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Crossed Souls by Tesla_Nightclaw


Story Notes:

3/12/16 - Howdy guys and girls! Tesla here! I'm sorry about the late update. I'll try and get one chapter out tomorrow. Thanks for being patient. Peace!!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 3 is here! Thanks for the feedback and over 50 views! 

Evolution (NSFW)

I opened my eyes the next morning, and realised Maya was still sleeping peacefully on my chest, my cock still inside her tight pussy. "Such a cutie..." I whispered, giving her a kiss on her forehead, making her giggle. She opened her eyes and yawned cutely, before smiling at me. "Morning Tessy..." She purred, a look of love in her eyes. "Yesterday was amazing..." 

I grinned and brought her hand to my lips, kissing it gently. "It really was..." I replied, smiling. Maya yawned again and realised we were still joined. "Wow... Hehe... Mind if I hop off?" she blushed. I giggled. "Go ahead! Although I'd much rather you stayed there..." I replied, winking at her. "Hehe... Perhaps I will stay here... I'll wait for you to hump me off..." She grinned, blushing and kissing my cheek. 

I watched as Maya sat upright, my cock still snugly inside her. "Ooohhh~" She giggled, a deep red blush spreading across her face. I was getting hard inside her, my slowly stiffening dick caressing her insides. "Damn that's good..." She purred, putting her hands on my chest. "Ride me baby~" I grinned, as my horny Ralts soulmate put her legs either side of my hips. "You ready baby?" She asked me. I nodded, and she slowly started riding my cock.

"Oh Arceus..." I moaned, the amazing feeling of Mayas' tight walls squishing and squeezing my throbbing dick forcing a series of aroused moans out of me. "Such a cutie..." Maya blushed, her tongue out as she grinned. 

Suddenly, Maya's body started radiating light. "What? What's happening to me?!" She gasped, looking at her arms. "I... I don't know?!" I replied, watching as the light enveloped her entire body. When it disappeared, Maya was no longer an adorable 3 foot tall Ralts, but a gorgeous, curvaceous 5 foot tall Kirlia. "Whoa..." I gasped, staring in awe at the beautiful creature still straddling my member. "I evolved!" Maya cheered, smiling happily as she explored her new body. 

"Arceus... You're nearly 2 feel taller than me now Maya!" I exclaimed, a little jealous. "Hehe... It's okay Tessy..." She smiled, sensing the jealousy in my voice as she gently stroked my cheek. "After all... You're the one who gets to play with my body..." She giggled, kissing my lips. 

I gulped as Maya took both my hands and pressed them against her round butt, before starting to gently gyrate her hips. "Oh shit... Aahhh..." I moaned as Maya rode me, her hands pressing mine against her firm rear, a look of pure lust in the newly evolved Kirlia's eyes. "Hehe... Enjoying yourself baby~?" She murred, sliding my hands up her body, before resting them on her round breasts.

Just feeling those silky, soft, supple boobs, combined with the riding I was recieving, made me climax, pumping a torrent of my seed into the unsuspecting Maya. "Oooh myyy~~ Someone has a thing for my boobs don't they~" She giggled, winking at me. I smiled and started massaging her breasts, my fingers working on her now erect nipples. 

"Oooh you naughty boy~ Mmmmm.... That feels amazing..." Maya giggled, moving my hands. "Is everything okay?" I asked as she hopped off my dick. "Yep! I just don't want you to get too tuckered out. After all, we haven't left this hole in nearly 2 days, I wanna go out and explore with you!" She grinned. "Please don't be mad." 

I smiled. Sure I was pretty pissed off that I couldn't hump her anymore, but she was right. A little exercise other than sex would do us good. "Okay baby. We might come across a lake so we can wash up as well." I said, pulling my boxers back on.


Once we were both fully dressed, we exited the enclave, and stood in the morning sun. I looked like a baby now that Maya was a Kirlia. "Nah. I don't like it out here." I said, trying to climb back into the hole. Maya grabbed hold of my waistband and pulled me back out, suspending me in mid-air. I looked like a petulant child throwing a tantrum. "Was that really necessary?" I frowned. Maya was too busy laughing to pay attention to what I was saying. 

"Oh? So I'm funny am I?" I grinned, swinging around and grabbing Maya's dress, before pulling it off. "Put me down and I'll give this back." I smiled. "Okay okay!" Maya gasped, covering herself as she let me go. I handed her back her dress, which she hastily put back on. "Thank you." She smiled, kissing my cheek, making me blush. "Now then, let's go explore!" I cheered, and Maya grinned as we started walking through the forest, holding my hand as we went. To anyone watching, we wouldn't have looked like a pair of young lovers on a romantic stroll, more like a mother taking her child out for a walk.

