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Affections by Zana An


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With the pressure rising for Amber as new emotions stir, and older ones resurfacing, she at her most vulnerable. Not all is at a loss, and with change we may embrace something newer and more profound. Will it be the case for Amber and Havi, that remains to be seen.

Storm's Eye

Happy New Ywars and welcome to another chapter. Now lets hope my proof-reading wasn't too sloppy. Here it comes, it's going to be pretty rough so batten down the hatches, and call all the ships to port, there's a storm on the horizon! Sorry for the cheese XD Couldn't help it.





Chained souls


 Chapter 7

~Storm's Eye.~.




It wasn't looking like a good sign as Amber looked up at the sky seeing swirls of blackened clouds moving their way from a short way off in the distance. The overhead puffs of murky glooms flickered as lightning traversed across them, momentarily illuminating their depths with white flashes. She could see the racing light contorting in a wicked way as it struck down across the ground, staining it with black hideous patches. A moment later she heard the thunder as it came in a deafening boom carrying a dreadful sound that startled her enough she could have jumped sky-high. The strawberry red latched to her Electabuzz's arm with reflex action before peering over at him, embarrassed by her jumpy nature.


“Ahem... I was err just protecting you, that's all. Anyway I think we better get going," she said and released him just as quickly. There wasn't any complaints coming from him, neither did he make any mention to her fright. They were still a fair distance off to be an immediate threat but she knew it wouldn't be long before they were on top of them. The sounds of the wind were audibly and rising as if there were banshees on the horizon weiling their cries. She didn't think twice as she moved on and began pacing back along the path they came feeling a cringe crawling over her body. Amber headed towards the town exit with hurried strides when she heard someone, it was one of the pedlars.


“Hey? you over there, this way, thats the wrong way to the shelter. Follow me," he cried out, motioning rapidly with his hand to hurry her along to him.


“Shelter?" she asked loudly, over the howling sounds. This couldn't be good, the caravans were at the bottom. She was sure they would be moving them around the giant hill to take some pressure out of the storm. She should for now go to the shelter that had been mentioned, as the troop would be fine. Common sense had left her, and she was too worried. “I can't sorry...."


Paying no further attention she continued with a struggle and felt as if she could possibly get knocked down by one of those intense gusts that continued to smash into her. Anything light and loose that wasn't secure began to get thrown around as she brought her hands up to shield her face. The cobbled path seemed far more awkwardly traveled even if it was going downhill with the constant pressure. Swaying at times, she felt so helpless as natures fury lashed out. Panic began to etch it's way into her bones. Another mighty gust forced her backwards a couple of steps, off balance. This was beginning to get too rough and she never would have gone out if she'd known it was going to be like this, but this wasn't the time for regrets. Just then a guiding hand braced her own, holding it firmly. She still clung to that Ursa teddy with her other hand as if it was her lifeline, for her it may as well have been. She considered it a memento of her first date, although not official it was already priceless.


“Electa...." he cried. She felt reassured with the warmth of his fuzzy texture, soothingly strengthening her through the surrounding hazards.


“Thanks..." she shouted back with small shivers as he helped her battle through the elements that were. The rain was becoming heavier and the earlier warmth of the day had left to be taken by cold harshness to chill her damp skin. The rain almost stung as it pelted wherever her skin was exposed.


After a few minutes of this atrocity she finally met the flat of level ground, bringing with it the greens of the wild unkempt grass that raised up past her mid-shins. Thankfully she'd made it down with a little guidance from him. Progressing with unsteady footing, soon enough the curvature of hill took some sting out of the wind and made her advances a little easier against the gales, granting a moment's relief. The fierce assaults hadn't seized and still pummeling her but had became more manageable. Squinting, she could see the caravans had indeed been moved, however a lot of the equipment had been left behind and abandoned. Even through the onslaught, the master tent still appeared to be stood upright. Splinters flew through the air from broken off trees and nicking the girl a couple of times just above the elbow. She couldn't keep her eyes open without of fear the wind would claim them with some straying debris.


Before long she felt a few more along her arms and side of one cheek like little pricks, not breaking the skin or anything overly painful but still uncomfortable. With the way things were worsening they weren't going to be able to follow the rest of the troop. She forced herself to pry one eye, barely open.


