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A plucky feraligatr firefighter and a man who loses all he owns. Their stories are more similar than they first appear. Sometimes it takes a bit of fire to discover that which one values most. Besides, big gals need love too.

Partly based on a suggestion by Varka, who wanted a sexy pinup of a feraligatr gal!

June's release for Someone's PC on Patreon

  1. Through Fire and Flame (23067 words)

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    Date:Jul 8 2018

    This is by a VERY wide margin one of the best stories I have ever read the characters are amazing and well described and unlike a lot of erotic stories on any site, not just this one the romance and sex didn't seem rushed or forced I read this one a while ago but lost track of it when my PC died just found it again haven't been able to get it out of my head I understand that this was written for someone else but thrilled to see more of this story...thank you for an amazing read and the wonderful dreams it's given me:)

    off to read everything you have written now thanks again,

    Emerald Foxx

    Official Fluffdog
    Date:Jul 14 2018

    Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I'm quite proud of this fic, and it's always great to hear that people have enjoyed it.

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