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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Amber was helping the fellow Eevee Coco finish lunch as she was passing him some last-minute ingredients. Amber wasn't use to cooking, but she had watched her mother do it all the time and knew what a few of the ingredients that Coco was using. Right now, he was adding crushed red peppers, along with crushed garlic and finishing with some ground black pepper and salt. Amber remembered her mother using those ingredients all the time when cooking back home, usually to help flavor their meats. It was always a nice cocktail of various aromas in the kitchen when Amber was back home, something that the young vee missed being around.


"Amber..." Coco said to the young vee. Amber shook her head as if she was clearing it of cobwebs.


"Oh, sorry Coco, I was thinking about... stuff." Amber responded with a giggle. Coco waved a paw in front of his face.


"Here I want you to taste this, only another vee could appreciate what I am putting together." Coco said as he bends over, picks up a quad pad fashioned spoon (which has a special grip on it that allowed for quadpad Pokemon to be able to lift, stir and use it almost as easily as an bipad could.) and dips it into the stew and offered a small sample to the herm eevee. Amber looked at the spoon and noticed that there was small chunks of carrots, celery and chunks of an meat that Amber could not put her paws on just yet. Amber takes a sip of the broth and felt her tongue instantly become hot.




"Oh, hon you need to be careful, it’s still hot," Coco said as he takes the spoon away from Amber and sips the rest of it up. "Oh, that is good,"


"I knew it was hot, but I thought that you would make sure it was drinkable." Amber complained as she fans her tongue with a paw. The small makeshift breeze she created felt good against her burned tongue.


"Sorry sweetie, forgive me for thinking that you would use your common sense, no offense." Coco continued stirring the pot. Amber rolled her eyes and takes a moment to lick her maw as a bit of the broth had gotten onto it.


"Hmm... this is actually pretty good." Amber murred. "A little spicy, but only enough to provide a bit of extra flavor. I taste...onions-"


"Poochie's favorite." Coco interrupted Amber.


"Annoying." Amber walked away from Coco who eeps when they hear a knock at the door.


"It’s him!" Coco began bouncing around happily. "Oh get the door, get the door, I simply must gaze upon my little Poochie's face."


"Deep breathing Amber..." Amber takes a deep breath. "Deep breathing..." Amber walks over to the door and opens it. On the other side was a Poochyena wearing a small yellow bow around his neck, and a second large bow at the base of his tail. The wolf pup greets Amber with a friend "kiss" as he licks her cheek.


"You are so cute, I just love all of the little ribbons all over that pretty little body of yours." The Poochyena that Amber guessed was named "Poochie" said as he walked in. "Keep it on the down low but if you want later, I can show you that I swing both ways." Amber kept herself from gasping to loud as she heard that last line. It was very sudden and she didn't think that the wolf would say it. "Just between you and me darling." With that Poochie walked over to Coco who couldn't stop bouncing around at the sight of his friend.


"You’re here," Coco said running to meet Poochie half way, the pair touched noses.


"Screw this I'm out of here," Amber rolled her eyes as she heads for the door. Ribbon followed close behind her. The pair didn't speak until they were out of the door.


"I know they are pretty.... wild -" Amber cuts off Ribbon.


"Coco is so annoying, he cuts me off, acts super sassy and thinks he is the center of the room. What kind of Eevee wants so much attention?" Amber says as she angrily paces around the hallway. She hears Ribbon make a fake coughing noise as to get her attention.


"I think I am looking at one," Ribbon says. Amber rolled her eyes at her friend's statement.


"What do you know?" Amber asked which didn't sit well with Ribbon who blew a sheet of icy cold mist at the Eevee freezing her face fur in place and leaving what look looked like a sheet of ice on Amber. “You-“Amber sneeze’s making the ice fall off of her face. “One cold…bitch.”


“You needed to cool off anyway,” Ribbon said with a smirk on her face. “Now we could go back in there, say sorry and enjoy a nice meal with our new friends.” Amber wanted to speak but Ribbon stopped her. “Or we could go back to our room, have a little snack and enjoy some true alone time together.” Ribbon smiled. “And before you ask, yes I do want to fuck you again.” Ribbon giggled. “Because I love seeing you all worked up, you are so cute, and dominate looking and I just want to ride that big cock of yours.” Ribbon murred happily. The girls stared at one another, the pair knew what the answer to that question was. A Bulbasaur passed by the girls breaking their concentration.


