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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Chapter 7 - The Proposal

Chapter 7


The Proposal


Ace knew that he had taken a calculated risk showing his face this early, this he knew. He knew that Ruby would not find it very humorous for him to have come right up to her front door and come a knocking, this he knew. Nor would she find it very nice to interrupt her during such a…. romantic moment he way he just did, this he knew. But the Victini didn’t care, why should he when Ruby didn’t care too much to crash his party, make a fool out of him and then steal all his thunder when her glorious exit. He wasn’t here for revenge but it didn’t mean that the Victini was above showing off a little bit.


“It’s so good to see you again Ruby, how have you been?” Ace asked the Mew as he stood at her front door. He had come all the way here to talk to her one on one about his movie idea, but…after peeping his eyes through the window not that long ago and catching the Mew and Growlithe in such a lovely pose couldn’t help but do a bit of pre-game filming. Fans were going to love seeing some Pachirisu on Growlithe action. Size play was a big thing in his business and he wasn’t above giving the fans just what they are craving.


“Ace what the hell are you doing here?” Ruby asked the Victini, the blue feline changed back into her cute Pachirisu form, something that Ruby would do when she felt uncomfortable presenting herself in her true form, usually around those she did not know very well. Ace had brought some one or two of his Buneary girls, but he made them wait for him about half a mile away near the river. Ace did not know how Ruby would take his surprise visit and wanted them to stay safely away. It was just him and his cameras.


“What Ruby, no nice hellos or greetings for an old friend and lover?” Ace asked. A Growlithe came to the open door and stood next to the Pachirisu, Ace had a feeling that this was the latest “lover” of Ruby’s. Ruby did bring back random Pokemon back to her little hide away but it wasn’t too often that she let them stay very long. Ace has watched Ruby all day, hoping to figure out a way to approach her without seeming very creepy. Granted hiding in the bushes with his various cameras and spying on her was pretty far up on the creepy list.


“Oh, and who do we have here?” Ace asked the Growlithe. The puppy looked to Ruby who stared at him for a moment and then once their eye contact ended the Growlithe then spoke. His words seemed a bit more mature than what Ace was prepared for.


“My name is Kuji and I am Ruby’s good friend. How can we help you?” The puppy then looks back at Ruby who gives him a friendly wink. Ace couldn’t help but roll his eyes.


Ace guessed that Ruby coached him on what to say and even now the two were planning on how to answer any questions he had and get him out of here as quickly as possible. Ace wanted to try to get Ruby one on one but she seemed intent on keeping the puppy around here. It wasn’t like Ace couldn’t dispatch him with the simplest of ease but he didn’t come here to start a fight, and Ruby knew it. No if he was going to talk to the Mew about staring in his movie he will need to think of a creative way of bringing it up and in a good light. It had to come off as he was looking to help her and not so much that his movie needed her and her amazing transformation abilities in it. Sure, he could find someone to play the various different lead female roles in it, but that would cost a lot of extra money.


“My name is Ace, you might have heard of me.” Ace extends a hand out to greet Kuji who looked at the Victini’s hand and shrugged, he had no idea what he was doing. Such savages these wild Pokemon were, no sense of manners or grace at all. How have they survived this long and why is Ruby so interested in being around them, what was worst, was that she was breeding with them.


“Sorry never have heard of you sir.” Kuji shifted back slightly behind Ruby who kissed the puppy’s paw and told him that it will be ok. Ace rolled his eyes once again. He was starting to become tired of standing out on the front door step like he was some lonely traveling salesman that you do not want to let into your house out of fear of not being able to get rid of him for the next four hours.


“Ruby do you not educate the males in your life?” Ace asked as he leaned up against the door frame. The Pachirisu smiled back at him.


“You will have to forgive Kuji, he hasn’t traveled much outside of his mountain home and has not been “educated” about lowland Pokemon.” Ruby said while rubbing her cheek up against Kuji’s side. Ace couldn’t help but become a bit jealous.


“Kuji this is Ace the Victini, he is one of Arceus’s 6 generals and is a famous movie producer down in the lowlands. He was one of my former lovers as well, but we never had a serious relationship and it never grew into anything but good physical fun.” Ace noticed Ruby staring him down as the Pachirisu seemed to be trying to will him to not say anything more about the subject. Ace didn’t mind the idea of putting a wedge been Ruby and her latest fling, but he would be wise to back off such notions. Mostly out of respect for Ruby and his desire to get her to help him with his movie.