“We have to get into the tent, hurry," she cried desperately. He dragged her by the hand, grunting to himself as he tugged her along until they entered through the flapping opening of the master tent. There still wasn't any allowances for a seconds breather with the urgency of the situation.


Electabuzz shook his body vigorously all over to dislodge the rain water but didn't waste time. His pupils scurried along the whites of his eyes, probing with a frenzy and the mounting pressure knowing death's unforgiving razor was nearing to cut them free from this life. He watched her dropping to her knees with both hands falling forward, panting. Her Ursa teddy slipped, and tumbled alongside her on the ground.


She realised it wasn't just exhaustion hitting her but an anxiety which was  her also knowing the same thing he did. Two stern arms gripped her around the waist helping her quickly to her feet or more or less yanking her there. It wasn't thebeginning to grip time to take rests and he was right, they needed to do something as the tent wouldn't be standing much longer either with the force the storm was coming at it. “Buzz buzz."


“Sorry," she said quickly looking side to side. She let out a cry, practically screaming. “Anyone around still?" Her voice struggled over the the harsh noise of the flapping tent canvas and walls. She got no reply and screamed again. “Anyone?" Still nothing, it felt like there were hundreds of spider creeping through her mind making her cringe at the thought of dying here suddenly. She shuddered, unsure of what to do and scared they were alone.


Electabuzz made a few dashes away from her also shouting out “Electa?" but he didn't get anything either, they were definitely in an abandoned campsite. This would've brought peace that everyone got out, but where did it place them then?


Amber clasped both her hands together almost as if she was in a silent prayer, holding them to her bosom. Electabuzz turned to face her as she stood there within her soaked clothes. Concern swarmed around him seeing her at her most frail. The frightened girl's mind retreated into its own world, shaking her head as if she didn't want to move.


“Electa!" he cried out to her to bring her out of her trance-like state which caused her a little start as she gasped suddenly. She'd become so scared she had even stopped breathing and was holding her breath. She had to stay firm, if not for her sake then his as she had a responsibility towards him to be strong, but it was easier said than done. She set her sight on him refocusing on his voice.


“Electa, Electa." Hearing him again helped a little as she shook her head. Her trembles seemed to lesson but not completely dissipate.


Amber ran up to him, holding him once more, but still without the faintest clue about what to do. Amber began marching him back towards the entrance where the flaps fluttered hard against the gales. Glancing out, she witnessed a branch not too far away get completely torn from a tree. The stray hazard flew with enough ferocity into a clown's car that it indented the side of the door with a loud metallic crashing sound. The pressure of the wind pushed her back a little and almost off her feet. The tent heavily leaned and tilted from side to side as more of the pegs ripped out of the ground. Amber back paced a few steps.


She looked at him with eyes that began to get a little watery as more fear spiralled and she dammed the tears. Turning she ran back towards the central area still tugging him along before coming to a sudden halt. Desperately she looked around once more for something, anything? She needed to devise a plan of escape without having to go out there and risking something impaling one of them or being struck by lightning. Another powerful gust hit as as one of the masts began making a high-pitched creaking. This followed a loud pinging and the sound of splitting wood. Fearfully she looked over her shoulder to see the mast tilted as the bolts securing the rope ladder were jerked clean from it. She only just glimpsed the ladder being almost elastically shot to the ground with a hard whipping sound as it hit.


She didn't have much hope in being rescued in time, that's if anymore if anyone was even bothering. For all she knew Laurel may have assumed she would have had common sense and headed to the shelter in town if he knew about it. Amber weighed her options. Just then the generator which was across the otherside of the tent exploded making her jump with the ferocity of it's sound forcing her stumble back and land on her rear. The a few of the tubular lights overhead also shattered sending glass down which narrowly missed her. It was still day but so gloomy and dark.


“Electabuzz!" she screamed out in fear for him. Her heart was racing now frantically. The electric type didn't move for a second also startled by the explosion. He then cried out. “Buzz." Helping her back up for the third time today. She couldn't have been more thankful he was there right now. She deduced It must have been a power surge traveling down the line that caused it to blow. The sparks flew out but were a safe distance away with neither of them seriously hurt before it fizzled and shorted out with a little smoke. However if she had been closer she could've have been killed. Thunder was getting louder the storm seemed to be right over them faster than they thought it would be. She could see the tents walls illuminating from the lightning outside with intense flashes.


