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Crossed Souls by Tesla_Nightclaw


Story Notes:

3/12/16 - Howdy guys and girls! Tesla here! I'm sorry about the late update. I'll try and get one chapter out tomorrow. Thanks for being patient. Peace!!

Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm back with chapter 5! I know I only uploaded part 4 a few hours ago, but i'm so damn motivated! XD

Be prepared for a huge amount of hardcore sex in this chapter, so get somewhere private, get some Kleenex/Dildos ready and enjoy! X3

True Love (NSFW+)

I woke up the following norning with Maya gently nudging me in the shoulder. "Morning sleepyhead!" She grinned as I opened my eyes. "Mmm... Morning Maya..." i replied sleepily. "How'd ya sleep?" She added, kissing my paw. "A lot better. Thank you..." I said, blushing. "That's good!" She giggled. 

"Now then... I believe I promised you a whole day of fun today, didn't I?" Maya said seductively, slowly undoing her dress. I blushed even more and I could feel my cock getting hard as I watched the gorgeous Kirlia stripping off. "So then big boy~ Where do you wanna pump that warm seed first~?" She purred, tossing her dress aside, revealing her flawless body. "Uhh.... Your mouth?" I replied, my throbbing cock now fully hard.

Maya leaned down and slowly slid my leggings and boxers down, revealing my hard, throbbing member. "Mmmm.... It looks so damn delicious~" She grinned, licking her lips. She gave my dick a quick kiss on the tip,  before wrapping her lips around it and suckling on it like she did before. Only this time, she kept her gaze firmly locked on my eyes. It was the very image of sexy. I had to restrain myself to not blow my load straight away. 

"Oh fuck yes Maya..." I moaned as she swirled her tongue around my tip, her hands cupping and massaging my sensitive puppy-makers. "Mmmmm..." She moaned back, our eyes still locked. Holy Arceus she is good. "Hehe... Enjoying yourself sweetie~?" She giggled, sliding her tongue up my shaft, before taking the entire thing in her mouth, sucking on it as hard as she could.

"Oh Arceus!! Aaahhh!" I moaned, waves of pleasure pulsing through my body. I gripped the floor tightly as Maya caressed my dick, leaving claw marks in it. It wasn't long before I reached my climax, and I released my load in Maya's mouth, making her blush madly.

She kept my cock in her mouth as I pumped my seed, and when I finished, she looked up at me and winked, before swallowing it all. She licked her lips and giggled. "I'll never get enough of your sweet nectar, Tessy..." She purred, laying on her back. "Can I have a tittyfuck next please?" I asked, my eyes sparkling. "Hehe... Sure thing cutie~ Sit on my stomach, and put your big, thick, hard cock between my soft titties~" She giggled, squishing her round breasts together. 

I didn't need telling twice. I kneeled with my legs either side of her stomach, and I rested my dick on her cleavage. "Ooohhh~" I moaned, my balls twitching excitedly. "Such a sexy boy..." Maya giggled, moving her boobs to allow my member to fall between them. She looked at me and grinned. "Spit on them~" She purred. "Pardon?" I exclaimed, my cheeks going even brighter red. 

Maya looked directly into my eyes and smiled. "I said... Spit. On. Them." She giggled. "W-Why exactly?" I asked, thinking it was a bit strange. "It will lube up my breasts. That way, I can make it even more pleasurable for you sweetie~" She explained. I nodded and spat on her breasts. "Hehe... Good boy~" She giggled and jiggled her boobs around my dick, coating it and my dick in saliva. "Mmmm...." I moaned. "There. Ready Tessy~?" She grinned. I nodded, and she squished my cock between her breasts, before sliding them up and down my shaft.

The sheer level of pleasure Maya's rubbing sent through me completely stunned me. All I could do was kneel there, a slave to the unimaginable pleasure this dirty, sexy, truly goddess-like Kirlia was blessing me with. My tongue rolled out of my mouth and my eyes closed as I panted, and Maya giggled when she saw the look on my face.

