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An up and coming Pokemon researcher Cynder Tamarack rescues a crippled shiny Latias in the wild. No longer able to fend for herself in the wild, it's up to Cynder to care for the disfigured Pokemon. However, he's about to find that this Latias' many wounds run far deeper than the skin, and healing her will take many things. Loss, understanding, determination, and love are a few of the things Cynder will need, but with these and more, he just might be able to heal this shining shattered star.

  1. Chapter 1 (2493 words)

    Cynder is currently apprenticing under Professor Birch and his daughter May, the three currently on a research trip in the Sinnoh region. Cynder hears about a drove of rare dragon types in the area, and gathers his fellow researchrs to investigate.

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