More tearing sounds coming from the the side as the tent walls ripped away from the ground. Finally it was just too much, terror firmly gripped her into its vice, tightening around her until she was panting with short gasps, and leaving her paralysed. The teen had become so overwhelmed that the sounds around her suddenly ceased as her world became calm and cold. She appeared as if she was caught in an earthquake, shaking violently with her eyes wide open and blankly staring into nothingness.






“Electa ele buzzz," he yelled out but she failed to move or respond, nothing sunk in. He searched for ideas trying his best to think of something but what could he do? Her mind seemed it had almost vacated, escaped somewhere safe as if lost in a dream. “Buzz?"


He ran up to her and gripped her with both hands on her shoulders, giving her a shake. “Electa!" he cried out to her but she wasn't having any of it, locked within the bars of her mental prison. She could hear someone calling to her, but couldn't escape where her mind had retreated to. He did the first thing that came to his mind, which as give her a mild static shock to her hand. She screamed with a sudden gasp coming about again.


Her eyes began to flood as she stretched her hands around him holding him tightly. “I'm sorry, I, I don't know what happened."


I won't let him die... Not for me. I need to keep it together. We're not going to die, focus, think, think think...


Electabuzz continued his observation, there had to be something mixed into the half unpacked circus equipment but just then it came to him. He pointed over to a silver metallic chest, and he pushed her from behind to hurry her along, she looked at him with confusion. He failed to get her to budge much as she stopped again uncertain, he took her hand pulling her along to it. She didn't resist letting him take her still at a loss. Amber then realised what his intention was. The chest was two solid inches of fortified steel. It was used in a Houdini inspired escape act featured in the show which got submerged underwater within an aquarium. She didn't know much about science, but knew enough it was on a plastic mat. It could provide some insulation if lightning did by chance strike down on it but wasn't too sure.


Giving it a good look, Amber remained skeptical, wondering if they'd even fit in together. Then again she had seen multiple clowns fitting into a single car countless of times, why should this be different. Her body was bendy and very supple, it wasn't a car but she had to try. She pressed the secret escape latch which was there in case of emergencies. It was there to get the escape artist out in an eventuality the act went wrong. Hesitantly she pulled the heavy lid open, staring into the dark chest. When the chest closes it would lock them inside which was a fear as she didn't like the idea of being unable to get out due to the design of the locking mechanism.


“Electa!" he cried out to try get her to hurry up as she just contemplated in fear a moment before getting the courage to step inside. She placed herself down lying in it but there wasn't much room as she figured how to position to allow him space. A loud crashing sound came as the far part of the tent caved in. Electabuzz didn't let her adjust as he dived in smashing the lid closed on top of them, sealing them both in. Horrifically for Amber everything had just turned pitch black.


She was awkwardly positioned which didn't help her anxiety. His entire body pressed along her entire front as her legs were parted going up the sides and her back rested flat on the bottom. This applied his weight to her, even though he wasn't heavy enough to cause her danger, her mind differed and escalating her panic thinking she was unable to breath. She immediately felt her breathing double as she was in a tight place and trapped. More crashing sounds came and an enormous bang along the chest, scaring the life out of her. Part of the support poles crashed down on it as t noise and vibrations from the impact rattled through uncomfortably. Despite the fact she couldn't see, the chest regardless of being so thick, did indent a little as those poles weren't exactly light.


Amber broke into tears crying, and gasping for air frantically as she thrashed a little. He had never seen such terror in anyone before, and became scared for her. He could feel her shivering and breathing harshly against him. He did what he felt was best, and the only thing he could as he had no human words he could offer.


He held her.


The loving creature, rested his forehead gently along hers. His nose pressed to hers givin into soft nuzzles up and down as he hugged her body protectively. With only one hand being in a position to sooth her, he used tentatively glanced along her cheek in soft strokes, wiping her tears as they escaped. He stroked her face time after time until her her gasps soon gave way to just quiet weeping. Adjusting his head he placed his lips to her forehead imparting the most tender kiss as he made a soft sound. “Shhh..." He needed her to know he was still there and and she wasn't alone and safe.