“Wow!” For the first time since meeting one another Kuji seemed to understand the company he was standing with. The Growlithe gives a small bow to the Victini who couldn’t help but feels himself some as he missed the old days of other Pokemon giving him such respect all the time. Ace even went as far to pet Kuji head.


“Still needs a bit of training Ruby, but I think you found yourself a nice sex dog for now.” Ace commented. Ruby spat at the Victini who wiped the liquid off of his face. Ace gave Ruby a look of complete disapproval, but he kept his composer, this was her residence after all and he came to ask her a favor. Best to stay on his best behavior.


“Maybe I deserve that,” Ace makes sure that all the spit was off of his face before continuing. Ruby seemed nearly ready to slam the door on his face, while Kuji had walked back inside of the house, leaving Ace and Ruby to speak alone. Ace was prepared for her worst, but he hoped that he did not have to resort to any dirty tricks to get the Pachi-Mew to see things his way. “Before I start, may I come inside?”


“No.” Ruby quickly said. “I’ll give you 5 minutes to speak your peace, after that…I might be in the mood for some roasted chestnuts.” Ace couldn’t help but grab himself upon hearing the Pachirisu’s threat. He liked his “chestnuts” unroasted. Feeling a bit of heat under the collar the Victini decided to speak quickly and avoid upsetting the gal anymore.

“Ruby I need you in my movie.” Ace said quickly as he knew that he was under the clock. The Pachi glared at him. “I know how you feel about being in my movie but you are the best Pokemon for the job.”


“I am not going to be some dim-witted bunny for your stupid movie.” Ruby spat at Ace’s feet leaving behind an electric spit wad. Ace felt some sweat run down his forehead, it was so unbecoming of someone like him who was usually known for being cool under pressure. But something around Ruby made even a cool Pokemon like him sweat a little bit. “If you came all the way up here to talk me into running around being some sex bunny then you are in for a rude awakening. Ask me again and I swear to Arceus I will stuff something so far up your ass that you will be able to feel the vibration in your throat!”


“I think that is bad for both of us,” Ace held onto his tail. The look of terror must have calmed Ruby down as the Pachirisu smiled for the first time since the Victini has spoken to her. Ace felt a bit more confident being able to continue the conversation. “Um…look how about you look at the script, and maybe we can make some modifications and-“Ruby cuts off Ace as she puts a paw on his mouth.


“I will look at your little script, under one condition.” Ruby said in a low voice. Ace listened intensely as to what that condition would be. The words that he heard made him feel somewhat hopefully but slightly upset at the same time. “NO BUNNIES!!” Ruby pushed away from Ace and turned around to walk back into her house. Ace couldn’t believe that he his old friend was at least willing to hear him out, even though he wished that there didn’t have to be any character changes. But in the world of being a producer you couldn’t always get everything you wanted and hope to make it far. And if Ruby still had a distaste for Bunearies and even worst Lopunnies then that could not be helped. Ace wondered if he could instead maybe have the story revolve around a wayward Pachirisu, they were just as cute a Bunearies and there were plenty of sexy situations that he could come up with for such a character. And looking at Ruby…she was one hell of a sexy Pachi that was for sure. Speaking of which…


“Come on Ace, I do not have all day.” Ruby was inviting him into her home. The Victini watched the Pachi-Mew walk casual back into her living room where she offered him a chair. The image of her swinging her big bushy tail every which way gave Ace plenty of kinky ideas as he wanted badly to mount her again like old times. Ace took a deep breath before entering Ruby’s home, the images of old times running through his mind, one stood out most to him. The image of one cool starry summer night….



[Back at Bangam]


Ribbon and Amber laid together after having another blissful mating session, their legs were locked together, their bodies pressed up against the other and their heads were locked in a long passionate kiss. This was everything that Ribbon hoped would happen after they managed to ditch the strange older student party. It was a nice gesture to invite them to the luncheon but from the way Amber was acting after Coco arrived she could tell that it wouldn’t have ended well for anyone. Besides it was so much more fun to make a snack out of her adorable lover Amber.


Ribbon and Amber were back in the Eevee’s room since it was so close to where the other room was and it just felt so roomy. It was only Chip and Amber that shared the room because of their unique relationship and it meant that they could have company over when both siblings were not together. And since right now Chip was out with Meadow which meant that Amber was all hers’.