"You okay Tesla? You're being very quiet." Maya said to me. I smiled. "I'm usually quiet when i'm not being ridden. Hehe..." I grinned, making the gorgeous Kirlia blush. "Ok. I'm just making sure you're okay." She smiled, before picking me up and kissing me on the lips. I hung limply in her arms as I kissed her back, our tongues dancing and caressing one another.

She put me back on the ground and I stumbled a little, still a little limp from the kiss, which made her giggle. "I'm good. Hehe..." I replied, continuing to walk through the forest with Maya. 


Pretty soon, we found a clearing in the trees, and about 20 feet in front of us, was a beautiful crystal clear lake. The suns rays reflected perfectly off the surface, making it seem alive with light. "Whoa..." I gasped, completely dumbstruck by the beautiful scene. "I know..." Maya replied, a similar look of awe on her face. "I bet this place looks absolutely amazing at night..." She added, strolling over and sitting on the edge, her feet now in the water. I sat beside her and looked at the ground. "Even with a million moons it wouldn't be as beautiful as you..." I said, blushing madly. I'd never said anything like that before, and the uncertainty in my voice made that all the more obvious.

"Awwww...." Maya giggled, blushing insanely as she kissed me on the cheek. "And you're my heroic lil guardian..." She grinned. I blushed more and kissed her on the lips. "I love you Tesla..." She purred, hugging me tight. "I love you too... Maya..." I replied, tearing up as I pressed my face into her shoulder. I had never felt so much love for anyone before. She was still the sweet little Ralts that healed me and gave me a reason to live. 

We stayed sat by the edge of the lake, hugging one another, watching the sunset together. I felt Maya's hand wrap around mine as the sun finally dipped below the horizon. I looked up at her and smiled, my heart pounding in my chest as we stared into each others eyes. "You truly are gorgeous Maya..." I told her. "And you're the sexiest little warrior I could ever hope to meet." She replied, grinning. 

"Come on, let's get washed up and go home Tessy..." Maya smiled. I hopped off her lap and jumped into the water, resurfacing and smiling. "Jump in quick! The waters perfect!" I grinned. "Okay!" Maya giggled, sliding in and joining me. "Ooohhh... It's nice and warm..." She purred. "The sun must have been warming this lake all day!" I exclaimed, swimming over to Maya.

"Can I help you?" She giggled, as I made my trademark derp face. It basically involved crossing my eyes, sticking my tongue out and making a big cheesy grin. I always managed to make anyone smile with that face. Maya was no exception. "Stop it you lil cutie!" She laughed, trying to look away. I just swam round in her line of sight whenever she turned, making her laugh more. 

We spent a good few hours in the twilight just messing around, swimming in the warm water and having fun. After a while, we got out and stood dripping on the edge of the forest. "Hug me Tesla. I wanna show you something." Maya grinned. I did as she told me, and her Aura surrounded us both, warming us up and drying our clothes. "Awesome!" I grinned, letting go of her. "Thanks cutie." She giggled, taking my hand as we began our journey home. 


We reached the Enclave after about 2 hours, and I yawned as we clambered back into the snug hole. "Tired are we?" Maya smiled. I nodded. "Let's get some rest then cutie. We can have some really sexy fun tomorrow~" She added, winking at me. I giggled and watched as she layed on the mound of straw, before I layed on her chest and cuddled her. "Night cutie..." She said, giggling as I rested my head on her breasts. "Night sexy..." I replied, yawning. I held Mayas hand as she stroked my fur, and it wasn't long before we both drifted off.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed this chapter guys! I'll see you again soon!

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    Reviewer: lightsoul
    Date:Nov 25 2016 Chapter:Evolution (NSFW)

    This is a really nice story that I can see going in more than on direction. Your focus on short and sweet chapters is a nice change up and shows that you do not have to write a ton to get a good story across. The only small complaint I have is that it was never stated what gender Tesla was until chapter 2. But it is nothing major and doesn't mess up the story what so ever. 

    Can't wait to read more.

    Author's Response:

    Thanks! ^w^ You just made my day!

    Reviewer: Tesla_Nightclaw
    Date:Nov 26 2016 Chapter:Evolution (NSFW)

    (Note, this isn't me. I gave my friend use of my account to write a review ouo)

    XD Tesla got cockblocked! Hehe great story. I'm loving these two characters!