Managing to free his tail from behind him and with a little struggle he positioned it to stroke her face taking over the duty of his hand which allowed him to run his finger through her hair, like waves to carry her fear away under it's gentle movements. The sounds of her sobs lessened and were fewer. “Shhh..." he ushered to her again, gifting her with a sweet kiss to the side of her other cheek. Then finally the distressed sounds completly vanished as he felt her bosom rising and falling against his own slower. She had fallen asleep, although she was still cold, instinctively forcing him more to her which created enough space for her to wrap both legs and arms around him. He didn't mind and was more thankful for it, feeling her nuzzling the side of his cheek in slow tender motions. He smiled hearing her finally making content sounds.






She awoke guessing it was early morning hearing the joyous sounds of the bird pokemon as they filled her ears. Tiny slithers of light made their way in, but not enough to remedy the poor visibility. Hearing those chirping songs brought some gratification that she was alive and they had survived. The girl didn't feel too well and was hot all over having slept through the night with wet clothes on. Amber still felt like she probably would die, but at least she wasn't scared. She couldn't believe she'd broken down into the state she had done.




The heat of her fever only grew into the most intense kind to rush to her head when she realised the position she was in, far too intimately close for comfort. Both her legs were hooked around his body and she had no idea how she got like that. Amber could feel her heart racking itself against her sternum like it wished to break free. He hadn't awoken and his cheek was pressed against her own. She tried shifting in the darkness to discover it was a bad move. Her head had shifted to surprisingly catch his lips as she froze instantly, even giving a gulp at what just happened.


Oh god I'm kissing him I didn't mean to, what to do, what to do...


She was too afraid to move in case she woke him up, but if she didn't he would anyway sooner or later. She could feel herself becoming all fuzzy and tingly. She eventually gave in, settling for a little white lie, deciding she would tell him he did it. The panic slowly gave way as she began to melt into the sensation flowing through her lips.


This feels so good but I shouldn't or maybe just a little one. How do I do this, do I...


Puckering her lips she sucked her cheeks in experimentally as she made little nibbling motions, noticing it was a little weird before spreading her mouth over his lips.


Do I need to suck? Sweet Meloetta, deity of inspiration, grant me your muse to guide my lips. This is hard Gah! I think I'm going to die if I don't from being sick first.


His lips soon took their magical effect. Those doubts vanished, as she let the natural progression of movements unfold. Amidst the shadows a colourful splash came to her cheeks as her mind ascended. Each second taken elevated her soul higher. She couldn't yet fathom the sensations that circulated around her or the emotions, but they felt good, so right. Her lips became the chalice which she poured her need into him. Just for a few seconds the shroud of darkness that enveloped her became a blinding beacon to illuminate her world. No words remained, no hesitation.


“Mmm," she quietly hummed against him as if it were a sacred hymn she shared. His body being pressed to hers, blanketed her with unexplored feelings, so foreign, yet she already cherished. Her wet lips slid in what felt like the most rapturous sensation, rising and falling against his with soft suckling as her breath was taken. Her hand, restricted but still mobile enough to move, ran up his back sensually as she kneaded through his fur, feverishly feeling every last strand that waltzed between her digits.


In all this time, she would have never thought a kiss would be so amazing causing something to emanate from within and resonate like a scream; a cheer of joy no one but she could hear. No thoughts remained as she gave herself away in order to be whole. It wasn't how well she did this kiss that made it wonderful, it was him. A kiss in its purest form, love.


A loud clattering came to steal away the moment as he suddenly snapped awake, and his head shot away from her. She felt the withdrawal hit almost instantly. “Electa, Buzz Buzz!" he cried out as she heard him suddenly banging the side of the chest in ear aching clanks which made her head throb that much more. She feared what he would do knowing she had kissed him, then realised he hadn't noticed at all. She felt glad, then angered, then completely confused. Somewhere inside she wished to be caught.


Damn it, I'll kill you for being blind, you're so... impossible... Now I'm going to have to try all over again from scratch...