“Damn you two look good.” The Bulbasaur said to the girls, they looked at the saur and frowned at him.


“Beat it Shawn.” Both say together, the Bulbasaur shrugged.


“Damn why the cold shoulder, pun intended.” The Bulbasaur named Shawn responded in a hurt voice. “I was complimenting you two.”


“We already get plenty of those Shawn.” Amber sticks her tongue out at the saur.


“We do not need some weed like you complimenting us, it might give me and Amber a bad reputation instead.” Ribbon nosed Amber telling her that it was time to leave. “If you are hungry why not go inside, there is a cute Eevee in there who just might be your type.”


“For real…” Shawn grinned and opened the door with a vine. “Thanks girls, and if you ever, and I do mean you ever want to find out what your missing out on. I’ll let you test ride me all day long.” Shawn blew Ribbon and Amber kisses before going inside. But as he went in the girls could hear the saur say on more thing.


“Where is that cutie of a eevee.”


“Oh you are the cute one, Shawny.” The girls heard Coco respond.


The girls couldn’t help but giggle as they walk away together. Shawn would be in a for a nice meal no matter what happens.



Out in the forest Amber’s twin brother Chip was busy playing with his best friend Darious and mate Meadow. The trio were laying in the small opening in the woods together. Both Chip and Meadow were on either side of the laying down rockruff, his cock was fully out and the Zorua and Shaymin together were licking both sides of it, trying to get Darious to cover them in his strong scented puppy seed. Or at least that is what Chip would call it as Darious always had such a strong odor to his cum. It reminded him of his father’s, strong, even a bit over powering at times. But they again…why does Chip know what the smell of Kia’s cum was…that was story for another day.


Oh, that is so good,” Chip heard Meadow saw from her end. He did find Darious a bit tasteful today. It wasn’t his first time tasting the rockruff but normally he didn’t taste that good to him for some odd reason, usually he reminded the Zorua of tasting dirt and sand, with a nice hint of pine. Don’t ask him why he tasted like pine, cause even Chip didn’t know.


“I do not feel like blowing him Meadow.” Chip said as he stopped licking up and down the Rockruff’s length. Chip’s tail twitched a bit, he wanted to do more than just give Darious a good time, he wanted to have one too. Meadow stopped licking Darious as well, the Shaymin looks into her mate’s eyes as if she was searching for a answer in them. She must have found it as she gives him a nod of approval.


“Oh really?” Darious asked as he was panting from the blow job. His length was covered in saliva and pre cum. “What…what would you…want to do…instead.”


Chip thought that for once Darious asked a very cute question and he didn’t want to smack him in the mouth for saying it. The pup did look good when he was on his back like that, legs spread wide for him, his tail hole nicely exposed. It looked a little wet from a bit of sweat on it, like it was just begging to be played with. Chip looked at Meadow with a devious looked on his face and Meadow returned the expression as she caught onto what he was thinking. Damn he loved this girl so much, it was as if they shared the same lewd filled, devious mind. Meadow and Chip turned their faces back to Darious who was looking up at them, an expression of lust and excitement on his face.


“How about I make you feel like a bitch?” Chip asked the pup who blinked back at him awkwardly. Chip found it to be cute, it was almost as if the pup thought that the dark fox was really “asking” him if he wanted to do anal sex. Like Darious ever asked him, he just did it and Chip it. So Chip was sure Darious would be the same way, and if not…well Chip didn’t care, he was going to get a chance to get back at Darious for all of the random butt loving moments and remind the pup that he wasn’t the only one could be an alpha around here.


“That sounds like fun…” Darious’s ears droop a little bit as Chip walked over the pup, his rod was in between Darious’s hindlegs. Chip licked his chops and bends his head down to touch noses with Darious. Sure, Chip sometimes hated Darious for his random acts, bold nature, always finding a moment to dominate the Zorua and make him his bitch. But Chip didn’t hate Darious for it, nor strangely wanted him to stop doing it to him. There was something so…. wonderful when the Zorua was up under his rockruff friend, their hips joined together as Darious pounded into his vag or tail hole, the feeling of his hot breath on his neck, ears, face…


“You ok Chip?” Chip heard Darious say to the Zorua. Chip hadn’t noticed but thinking about Darious like that had made him start blushing, and what more…he had been grinding his cock up against Darious’s, as if he was Darious in his little day dream pounding into himself. The image made Chip wonder if he wanted to mate with himself or if he wanted to turn around and let Darious nail him right now.


