry I guess I was always going to evolve this way, it kind of explains the psychic bond thing I guess." She thought it was her being silly when she thought it was that but now... Now it made sense. Still can it really be him?


I just don't know, I want to believe it, I do...


“I should really learn how to control it. I'm sorry if I've projected any of my pains to you in the past. I... I just didn't know what I was doing, and I'm not even sure now. As our bond grows so does this thing and I don't know how to turn it off. In time I will." He smiled looking at her, and attempted to break through as he knew it was sinking in but he needed one last push. “Happy birthday to us, I have nothing else to give but this new form to you. Will you do me the honor and tie the bell back on? It does have my name on it after all, but more importantly- Forever Amber's."


Forever mine... No more protests remained and how she felt like a silly goose. “Ha... Havi?" Her eyes released more those tears as she pounced on him, grabbing him within her arms and holding him tightly, the reaction came abruptly almost causing them to fall over. His tail came up sweeping away the tears from her fears but left the newer ones of joy to spill on his shoulders.


“Yes, it's me," he confirmed with a gentle voice. She continued to nuzzle the side of her face against the beauteous psychic creature. He remained there unwilling to move or offer any resistance, merely contented by the feel of her warmth and acceptance. He let her just hold him for the longest time to get it out of her system, she just didn't want to budge, he figured it was normal considering she did think she may have lost him after all.


“Hmm when I finish hugging you I'll get you. Yeah, you heard, and make you pay for scaring the hell out of me, and I haven't forgotten that bite either," she huffed, her comment made Havi give a little giggle, feeling at last that things were going to be okay.


The Espeon rubbed his tail over his rump to sooth his self-inflicted soreness. “My ass hurts," he said and laughter bounced around in Ambers head. For some reason that slap felt, even a little erotic, but she had no idea why.


"What, didn't like? Want to get me back? Well, you've got to catch me first."


Amber's face lit up, her excitement growing to his challenge as she broke the embrace, This was more like the Havi she knew. “I gave you a run for your tail when you were smaller, I'm pretty sure I can bring it on still."


Havi shielded the secret behind the true reason he had become so happy and evolved, because at the moment that triggered his evolution, it was as clear as the cloudless skies above that he had fallen in love, unlikely as it seemed. With everything that had just been bombarded on them, the last thing he thought she needed was this on top of everything. There was no way he could hide it forever, but he knew this much that she was still trying to adapt to the newer him. Throwing more wood on a fire may have it burn out of control again, he never knew how fragile her heart was until now. When he was simply an Eevee she was this goliath, unbreakable and brave, nothing could hurt her, but now, he knew she was as fragile as the old Havi.


He stayed firm to his choice and would not allow the purity blessed in the bond they shared to be stained with something so foreign. Havi's whole being had matured, not just form, but his way of thinking. He acted with care and clarity unlike his former self. Even he was adjusting to these changes. Thinking like this seemed so alien.


Both pretended nothing out the ordinary had happened now, braving it out, however, many things had changed. Neither of them were perfectly comfortable or sure of how to take steps but this was always a good way; to do things like they've always have in the past.


She reached out and grabbed the bell and once more, neatly tying it to his tail with a bow knot, all the while smiling. “Happy birthday... big guy," she said, as the whole little guy thing seemed kind of redundant now. She felt proud of him, even if she did feel a little awkward at the same time. There was always time to give him this little chase he wanted.


Debating on his newer more masculine form, Havi realised he needed to be a little more careful with how he played with her. He was uncertain how much stronger he was in comparison now and the last thing he would want was to injure her. Play-fighting was out of the question, at least for now. He heard her call out with a teasing voice.


“Want to take it outside and show me what you got hmm?" Purposefully, she strolled behind the screen and slipped into a fresh set of circus clothing, this one blue and as tightly hugging as the last. However, unlike yesterday's, this pretty little number had a small mini skirt with frilly edges and a white trim over the stretchy leggings. Along the sides was also a white dragon embroidered into it. Stepping out from behind her screen she gave a little flick of her hair giving him that bring it look.


She didn't exercise a further word as she strolled to the door, and for the first time Havi noticed a few little things that had always been there but he'd never took heed of. The side of his face twisted with a smile riding up seeing her hips swaying in a rather sexy walk. Until recently, meaning the other day, he never really appreciated how much of a sex appeal she held, her figure lithe, athletic and very feminine at the same time. He could just stay there and watch her for hours right now. He couldn't find a single flaw in her beauty but mostly due to being as love-struck as he was. It was purely love at first, unstained by physical attributes, but now all the other details meshed to create such a wider picture. She shone like a beacon, drawing him more to her than he knew how to deal with. Amber... What a girl... The draft soon blew in to bring him back down to earth as she opened the door. He heard her voice snap his attention up in a jiffy.


