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Crossed Souls by Tesla_Nightclaw


Story Notes:

3/12/16 - Howdy guys and girls! Tesla here! I'm sorry about the late update. I'll try and get one chapter out tomorrow. Thanks for being patient. Peace!!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey guys! Chapter 4 is here! And I want to thank LightSoul for their review on the previous chapter! 


The sunlight once again coaxed me out of my gentle slumber, this morning more vigorously so. As I opened my eyes, I realised that I was on the other side of the Enclave to Maya. "Huh. I wonder how I got here?" I said to myself, a look of confusion on my face. "Did I sleepwalk?" I questioned myself. I had done it several times in the past, so it wasn't unlikely that that was the cause. 

I shook my head and thought nothing more of it, turning my attention to the gorgeous Kirlia currently sleeping on the other side of the Enclave. "Good morning Maya!" I called to her, my tail wagging as I stood up. Maya didn't wake up, she didn't respond, she didn't even twitch. I moved closer and yelled at her. "GOOD MORNING MAYA!", but again, she didn't respond. 

"M-Maya?" I said, welling up, my voice full of concern as I pressed my hand against her throat. Nothing. No pulse... No breathing... Nothing. I felt like someone had smashed my heart into a million pieces. "No... No fucking way... No!!!" I cried out, shaking her. "Maya! Please! Wake up!!!" I sobbed, before collapsing on top of her, my face pressed into her shoulder. My arm flopped loosely over her as I sobbed into her.

I brought my hand back up and then I saw it. A familiar red substance had stained my hand. Blood. "Where the fuck did this come from?" I exclaimed. Then I realised; Maya was in a pool of her own blood. "What the fuck?!" I gulped. I gently rolled Maya onto her front, and when I did, I very nearly threw up.

Maya's back had been torn apart. It looked like she had been tortured. There were claw-marks, teeth-marks, slash wounds, gunshot wounds and even impact injuries. "Who... What... How the fuck did this happen?" I cried, trying to stop myself from passing out from sorrow, hatred and sickness. "The severity and number of wounds... She must have been in agony... How could it not have woken me up?" I thought, trying to figure out how or why this happened. 

There were only two explanations I could think of; Either I was drugged and that's why I didn't hear anything, or... "D-Did I do this?" I sniffed, my mind hurting at the thought that I unleashed such a brutal attack on my soulmate. I moved back to Maya's body, and I noticed a paw mark on her. It had been soldered into her skin, like a branding iron. I pressed my paw against it. I sighed with relief as it didn't fit. 

"If it wasn't me... Then who?" I wondered. "I believe you are looking for me." Came a sinister voice from directly behind me. It was that Poochyena. The same one that attacked me and Maya. "You..." I snarled. "Hehe... Yep!" He replied, almost in glee of the sickening state he left my lover in. 

"You had better run you little fuck, because when I get hold of you, I'm going to show you the true meaning of pain!" I bellowed, my body becoming flooded with rage, adrenaline and bloodlust. "Hehe... Try me." The Poochyena replied, winking at me. "Grraaaaagghh!!!" I bellowed, smashing him in the jaw, knocking him back out of the Enclave and into the forest.

It was at that moment, something in me snapped. I felt no sorrow, no sadness, only pure, evil, hatred fueled bloodlust. I was going to torture this little fuck until he begged for me to kill him. I scrambled out after him, and grabbed him by the hind legs, before repeatedly swinging him against a tree trunk. "Die!" I snarled, battering the dog against the sturdy oak tree. He... He just laughed.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" I growled at the psycho dog in my grip. I grabbed both his legs and jerked them apart, splitting the bone and fracturing his hips. But, he just carried on laughing maniacally. "What kind of sick unkillable fuck are you?!" I bellowed, performing a brutal axe kick on his skull, crushing it like a pine cone. And yet, he just continued to laugh.

"How..." I panted, watching the battered Poochyena roll about on the floor, cackling and snorting like i'd been tickling him the whole time. Then, suddenly, his head twisted around and stared straight at me. His eyeswere as black as coal, and he had a jagged smile on his face. "You are the one who is going to die... Tesla Nightclaw!" He growled, his voice now sounding demonic. 

"How? How did you know my name?" I gulped, backing away fom the dog as his limbs cracked and clicked, performing some kind of sick trick as he stood upside down, but with his head the wrong way round, he looked somewhat normal. "What the fuck is going on?!" I said to myself. "I need to run. Now." I told myself as the demented mutt stomped closer.

I span round and legged it, my heart pounding as I sprinted as fast as I could. I could hear the Poochyena running after me, his demonic snarls easily audible in the quiet forest. I went as fast as my legs would take me, but i could hear the demon dog catching up. Then, just as I thought he would get me, he disappeared.

I looked around, trying to see any sign of him. "No... I didn't lose him. He is planning something..." I thought to myself. Then out of nowhere, he launched himself at me, his mouth opened, revealing 4 rows of teeth, much like a Shark. As soon as he hit me, I blacked out.


I woke up back in the Enclave, screaming, panting and sweating profusely. "Tesla?!" Maya jumped, wrapping her arms around me. I sobbed into her shoulder as she stroked my back. "It's okay sweetie... It's okay... You were having a nightmare..." She said calmly, reassuring me that everything was okay. I'd had violent hallucinations before, but nothing like that. "I'm... So scared Maya..." I cried, my tears streaming down Maya's back. "It's okay baby... I've got you..." Maya hugged me tighter, as she sang a lullaby to make me calm down.

Her voice was beautiful, and while I wasn't completely calm, I was much better. I looked outside and realised it was still pitch black. "Do you wanna go back to sleep?" Maya asked me. I nodded. "Okay baby." She said, wrapping her arms around me and holding me like a baby. I hugged her back and yawned. "Good night Tesla..." Maya yawned. "Goodnight Maya... I love you..." I replied. "I love you too baby..." She giggled, as we fell asleep together.

Chapter End Notes:

There! I hope you enjoyed this rather different chapter! See ya soon!

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    Reviewer: Tesla_Nightclaw
    Date:Nov 26 2016 Chapter:Nightmare

    (Note, this isn't me. I gave my friend use of my account to write a review ouo)

    Holy crap! This chapter terrified me! I hope Tesla is okay after going through this. I'm not really a huge fan of horror, but still a great chapter!