“Why not try aiming for the right spot dear." Chip saw Meadow walk to Darious's face. The Shaymin pats the pups head while having a even more devious smirk on her face than the Zorua did. Chip sometimes had to remind himself that Meadow was the Pokemon of fertility, sex was a big part of her life and personality. She was the Pokemon that got other Pokemon to fuck each other's brains out and make babies. She told him that when she became the Pokémon of fertility that Arceus turned her into a herm, she was one of two generals to be a herm and that he blessed her with the ability to nearly can breed with any other Pokémon within certain means. And that should she ever need to, she had the ability to use her special seeds that grew on her back for helping to cause procreation, in both males and females. Meaning Pokémon of the same sex could breed with one another as her seeds caused a "ditto" effect in one or both partners. Meadow told Chip that she didn't like using the seeds unless she needed to as the effects could last for a while and there was sometimes no telling what long term effects it could cause on either Pokémon or the offspring.


"I know what I am doing," Chip felt a little hot under the collar as he did not want to look bad in front of Meadow. She was so experienced at this kind of thing, while he knew basic level stuff if that. Meadow seemed able to sense his emotions as she sat down on Darious's maw. Both Pokémon heard Darious mumbling from up under Meadow’s big rear. Chip had to admit, he was a bit jealous that Darious got to get that close to Meadow. Best thing he has done so far was bone her little tail hole. And here Darious was getting to be femdommed and forced to eat her out.


“Well I am here to help, I mean you are the one who is still learning.” Chip watched Meadow grind herself up against the Rockruff’s face, a few drops of saliva could already be seen dripping down Darious’s maw. Meadow moans happily as she humps back slowly while Darious’s tongue was halfway up her little vag. Chip couldn’t help to turn his eyes away, but his body knew full well what it wanted as the Zorua was slowly humping into the puppy all on its own. Chip finally did notice what he was doing, both from the slight vibrations each time his crotch slammed up against Darious’s ass and the warm sensation of having his cock deep inside of the puppy’s little tail hole. The warm, tightening hole that Darious’s had made Chip question why he didn’t nail his best friend more often. Chip noticed that Meadow’s tongue was out as she was trying her hardest not to spill her sweet-smelling female cum all over the puppy just yet. Chip knew that she took a lot of pride into her mating skills and did not like living up to her own expectations.


“Aahhh….” Chip moaned, the Zorua pushed down onto his forepaws as he worked to push himself deeper and deeper into the rockruff, soon he was able to hilt inside of Darious. “Really do not want to…cum just…yet…” Chip huffed.


“Aww you…. want to cum…already…. dear….” Meadow answered back, the Shaymin was close to losing it herself from what Chip could tell. Darious’s maw was covered in Meadow’s pre all of his face fur was covered in it. Chip felt his own underside drenched as he hadn’t even noticed until now that Darious’s had cummed all over him. The pup wasn’t used to anal and already he had given Chip his warm puppy cream.



“Everyone else is…. enjoying…themselves.” Meadow giggled. “You are barely noticing anything going on. That is just wrong.” As much as Chip loved Meadow’s personality, her cute looks, and how good she made him feel. He sometimes felt like she was always trying to test his abilities, as if she was trying to see what his breaking point was. He didn’t know why he had that feeling, but it was something that he couldn’t get over so easily.

“Sorry…I am just enjoying this tight puppy ass,” Chip gives Darious a good hump, he heard the puppy grunt, which in turn made Meadow moan loudly as she received a good slurp from the shocked puppy. Chip grinned and gives Darious a few more good humps which made the puppy once again howl out and in turn made Meadow receive more “harsh” tongue action. Chip snickered from his mate’s reaction and continues pleasuring his best friend and mate at the same time. Darious’s began tighter and tighter the more Chip slammed into him, and Chip much like Darious was nearing his climax as Chip was feeling his own body clenching up in response, his legs stiffed, he arched his back a little bit and felt his rod throbbing inside of his friend’s tail hole.