The overwhelming pain only grew, throbbing away in her head. Maybe she shouldn't have got worked up when she knew she was sick. The locked chest burst open as the light came flooding through, hurting her eyes with its brilliance. Loud cheers erupted outside as her head became dizzy. “She's over here, quick get a blanket." It was a search party but that's all she remembered as she didn't see the faces but only knew she recognised one voice above all others, Laurel's, before passing out.


This memory was the most prominent. Her first kiss. Many others would be in her mind but this always took her timelessly as the day her heart yielded to him completely. His vision stood now before her in his loving strong form, his sweet smile haunting her soul.


I loved you so much...


I did...


I never told you I did love you...


What hadn't registered in Amber's mind was she was using the word did, and did being the key word. She still loved him, as most people still would carry a small flame for their first love, but that flame wanes a little over time.She still loved him in her own way, but wasn't in love with Electabuzz in that way anymore. That special flame had now passed along, and freshly reignited on a new candle for another but she just wasn't ready to let its fire engulf her. She would rather have it stamped out in case it burned her again.


It's happening all over and I don't know if I want to feel it. This time there's no way I will be able to hide it unless I refute it. What would you have me do Electabuzz ? You always found a way to save me.


The answer to her question was simple, Her Electabuzz would have wanted her to move on and accept Havi. He would have wished for her to give him what had been undeclared in the electric-types stead. Amber looked up finally drawing herself out from her own secluded world. She took shallow breaths choking almost.


I'll do anything to preserve the sacred bond I have with him. I don't want it tarnished due to my new disgusting fixation nor do I want to feel the pain of loss ever again. Am I that afraid of being crushed? Why is this pain resurfacing now. It's too confusing.


She was more bewildered now than she had been within that chest so long ago. No safety nets, or crash mats would catch her if she let herself fall too deep. But she wondered, would Havi?


I don't want to fall again, I... I'm afraid to love again...


She knew he cared for her wholeheartedly as his owner but with too much being thrown at her in one go, it made it harder for her to make the adjustments. What would have done her peace, was having spent this day with him to rediscover him for herself and see he wasn't all that different, but the tightrope awaited.


Amber folded her legs and placed her hands on her knees. Small meditation techniques were her way of making things a little more manageable. She visualised a little white dot, pinned to a black background, nothing but peace. Her chest expanded and filled with each deep breath through her nose before she exhaled through her mouth. She needed a clear mind as she had a show to prepare for.







On the other side of the park, Havi glanced over in the direction Amber was, although not in sight and a little too far to read her thoughts, he could still sense her distress. He knew she wasn't in danger, that much he knew feeling a calm taking hold of her as it all vanished. He couldn't tell if she'd always been this fragile. This was new for him as he never saw her as anything less than a gentle giant that protected him when he was only an Eevee. He aspired to be like her, but now knew she was the same as him and not the vision of invincibility he walked in the steps of. This day so much more had been brought to light that he never knew about her. Braving himself to his new form, he appreciated she also needed someone, just like he had. This change even scared him a little too, but this time, he understood this much that she needed his support. He only loved her more seeing her as an equal now, and wanting to save her from this. He needed to become the pillar she could lean against, he loved her too much to see her pained like this.


The stout pokemon knew he needed to remain strong for now as he knew in a couple of days and things would return to how they were. For now she could do with some space to clear her mind and refrained from returning to her. He didn't want her any more more confused than she already was.


Putting his worry aside before it consumed him, he thought about something else, other affairs that needed to be tended to once more. The strong-willed Espeon was adamant to befriend them now more than before. Perhaps his new form would be enough to dislodge those skeptical feeling towards him. He dashed along the grass in leaps and bounds as he entered the tent skidding along the ground as dust twisted up around his paws. It was the same sight, the same Pokemon. All activity ceased as they stared in his direction, unsure of who this stranger was.


"State your business? Only those who are owned by the people in this circus are welcome," the cruel Chatot spoke. Havi had concluded that this ringmasters pokemon wasn't just hostile to his smaller form but quite possibly anyone out of place, may be those that he didn't like or know.


His newer more masculine form didn't go unnoticed catching a few eyes. The Lopunny stared at the Espeon with a gaze that demanded him to indulge in her sinful activities.


"Murrrrr, he's rather tasty. I'd say he can stay. I don't mind him sharing a warm the spot over me."


