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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

In Chapter 3 things become even more interesting as more old character appear, and we see what happens when Prince finally gets to Candy's room. Will he be able to convince his girlfriend that he prefers to eat pussy rather than take cocks. Even if its just his best friends.

Chapter 3: Wooly the Shepard

Chapter 3

Wooly the Shepard

Wooly found Prince standing outside of Candy and Din's dorm room door, the nidoran was knocking on the door frantically. Wooly quickly moved over to his friend and pushed him out of the way, before anyone saw how crazy he looked right now. It was easy to see the look of fear all over his face.

"What are you doing?"

"I need to get in here Wolly,” Prince said as he knocked again. Wooly rolled his eyes and grabbed his friend by his horn and began pulling him away. Prince tried to pull himself free from his friend’s grip but the sheep was much strong than his friend and could keep him from getting free. Wooly did worry about getting cut by his friend’s horn, but if he did they were not too far away from being able to get medical attention. Once they were far enough away from the girl’s room that they would not be disturbed Wooly let go of Prince but not before making sure that the nidoran did not get away from him. Wooly used Thunder-Wave to paralyze Prince to keep him grounded.


“What can I say Prince,” Wooly sits down on a comfortable chair and watched as his friend was trying to fight though the status condition. Wooly was sure that Prince wouldn’t be free of it for a good bit, he added a little extra to the move just in case the nidoran had a little extra strength of heart. “You like to get a little ahead of yourself from time to time and do dumb shit, but don’t worry, I am here to always pull your ass back.

“If Candy saw what we were doing…” Prince bit his lip. “Last thing I need her to believe is that I suck cock, take dicks and do not like pussy,”

“Bro I thought you loved cats,” Wooly snickered.

“THAT IS NOT THE KIND OF PUSSY I AM TALKING ABOUT!” Prince screamed into Wooly’s ear.

Ok, ok sheesh,” Wooly rubs his ear, “Well, before you decided to run off and try to fix things the best way you know how. Yours truly was trying to tell you that Candy was just as liberated as you were last night,” Wooly smiled at the look that his friend was giving him, it always brought a smile to his face when Prince’s mind was blown away. Wooly had thought ahead and this morning before Prince woke up he ran over to Din’s room to explain everything to the girls. Din opened the door and told Wooly that Candy was sleeping off last night. When Wooly asked if Candy talked about seeing anything from the night before she assured him that Candy would be lucky to remember anything from the day before. She had been out partying since passing her exam and that Candy barely could remember her own name last night let alone remembering that she caught Wooly waist deep in his best friend. Din literally said those words to Wooly. Din assured him that she wasn’t going to tell him how she knew how about what they had done. But she did end their conversation with a big kiss and told him that she will try to nurse Candy and have her at least in some sort of working order before this afternoon. It was her idea that they should go out for a picnic and told Wooly that they would enjoy having a nice warm stew to help get over yesterday’s celebration.

“So, Din knows?”

“She does, but she doesn’t care,” Wooly looks at his wool and thought that it looked a little yellow. It might be a good time to get sheered and start growing his winter coat. “And she won’t tell Candy what happened last night,”

“How do you know?” Wooly heard Prince asked. With a smile the sheep got up and taps the top of his friend’s head a few times. He wanted Prince to get the message load and clear.

“Because she is not a fucking rat,” Wooly said making sure that the nidoran got the message as he stared him down. “We do not blue falcon anyone, got it?”

“Yes Wooly,” Prince looked down as the sheep was reminding Prince of something happened long ago. The event involved Coco and how Prince spilled the beans about something very sacred to the eevee. Coco forgave Prince, but him and the others never let him live it down.

“I told Din that if you come a knocking, not to answer,” Wooly pats Prince on his head and then gives him a slap on the rear. “No need to thank me,”

“For what,” Prince asked as Wooly picks him up and puts the Nidoran on his back. “I feel like a idiot right now, why didn’t you tell me any of this before I ran out,”

“I tried, but you ran out in a panic,” Wooly began walking them back to their room, the nidoran would be down for a bit longer before being able to have full use of his body again. “Anyway, Prince I need to talk to you about our future,”

“What about it, will it involve less making me feel stupid,”

“Nah I can’t help you in that department,” Wooly saw a few girls passing by and he gives them heads up before continuing to talk to Prince. “Man, I miss the chase,” Wooly took a moment to bask in the good feeling of showing off for the ladies. The girls they had passed giggled seeing after watching Wooly give his nod of approval.

“To bad you are locked down in a sexless relationship,” Prince pointed out. Wooly shrugged as there was no denying that his friend was correct.

