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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Mew's retreat

After Ruby's misadventures at Ace's suite which ended with her "amazing" exit that left the crowd asking for more, the Ninetales-Mew retreated her to her tribal home back in the northern plains. It was a quiet place that allowed for the Mew to think without having the weight of the world crashing down on her. Not to be mistaken for her home in the Thunderplains tribe this home was a place that even her son did not know about. This was Ruby's home before she became a mother and the place she retreated to whenever life got to her. But she did not always go to her home away from home by herself, as a few lucky Pokemon over time have been asked back to the mew's secret little retreat.

Ruby's secret little home was tucked away at the northern edge of the northern plains, just above the area that Thunderplain's tribe called their home, but was just before the area that began Open Air Tribe's mountain home. Ruby had built her home inside of a large tree, with the den stretching deep into the back of the tree and having levels that went upward into it. Ruby kept the tree alive by using some of her's and Meadow's powers to keep the tree alive and not cause harm from the construction done inside of it. Meadow had told Ruby that if she did not do anything crazy to the tree, then it would live a normal life and be completely unaffected by anything she does inside of it. This was a good thing since the tree grew apples and it was a nice snack and food source for the mew when she was away on vacation.

Ruby’s home set up was simple, she had a nest in the middle of her home, with a warm carpet under it. There was a watering hole near the back with a small basket of fruit inside of it sitting next to the water. Ruby had a few pictures on her walls, each displaying a different picture of someone special to her. A few had pictures of Fenzura, Ribbon and Angelblade as babies and Ruby taking care of them, others were pictures of Meadow, Neoral and Ace and finally Ruby had a small series of pictures featuring her with her former lovers and her pup's father's. Ruby always felt a sense of pride when she looked at the pictures of her pup's fathers, they were good males and had made her very happy. Their kindness and strength was reflected in each of her offsprings, even if that sometimes caused them to bump heads with her. At least they following their hearts.

Today Ruby was against staring at the pictures of her former lovers, she placed a paw onto each picture and whispered a silent blessing for each of them. She didn’t leave have any personal issues with any of her former mates, and it wasn’t the reason she wasn’t with any of them any longer. Ruby feared commitment, she didn’t like the idea of being tied down to anyone, not because it was a bad thing, but because she always believed there was a chance for something better out there. Why tie herself down with just one male that she knew was flawed and possibly might not be a perfect match for her. When there was a strong possibility that just around the corner was a better match for her. Ruby regretted her belief as she has yet to find anyone who has been a good match for her since she broke up with Snow the Glaceon, her favorite lover and Ribbon’s father. He had been very good to her, loved everything about Ruby even her sometimes-overbearing lack of trust and need to always be in control. He told her that he did not mind Ruby’s slight femdom nature and that he would find a nice medium that both could enjoy. It was at that time that the Mew thought that Snow was to perfect and ended their relationship.

Ruby's relationships with Morningstar, the former leader of Thunderplains had been the same way, they were in love, became mates, Ruby became pregnant with Fenzura and then when things became to real she ended the relationship. Angelblade's father, Bangam the Absol had happened by accident. Bangam had met her when she was still using her Vulpix form and he ended up becoming a very close friend of hers and one thing led to the other. Ruby ran away before Angelblade was born and never told her daughter who her daddy was. Nor did she ever tell Bangam about Angelblade. Ruby didn't mind keeping a secret or two, what harm could ever come of doing it?

Kuji!” Ruby yelled out loud. The Mew had met Kuji while she was away in the mountains visiting Neoral, and happened upon the Growlithe pup in "Wish Maker's" temple during his prayer. Long story short, the Mew or at that time Ninetales rode the pup’s little bone that wasn’t as little as she thought it would be, got hooked on him and couldn’t help but bring him home. Well that was after watching him for a short time and then ended up convincing him to come home with her. She ended up talking him into becoming her little puppy boy toy that she got to play with whenever she wanted and in exchange……. wellhow many Pokemon can say that they are getting to nail a legendary Pokemon daily. Most will never get to even say they met one in their life, none the less get fuck one whenever they wanted. All the puppy had to do was do whatever Ruby wanted and in turn he got to take her however she liked, win/win…at least for her. Strangely the puppy didn’t seem to mind the arrangement.

“Yes Ruby.” Kuji came running in a few moments later from outside. Ruby had used transform to change into her Pachirisu form, the Mew did not like to show off her true form unless she had to. Ruby didn’t know why but it felt odd for anyone but a small handful of Pokemon to see her as a Mew, it left her feeling a bit exposed. Ruby turned around from the picture in time to get pounced on by Kuji as he greeted her in his usual over loving way. Pouncing on top of her and assaulting the girl with wet slobbery licks or at Kuji and his species liked to think of the licks as kisses. And he usually gave her more than enough to count as a bath. By the time Ruby managed to get the Growlithe off of her she was drenched head to chest in wet dog drool. No matter what form she took as he managed to even pin her down when she was a Ninetales and still drenched her, something she was still trying to figure out.

