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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The woods were peaceful this morning, quiet with a nice layer of mist in the air creating a mysterious atmosphere filling with wonder and adventure. A cool breeze blew through the forest, perfect for following the scent of those that a dog may be looking for. Darious hadn’t seen neither Chip nor Meadow for the past day and he was growing worried, it wasn’t like Chip to stay away for very long. When he asked Amber where her brother was, she told him to fuck off. She never did have much class, but maybe that was why he didn’t find her all that interesting. He puts up with the Eevee because her and Chip just happen to share the same body.

Darious looked up at the blue sky as it was turning from early morning to mid-morning. He had been search for his friends all early morning and was going where he was told they were last seen. Chip and Meadow the last time he saw them were talking among one another about something, he couldn’t hear very well what it was but he knew that it was something important. Meadow had mentioned to Darious a few days before the test that she wanted to spend some quality time with Chip after the exam. Quality time? Why would she want to spend quality time with Chip? He knew she liked him, but did she really like him enough to steal Chip away for a romantic weekend? A lustful weekend filled with lots of sex? Darious couldn’t tell for sure if that was what Meadow had in mind but, if it that had been her plan, he wanted in. Besides what would two herms want to do with one another? How can someone figure out what to do when you had the same parts. Darious wondered, what do they ever do, how do herms have sex with one another.

Sniffing the air, Darious had the nearly impossible task of trying to find either one of their scents in a wet environment. Scents only stayed around so long, and when it was wet good luck finding anything if at all. Dew was just under rainfall when it came to ruining a scent trail, as it created a layer of water that weakened or destroyed lingering scents. But if someone had a strong nose or could find a spot that wasn’t affected as much, then it was sometimes still possible to find a scent trail. Darious knew Chip’s scent very well, and Rockruff’s could follow the faintest of scent trails for miles. The issue was finding something…

“This is what I get for not looking sooner,” Darious said out loud to himself. He did not like how quiet it was outside and decided to speak out loud as to not feel completely alone. He continued trying to sniff around the area of the forest he was in. Darious found himself near what appeared to be matted down grass, as if a couple of Pokemon had stayed there for the night. The matted spots had a few strands of fur on them, it was very hard to see but Darious had a good eye for tracking. He had happened upon this spot after walking through the forest all early morning and he was sure that he had gone far into the forest by the time he found this spot. There was some dew on the matted spots but he could pick up the slight trace of some sort of Pokémon’s scent. One of the strands of fur was yellow and purple and he was sure that this was where Chip and Meadow had slept at some point. It had taken him some time to find this spot but he was sure that he could be on the right track.

“Hmm, now which way could they have gone,” Darious asked himself as he sniffs the ground and picked up the slightest trace of Zorua. It was faint and in only a matter of hours if that the scent would no longer exist and the trail would be gone completely. Darious focused his mind solely on the scent trail, the only thing that matter to him was keeping Chip’s scent on his mind for as long as possible. Setting his eyes on the path that lead deeper into the woods, Darious slowly began walking, he did not want to move to fast out of fear of losing the trail. If he had any luck, he would find a stronger scent trail the deeper he went. That was if he was lucky at least.

After a half, a hour of slowly walking through the woods Darious found that the scent he has been following was slowly becoming stronger and stronger with each passing step. He had managed to stay on the right path and was nearing his lost friends. The rockruff picked up the pace as he wasn’t afraid of dropping the scent anymore, but he did keep his voice down as he did not want to alert Chip or Meadow of the fact that he was tracking them down. He wanted to surprise them and possibly catch them in the act. Thoughts ran though his mind about the pair, how they haven’t been seen for the past day and a half, how they have been spending so much time together. It wasn’t fair, he liked both and here they were blocking him out. He could out pace the two of them in just about anything, he knew how to mate just fine, and he wasn’t afraid to get his nose dirty. He didn’t always like to do it, but he didn’t mind giving our rim jobs when called upon to do so. How many others out there wanted to get dirty like him, he was a real trooper, a catch for any lucky Pokemon whether they were male, female or herm. The thoughts ran though Darious mind repeatedly, the more he thought about them, the more upset he became and the faster his pace became. He wanted to find his friends and tell them off, tell the little herms that they can keep one another and just forget about him being their third wheel. By the time Darious was nearing the source of the scent trail he was nearly running at high speeds as the pup was ready to pounce on his prey.

Darious stopped as he found both Chip and Meadow, the two Pokemon had been hiding out in the deeper part of the woods. The pair had been hiding out in an area full of bushes and small trees that helped to hide them from view of anyone just passing by. Darious only knew they were there because he had been following Chip’s scent. The fact that they had gone to great lengths to hide themselves meant that they had something to hide. Good, then the rockruff’s trip here would not be in vein, after he made them talk, he’ll use what he learned to teach them a lesson.