“You think…that they are going…to be coming back anytime soon?” Amber asked Ribbon as the girls took a moment to catch their breath. Ribbon guessed that Amber was a little worried about her brother not being back just yet. Amber and Chip’s souls shared Chip’s Zorua body which meant that anything that happened to Chip will equally affect Amber. It was only thanks to the power of their father’s powerful psychic abilities and Ribbon’s Uncle Neoral’s Jirachi’s powers were the twins able to use a special doll that allowed Chip’s Illusion ability to project the perfect image of Amber’s body on it. There was a lot of technical language used that Ribbon did not understand and she did not try to mix herself up with, but all in all it allowed Chip and Amber to live semi-normal student lives as they were not prisoners of a single body. Right now, Chip was using their real body while Amber was using the doll body. Once Chip returned Ribbon guessed that the pair would go to sleep together as to recover their lost strength, as the longer they are apart from one another the more of their natural strength would continue seeping away. It was a miracle that neither was passed out right now since it has been well over a day since they have been in contact with the other. The longest they could go in the past was only 8 to 10 hours and once the twins were too weak to move they pass out where they are at and the doll returns to being just a well…doll. Ribbon was worried that any moment Amber would pass out on top of her and vanish, leaving only a doll on top of the Vulpix.


“Do you feel ok Amber?” Ribbon asked her friend as she looked up into her eyes. The pair looked longy into the other’s eyes, and Ribbon’s mind returned to their first time together. Ribbon remembered putting Amber onto the ground and her just doing all the work. She remembered how happy the Eevee looked and how excites she had been to invite ever last inch of her long Eevee cock into her. Ribbon never thought that she could love someone like Amber, being a herm in all. Ribbon honestly believed that she would find herself a nice normal Pokemon male, fall for him, become mates and have a big family and just dying a boring death. But that wasn’t Ribbon, she wasn’t one for following the social norms. Plus, her mother hated out of the boxing thinking and anything that made the over reactive Mew…Ninetales…Pachirisu or whatever else form the kitten wanted to be today mad made Ribbon happy inside. Ruby was a good mother…whenever she decided to stick around and be one, but she tends to over react anything that she considered to be “wrong” in her eyes. It was amazing that Ruby hasn’t done anything too bad to make neither her nor Fenzura hated her enough to run away for good.


“I feel a little weak…but nothing major.” Amber adjusted herself so she could pull herself out of the Vulpix under her. Ribbon felt the Eevee’s cock slide out of her as she was wanting to stop their cuddling for a moment. Ribbon felt bad as she was hoping to lay with her girlfriend all day but knew that wasn’t going to happen if they did not know where Chip was. Ribbon thought about her own brother Fenzura and how if she did not know where he was at she would be worried. One of the few things that made her not worry so much was that he was back home with their mother. At least one of them could get their mother to love them enough to be there all the time. Ribbon shook her head to get the thoughts out of her mind, she couldn’t be jealous of Fenzura just because Ruby had to spend more time with him. He was an tribal Pokemon, and a Mew, that meant that Ruby had to take extra time to focus on his training and ensuring he was raised right. Ribbon was just a simple Vulpix…. There she goes again over thinking everything. Ribbon swore that every day she was slowly turning into her mother.


“How about we relax for just a bit longer then?” Ribbon asked Amber as she rolled onto her stomach and waves her over using her long tails. Ribbon saw Amber giggle and race back onto the bed to be with her. The pair nuzzled the other happily and cuddle together. Ribbon hoped that they would not be disturbed any time-.”


“Arf that was a long nap!” The sound of the most annoying Pokemon that either girl knew yelled into their room. Turning towards the door the girls saw Darious standing there, tongue out and his nose in the air. Ribbon heard Amber’s temper being tested as her breathing was slowly increasing as the pup walked into their room uninvited. “Something smells like sex up in here, you girls been boning one another again?”


“Darious get out of here before we make you leave the hard way!” Amber growled. Ribbon had more tolerance for the Rockruff but it wasn’t by very much.


“Where is Chip and Meadow you pebble brain mutt.” Ribbon was in a foul mood as she wanted to lay a bit longer with her girlfriend and Darious ruined it. Any other time she would find some humor in the moment, but right now she didn’t mind the idea of freezing him in place and then seeing how many ice cubes his tail hole could take before he either leaked to much cold water out or couldn’t take another cube. Knowing herself, she would make sure that number 2 happened instead. Darious did not like being called an mutt and the puppy snarled at Ribbon as he approached their bed.

