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2 humans travel through a portal get trapped in another world

Discontinued for a while I will probably bring this back in a better format.

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  1. Every 3000 years (1002 words)

  2. signing up (1053 words)

    we meet the guildmaster a lucario!

    Date:Sep 8 2017 Title:signing up

    my writers block is very close to busting i am working on a bangam academy story inspired from the story with new characters and old characters alike the story i am writing involves around 6 characters and the story is called duosouled body! eventually i will add it to this site if admins allow it and i need lightsouls permission to add as it is a fanfic of a fanfic XD

    -zero the mew

    Wrath of Reddit
    Date:Oct 20 2017 Title:signing up

    Very good, When I started writing in English(I originally wrote in French, Russian, Latin and German), I just used my old fanfics on this websites counterparts, and put them into google translate, and I posted my first one actually written in English today. And when I started writing in English, it was horrid! I have to admit, you are better than me, I cheated at writing, I used autocorrect and an iPad. It touches my heart to see a new writer... I'm not the only one.


    P.S. I love the references, it's like my writing style, but a bit more obscure.

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