“Oh Prince…” Wooly pets the nidoran’s rear and bounced him up and down a little bit. He ended up getting the cutest cry out of his friend. “I have that fine rear of yours to keep me company until I convince Din that I am faithful enough to be with her,”

“I find that very hard to believe Wooly,” Prince began. “Screwing me is not being faithful,”

“I call tauros on that my good buddy,” Wooly chuckled. “She said that I cannot touch other girls, nothing about putting it in the old brown eye, and damn Prince you have been a amazing friend all last year and this year,” Wooly had agreed after the Winter Festival that he would give up chasing girls in exchange to be with Din. What he didn’t know was that Din wanted to test him to see how much he loved her. He had to go a certain length of time without having sex with any other females for the rest of last school season, the summer and up until the license exam. Din promised that she would make his first time with her be memorable and worth the long wait. Wooly found a loop hole in that clause, she told him that he could not have sex with other females, there was nothing in there about males. So, Wooly somehow talked Prince into being his butt buddy in exchange for not hitting on his sister Princess and Wooly would help Prince train for any upcoming competitions. It was too easy since Wooly already was Prince’s training partner, and he wasn’t allowed to hit on girls anyway, so if Princess’s didn’t grow a dick over night the girl nidoran was off limits anyway. Plus, it was easy to pretend that Prince was Princess’s anyway since the pair looked like the other and with a little lube, a bit of electricity and the light’s off the sheep sometimes forgot that he was pounding his friend’s tight warm tail hole and thought he was sticking it into the warm pussy of his best friend’s sister.

“Fuck you Wooly,” Prince angrily said. “And you better stop calling me Princess when we do it,”

“That should be a compliment buddy,” The sheep snickered. “Just the right amount of lube, a little bit of electricity to warm that tight bottom of yours up, and maybe put a little nice smelling stuff on you and presto! You go from being a sexy male nidoran to the sweet female nidoran female of my dreams,” Wooly felt Prince bite down on his neck, the nidoran refused to let go when Wooly tried to shake him off.

“I’m going to kill you!” Prince cried before going back to biting Wooly repeatedly. The pair fall onto the ground and roll around for a moment, as both males were trying to take out the other. A few students ran over to break them up.

“Wooly, is this any way to treat your understudy?” Sir Scruffy was holding the sheep back. The Furfrou stared down the flaaffy who was panting from the fight. Wooly had several teeth marks all over his neck and shoulders, but he would heal quickly. Prince was being held back by his sister Princess, the female nidoran had her butt to Wooly.

“No,” Wooly had trouble pulling his eyes away from the female Pokemon. “We’ll kiss and make up, don’t you worry Fluffy,”

“Seriously?” Sir Scruffy growled. “You know that I hate to be called that,”

Wooly slaps the Furfrou on his rear. “Relax, if Flower can learn to like his real name, I am sure you can too,” Wooly walks over to Prince and his sister and gives the nidoran male a hug. “Friends?”

“Of course, Wooly,” Prince said. Princess rolled her eyes and began walking away, but Wooly took her by one of her forelegs and pulled her close. “Don’t you want a hug,” Princess bites Wooly’s hoove making him let go of her. “OUCH!” Wooly held his hoove tightly as unlike her brother’s teeth which didn’t break his skin, hers’s did.

“Don’t touch me you creep,” Princess growled. “I’ve heard about what you and my brother are doing, you are so pathetic!” Both Wooly and Prince tensed up as the nidoran girl was stabbing them with her sharp words. “Both of you are! I swear if I had a dick I would tear you both a new one for how stupid you two can be! You know what…” Princess nods her head and then calls over her girlfriend Zeal the Skitty. The cream colored skitty walks over and purred.

“Meow, are you done beating up the boys yet darling?” Zeal asked as she sized both Prince and Wooly up. “I am getting quite bored,” Zeal nuzzled Princess who nuzzled her back.

“Please sis…” Prince groaned. “Do you really have to do that in front of me?”

“Yes!” Wooly pitched in. “What you two have is a beautiful thing, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!” Princess rolled her eyes at Wooly.

“Your dick size matches the size of your brain,” Princess gave Zeal a light push. “Lets get out of here baby, before my brother and his idiot friend make use dumber.”

“Bye boys.” Zeal giggled as she waved her tail at them. Once the girls were gone Wooly chuckled.

“Damn Prince,” Wooly grinned as he was studying the girl’s rears as they walked away. He wanted to save the images for later. “Your sis totally loves me, I think with a little work I can get her and Zeal in a threesome. Turn those lesbians into bi girls.”

“You know what Wooly…” Prince sighed as he pushed the sheep along. “If I hadn’t felt how large you were for myself, I would think that my sister was right about you.”

Prince and Wooly returned to their room and found that it looked like a heard of tepigs had ran though and had a party at their expense. Wooly did not remember messing the place up that badly last night, and this morning before running out it didn’t feel like it was that bad. But then again both Prince and Wooly both were slightly still recovering from the night before and it had a little dark before. Wooly smelled that the stew he had started earlier was cooking nicely.

“Did I started adding the ingredients to the stew before running after you?” Wooly asked Prince. Prince shrugged.

“No need to thank me,” The pair heard Coco say as the Eevee was walking out of his and Flower’s room. Coco was a dark brown Eevee, with amber colored eyes, and dark neck fur. He wore studded collar around his neck and a large chocolate colored bow around his tail. He smiled as he looked at Prince. “Did you like your surprise when you woke up this morning?”

“Fuck you Coco!” Prince bitterly said.