"You are such a little cutie Tesla~!" She smiled, lifting her head up, and suckling lightly on my tip as she fucked me with her breasts. "Aahh... Aahh... Aahh..." I moaned, my senses overloaded with ecstasy. I couldn't even form a coherent sentence, such was the level of euphoria I was experiencing.

"Hehe... How about I kick it up a gear~?" Maya purred, a mischeivous grin on her face. She sped up her movements, swirling her breasts up and down my shaft, making me yell in pleasure. "Oh Maya... Maya... Oh Arceus... Ahhh..." I groaned. Maya was literally fucking me silly. 

"That's it baby... Let it all out... Coat my tits in your love-juice..." She purred, licking my tip to push me to my climax. "Aah.... M-Maya.... I'm gonna... Aaahh!!" I screamed in pleasure as I pumped streams of my cum on Maya's tongue. It sprayed all over her breasts and my crotch as she pressed her tongue against my tip. "Aahh..." She giggled, licking her lips. "So tasty..." 

"Fuck... You... You are... Beyond amazing... Maya..." I panted, the horny girl suckling on my tip still, sucking more cum out like a straw. "You are more than welcome baby~" She replied, kissing my cock. "Hehe... I think it's your turn for some pleasure, Maya..." I grinned, leaning down and kissing Maya's breasts.

"Oohh~" She gasped, blushing harder. "You like that sweetie?" I winked, kissing her hard nipples and swirling my tongue around them. "Nyaaah~<3" She squealed in pleasure. She reached down and started fingering herself as I suckled on her nipples, and I squished her breasts and slid my cock against her stomach. "I've... Never heard of a tummy-fuck before, but I like the idea~" Maya giggled, moaning from her fingering and my suckling. 

"Ooohhhh.... Ooohh..... Aaahhh.... Tesssy~~" Maya moaned cutely, climaxing for the first time today. "Hehe... I bet that felt good..." I grinned. "Mhmmm.... Very good..." She replied, winking at me. "Lemme taste~" I smiled. Maya brought the hand she had been fingering herself with up to my face, and I ran my tongue across her fingers, slurping up her cum. Even after I got all of it, I suckled on her fingers, making Maya giggle.

"I want more!" I grinned, licking my lips. "Hehe... Help yourself cutiepie~" She replied, spreading her legs. I clambered off her and sat between her legs, putting my legs under her butt. I grabbed her butt and lifted her up, making her gasp. "Whatcha doing baby?" She asked me. "I'm gonna get stuck in~" I replied, winking and stuffing my tongue into her tight folds, massaging her buttcheeks with my paws as I did. 

"Oh Arceus! Tesla you.... Aaaahhh....." Maya cried out, my double assault on her body clearly pleasing her immensely. "That's it... Say my name..." I grinned, before returning to slurp at her pussy, licking and sucking every inch of her. "Tesla~ Tesla~ Tesla~" She moaned, breathing heavily as I continued to caress her insides. 

Suddenly, my tongue hit a sensitive spot in Maya's body, and she arched her back as a pulse of intense pleasure rocked through her. "Aaahhh~~!!!" She squealed, a look of pure happiness on her face. I grinned as I realised what it was. I found her G-Spot. I immediately returned to that spot, rubbing my tongue over it again and again, a look of ecstasy and lust on Maya's face. "Yes! Yes! Aahh!! Tessy! Mmm!! You're fucking amazing! Aahh!" She squealed, spreading her pussy with her hands to let me get deeper.

I continued my assault on her G-Spot, and started fingering her tailhole while I massaged her buttcheeks. "Oohh!! Oohh! Tessy!! Yesss!!! Yesss!!! Aaaahhhh!!!" She screamed in pleasure, her walls clamping down on my tongue and releasing a torrent of her fluids all over my face. I giggled and slurped all over her wet folds, licking up as much of her nectar as possible. "Arceus... You're good at this Tessy~" She grinned, wiping some sweat off her face. 

"Thanks cutie~" I grinned. I watched as Maya rolled over onto her front, her firm round butt jiggling as she slapped it. "Wanna give my booty a pounding next baby~?" She giggled, winking at me. "Hell yeah!" I exclaimed, slapping her butt, which made her gasp and moan in pleasure. "Oh Arceus... I love being spanked~" She smiled, shaking her butt at me. "Go nuts~" She added, making a kissy face. 