“Not is not very nice, I am anything but a mutt.” Darious stuck his tongue out at Ribbon who instantly froze it. Ribbon usually would need to use her breath or a direct attack to make anything freeze but just now she just willed for it to happen and it did. A power she never knew she had.


“Wwhhhhattt…..” Ribbon and Amber heard Darious whimper. Both girls couldn’t help but giggle and didn’t stop until they saw someone new standing at the door. Ribbon would have asked it to go away, at least up until she saw the sleeping figure of Chip on its back.


“We are right here Ribbon,” The new Pokemon said walking into the room. Ribbon saw Amber get up and run over to her brother and the other Pokemon. The Eevee sniffed her brother’s coat for a moment, but before anyone could say anything more the Eevee lays down next to her brother’s sleeping form and falls asleep herself, something that Ribbon has witnessed many times before. Sometimes it was a graceful process and other times the twins would pass out on the spot. It was hard to predict which would occur.


“It looks like putting those seeds on Chip the other night paid off,” The strange new Pokemon said to the still awake pair in the room. Ribbon took a moment to look closer at the Pokemon, it was green and white with a red like flower scarf around its neck. Ribbon’s mind went back to her Aunt Meadow, she had the same colors on her body, in fact this Pokemon looked very similar to Meadow. It was slightly bigger though, with long ears that reminded Ribbon of long wings or antlers if you could believe that. The Pokemon did not have the bushy patch on its back like Meadow did, plus it did not have the aroma of a lovely patch of flowers but instead a scent that reminded Ribbon of a windy day. Something that Ribbon didn’t even think had a scent to it but as she stood here sniffing the new Pokemon that was the image the came to mind.


“Hhhhaaayyy….wwwhhhhhatttt bbooouutttt mmmmeeee….” Ribbon heard Darious whimpering again. She was wondering if she should free his tongue just yet. The new Pokemon chuckled and pets Darious on his head.


“I heard what you were saying right before I came in with Chip,” The Pokemon said with a smirk on its face. It was then that Ribbon noticed the green mohawk on top of its head. It looked a bit strange but did the new Pokemon a boyish look. Its voice was slightly boyish as well, but still had a feminine charm to it. “And I think you need to have your tongue on ice just a bit longer. Now sit boy.” The new Pokemon commanded and Darious did so, but not without making a bit more noise and giving Ribbon an angry look. Once Darious was taken care of the new Pokemon gave Ribbon a surprise hug.


“Oh, it is so good to see you Ribbon, you are looking so well.” Ribbon pushed away from the new Pokemon after hearing it address her. She looked and felt even more confused and it was then that the new Pokemon excused itself. “Oh, I am terribly sorry, how rude of me.” The new Pokemon cleared its voice. “It is me, Meadow.” The Pokemon gives a slight bow to Ribbon who gasped in response.


“M-Meadow! But how…? Did you evolve?” Ribbon asked what felt like a million questions all at once. Meadow simply shakes her head.


“No silly, Legendary Pokemon do not evolve.” Meadow looked towards the window and stares at the sky for a moment. “We adapt.”


“Oh…” Ribbon followed where her Aunt’s eyes were starting at. Why was she so interested in the sky? Ribbon wondered why she looked so different, she has never seen a Shaymin look the way she does now. But at the same time…Meadow was the only Shaymin Ribbon knew. “What do you mean Auntie?”

“Ribbon when have you ever wanted to call me Auntie?” Meadow looked the curious vixen in the eyes. The two seemed to share a strange moment together as they didn’t seem to need words to speak to one another. The only reason they stopped looking at the other was because Meadow stuck her tongue out at Ribbon. “Just call me Meadow silly. Since when have I ever been formal. I am the General of Fertility for Arceus sake, you can’t be formal with a title like that.”


“Oh, o-ok.” Ribbon blushed as she did find the new Meadow to be rather…cute. Oh, but she couldn’t possibly let herself be so side tracked, she still had many questions to ask. Looking at Darious, she saw that his tongue was starting to thaw out. Meadow nuzzled Chip as Amber’s body vanished, the doll was all that was left of Ribbon’s lover. It would take most likely a day or two before the pair were able to separate again, the process of regaining their lost strength for using Illusion will take some time. Meadow placed the poke doll next to Chip and kisses his forehead before jumping onto Chip and Amber’s bed. She opened the window and lets in a cool and refreshing breeze.


