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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter was pretty fun to write up. It feels good to bring back Bangam and begin his book 2 story line. In this chapter we follow Ribbon and Darious during this day out and see first hand just what power that she is holding within her. Maybe Neoral was onto something a while ago...

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Soul of the Northern Wind

The day was slowly turning to night as Bangam sat outside of his favorite coffee shop, Thy Hopeful Beans. It was a small establishment that began during the construction of the school and has stood the test of time as one of the most popular drink spots on the entire island. Students and teachers alike flocked to the shop to drink well brewed Poke’ Beans and talk about current events, or use the place for late day and night studying. The shop has won many awards and Bangam himself had a standing reservation for his favorite spot just outside of the shop on the patio that had a nice view of the surrounding town. He could see the fountain of legends that was the center piece of the city center and one of his most prized creations outside of building the school. Bangam was sitting with a small poke size cup that had his favorite brew in it, Dark Brew with two milks and three sugars. Despite the way he looked and held himself the Absol was a sucker for creamy delights.

Bangam wasn’t sitting by himself as his best friend and fellow teacher Bones was sitting along with him, the pair had been discussing the strange change in atmosphere at the school of late. It all began when Bangam announced to the entire school that he was in a relationship with former student and current bartender Sawyer the Jolteon. It had only been a short while ago but already students were talking about the pair and how they looked together. Some of the comments were nice, like how brave Bangam was to announce that in front of everyone and then to make out with him on the dance floor. But there was a lot of talk about how the Absol didn’t look as tough as he uses to and how Nikcino could be with someone that was a “tail lifter.” The last part came from most wondering if Sawyer was the “male” in the relationship and if Bangam loved bending over and taking it. All was just talk but it did upset the Headmaster as he didn’t want to be known for such things, nor seem weaker in front of his teachers and student body.

“What am I supposed to do Bones?” Bangam asked his old friend as they sat looking out at Neon Central. The city was alive this evening as everyone was running looking for something to do. Many of the students were holding large bags as today there had been several large sales around town to celebrate the Fall Festival. Bangam himself had bought a large blanket for Nikcino that had both of their faces stitched into it, along with a empty spot for where their baby will be stitched in after its birth. He was a sucker for doing special little things like this for Nikcino and loved to shower her with small gifts with big meanings behind them. Bones also had a bag on his side for his own lovely lady, the beautiful Holly the Mismagius. If Bangam remembered right it was a strange old doll that he said Holly has been eyeing for a long time.

“My advice old friend, you should get ahead of this.” Bones sips some of his green tea. The Gengar crosses his short legs and leans back in his chair. “You need to prove that you are one, not an tail lifter, and two that you are not a pussy. Both which can be handled by accepting a fight in the arena.”

“Are you kidding right now Bones?” Bangam asked the Gengar. He knew what his friend was going for, by accepting a challenge in the arena, he could show off his strength. But how would that prove to the students and teachers that he wasn’t a tail lifter? Pokemon can be gay and still be strong, who you enjoyed spending time with had no effect on physical or even mental strength. But Bones did come from the old school where they thought that if you were not walking the straight line then you was considered weak. Many of the students here came from such families and it was only common place that many would get behind what Bones believed. Bangam realized that the ones he needed to prove wrong were those like his best friend.

“If I am going to do something like that, then why not I fight you then?” Bangam countered as he smirked at his best friend. The Gengar rolled his eyes.

“No offense Bangam, we have been friends for a very long time and I would do just about thing for you.” Bones played with his tea cup, the Gengar seemed to have something on his mind. Most likely how to decline his challenge without looking weak. “But since your coming out, I think any sort of fight with you might make me look bad.”

“Not all fights end with sex Bones,” Bangam said as he looked out at his students once more. He was proud to be their Headmaster no matter what, but he wanted to do what was best for them. He had to look strong in front of them and prove that strength came from hard work, strong faith both in themselves and in their cause. For a Pokemon that fought with no purpose would never become as strong as they could be. The Absol touched his collar and felt the Absolite that was attached to it. It was his prized procession given to him by his first real love, Ruby the Vulpix. Or at least that was what she was when they first met, later he found out that she was really a Mew. It almost seemed like yesterday that she presented the Absolite to him as a present….