“KUJI!” Ruby screamed as she stared down the pup, the pair were looking one another eye to eye. “Puppies…” Ruby sighed as the Growlithe gets off of her.

“Sorry Ruby, I just can’t help myself sometimes.” Kuji chuckled as he licked his maw. “You are just so cute and I get excited just being around you.” Ruby could agree as she was staring at the puppies red member dangling in between his legs, something that she was pretty use to at this point. It didn’t take much now and days to get Kuji turned on and he always enjoyed showing himself to her. Markings of a good boy toy, since it was pointless to have one around if he couldn’t be at the ready to please his master when she felt in the mood. Ruby couldn’t help but lick her own maw as she couldn’t peel her eyes away from Kuji.

Mmmm…. you are looking fine today Kuji.” Ruby murred and walks around the puppy. Kuji tried to follow her but she waved a paw and help the puppy in place with her psychic powers. She might be in her Pachirisu form, but she still was the all-powerful Mother Blue on the inside. And right now, she wanted to admire her puppies long rod. “I wonder how you taste…” Ruby sticks out her tongue and Kuji blushed.

“I hope to your likings Ruby.” Kuji shyly responds. Ruby snickered as she stops behind the puppy and takes a long whiff of his tail hole. Her past experiences with her other lovers taught her how things like taking in scents can heighten the moment. Plus, her other lovers were all canines so she knew how to please one and what to look out for. Despite whiffing Kuji’s tail hole, it didn’t stink, but instead was the spot on him where his scent was the strongest. Ruby could smell the puppies dominate like nature, his scent was strong and if she wasn’t a few dom she might already want to submit herself to him. Scents have been known to do that to partners, change their attitude and sometimes even their nature as the aroma of submittance or dominance could set the tone for the rest of the mating session. Kuji had a strong aroma of dominance, almost to pack leader levels…and he was just a puppy. The only other males that Ruby had been with that had such levels was Morningstar the father of Fenzura and Headmaster of Bangam himself…Angelblade’s daddy.

Ruby pulled away from Kuji and takes a deep breath, as the Pachi-Mew was inches from wanting to turn around and let the puppy do whatever he wanted to her. But they still had to make dinner and Ruby did not want to get dirty before starting. She walks away from the puppy, her heart racing.

“Aww…. you do not want to do me?” Kuji whined and Ruby turned around, which much to her surprise he was only a few feet away. The puppy’s rod was throbbing under him and Ruby gulped, she knew where this was gone. It was a little rude to get someone excited like this and then just leave them hanging…literally in this case. Kuji nuzzled the Pachi-Mew and then gives her soft lick. “I promise to be fast if you want.”

“Don’t you want to eat?” Ruby asked.

“Is Pachi cum on the menu?” Kuji asked and Ruby feels her hindpaws scooped up causing the fem to fall back onto her back. Kuji puts a paw down on Ruby’s stomach and lowers his head in between her hindlegs. Ruby could stop him before he went on any further but the Pachi-Mew didn’t as the moment she felt the cool tongue slide up against her little box the fem lets out the longest gasp of relief.

“Oh my Arceussssss…!” Ruby couldn’t believe that she was saying that but it was true. She was honestly already blown away as by Kuji’s boldness and his oral ability, something that she never really explored with him before now. Ruby heard Kuji chuckle happily before continuing as Ruby felt the tongue lap at her slit against and again in a very graceful manner, with each swipe of his tongue sliding further and further into her while gently tickling her insides. Ruby couldn’t figure out how her boy toy was this good, but she knew that she made the right choice bringing him into her life like this.

Ruby tried to peer over her stomach to see how Kuji was pleasing her but the pup noticed and pushed her head back gently was a free paw. “Relax. Let…me take…good care…of you.” Ruby blushed as she was being put in her place by a puppy of all things. Ruby wondered if she was losing her touch. The Pachi-Mew feels a long slurp as the puppy licked from top to bottom and back down again, she felt him sucking as he had worked a bit of his maw into her. If Ruby was a herm she so would be trying to get him to blow her at the moment…. wait what if Kuji was gay? Should a male be this good at oral without that kind of experience. Ruby wanted to speak up about it.

“Did you finish?” Ruby heard Kuji ask. The Pachi sat up and saw that she had made a mess on the ground as the spot in between her legs was damp from her female fluids. Ruby gulp.

“Wow did…did I do that?” Ruby asked, the Pachi-Mew couldn’t figure out why she felt like a newbie at this. Granted…it has been a good long while since she was bottom at anything. Normally if she was, it was because she wanted to be.