“I can’t…” Chip groans


“Don’t…hold…back…just…do it…. it..” Meadow panted and soon Chip gave into his need to breed and felt his orgasm hit harder than he ever had in the past. He felt like he was blasting into Darious’s rear repeatedly, his cum spilled deep inside of the puppy who responded to Chip’s orgasm by groaning so loudly that it could be heard clearly by the fox and legendary hedgehog on top of him. Some of Chip’s seed dripped out of the puppy’s tail hole and onto his lap and ground under them. Chip’s head felt like it was spinning a little bit as he never had felt such a climax before in his life. If his body wasn’t so good was regulating how much blood goes where in his body, the Zorua might be dead now as all of his blood had felt like it had gone into his still throbbing cock. Chip felt some more of his cum squirt into Darious who seemed to had fallen asleep under them, the puppy was pooped out from all of the excitement.


“I guess the pup is all pooped out,” Meadow giggled as she gets up off of Darious. The Shaymin’s vag was drenched in her female juices. Chip lipped his chops as he wouldn’t mind going for round two…well after a bit of rest himself. He was oddly feeling pretty tired at the moment.


“Man, Meadow I am…tired.” Chip yawned. Meadow responded by walking up to the Zorua and nosing him happily.


“I’ll change into my sky form and take you two back.” Meadow nuzzled her mate. “You did a good job today, I knew you had it in you.”


“I do not need a lesson,” Chip groans. Meadow taps his face with a paw.


“Oh, you’re so cute when you think that you are better than you really are.” Meadow chuckled. “You still have so much to learn my love. Oh, and do you think that we should tell Darious about the Fertility Seed?”


“Oh shit…did you really use that on him.” Chip asked, he was a bit nervous since if the seed worked…. then he might have some explaining to do after Darious finds himself lying next to a egg. Granted that was if Chip was lucky and his friend didn’t lay an egg while he was awake. Chip couldn’t help but look a bit concerned when Meadow simply giggled at him.


“Maybe…maybe not. You’ll have to get the answer out of me.” Meadow turned around on Chip and wiggles her butt at him. If Chip wasn’t so pooped out he would mount her right now. He wanted a piece of her big white and green rear right now. Once Meadow felt she had gotten the response she wanted the Shaymin turned back around to face him. “Oh, you do not feel like touching me…”


“I sometimes want to just you over and fuck you into submission…” Chip felt embarrassed since he couldn’t get aroused anymore. Meadow knew this and was teasing him for it.


“One day love….one day I will be nice enough to let you finally get an “win” over me.” Meadow nuzzled Chip again. “I love you Chip, and when we get home I will love to show you…both emotionally…” Meadow reached around and slaps the Zorua’s rear end, Chip jumps up a little bit out of shock. “And physically.”


After that Meadow walked over to where some sunlight was coming down through the trees and removes an amulet from behind a small stump. It was her Gracidea charm, a special item that Meadow used to be able to turn into her sky and land forms at will. Or at least if the usual conditions for becoming a sky or land form Shaymin were met. Once exposed to the light, Meadow said a special prayer under her breath and a moment later Chip was blinded by a bright white light. Once over the Zorua saw that the land Shaymin and transformed into her elegant sky form. With a wink, Meadow flew up into the air and does a few circles around the clearing before finishing by stopping in front of the Zorua and sleeping rockruff.


“All onboard Meadow Airwing, next stop Bangam Castle.”


“Why is it when you turn into sky form you think that you are funny, or cool?” Chip asked as Meadow used her surprising strength to lift Darious onto her back.


“Keep that up love and I will make sure you will not be able to sit normally for a day or two.” Meadow calmly said, she gives Chip a friendly wink. “In sky form I love anal sex. Oh!” Meadow moves in close enough the Zorua’s big ears. Chip wondered what she had to say. “Oh, and I am slightly longer too….”


“Really!!” Chip blushed, he couldn’t help but felt himself getting aroused again. Why did the idea of getting nailed by his herm mate’s cock get him aroused? Meadow playfully nods.

“I know, right? But I do get slightly smaller width wise, but longer as a result. It makes giving anal so much fun.” Meadow picks Chip up and puts him onto her back, which was a surprise that there was still some room on there. How was she able to hold so much? “And away we go!”


With that Meadow took off, the group will soon arrive back to the castle, and just in time for Chip and Amber to meet back up…

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