Bangam remembered a younger him racing across the short line of his island with the adorable Alolan Vulpix Ruby. She was wearing a blue ribbon around her neck and tail base as a fashion accessory or at least that was what she told him back then. Bangam would later find out the ribbon’s true purposes during their long good bye. But it had a been a cool summer morning when they raced one another, the pair were trying to beat the other to the finish line. Bangam was in the lead with Ruby only a few paw steps behind in, and just before they reached the end she cheated by freezing his paws to the sand just long enough for her to get a long enough lead to win it all.

At the finish line Bangam sighed as he really did want to beat Ruby, the Vulpix seemed good at everything she did and gave off an aura that she was unstoppable. Today was his chance to finally break that and yet again she beat him. But just as the younger Absol felt the weight of disappointment weigh him down he felt a cool kiss against his cheek. The sound of Ruby purring made him oddly enough feel better. As if his very body was being covered by vibrations of happiness that washed away any and all feelings of sadness and disappointment.

“Thank you for the race, love.” The Vulpix purred as she nuzzled the Absol’s cheek. Bangam nuzzled her back and together the pair watched the waves wash up against the shore line. Water sprinkled into the air, creating small rainbows from time to time against the rising morning sun. It was a lovely scene, one that Bangam wanted to last forever. He gives Ruby a kiss on her neck, the male slowly moved over top of the Vulpix and before they knew it, the vixen was on the ground under him. “Oh, I didn’t know there was a prize for second place.”

“Well I was robbed of my win,” Bangam said as he licks the Vulpix on her ear. “And this is too good of a moment to pass up.”

“Speaking of which love, I have a present for you.” Ruby pokes Bangam on his nose with a free paw. She wiggled out from under him and motioned for him to stay still. “I will only be a moment…” She ran over a nearby tree and bush and pulled something out from under it and then returns with black box with a bow on top of it. “Happy birthday Bangam.”

“It’s my birthday…?” Bangam thought about it for a moment and then he realized that it was his birthday today. How could he forget. “Whoa it is…”

“I remembered that your birthday was today and decided to give you a nice gift.” Ruby placed the box near the Absol’s paws. “I love you Bangam, you make me feel like I have a chance for a real-life and....for that I am so grateful. Please go ahead and open it, open it knowing that it came from the heart.”

“Thank you, Ruby.” With that Bangam opens the box to find a collar and strange strong inside. He looked at Ruby who happily picks up the collar and stone.

“I made the collar myself, its beautiful leather, with a few priceless stones to help it sparkle in the sun.” Ruby takes the large silver and black stone and fits it into a special socket on the collar. She then placed it around the Absol’s neck and secured it as she gives him a kiss on the maw. Once done the Vulpix stepped back and admired her work. “It looks good on you.”

Bangam didn’t know if he agreed as at first it felt odd having something wrapped around his neck, not to mention the stone itself felt a bit heavy. But it didn’t take long for the Absol to get use to the added weight as he walked around. Ruby purred again once she saw that he was adjusting well to his special gift from her. The Vulpix brushed up against the Absol. “That is a special mega stone called “Absolite” and with it you can mega evolve.” Bangam wanted to say something but Ruby stopped him by putting a slightly sandy paw on his mouth. “You can thank me by…”

[Present Day]

Bangam almost forget that he was in the middle of a conversation with Bones.

“Well try telling that to everyone that saw your little fight a short while ago Bangam. If Aurora was here right now Bangam, she would tell you that it was a bad move on your part.” Bones clapped his hands and an Pansear waiter walked out with another cup of hot tea. Bones happily takes the cup and puts his half-empty cold one onto the tray. With a thank you the fire chimp left. “Love the service here, they know what I like and make sure to keep the good drinks coming. We should hang out here until later when the ‘fun’ drinks start coming out.”

