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It's not over til' the end Book 1: The Prevention of the Legendary Genocide by zackarykidder


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Enjoy reading :3

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A restful night at the Pokémon Center, What could possibly go wrong, A lot of things!

Tortured Night

Warning: Chapter Contains Minor torture, And Death. (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

Before: Zero and ari entered the pokemon center while being watched.


Hours passed and Zero soon woke up. It was midnight and she had a feeling of being watched. She felt a cold chill on her neck and opened her eyes. She found that she wasn't in the same place as she fell asleep at. She tried to move but found herself chained to the floor by metal chains. She felt a cold clasp of metal around her neck. She saw a strange device on her wrist, and finally saw a man standing in front of her with a huge grin.

"Finally I captured you, heh. V is gonna reward me for my stealthy efforts. No one will know I captured you either due to our stand in. If he shows up..."

"MMmmffff" Zero tried to speak but finally noticed her mouth was taped shut.

"Heh Your voice is one I don't want to hear."

"Let's see just how much endurance you have before we take your life so you can no longer interfere with our plans!" The Mystery man said as he pulled out a blade and held it to her neck. "I'm gonna make this as Painful as possible for you!" He said as he slowly dragged that blade across her neck slowly cutting it enough to cause pain but not enough to cut it open.

Zero whined out in pain as she felt the cold blade cross along her neck and cause pain to her. "MMffff" She whined as she couldn't voice out her pain.

"Heh that's right struggle all you want. It's no use since it's only satisfaction to my own sick pride!" The man says with cold eyes as he continues to cut slowly with the metal blade making sure not to make her bleed as he tortures her but creating pain but not actually leaving a physical mark.

Zero was in a daze as she couldn't figure out why it hurt so much.

She then noticed her body was beginning to pass out as the blade glowed a sickeningly purple hue. Finally Zero passed out. Rio was the first to notice Zero was missing and bolted awake and picked up a scent and followed it to a Storage area and busted open the door. He saw a man holding a purple blade that was glowing. Zero was on the ground covered with cuts and bruises.

He immediately cut the man's chest slicing through his body and instantly killing him in cold blood. This cut caused Blood to go everywhere landing on the floor and walls. He picked Zero up and carrying her back to the center hoping that she wouldn't remember any of this.

Time pased…

Zero woke up with a groan Rio was in front of her worried about her considering what he just witnessed.

"Are you alright?" Rio asked as he stared at Zero with an almost scared look upon his face.

"Ugh, yeah I'm alright. What happened while I was out?" Zero asked with a confused look. "And why are you super worried right now?"

"Well, you've been out for about 2 days now, I have no clue why. I was worried because you wouldn't wake up." Rio responded almost calmly.

"2 DAYS!" Zero almost screamed as she realised how long she's been asleep for.

"Yep," Rio responds with almost no change in his voice.

"Hmm, Maybe we could see if misty is at the gym." Zero says with an excited expression.

"Unfortunately Misty left the gym a little while ago to go to The Alola Region. She had business to do there with a couple of the newly forming gyms." Rio says to Zero with a little bit of a worried expression knowing exactly the next thing she'd say.

"Oh, Well how long did she say it'd be for her to get back…" Zero asks.

"She won't be back for at least 2 months." Rio says looking down.

"You gotta be kidding me." Zero says with a almost dumbfounded look before looking at rio and realizing that he wasn't kidding around. "Wait are you serious?"

"Yeah…" Rio responds.

"Great, well we don't have much of a choice but to head to vermillion city." Looks outside to see that it is dark out. "We'll head out in the morning…" Zero says as she lays down with eevee snuggling up to her chest and she smiles.

Vermillion City Docks...

"So where is our delivery?" A mystery person says wrapped in shadows.

"We have some bad news." A Black outfit wearing man says with a Red R on his shirt.

"Tell me immediately." The mystery man says walking out into the light revealing the now recognizable man as the team rocket boss, Giovanni.

"Uh o-o-our Friend got k-k-killed while he had Zero in c-c-captive." The man says clearly intimidated by his boss knowing how cruel he can be.

"Hmm, well then as your punishment for ruining my mood. I will send you to the netherworld!" Giovanni says as someone fires a ball of shadow energy and the man is engulfed before vanishing.

"Aggggghhhhhh!" He screams in pain as his body is disintegrated.

"Now it's time I deal with these pests myself," Giovanni says with a glare.

Back at the pokemon center, Zero was having a Dream of sorts.


"Hello?" Zero asked as she looked around the black space.


"Someone there?" Zero said hearing a faint voice.

"...H..i.." the voice responded very faintly with a bit of shyness.

"Who're you?" Zero said as the voice responded yet very quietly.

"" The voice was cut off before resuming. "" The now known fable responded.

"Oh," Zero responded.

"" Fable said.

"Where at?" Zero responded to Fable

"Star… light… hill" Fable said as her voice faded away.

"I'll go there next then." Zero smiled to herself as the dream ended and she bolted awake shivering heavily. Even though it felt like a good dream Zero had chills going down her back.

"What was that…" Zero said with a gasp as she woke from her nightmare sort of dream sweat rolling down her back.

Author Notes! YAY!

So another chapter. So many questions! Why is Giovanni so intent on capturing Zero? Who is Fable? All will be answered. In the next Chapter! -Zero

(Don't forget: it's not over till the end)

Also I've decided that I'm going to include my discord. If your Over 18, and you love pokemon and love roleplaying. Then you'll love my server! I'm very nice too so come on down and hang out.

Discord Tag: Zero, The Adorable Baby Mew#9280

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Wow 3 times and no glitch now!

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