I grinned and repeatedly slapped her ass, making it jiggle everytime my palm made contact with her soft silky booty. "Ooh~ Ooh~ Ooh~ Ooh~" Maya moaned, her tongue hanging out as I spanked her. "You're such a dirty girl~" I grinned, still slapping her. "I'm so glad I met you~" I said, making Maya giggle. "I'm glad too~ I love you more than anything!" She replied, taking my hand. "I love you too!" I smiled, giving her rump one last squeeze. 

"Can you spread your cheeks for me please Maya?" I asked her. "Hehe... Sure thing babe~" She purred, spreading her butt, giving me a perfect view of her tight pink tailhole. "Ravage me... I want you to make me scream with pleasure Tessy~" She added.

I drew my cock along her pussy, coating it in her juices, before I pushed it all in her tight tailhole. "Mmmmmm~~ Yeah that's it! Nyaaahhh~<3" She squealed with delight. I kept going deeper until I felt my balls press up against her pussy, making her grip the floor and scream in pleasure as I pushed my balls into her slit, where they fit with a lewd pop.

"What?" Maya looked back at me, a deep crimson blush covering her face. "Hehe... Ever been double fucked before Maya?" I grinned. She shook her head and smiled. "Do it." She purred. I nodded and rocked my body forward, fucking her tailhole with my thick cock and her pussy with my round puppy-makers.

"Nnnggg~~ Aaahhh~ Yeah~ Uhh~ Yeah~ Ohh~ Ohh~ Tessy~ Harder~ Fuck me harder~ Yeah~!" Maya murred. I grabbed her hips and went faster, pulling my balls out of her pussy in the process. However, as I slammed into her tight tailhole again and again, my balls pounded against her slit. "Oh Arceus! Fuck yes! Aaahhh!!" Maya squealed, sweat dripping down both our bodies.

"Fucking hell... This is the best day of my life!" I squealed, driving deeper and harder into Maya's tailhole. "That's it! Cum up my ass!" She squealed in reply. I slammed in one last time, and released another torrent of cum. "Aaahh!!" I yelled in pleasure. "Ooohhhhh~~!!!" Maya screamed in reply. She climaxed as well, her fluids spilling out onto the floor. 

I pulled my cock out and Maya collapsed, panting and grinning. "Oh Arceus..." She moaned, fingering her pussy harder. "I want more!" She squealed, playing with her pussy. I sat next to her and started jerking my dick, grinning and moaning as well. "Hehe... You gonna shoot me with your delicious cum then Tessy~?" She purred, rolling on her back and holding her mouth open, still playing with her pussy as I jerked off. I moved over her head and sat on her face, my balls slipping into her mouth, which she started sucking and licking immediately. "Ooohhh~" I moaned, jerking off harder. "Hehe~" Maya giggled, and moved me forward a little so she could lick my tailhole.

"Ooh myyy~" I gasped, the sensation making me moan loudly. "You like that baby~?" She giggled, continuing to slurp my tailhole while I jerked off. "Aahhh~ Aahhh~ M-Maya!!!" I yelled as she pushed her tongue into my tailhole, making me blow my load over her body. She purred as she felt the warm liquid coat her thighs, belly, tits and feet.

"Holy shit..." I gasped, rolling over onto my back and panting heavily. "How about a footjob next baby?" Maya giggled, sitting between my legs. "Okay sexy~ Then I'll show you something really amazing I can do~" I panted. Maya grinned and pressed her feet against my cock, before stroking them up and down my shaft. "Oohh~" I moaned, loving every minute of this.

"Hehe... I wish we could fuck forever~" Maya grinned, jerking me faster with her feet. "Me too... Aahhh~" I giggled. Maya continued to fuck me with her feet, getting faster and faster until I spurted my seed like a sprinkler, covering her feet. "Hehe~ Now what's this amazing thing that you can do then sweetie?" Maya asked, fingering herself while she watched.

"Watch~" I grinned, before bending myself forward and suckling on my own cock, even going balls deep in my own face. Maya's eyes opened wide as she watched. "Holy fuck~ That's sooooo hot~" She giggled, moving closer. "Can I do something?" She asked.