“Darious…?” Meadow gasped from surprise as neither her nor Chip expected him to show up. Darious felt a mixture of emotions, he was glad to see them, but at the same time he wanted to chew them out for only caring about themselves. Regardless what happened, Darious was sure that he wasn’t leaving here without something happening.

“Surprised…to see…me?” The rockruff growled, he was panting from the sprint over.

“Yes,” Chip said, he stepped just in front of Meadow, the Zorua seemed to be acting like he was protecting Meadow. Darious found the gesture to be slightly annoying. He never planned on attacking either of them. “What are you doing out here?”

“I came to find you two,” Darious began, he felt like he had caught his breath and could talk now. He had thought long and hard about what he would say to the pair when he finally caught up to them. But now that he was confronting them the rockruff wondered if he could go through with chewing both of his friends out. They deserved it in his book, but he also didn’t know why they were out here in the first place. Darious hated himself for feeling that he was chickening out. “You had me worried, I thought that something bad happened to you two.”

“Sorry…” Meadow and Chip said together. Darious growled back at them.

“Serious!” He cried. “Is that all that you two can say is, sorry?” He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He couldn’t understand why Chip and Meadow had run away, nor why they were still out here. Darious took a moment to sniff the air, he could pick up a mild sexual scent, possibly the lingering traces of someone’s heat. He began wondering if this might have been the reason for them vanishing. Someone needed to get away to relieve some sexual tension but…why didn’t they just come to him. Wasn’t he good enough for that…?

“Its not like that Darious, you wouldn’t understand,” Chip said as he looked at Meadow. Darious noticed that Chip looked at her with strength in his eyes, the strength to do anything for her, something that someone who had strong feelings for someone else did. Usually after coming together because of having a shared experienced. When Darious looked at how Chip was with Meadow he couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt. He wanted Chip to look at him like that. He knew that he felt that way when he looked at Chip. What could Chip and Meadow have shared that was strong enough to make them at least believe they were in love with the other?

“What do you mean, I wouldn’t understand?” Darious was becoming more and more upset the longer he was forced to listen to his friend’s excuses. It was by this time that Meadow must have noticed as Darious saw that she was trying to think of something to say that would smooth over the situation. He wasn’t surprised to see that the Shaymin was thinking ahead, she was the Pokemon of Fertility after all. Thinking of ways to smooth over situations was her specialty. Pokemon did not want to make babies if they were mad at one another.

“Chip that is not an answer that you would want anyone to give you,” Meadow said calmly. “Let me handle this sweetie.” Meadow turned her attention to Darious. “So, what brings you out here? Were you really worried about us?”

Was he really worried about them, was he worried about them? Darious thought as he stared into the Shaymin’s beautiful big green eyes…and thought about how he could stay mad at someone who was that adorable. Maybe he was making a mistake being so hard on his friend, they didn’t mean to hurt anyone and was there truly anything wrong with Chip and meadow taking some time to get away from it all and be alone together. Darious and everyone else in their group saw how close the pair have been getting since the first day of school and knew it was only a matter of time before they decided to become official. For some odd reason Darious’s didn’t seem to realize any of this until just now…

“Are you ok Darious, you suddenly seem a bit quieter?” Meadow asked

“Ya, ya…” Darious shakes his head, the pup strangely was suddenly feeling a bit light headed.

“Do you need to lay down?” Chip pitched in, the Zorua seemed to be a bit concerned for him. Or at least that was what Darious wanted to believe as he noticed a slight smirk on his friend’s face. Why would he be smirking like that? Wasn’t he concerned for his sudden change of condition?

“Aww, the puppy is all pooped out from worrying about us.” Darious heard Meadow giggling.

“No…tha-that can’t be the…oh mon…” Darious shook his head as he felt like he was getting worst. He felt himself being forced to lay down on his back as Chip and Meadow were helping him lay down. But he couldn’t help but notice that the duo were still smirking, and Darious couldn’t help but wonder why his friends were seeming to take pleasure from seeing him like this.

“Relax Darious,” Chip said as he looked at Meadow who whispered something to the Zorua who murred in response. Darious couldn’t strangely understand what the two were saying to one another, his mind wasn’t able to focus on much of anything at all at the moment. It was only when Meadow spoke directly to him that he was able to focus once again.

“You came all the way out here to find us,” Meadow back, the Shaymin bends down and sniffs Darious’s sheath. “Why not we be good host and tend to your needs,” Meadow murrs happily as Chip leans down to get a sniff as well. Darious didn’t feel shy about what was happening, in fact he felt excited, so much that the pup was already showing some pink as his rod was quickly pushing out of his sheath and standing tall for the pair to play with. Darious did not understand what was happening, nor why it was happening, but…right now he didn’t care. He was getting laid and that was good enough for him.

Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite him…

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