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A plucky feraligatr firefighter and a man who loses all he owns. Their stories are more similar than they first appear. Sometimes it takes a bit of fire to discover that which one values most. Besides, big gals need love too.

Partly based on a suggestion by Varka, who wanted a sexy pinup of a feraligatr gal!

June's release for Someone's PC on Patreon


Becoming an adult is never easy, and for some, the new decisions are difficult. But sometimes, the universe has a way of scheduling a date with destiny...

January's release for Someone's PC on Patreon.


A bit of a different take on the theme of the 'changing seasons' contest, and also a commission story for Guri.

A certain pyroar's trainer has things all planned out: he's picked out a match for her and set her up at the best daycare in the region. But, she wants no part of it, and will go to some unusual lengths to ensure she gets her way of things.


This is a story about the adventures of one Pokémon trainer and his Flygon, a romantic tale of their relationship as they leave civilization behind them and blaze their own trail. For those with open minds who do not wish to spoil what lies inside, leave the warning below aside - but if you find yourself contemning adult stories for daring to be less vanilla, be warned rather than complain.

Intense content warning: Vore (specifically, unbirthing. If not familiar with either concept, consider avoiding this story!), transformation, rebirth.

Adult Content warning: Oral sex, violence associated with pokemon battles.

Misc. Content warning: Volence (pokemon battles), Long preamble before the story, vorish content (see above!)

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon, nor the general species contained within this story. However, the flygon's character, her trainer, and the writing itself are all mine! No intent to infringe on any existing copyrights exists herein, just writing for the pure and simple love of writing.


After recovering from a life-threatening injury, Riky the Lucario is eager to get back on the road and avenge his murdered Master. However, when his human friends put the Lucario and his Pokemon friends through some controlled battles to ensure they are still in top form, he overworks himself. His childhood friend and girlfriend, Fiona the Braixen, seeing he is hurt, decides to help him wash off in the shower. The two Pokemon end up unintentionally seducing each other.