"Sure!" I grinned, sucking on my shaft. Maya moved closer and suckled on my balls. "Mmmm~" I moaned, my mouth full of my own cock. Maya grinned and moved up a bit, massaging my balls with her breasts, making me cum in my own mouth. "Mmm~" I groaned, drinking all of my cum and licking myself clean. "Well that was pretty amazing~" Maya giggled, before laying back and spreading her legs. 

"Now I want you to pump me until you can't move~" She purred, making a kissy face at me. I moved over and grinned. "I'd be happy to baby~" I said, pushing my member into her tight pussy. "Aaahhh~" She moaned, panting and squealing in happiness as I started humping her. "Ooh~ Ooh~ Ahh~ Yesss~ Yesss~ More~ Uhhh~ Fuck me harder~ Harder~ Yeah~ Oh yeah~ Yeah Tessy~!" 

I started slamming in with such force that Maya's breasts bounced and we made a lewd slap noise every time our bodies connected. "Yeah baby~ You love taking my dick don't ya?" I grinned, speeding up. "Yeah~! I wanna suck it and fuck it forever!" She squealed, cumming as I pounded her. 

Over the next hour, I didn't stop humping Maya. Even when I climaxed, I kept pounding her tight pussy. After an hour, we both climaxed one final time, and I collapsed against her, my dick sliding out of her pussy, and all our fluids spilled out onto the floor. "Oh Arceus... I'm exhausted..." I panted, just managing to drag myself next to Maya so I could cuddle her. "Me too cutiepie~ But I sure enjoyed today~ Perhaps we can do this again every so often?" She giggled, kissing me on the lips. I nodded. "Definetely!" I grinned, resting my head on her shoulder. "Hehe... Good night my horny lil hero~" Maya yawned. "Night my sexy goddess~" I replied, as we fell asleep with our arms and legs around each other.

Chapter End Notes:

This is by far the longest sex scene I have ever written. I hope you enjoyed this (And maybe fingered/fapped a little too ;3). See ya next time!

    Date:Nov 26 2016

    I wrote the review for this chapter when you hadn't updated it. Improved. Althought its hard to figure out if you want to write a lewd story or something more. If lewd your on a good path, if not there is some work to be done. Showing a bit of transition of time can help and its a slight surprise to see how much both of your characters know when their time together if both of their first times. A simple line saying the Tesla learend a few things from watching others can completely fill in a knowledge hole and will add slight depth. Same for Maya, small details to her back story can add depth to her and make your character much more believeable. Once you do small things like that people can buy into your characters more. 

    I am eager to see what you can cook up next. 

    Date:Nov 26 2016

    It is definitely a lewd story, but the story will develop a lot more pretty soon. Thanks for the reviews! I appreciate them! ^w^

    Reviewer: lightsoul
    Date:Nov 26 2016 Chapter:True Love (NSFW+)

    I think you did a good job on the last two chapters but make sure to release a full chapter. Lewd is great but remember that you want to release a good story and that begins by making sure to release a full chapter. I've been in the same boat where I have so much left over from one chapter that I use it as another one, but make sure to look back and make sure you have a good product before putting it out. There was slight spelling mistakes in the chapter and the text bump thing at the end was sort of a eye sore. I think you could have had the sex scene be longer, that starts by adding details to it and spend a little time telling things like how it makes your main character feel, using your senses to describe the scene and find small things to fill in text with. Quality over quanity. Still though I think you are still onto something good just take a bit more time putting together a good quality product that reflects your talent and ideas.

    Author's Response:

    Sorry about that. It's a full chapter now so yeah. Its the only way i can upload on my 3DS

    Reviewer: Tesla_Nightclaw
    Date:Nov 26 2016 Chapter:True Love (NSFW+)

    (Note, this isn't me. I gave my friend use of my account to write a review ouo)

    Ho. Ly. Shit. I never thought I'd ever see this much sex in one chapter. Absolutely blew my mind. (And my load x3) Keep it up Tesla! You're such a descriptive writer and I love it! ^w^