“Hey, purloin nabbed your tail? What's the hold up?" she asked puffing her cheeks up with air, and made playfully taunting faces at him before she continued. “Come on then, chickening out?" she was beginning to play on her usual ways when she riled him up to go head to head with her. Always the delight.


“Never, I shall best you as always," he smugly replied as he raised his head up marching on past her. He noticed how she gave him a polite curtsy accompanied by a little nod. “Sir Havilot, shalt not stand a chance today, for the Amber lion shall hunt her prey!"


Exiting, Havi made a small jump down onto the grass outside and turned his head to watch her come down. Finally next to him he gave a grin, before taking off and scarily with a great celerity of speed. The Espeon continued bursting away, leaving Amber in the wake of kicked up grass, wafted to the air around her. She raised a brow, stunned by his performance increase.


She just about kept up with him when he was an Eevee, now she had no idea how to compete but she was going to make sure she gave it her best. Seeing him moving about so freely was immensely pleasing, not only that, but knowing that the evolution had healed his injury. She didn't mind so much not being able to keep up with him anymore, it would never stop her playing with him.


One thing was for sure, he was much bigger than other Espeons, which was unusual. Instead of thin legs like the others, his were packed with a little more muscle and his height just over three foot. It was unclear if those supplements and remedies she had given him over the year had been the cause, but she could only speculate.


Taking a deep breath she quickly eyed him knowing his movements and knew she'd always held back a little as she loved to lose, just to see his happiness when he won. But now, this was an improved Havi, the kid gloves were off. She peered with hawk like focus, braced herself, lowering her body to the ground as a sprinter would and made a run for him in a heartbeat. Her feet pattered along the ground with long quick strides, giving chase.


Havi twisted skidding around as some grass overturned as he prepared to evade her. She knew what movements were within his mind after all these years. As the gap lessoned he smiled at her going to move but was almost caught off guard. Where she would had turned normally one way she altered her tactic. She twisted and threw her arms along the ground landing on all fours like a feline to come down with him under her belly. Shockingly, it was only a breeze that was felt under her mini skirt as her head spun around finding him stood behind her.


“Tut, tut, you're using newer tactics?" he said smiling with a little more energy.


“That's not all I have," she said feeling more fired up as he darted past her. He couldn't help but feel even a little more excited with the way her body moved, and the newfound tricks she was resorting to. Amber arched her back like a feline and roared pretending to be the lion again. “Rawr, I'm coming to gobble you..." Although he'd become an adult, he didn't mind still being played with in this way, in fact he loved her more for it.


He bounded along turning as he came up to her caravan seemingly cornered. As he looked at her closing in he cleared his mind trying to focus on her movements. She had become more unpredictable. He realised at that moment she deliberately lost to him all those other times, if she'd used half of these tactics then, he'd have lost for sure. It didn't sadden him at all, in fact it made him feel like he could possibly break into tears but they were far from the dreary kind. He felt a little overwhelmed and maybe even blessed that someone would do that for him. Now he was really going to put it to her and win for real.


“Is my Amber all tired? Can't catch me huh?" she closed in and halted, and he had the option but didn't want to cheat by reading her mind which he was perfectly attuned to. He focused on what she may do evaluating her movement as she took petite stalking steps edging closer to him.


“Rawr rawr rawr I'm going to get you now!" she cried and those playful growls even seemed really sexy and cute for the first time. Havi refocused on the goal, his eyes peeled open and not even taking a moment to blink. Amber was waiting for that moment, and he knew it.


As Amber moved she wanted to take whatever chance she had, inside she didn't want to be outdone incase he thought any less of her, even if it sounded silly. There wouldn't come a day where Havi ever would. Taking her chance she dove for him, she knew there was no way he would escape this time. In that moment of pure concentration the the vision blurred before her, mystified by what just transpired, she found her arms empty, but how? Nothing there but purple transparent mist slowly evaporating into the morning air. Her head turned side to side whipping her red locks around as they fluttered with each twist. She then turned quickly to see him behind her at a reasonable distance.


Havi was lost for words and so was Amber, he reached into her mind “Wh.. what just happened?" he asked completely dumbfound.


Amber was left blank for a moment trying to think before she spoke. “I didn't think you'd ever use a... I think you just used teleport." she cried running up to him, and taking his firm toned body into her arms appreciatively. “That was amazing, no, you're totally amazing, I just knew you would one day, I knew it! Oh, ahem, by the way I win and that's a first too!" she cheekily fitted in amidst the celebrating. She'd waited so long for Havi to use a Pokemon skill, and now for the first time, he not only made her proud just once during the day but twice. He felt ecstatic as she did being praised a he was, his first ever Pokemon move, teleport.


“I don't mind... cheater," he said contentedly. “But I don't know how I did it."


She could happily run around with him all day if it weren't for the fact that there was a show this morning, and another in the evening. Amber wasn't sure why the early show time but she guessed it was the weekend so it wouldn't be entirely dead. She really felt torn now between her duty and time with Havi.


