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Crossed Souls by Tesla_Nightclaw


Story Notes:

3/12/16 - Howdy guys and girls! Tesla here! I'm sorry about the late update. I'll try and get one chapter out tomorrow. Thanks for being patient. Peace!!

Author's Chapter Notes:

^w^ I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Moving House (-NSFW)

I didn't wake up until the following afternoon, my body aching and sore from all the fun me and Maya got up to yesterday. "Jeez..." I groaned, stretching. I accidentally knocked Maya's shoulder and she opened her eyes a few seconds later. "Morning sweetie~ Yesterday was absolutely phenominal~" She giggled, blushing bright red as she yawned. "Hehe... It's afternoon now Maya. We slept in." I grinned. "Oh." Came her reply.  I looked around at our home aka The Enclave. It was filthy. There were cum-stains everywhere, sweat marks, claw marks in the ground and a dirty pile of straw, on which we were currently laid. 

"This place is getting pretty damn filthy, Maya." I smiled. "Yeah I know. And small." She replied, rolling onto her back. I smiled at her and moved closer, wrapping my arms around her waist. "Do you wanna find a new home?" I asked her. She nodded and licked my cheek. "Hehe..." I giggled, licking her back. "How about we have another fuck, get washed and dressed and look for somewhere near the lake?" Maya grinned, spreading her legs and rubbing her wet pussy. I chuckled. "Sounds like a plan baby~" I said, rubbing my cock and smiling.


When we were done, we got washed and dressed, which took a while seeing as our bath was the lake. "Now then! Let's go find a new home!" I cheered. Maya grinned and whooped. "Yeah!"

Wandering around the edge of the lake, we started looking for somewhere to live. "How about a tree-house?" Maya asked. "Hmmm..." I thought, looking at the trees around the area. "I'm not sure... They don't look very sturdy..." I replied, shoving one. "And it'll take days to make a tree-house properly." I added. "Oh." Maya replied, looking around. "What about that?" Maya said, pointing at a big cave in a hill on the other side of the lake. "Whoa!" I exclaimed. It looked huge. 

We ran around the lake and examined the cave entrance. "It... It s-sure is d-d-dark in there..." Maya said, shuddering. I looked back at her and grinned. "You aren't scared of the dark are you?" I asked, and she nodded. "Ever since I was a baby I've hated the dark..." She replied. "Aww... Well this big, strong, fearless hero will protect you!" I said, standing in a rather heroic pose... Just before a Joltik fell on my face.

"AAAGGGHHH GET IT OFF ME!" I screamed, running around trying to brush it off. Maya was rolling about laughing, I could hear her crying with laughter. I brushed the Joltik off my face and teared up. "Screw you Maya..." I sulked, sniffing before storming off into the cave.

"Awww don't be like that Tessy... Hehehehe...." Maya called to me, barely able to contain her laughter. "Everyone is scared of something!" She added, trying to make me feel better. It wasn't working. "Leave me alone..." I sobbed, my paws over my face as I huddled in a corner of the surprisingly shallow cave.

"Where are you?" Maya said after a few minutes, after she had made a torch from some old sticks outside the cave. I was still huddled up in the corner. She followed the sounds of me sobbing and found me, kneeling next to me. "I'm sorry Tessy... I didn't mean to laugh at you..." She smiled, placing her hand on my shoulder. I looked at her, my eyes full of tears.

She could see that she hurt my feelings. She gently lifted me up and sat me on her lap, and hugged me. I hugged her back, sobbing into her shoulder. "I really am sorry Tesla... I didn't know you were so terrified of spiders..." She said, looking into my eyes, before giving me a gentle kiss on the lips. 

"Why are you so scared of them?" She asked me, sticking the torch in a hole in the cave wall as she sat against the wall, me perched on her lap. "Well... It all happened about ten years ago..."


10 Years Ago


"Come on Tesla! Let's go explore the cave!" Xeron said excitedly. Xeron was my older brother, older by 6 years. He was a Riolu, just like me, but he had a red mark above his right eye shaped like a shuriken, and he was convinced he was an amazing explorer. His dream was to join a Rescue Team like his hero, Luka Ryo. 

"Oh. Okay!" I grinned, grabbing my satchel and my Dagger. Xeron took his backpack and his Spear and we headed off to the Dark Cavern, unaware that it was a very dangerous place. 

"Well, here we are!" Xeron cheered as we reached the opening to the cave. He took his backpack off and I did the same with my satchel. "Okay... Food, check. Drink, check. Rope, check. Flares, check." He said as he rifled through his backpack. "Bandages, check. Antiseptic, chevk. Surgical tape, check. Emergency flare, check. Blade sharpener, check!" I grinned, putting my satchel back on, and Xeron grabbed his spear as we headed into the cave.

"Damn it's dark! I can't see a thing!" I called out, my voice returning as an echo. Suddenly, we both heard a scuttling noise behind us. "T-Tesla?" Xeron shuddered. "Y-Yeah?" I replied, shaking. "Wh-What was th-that?" He added. "I don't kn.... WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed as something big, strong and hairy with lots of legs grabbed hold of me and dragged me deep into the cave. "Xeron!!! Help me!!!!" I screamed. "I'm coming Tesla! Just hang on!" He called out. 

I managed to grab the emergency flare from my satchel, and I lit it, before smashing it into whatever had hold of me. It let out an agonised screech before hi-tailing it back the way we came. 