“I am pretty sure Holly wouldn’t like that,” Bangam said as he wasn’t about to let Bones change the subject. Plus, Holly has asked Bangam to make sure that Bones did not fall off of the wagon as he has had a history of making bad decisions after dark. The ghost looked at his friend, a bit of anger was in his eyes.

“Something I would expect a tail lifter like you to say,” Bones picks up his cup, gives the motion of a fake cheer and chugged down his drink. Once done he slammed the cup onto the table and got up. “I’ll see you at the arena tonight, you wanted a fight I’ll give you a fight. Expose you for the weakling you are in front of everyone.”

Bangam did not like the sound of that as he had no intentions of putting a wedge in their friendship. He was greatly regretting the decision of coming out more than ever, as he watched his lifelong friend walk away. Bangam was sure that a kiss wouldn’t fix this one as the Pansear from before returned and placed a bill on the table. Bangam looked at the chimp who shrugged and then walks away. Bangam lets out an annoyed sigh as his friend left him alone at the table and with the bill. So much hate.

Ribbon really wished that she hadn’t let Darious talk her into going out on a ‘date’ like this. He was slightly annoying to be around for a long period of time. He was very talkative and sometimes did not know how to hold his tongue long enough for someone else to get a word in which to her was very annoying. She had things she wanted to talk about as well, questions he wanted to ask the puppy or just simple statements she wanted to have voiced. Ribbon wasn’t used to playing second banana to anyone and for some odd reason the stupid mutt seemed to be her match since the moment they left the dorms and came down to Neon Central to hang out.

Their day started with them getting some ice cream, where Darious spent the time talking about his relationship with Chip and how he hoped that there was still room in his heart for the Rockruff. Ribbon wanted to let Darious know that she believed Chip still liked him a lot, but that the pup was annoying and that unless he learned to change himself, he may never win over the full affection of Chip. Ribbon did manage to tell Darious that but the pup didn’t seem to care as he told her about his plans of taking Chip out on a nice date and remind him of how much he meant to Darious. Ribbon reminded Darious of Meadow who seemed to have Chip’s heart, but Darious didn’t mind and he proceeded to remind Ribbon that Meadow liked Darious a lot too. Ribbon felt that Darious wasn’t hearing her out and since then she has been looking for anyway to end their little outing. Now they were sitting at the Legendary Fountain looking up at the statues of the various Generals of Arceus.

“What do you think they are made of?” Darious asked Ribbon as he looked up at the statue of Meadow. The Shaymin was in her land form, staring out at the forest in the direction of where her flower garden was supposed to be. Ribbon looked at the statue itself and figured that it might be made of marble or some similar material.

“Marble maybe?” Ribbon answered. Darious dabs at the water but then backs away. Ribbon remembered that he was a rock type and as such didn’t like water all that much. “What were you thinking of doing?”

“I wanted to go over and touch the statue just to see.” Darious announced as he touched the water again, this time he dipped more of his paw into it. Ribbon noticed that he had an uncomfortable expression on his face, but he didn’t stop putting his paws into the water. Once both of his forepaws were inside of the water did the Rockruff stop looking uncomfortable and seemed to find…peace. It was as if he no longer was in any pain. “Much better, I think I can get a closer look at the statues now.” Darious began trying to lift his hind paws into the water but Ribbon stopped him by holding onto his tail and yanking him back onto the street. A few other Pokemon were looking over at them as it was odd to see two Pokemon playing in the fountain. Most knew to stay out of the water.

“Darious you idiot, get out of the water.” Ribbon ordered. Darious barks at Ribbon and swings his tail in a way to throw her from him.

“I want to look at the statues.”

“You are not supposed to be in the water you idiot.” Ribbon snatched Darious’s tail again, this time she yanked him back onto the ground. The Rockruff shakes himself dry and pants happily.

“Oh, why didn’t you say that earlier.” Darious laughs and licks the Vulpix’s face as she sat on her butt. Ribbon felt the cool ground under her as she saw there, her face being assaulted by Darious’s constant licking.

“I would think it would be common knowledge.” Ribbon grumbled. She puts a paw on Darious’s face and pushed him away. “Besides you are a rock type, should the water be the worst thing for you deal with?” Ribbon saw Darious shake his head.