She wished she could spend more time, and rediscover her Havi in this newer light but the call of prior commitments could not be dismissed. She needed to part with him, and her laughter and giggles slowly settled. It almost ached her, he was Havi; so what if he could talk now? Well, at least to her mind. Only some minor doubts remained but she was sure she could overcome them.


Worriedly remembering the last incident she hesitantly spoke. "Hey, you don't have to go to the Pokemon tent, you know?"


“I'll be fine. Go on, you'll be late." It still felt strange that he could read her thoughts and was speaking inside her.


“Oh, and I don't read your thoughts by the way, you just talk loudly in your mind, so I hear it in my head. It comes through as loud as you would speak in your real voice, if you whisper, I'd need to be closer, just like if you really whispered.“


“I... see..." It seemed to be a one-way thing: she couldn't read his thoughts; they remained within the shrouded veils of secrecy. “I'll catch you later then." She turned from him, peering over her shoulder with a charming smile. Havi watched the beautiful creature that was his Amber walking off. The oranges of the overhead skies burned brightly with the rising sun which illuminated her silhouette, and cast an ambiance around her.


He rushed past her before he would make his way to the Pokemon tent showing his rear and giving it a cheeky wiggle while his tail swished about making the bell there, jingle. Amber almost blushed as she eyed the muscular shape and where his divides of his legs met. Her mind spoke without giving it much thought. Great ass.


“Thanks, so is yours," he quickly quipped back.


“Oi! You cheeky Espy, you're not meant to hear..." she flushed red and really needed to control those thoughts. He dashed off grinning.


Now alone, and out of his range to read her thought speeches she sighed knowing she did find this form tasteful. She felt she needed to stop this new attraction before it grew and ventured down that road she knew. He had become far more... Desirable. This in itself waged war with her heavily.


She knew it wasn't going to be easy to hide at all from him, and it wasn't love yet she felt. It was just a physical attraction towards his lithe muscular physique. She had to admit...


Damn, why did he have to evolve into such a stud...


There was no way she could avoid not looking at him, or even stopping her eyes from straying over his body now and then. It then occurred to her that he would... with his body... be sleeping in her bed pressing up against her tonight. That strong toned body, pushing into hers.


Stop it Amber... Just get a grip of yourself. You're acting like a school girl with a crush on someone you should protect, not think perverted thoughts about... Just buy a sleeping basket for him, he's a big boy now...


She had half an hour before she needed to be in the make up tent, but still overwhelmed she deciding to take a few moments to rationalise with herself. Giving into the moment, she sat down by a cypress tree and balled up.


What if I fall in love with this newer Havi. What then? Would I ruin our bond, possibly our friendship? It seemed paralysing, but this wasn't a normal adjustment for an average soul as he could hear her every thought. She didn't wish to risk the wound, and have what they have all fall apart. Was she tainting the motherness she had with impure desires? She wanted to protect him from herself.


She'd spoken so easily about changes the other day to him, but this was one she had no idea of how to handle. With the surfacing of these new emotions for him, the lines had become so blurred. Havi hadn't helped, especially the sexual flattery when he'd returned with that ass thing. It was all too much and too soon. Sobbing, she found herself inelegantly tearful, burying her head in her knees.


Why does love always make things so overly complex, I should snuff this want before it...


With that thought, it occurred. Just maybe, it wasn't Havi she was trying to protect, it was... herself. That notion didn't offer comfort, and only made her feel selfish. She sunk deeper into her gloom. She was her own enemy.


Her eyes closed.


Just a few minutes, That's all I ask.


The refuge she sought wasn't the one that came, but a different one altogether. Her memories retraced, and a prominent one began to surface to engulf her. One that came from a long time ago, before she even knew Havi.





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    Date:Nov 28 2016

    This is brilliant. The way the characters are shown off and the way we get a good feel of the world. I like it.


    You want feedback? You Got feedback.

    Date:Dec 10 2016

    Such a great story. Very well develope characters. Such emotinal bonds. I do like the whole tent scene. How a child would see adults trying to makw friends. I do hope you contiune this story. 

    I know it sounds mean but love to see havi get revenge on that hitmonlee. 


    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Apr 18 2017

    Thanks for your replies guys, it's really motivating ^_^

    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 18 2017 Chapter:Transcending Boundaries

    This is an mother excellent chapter and with some tensions and mixed feelings coming through which are portrayed exceptionally well. This is a beautifully written story which takes me through  in a diversity of emotions, bonding moments and even confusion but not for what's in the writing but character attitudes and such which you invoke on your reader. 


    Im excited to see what happens next. Havi should be able to hold his own but he's never battled so things should be interesting if the bully's try something this time. 

    Author's Response:

    Thank you kindly good sir, and I hope you continue to enjoy the offerings of words within my story telling :P