The Hitmonchan stared at him with burning envy, as this lilac outsider seemed to have gained the attention of the females within the tent. Havi could sense the attraction towards him, but more notably the hostility.


"I'm not here to cause trouble. I just want to fold a new leaf and start over. I want to try being your friend. Is that too much to ask?"


"Friend? . . . . Damn, is that you, Havi?" The Chatot asked, rather surprised.




Another more alluring female voice spoke out to him, not shying after discovering who he was..


"My my, how you've grown, Havi. And in all the right places but there's one I can't see. You know the one I mean, care to give me a peak or more?" came the sultry voice of the Gardevoir.


The Lopunny to the side of her nudged her with her elbow having a little giggle at how forward her friend was being but then joined the flattery and courting.. “I think I might have been mistaken in thinking you weren't Pokemon enough. From where I'm standing, you're definitely more than most here," she said, cooing.


"This is total bullshit!" Cried out the Machamp. "Who the hell do you think you are, coming in here, wanting to be a friend only to stab us in the back by seducing our females?"


Stunned, Havi quickly replied. "I'm not trying to take anything away from you, but if that's how you feel, then I'll be on my way."


"Not so fast, Havi!" The Hitmonchan blocked the entrance as the Chatot and Machamp, along with a Cradily, surrounded Havi. The other males seemed to stay back, not wanting any part in this.


The Chatot stared him up and down. "Listen, Havi, I don't think you got the message last time, but this time we are going to make sure you get it and never come back here again."


The serpentine pokemon looked over, she was distraught by their behaviour towards Havi. The Milotic couldn't remain quiet to this, if no one else will then she would have to say something. “Havi won't bother anyone leave him alone. He can chat and hang out with me and Ray," she yelled out referring to her Dragonair lover. “And Ray wouldn't mind if no one else will, he'll happily let me friendship mate with him, you can keep the other girls, just don't hurt him."


The chatot face molded to an ugly figure of aggression, really annoyed. “No,I don't care, don't you dare get involved, kwaa kwaaa. He needs to learn his place before he can even stay in here anymore. The Dragonair slithered with quick movements to protect her, his body coiled around hers as his tail slid over her mouth, gagging her.


The blue dragon shook his head, afraid for her. “She didn't mean anything." He kept hold of her as she struggled while he turned his head in shame, softly pleading, “If you must, then please don't hurt him too much. He didn't mean it." He was unable to watch Havi being beaten and just looked away, hiding his shame.


The Espeon could feel their hostility rising and could read their violent intentions bent on crippling him all the way to the pokecenter. There was no way out, and if he were hurt, Amber would also be thrown into physical pain due to this psychic thing he had going with her, and the lack of control he had over it.


His last intention was to hurt any of them, but with little options available, he may not have a choice. He sensed that they fully intended to go through with this. They weren't just going to attack him, but Amber would also be possibly hurt as a result. He braced himself, letting his legs relax a little so he could make any reflex actions should he need to.


"I don't want to fight you. Can we just forget about it?" Havi cried one last time.


“No." Came the the Machamp's blunt reply as he began to rush Havi...







End Notes- Thanks everyone for taking the time out to read this, and let me know if you're enjoying it still!


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    Date:Jan 9 2017

    Looks like some fighting types and a flying type are avout to faint.


    Love this story and series. Keep up the great work.

    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Apr 19 2017

    Thanks so much, I'll try ^^

    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 19 2017 Chapter:Storm's Eye

    Incredibly charming and we can see why she is so reluctant in allowing herself to get close, insecurities add a dreadful edge within relationships. With what she's been through it isn't hard to see why it's hindering her. The charm and love between her former Pokemon and herself is very strong and it's so incredible it shines through just as strongly as with Havi. 


    Thisnkiss with electabuzz buzz was amazingly well written and even the part where it went so blindly unnoticed. Her mental reaction is exceptional. You really capture young love with all its faults, problems and inexperience so well. I think it's probably some of the best I've read and ranked highly for me. 


    Great at writing and fantastic story writing. My had is of to you dear lady!

    Author's Response:

    Aww thanks, I'm charming too :P Just kidding, but I really appreciate your support. I do invest time into character development to give them a feeling of being as real as possible.