“That is why I asked Ruby,” Ruby saw the pup look down at the messy Pachi. Ruby felt a bit embarrassed, she didn’t even remember climaxing, nor did she plan to do it like this.

Kuji, I didn’t ask you to do any of that to me,” Ruby scolded and the puppy looked hurt. Ruby was able to feel his unease…something that she shouldn’t be able to do unless she felt an emotional attachment. Granted she did feel happy when she was about the puppy, which was strange since they have only been living together like this for about two month…three months now. They started doing this after Ruby first met the puppy at Neoral’s temple and after running into the other a few times after that Ruby invited Kuji to come live with her. He didn’t have any family and lived by himself, something that she could relate to.

“Sorry Ruby,” Kuji whined. Ruby didn’t think that the pup would look so hurt. She remembered how strong his scent was, how it screamed that he had to potential to be a pack leader, but here he was apologizing for pleasuring her. Ruby didn’t know if she was wrong about his potential….

“What are you apologizing for?” Ruby got up and look down at her underside, she was still dripping as if he was playing with her sex right now. Ruby felt a bit warm, as if she was still aroused even after that. She looked at Kuji looked at her, the pup shook his head.

“I took advantage of you…. but I saw how much you needed some personal attention. And…I have been practicing my oral skills and wanted to see if I could please you.” Kuji admitted.

“Yes I…well I noticed how good you were.” Ruby fanned herself as she was feeling aroused all over again. The very fresh memories of Kuji personal treatment of her was making her hornie. Ruby couldn’t figure out why she was so hornie today, it was almost as if she was in heat. “Where did you learn that?”

“There is a Emolga that lives not that far away from here, I have been practicing on her.” Kuji admitted. “She seems to really enjoy it when I dig a little bit of my mouth into her and-“

“Ok, ok….I get it….” Ruby swallowed some saliva. Ruby didn't know why but hearing about another female in the picture made her feel... a bit of jealous. The Pachi-Mew was couldn’t take it any long and gets onto all four. Ruby never felt so needy in her life, but right now she needed the Growlithe to fuck her silly. “Kuji get over here and make me very, very happy.” Ruby managed to say without pausing. She heard the Growlithe bark happily and a moment later felt the weight of puppy pressing down on her as Kuji didn’t waste any time mounting and pushing himself into her. Which was quiet a tight fit as the Pachirisu was smaller than her Growlithe counter part, but then again Ruby loved it when it was a tight fit so she didn’t mind. Kuji himself was slightly smaller than a normal Growlithe, but Ruby felt that the slightly lack of size body wise was given to his rod which was just slightly longer than those of his species. It wasn’t anything special to write home about, but it was something interesting that Ruby did take note of.

“All powerful Ruby, cheesy line maker.” Kuji playful said as he began slowly starting to hump himself into the Pachirisu. Ruby wanted to say something back but she couldn’t think straight now, between the uncontrollable lust that had consumed her and the Growlithe humping himself into the squirrel's tight sex.

Oh shut up and just…. fuck me already.” Was all Ruby could come up with.

“Yes Ma’ma. Kuji said giving Ruby a good hump in response. Ruby felt herself push forward into the ground some, but Kuji was being gentle enough to not abuse her. Granted Ruby didn’t mind the idea of being “abused” a little bit, the Pachi-Mew loved the idea of being taken advantage of, as long as she got to control how it happened. She didn’t reach the ranks of all powerful without knowing how to keep in control. But right now, it was becoming harder and harder to continue thinking as she felt the canine cock push itself all the way into her already wet hole. The licking from before made her easy enough to play with.

When Ruby first met Kuji at the mountain temple, she used the puppy as her sexual release toy. She was using her trademark Ninetale’s form at the time and it was easy to take the puppy, being that a Ninetales is almost twice the size of a Growlithe. But as a Pachirisu, Ruby was the opposite and she was nearly half of the size of the canine. It had made for a very tight fit, but…oh it made the sex feel that much better for the both as the pup’s cock was already touching the back of her little tunnel. He wasn’t pushing into her womb and nearly every inch was nearly inside of her, so there was no chance of any damage. But the fit was very tight and both Pokemon couldn’t help but howl chants of joy.

“Why have…I never let you…fuck me…like this…before?” Ruby asked as Kuji was pulling out of her and pushing back in, the Growlithe’s knot was slipping in and out of her each time. She could feel that it was starting to swell up and soon enough he will have to stop pulling in and out or else risk his knot not being able to lock them together. If she was Ninetale’s the Mew could literally could wait until he was ready to cum before making sure they were locked together. Kuji seemed to realize this and licks the Pachi-Mew’s neck before pushing every last inch of his rod into Ruby, knot included. The pair felt the knot swell up just enough for them to be locked together and Ruby prepared herself for the moment when Kuji would cum into…but instead of feeling faster humping she instead felt dog tighten his grip on her and made each hump he gave her hard.