"Xeron?" I called out, shaking with fear. "Tesla! I'm comi... No... No! NO!!!!! AGGGHHHH!!!" I heard him scream in agony, right after what sounded like a blade plunging into flesh. "Xeron!!!" I called frantically, running through the maze of tunnels. I saw blood... All over the floor. And there was Xeron, sprawled on the floor, suffocating on his own blood. "T-Tesla... T-Take my Pendant... I-I.... M-Make me p-proud..." He spluttered, the blood obstructing his airways as he handed me his lucky pendant.


Present Day


"He died right in front of me. The spider that had hold of me had run into him, and attacked him with its fangs. They hit him in the chest and the neck, rupturing his lungs and puncturing his jugular. Three weeks it took rescue teams to get us out, and Xeron was laid to rest the day after we got out..." I finished explaining. 

"Oh my..." Maya said, tearing up as she threw her arms around me. "I'm so sorry..." She sobbed. "It's okay..." I replied, pulling the pendant out of my pocket. "He is always with me." I replied, looking at the pendant. Maya looked at it as well. "That's so sweet..." she smiled, putting it around me neck. I kissed her and smiled.

"So this place isn't that huge then. It'd be perfect for us." I said, smiling. "Yeah! Plus it has a few branching rooms, we can have a bedroom, storage and a few other rooms too!" Maya grinned. "The only thing we need at the moment is light and a bed. You go get some straw and leaves, I'll light the place up." I said. "Right'o!" She replied, running out to get bedding, while I figured out a way to light up our new home.


About 20 minutes later, Maya came back carrying a huge load of straw and leaves. "Maya! I'm glad you're back! I figured something out!" I told her excitedly. "What is it baby?" She said, dumping the bedding in the bedroom. "Yep. Can you use Aura Sphere or Energy Ball?" I asked her. "Energy Ball. Why?" She asked me.

I stood on the opposite side of the cave to her. "I want you to hit me with a fully charged Energy Ball. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing." I said, summoning my Aura. "O-Okay..." She replied, summoning her Aura and charging her attack. I watched her intently, making sure to focus on the slowly growing ball of energy in her hands.

"Here it comes!" She growled, launching the orb at me. I caught it, using my Aura to stop it from dissipating. "Graaaaahhhh!!" I yelled, using all my energy to control it. "Be careful!" She gasped, moving towards me. "No! Maya don't come any closer! If this goes wrong, it will kill you too!" I yelled at her. "What?!" She replied, her eyes open wide. "Don't worry. I know I can do this..." I assured her, before surrounding the Energy Ball with an Aura Sphere. 

I then held the strange orb in my hands and looked at Maya. "Maya. Get out of the way. Now." I said calmly. "Okay." She replied, moving back about 10 feet. "Here goes. Aura Pulse!" I yelled, charging at the wall where Maya was stood, and driving the orb of energy into it. Cracks immediately surged throughout the cave, almost making it collapse. However, just as it looked like the cave roof would give way, my and Maya's Aura filled them up, creating an amazing blue/green glow throughout the entire cave. 

"Whoa..." Maya said, absolutely gobsmacked. "It's a Aura Fusion Ability..." I replied, panting. "It takes a huge amount of energy to use it... So... I'll explain it tomorrow..." I added, before passing out. Maya only just managed to catch me before I hit the ground. "Nighty night then Tessy..." She giggled, gently laying me on the pile of straw, before laying next to me and hugging me tight as she drifted off.

Chapter End Notes:

Sorry this took so long to get out. I hope you enjoy it!

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    Reviewer: lightsoul
    Date:Nov 29 2016 Chapter:Moving House (-NSFW)

    I waited until you finished the chapter before reviewing it, as much as I wanted to review it earlier today. I will give you praise, then faults I saw and finish with pointers. 

    Praise: Overall a budding story, your focus on helping us the readers to understand your characters show. Telsa falls into the hero/main character role of the story well, who has a good personality but has faults that make him more realistic. He is youthful, but has a old soul about him because of his past. He bonded quickly with Maya because he was searching for some source of comfort and got lucky that she was sort of in the same boat as him. Maya falls into the role of lover/side kick well, she helps to covers Telsa's weakness and has shown that she will stick with him through and though. I like this pair and want to see where you take them.

    Faults: There is a lack of strong detailing of your enviroment. You do not describe the scene very well, not only in this chapter but throughout the story. All the way back to their first home which I feel could have used some defining. Remember you are writing in first person, which means you should be having Telsa describe the scene as he sees it. When I write my stories I write from third person and spend alot of time decribing a scene because remember we the readers are not able to see what is happening, we have to use the power of your words to get that picture in our minds. Also in your sex scenes, there is a lack of detail and I believe you run though them slightly quickly. Also I found it hard to get a sense of why Telsa was in the cave for 3 weeks. You did not describe him getting lost in the cave which would have worked well in this situation or how he managed to survive that long. Did he have food and water? Also was he attacked again during that time? Details will help to answer these type of questions.

    Pointers: You are doing a good job with this story, but try to describe what is happening better. Use the power of your senses to describe the world around Telsa and use the power of details to help give your story much more color and depth. Adding depth to your story will make your characters deeper and help the reader to understand them better. Like I would like to know more about Telsa and his past, how old is he(since you said in this current chapter that he lost his brother ten years ago. Do Pokemon in your story age like humans do?), and what is his future plans. The Poochyena I am interested in as well, does he return or was he just a one time character. I normally do not name my characters if I do not want to bring them back, but your story has had the dark pup featured twice now. Also where are your characters now? I would like to know more about the world around them and if there others living in their little patch of woods, lake or where ever you have them. 

    Summed up: Good track, but lets build on it now and make a deeper world. 6/10

    Author's Response:

    Thanks! I appreciate your feedback and pointers, and I'll take them into account as I continue the story. ^w^