“If it is not used as an attack against me, the water feels alright. Granted it is still not that pleasant to feel, but if I mentally prepare myself for it, I can withstand being in it for a while. Bet you didn’t know that, Ms. Know It All.” Ribbon growled as she had to let off a little steam and before Darious could react the Vulpix headbutts him right in between the eyes knocking the pup onto his back. The moment Ribbon headbutted the Rockruff she instantly regretted it as the vixen fell onto the ground next to the rock pup. Ribbon was seeing stars as she laid on the ground, wiggling around in pain.

Ooohhhh…my head….” Ribbon groaned as she puts her paws onto her head, only to feel that the spot where she had struck Darious was warm, wet and pretty sticky. If the Vulpix wasn’t already white, she was turning that color as she was faced with the reality that she was bleeding. And from her head no less.

“What did you do that for?” Darius asked from beside Ribbon. The pup was still laying on his back, but only as a formality as he barely was even hurt. Ribbon realized that the only one who was punished from her outburst was her. Darious looked at the vixen, his face told her everything she needed to know.

“Unless Alolan Vulpixes are able to change into fire breathing Vulpixes…I think we need to get you to the nurse’s office.” Darious said in for once a none sarcastic voice. Ribbon could tell that the Rockruff was trying to be sincere and as helpful as possible, seeing as his little comment was what set her off.

“Damnit Darious…” Ribbon groaned as even just talking made her head start hurting again. She kept both of her forepaws on the wound. A small crowd was starting to form around the pair as various other students have taken notice to what happened to Ribbon. A small puddle of blood had formed under her. A fellow student approached the pair, from what Ribbon could see from the ground it appeared to be a Riolu.

“What the fuck do you want?” Ribbon heard Darious ask. She remembered that Darious did not like Riolus, literally to the point where he would fight to first blood with them. This Riolu was named Lee, and the same Lee that Darious fought a while back during the New Comer Tournament.

“Wild and untamed animal,” Ribbon heard the Riolu say to Darious who growled back. The Riolu didn’t seem phased by Darious’s growling. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying it. “That is why my species will one day put yours under. We are heroes, not wild animals.”

“What did you say?” Darious snarled, the Rockruff seemed ready to kill the Riolu where he stood. But Ribbon knew better, she knew that Darious wouldn’t attack as long he was worried about her. The scent of his fear, fear that Ribbon would get hurt if they began fighting was powerfully coming from her friend. Ribbon didn’t hold any grudge against Lee but she knew that the Riolu wanted payback for Darious embarrassing him a while back. Their match had ended with the Rockruff winning, something that no one saw coming. Worst was how Darious made it look to easy, as if Lee didn’t deserve to be on the same field as him. Ribbon was quickly beginning to feel worst, her head was pulsing in unimaginable pain, her mind was becoming foggy from blood lose.

“Darious…” Ribbon groaned. The Rockruff looked back at her.

“Don’t worry, I will not let this piece of shit hurt you.” Darious snarled. Lee still didn’t seem phased by Darious, in fact he seemed to be pleased. Ribbon soon noticed two more Pokemon join them as they circled around the Riolu. Ribbon was having a hard time trying to stay focus, but by the looks of it an Wartortle and a Gabite have joined the fray. Ribbon did not like the looks of this, for one the Wartortle easily type trumped Darious and the Gabite wouldn’t have any issues either mopping up the puppy too. To make matters worse, Lee wasn’t a push over either as the Riolu had nearly defeated Darious before, and from the looks of it, he was stronger than the last time they fought.

“Aww…your little butt buddies…” Darious cockiness was showing as the Rockruff’s voice couldn’t hide the fear behind it. None of the other students seemed liked they wanted to stand up for Darious as Ribbon could sense that many of them thought that he had something to do with Ribbon being badly hurt. The Riolu walked up to Darious who snapped at the other canine. Lee grabbed Darious’s mouth with one paw and pushed him to the side.