“Thank you for that,” Darious spoke, the Rockruff had used his teeth to shatter the rest of the ice. Ribbon could have gone a few more minutes not hearing him. “This place could use a nice airing out.”


“On that we can agree.” Meadow commented as Ribbon watched the Shaymin take in a deep breath. “Ribbon, my formal name is Meadow the Sky Shaymin, Arceus General of Fertility. At least that is what I call myself when I am in my sky form.” Ribbon saw Meadow’s tail wag a little bit as she returned her gaze to the great blue sky outside. She seemed almost ready to take off any moment and soar away. “You know what…I feel like seeing Ruby, I hear she is back up at her tree house.”


“Mom…” Ribbon felt her heart flutter a little bit at the mention of her mother. She wanted to see her again so badly. Ribbon jumped onto the bed and held onto Meadow who looked shocked to see the Vulpix so close to her so suddenly.


“Oh boy, girl on herm action.” The sound of Darious’s excited bark echoed from behind. Ribbon didn’t care about him now, she wanted to asked Meadow if she could deliver a message.


“Meadow can you…can you please take a message to my mother…” Ribbon looked up into Meadow’s eyes longy. She really hoped that she could do her this favor. Meadow seemed moved by the vixen’s plea and nods.

“Sure thing, what should I tell your mother when I see her?”


“Let her know that I love her and…and…if she could come back and see me.” Ribbon looks down for a second as there was one more thing she wanted to say, something that she has always wanted to say to Ruby. Meadow seemed to sense Ribbon’s hesitation to speak anymore and puts a paw on her shoulder.


“There is a time and place for everything little niece.” Meadow said is an oddly good motherly voice. Ribbon looks up at Meadow, sadness in her eyes. Was this what it was like to have a mother…at least one that was here for you when you felt sad. Ribbon decided that she had to do this, she didn’t care that Darious was right there, the puppy can watch for all she cared. Closing her eyes, the Vulpix reached up and gives Meadow a kiss on her sweet tasting maw. Ribbon did not care that Meadow was supposed to be like an aunt to Ribbon, they were not blood family. But Ribbon was so suddenly grateful for Meadow being here for her, she was so kind, so giving, and so hot…that Ribbon had to make out with her at least once. But just as quickly as Ribbon felt that they were getting into the moment, Meadow cuts it short as she gracefully pushes Ribbon off her.

“Girls are…such good…kissers.” Meadow giggled as she catches her breath. “Sorry to cut it short but there is only so much sunlight and these wings get clipped as soon as the sun is gone. Got to run. Ribbon saw that Meadow was preparing to jump out of the window.


“Wait Meadow.” Ribbon cried, but Meadow jumps out of the window and drops down a few feet before opening her ear-wings and gracefully glides herself back up to the window. Ribbon falls back slightly from seeing how fast the Shaymin had been. “I…I hope I did not…upset you just now.” Ribbon wanted to not be on ill terms with Meadow. The Shaymin shakes her head.


“Do not worry Ribbon, you didn’t do anything wrong. Granted I do not think I want to start anything with you, seeing how…close our mates are to one another.” Meadow floats around for a moment before preparing to take off for the north. “I’ll tell Ruby how well her daughters are doing.” With that Meadow flew off for the mountains region up north. Ruby didn’t know what to think as lets the last words that Meadow say play out in her mind. ‘Tell Ruby how well her daughters are doing.’ What did that mean? Ruby jumps from the bed and look back at the sleeping form of Chip, the Zorua was moving around a bit in his sleep, but he didn’t seem to be all that troubled. That was a good sign since if Chip was doing ok then that meant Amber was too. The pair hopefully by tomorrow morning or afternoon will be back up and about again. Ribbon wondered if Meadow had meant Amber when she said ‘daughters’, being how close Ribbon and Amber were. Girls did sometimes have a strange way of titling one another….but that didn’t seem right either. Ribbon was going to wonder about this for a while since it wasn’t the first time she thought she had heard Meadow say something like that. Ribbon looked over to Darious who was licking himself…between the legs.


“Darious!” Ribbon barked and the pup looked up from his licking. Ribbon’s eyes narrowed as saw the puppies long saliva covered cock bounce a few times as he stopped pleasuring himself. It took nearly all of Ribbon’s will power to now trap the rock puppy in a block of ice and leave him to melt. “Are you really, doing that right now…and in front of me no less.” It was a rhetorical question as the vixen already knew the answer. It was flopping about right in front of her now. Darious swallowed some of his saliva…at least that was all that she expected to be in his mouth.