“Oooohhhhh….so hard….” Ruby squeaked happily. She felt her face press up against the hard ground under her, the Pachirisu’s tail curled around her partner’s body, and her body felt fuller than it ever has before now. Size play was the best.

“I know…” Kuji responded. “I…I learned this…while watching…some Poochyena’s and Mightyena’s mate not to far away from here. The…ooohhhh…. let me…finish….” Ruby’s ear’s twitched as Kuji gives the Pachirisu a friendly nip on her next fur. What Ruby experienced next was the greatest sexual release in her life as Kuji changed his hard humps into soft but very fast mini humps that left the Pachi-Mew moaning longy into the dirt. If Ruby wasn’t mentally strongly she might have blacked out as the next moment she felt the dog release his hot seed into her waiting womb. The feeling of his hot seed spraying long string after string into the back of her sex made Ruby cum once again…but this time she felt it as the Pachirisu arched her back the most she could and let out a long moan. Moments later Ruby felt a trail of cum run down her hindlegs.

“Oh my….Arceus….” Ruby blinked as she was trying to recover from what felt like total body sexual experience. She feels a cool tongue lick her in between her ears.

“I do not think I am hung like he was,” Kuji joked as he tries to adjust himself so he could lay next to Ruby. The Pachi-Mew blushed as she saw the pup manage to lay himself next to her. Ruby felt her hind quarter’s being lifted up a bit as they were still stuck together…very stuck together. But she did not care.

“Oh Arceus…oh he was hung alright.” Ruby giggled, the image of her former boss’s long red rod popped into her mind. Arceus was as long or just longer than a Arcanine’s cock. He was very tall Pokemon, but that didn’t always have a direct impact on the size of a male’s cock. Ruby has met some large Pokemon that were not super large where it counted. Ruby busted a few egos along the way as she told some of her former one night stands that they might be long, but didn’t know how to use it. Size didn’t always matter, but rather technique. Ruby couldn’t help but kiss Kuji, the Pachi-Mew did something that she never has done before…she changed back into her Mew form as she kissed him. A moment after their maws met and the pair closed their eyes the Pachirisu began changing back into her Mew form….

“Well I hope I lived up to –“Ruby heard Kuji say in between breaths. She opened her eyes to see that Kuji was staring at her, the male seemed speechless. Ruby feared this, it was why she didn’t use her real form. She always feared that if others saw her for her true self, then they would be scared away. Well…in this case it was a little hard for Kuji to run away…at the moment. Ruby prepared herself for the worst, but instead of hearing a scream of fear of seeing the only known blue Mew, that just happened to be one of the 5 most powerful Pokemon, she instead felt Kuji’s nose press against hers.

So do you want to do round 2 after this?” Kuji asked Ruby who blushed in response. Ruby couldn't believe what she was hearing, Kuji wasn't afraid of her at all. In fact, he was asking for round two of all things. you not see what I am?” Ruby asked in a surprised but, yet happily relieved voice. She always feared doing this, and as such made up the lie about her real form hurting others. In truth, there was great pressure put on other Pokemon when she was a Mew, it was to protect herself. But she can easily control it. Ruby just hated rejection and found it easier to be rejected as something else other than her real self. She didn’t know why now of all times she wanted to change back into her true form, but something about this puppy…something about him made her want to let her guard down. That was something she hasn’t experienced since being with Snow and even then, she didn’t want to show her true form out of fear of him rejecting her.

“I do.” Kuji said in a simple voice. The puppy licks her cheeks. “You are really cute, no matter how you look Ruby. Oh…can I do it in your butt after this?”

Aaahhhh….” Ruby didn’t know how to respond to that request. But it did make her giggle. “Would that really make you happy?” Ruby couldn’t even believe she was entertaining the request. Kuji nods and licks her face again.

“Butt to butt, tails tied together, and afterwards I can mark you and we can be mates.” Ruby heard the puppy say. Ruby’s jaw dropped.

“OK now I think we are getting ahead of ourselves-“Before Ruby could tell Kuji no she heard a knock at the door. Such bad timing as the pair were still tied together. The Mew projected her mind to the door so she could see who it was. She was met with a psychic welcome back.

~ “Ruby…Ruby…. how has it been girl, we have got some major catching up to do…” ~

“Ruby who is that?” Kuji asked, the Mew noticed her puppy was growling at the door. She loved his dedication to taking care of her. Ruby pets her protective lover…. wait they were not lovers, friends with benefits if anything…or at least that is what she wanted to think of them as. Her response to Kuji was anything but eager to see who it was, for she knew who it was.

“The king of dizzy bunnies and dumb luck, Ace the idiot Victini.”

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