“Oh, our little fight for dominance is not over yet, Rockruff.” Lee laughed and then points to everyone around them. “You all saw what this…animal did. Look what he has done to this beautiful flower, how he has scarred her, spilled her blood all over her pure white coat and the only thing he can do to defend himself is snarl and growl like the beast he is.” Ribbon heard Lee say as the Riolu seemed interested in starting a riot. A few of the other students were mumbling among themselves.

“Lee…shut up….” Ribbon’s vision was becoming more and more blurry as she was beginning to become unconsciousness. Ribbon could feel the darkness beginning to swallow her…

“Don’t worry, your hero is here now…” Lee said as he bent over to pick up Ribbon. Ribbon tried to move him away but she didn’t have the strength anymore to do so.

“Let me…go…” Ribbon weakly said as the last of her energy was being spent trying to resist. She had to help Darious who in the corner of her eye was being ganged up on by Lee’s goons. She saw the Rockruff receive a nasty punch to his gut after being hosed down by the Wartortle. A few Pokemon seemed interested now in trying to help them, but no one was stepping in to do anything. The last thing Ribbon saw before passing out was Lee looking down at her as he held the Vulpix in her arms.

[Ribbon’s Mental World]

The next thing Ribbon knew was that she was laying on the ground of a snowy pine forest. The sky was gray and snow was slowly falling around her. She noticed that she was laying near a pond, fog covered the top of it and it was hard to see anything on the other side. This was her mental playground, a place where she was safe from the terrors of the world. Ribbon was surprised to find herself though, as usually when she passed out she didn’t remember dreaming. Ribbon shook her head as the snow under her was red.

‘Even here I am bleeding?’ Ribbon thought got up slowly.

< ~ Though you may bleed my little one, you will not be in pain anymore. ~ > A voice called out to the vixen. Ribbon looked across the pond to see that a majestic figure was looking back at her. Ribbon remembered feeling the mystery Pokemon’s presence from time to time when she slept. It felt like it was watching over her. Like a soft blanket that would wrap itself around Ribbon and comfort her gently. Now it was here again.

‘What are you?’ Ribbon asked as she walked close to the cold pond water. A cool wind blew against her face.

< ~ Rest now my little one, no harm will come to you now. ~ > Ribbon stared into the fog and saw what appeared to be a large figure looking back at her. Its red eyes were looking back at the vixen. < ~ How I have longed to see the light again, to feel the warmth of the day and feel the water under my paws. Mmm…and to feel the warm of another against my body…mmm… ~ >

Wait…what are you going to do?’ Ribbon asked. The figure began grinning, its white teeth could be seen through the fog.

< ~ I own half of this body and soul. I live here as its protector, keep it safe from harm. Sometimes I do wish that you would better protect yourself. ~ > The figure walks through the fog a bit and revealed itself. Ribbon saw that a large blue and white dog stood before her, with a long purple main and strange ribbon like feelers along its body. The ribbons reminded her of the ones that she wore on her body. < ~ My name is Suicune. ~ >

Ribbon blinked a few times as her mind was trying to figure out how the legendary dog of the northern winds was living inside of her soul. She gulps. ‘How are you here? Why are you here?’ Ribbon heard the dog chuckle.

< ~ In due time Little One. For now, I believe that I will take over our body for a while. It has been a while since I have had the pleasure of combat and…of love making. ~ > Ribbon saw Suicune begin to walk across the water over to her. It wasn’t long before it stood in front of her, their noses were nearly touching. Ribbon had never seen anything as big as Suicune before, nor anything as beautiful either. But what did it mean by combat and…love making?

What are you going to do? Steal my soul?’ Ribbon trembled. Suicune laughed and pets Ribbon on the head.

< ~ We share a body and soul Ribbon. Stealing your soul would mean stealing mine. No Little One I simply am going to take over our body, kick some as you would say…ass. And then afterwards ride that wonderful little Rockruff’s cock until make a mess all over one another. ~ > Ribbon heard Suicune giggle. She did not like the sound of that one bit, but before should protest the Legendary Dog touched noses with her, vanishing into a bright white light.

Laying back in the snow Ribbon could only think of one thing. She was about to have sex with Darious…

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