“Watching you two make out,” Darious said getting up. “Gave me a big boner and well…. either take care of it now or walk around with it.”


“What does Chip see in you?” Ribbon asked as she walked around the sleeping Zorua and got on one end of him. “Help me with Chip here, I want to put him onto the bed.” Ribbon hoped that the puppy at least didn’t let all of the blood run to his cock just yet. Darious did so and together they lifted the sleeping fox onto the bed and tucked him in. Once done Ribbon escorted Darious out and closed the door behind herself. She lets out a big sigh before turning to head back to her room, but not without a lick on her cheek from Darious who was panting happily.


“I am lovable,” Darious said answering her question from before. “I can bring out the best in others. But…if you want the real Darious like question. Its not what he sees in me, its what I put inside of him.” Darious snickered, but then the pup gives the fox a big friendly grin. “Why not I buy you some ice cream? We never hang out together….and we sort of share a mutual friend.” Ribbon couldn’t believe what she was hearing, the puppy really wanted to take her out. He most likely wanted to get in between her tails. With a smirk, she agrees.


“Ok…but I think I am missing something you like so much, a cock.” Ribbon knew about Darious’s track record of partnerships. The puppy shrugged and slapped Ribbon straight on her ass making the vixen jump up a little bit.


“Well you can wear a strap on then, if it makes you feel more comfortable. I won’t judge.” Darious snickered. “Maybe I can even give you a friendly reach around.”


“Darious…” Ribbon couldn’t hide her amusement; the puppy did have a way of putting out flames of anger with his simple but…. pure personality. Ribbon could see a bit why Chip might like the puppy so much, even though he was in love with Meadow…even if he didn’t admit it to himself all that much just yet. Darious was still the first to show Chip kindness and acceptance for being a herm and even now Darious still stayed with Chip even though the Zorua was mated to Meadow, Darious still likes him stand with him. He was the only one worried enough to venture out into the wild to find and bring them back and…. he did it. Ribbon didn’t even thank him yet for doing so. It was a rare thing for her to admit but…maybe she was wrong about him.


“Darious…” Ribbon began saying as they started down the hallway towards the front door to Wood’s Den. The Rockruff bumped up against Ribbon in sort of a encouraging manner as to help her continue speaking. Ribbon blushed a little bit as she had to admit, it was nice to know that despite her freezing his tongue and calling him names the Rockruff didn’t hold anything against her. The pair stopped near the front door, standing there already was the Absol girl Angelblade and her girlfriend Chioren. It was rare to see either of them hanging around the dorms during a nice day like this. Ribbon always felt a strange…attraction to the Absol whenever she saw or was near her. It wasn’t sexual in nature…which was hard to believe since she was so beautiful. It was as if the two of them had something in common and there was a unseen bond between them as a result. Ribbon stared at the Absol for a moment as if she was trying to will the answer out of her. ‘Do I know you…’


“Ribbon.” The Vulpix felt herself pulled out of her trance by the voice of her friend. She shakes her head and looked at Darious who had continued walking ahead. The Vulpix looked back at the Absol who was looking at them, her amber eyes seemed to be trying to look into her very soul. She only stopped after the Meowstic much like Darious got her attention. Ribbon stopped paying them any mind as she had to keep up with Darious who yet again saved her from something in her life. If this kept up she might have to owe him something.


“You know Ribbon, if I have to keep pulling you out of bad situations…you’ll have to owe me at least a blow job.” Darious chuckled.


“Of course,” Ribbon groaned as the pair pass by the Absol and Meowstic. Ribbon accidently brushed up against Angelblade and for a moment she felt the familiar presence of Ruby…almost as if she was here with her. But as soon as she moved away the presence was gone and everything seemed to return to normal. Ribbon wanted to stay, to say something, to figure out why that just happened but Darious…being Darious pulled her along before she could make a scene. Ribbon’s mind thought back to what Darious had just said and she couldn’t help sigh.


“If you pull me out of one sticky situation…. I’ll give you the ride of your life.” Ribbon announced. Ribbon wasn’t worried about having to live up to that offer, since what were the chances of something happening that would make her have to keep her word? But…this is Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival, a place where there is no such place as a hole that cannot get plugged and battles can take place anytime and anywhere.








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