“Oh, I think I can push you in.” The Eevee snickered and walks by the pair. “Be a nice warm up before seeing Poochie. He is such a clever darling, he told me he wanted to have sex on the beach, and he didn’t just mean the drink.” Coco giggled happily. Poochi was Coco’s boyfriend, he was a Poochyena that was about as hyper and wild as Coco was. Poochi like Coco wore a collar, his was pink with diamond studs on it, complete with a tag that read, “Always Open for Business, just knock on the back door.” Who took the time to write it on there was beyond Wooly but he was sure that it was meant to be read when someone was up close to him. Something Wooly never intended to do.

“Gross, didn’t need to hear that.” Prince snapped as he walked over to his bedroom door and pushed it open. Wooly heard screaming.



Wooly ran over to his bedroom and saw Prince getting blasted out of his room, the nidoran was covered in ice. Looking back inside Wooly saw Ribbon and Amber laying together holding one another while both of their hindlegs were interlocked together. The ground under them was covered in what Wooly guessed was their combined love fluids. The room smelled of sex and Wooly knew the place needed to be aired out before he wanted to spend any time inside of it. Even he had his limits.

“What do you mean knock,” Prince asked as he was trying to contain his anger. “THIS IS MY ROOM!!”

“Give it a rest,” Wooly told his chilled friend. He found himself yet again picking up Prince and putting him on his back. “Man, you are cold.” Wooly laughed.

“Sorry for taking your room,” Ribbon apologized. Wooly saw that her and Amber looked upset, the pair seemed to still be in the middle of doing it. Wooly rubbed his head as he worked to keep Prince up on his back, the cold coming off of his body was making Wooly feel numb. “We’ll leave if you –“

“No, please stay and um…” How could he make this not sound pervy. “Finish up.”

“We promise to clean up the mess,” Amber blushed and Wooly watched as Ribbon went back to making out with her. Wooly snickered and closed the door behind him.

“Girl on girl is so awesome,” Wooly nods his head happily as Coco was checking up on the stew. “I should go in there and make it a threesome.”

“You wouldn’t know the first thing to do,” Coco casually said, the eevee carefully used a quad-pad designed spoon to sip up some of the stew. “Hmm, it needs more seasonings. Wooly can you be a dear and bring over some of the onion powder. Poochie likes his stew to have unique flavor to it.”

“Wait your taking some of my stew to your boyfriend?” Wooly asked as he did so. Prince was starting to thaw out.

“It would still be a pot of cold water if I didn’t do something with it,” Coco snapped. “And Poochie is coming over here, along with that adorable deerling of yours and that sassy kitty you like so much Prince. Flower is bringing his girlfriend over as well, so be on your best behaviors you hear.”

“See what happens, when you give Coco power.” Prince groaned.

“Oh, and tell that bundle of adorableness in your room that they can stay for lunch too, I am making more than enough to feed a entire pack of naughty wolves,” Coco adds what appeared to be a little spice to the stew. Oh, being in the middle of a pack of wild dogs just having their way with this little old vee…oh such a wonderful dream,” Coco murred as he seemed to dreaming, he quickly shaped up as he licks a paw and groomed his chest fur, “I must get some tips on how to wear my bow better from them. Now hurry along and clean up, the stew will be ready in about the next half an hour.”

Coco last thing we need is for you to get to excited,” Wooly rolled his eyes as he was cleaning up the place. Coco was right, they did not need their love interest seeing the place a mess. “Last thing I need is for you to add extra “salty” content to the stew.”

“Don’t worry Wooly, I am not Prince, I know how to control myself when I cook.” Coco snickered as he looked at Prince who sticks his tongue out at the eevee. Coco must have taken it as a compliment. “Mmm…don’t mind if I do…” Coco licks his lips and Prince shaped up as he went back to work. Wooly chuckled as he picks up the pace on his own cleaning. He couldn’t wait to see what this afternoon would bring, if it was anything like the morning they were shaping up to have a fun series of events take place. Wooly hoped that his day would end with him and Din finally making love, something that he never experienced. Sure, he has slammed a lot of girls, a lot of girls and a Prince. But he has yet to say he has made love with anyone, sure Prince and he were good friends but he wasn’t gay. Something that he learned long ago was that just because you enjoyed having sex with another Pokemon of the same sex didn’t mean you was gay, it just meant that you loved having sex with them. Prince was a nice alternative to not having sex at all, but he was ready to finally make love to his girlfriend and stuff that big, beautiful Deerling ass that Din loved to flaunt about. Wooly thought of Din as he bent over and wiped up some stains that was on the floor, and was thankful that all he needed was a good wipe down to get them up. Sir Scruffy old him a few weeks ago, that Din could have a odd secret, something that she did want Wooly to know about until he was emotionally invested into her. But there was no way that a cute girl like her could be crazy or have a secret that was so bad that she couldn’t let him know about it.

Nah Din was a perfectly normal Deerling who just wanted to see if Wooly could be a faithful sheep to her. Now that he has proven that, it was time to bury himself deep into that big, beautiful ass of hers and make her his. Besides if there was something odd about her, how bad could it be?

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