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I only wanted 1 world where the best of everyone came. But it didn't go as planned -X

This story has been permenantly moved to fanfiction.


Turning this into a book series let's hope it turns out well :D

Looking for a beta reader and editor. Contact me Via FA as zackarykidder787. -Zero

Story Notes:

Enjoy reading :3

  1. Lost (1012 words)

    More tags will be added as nessasary

  2. Are They Dreams or Reality? (1013 words)

    (new chapter sorry for the long wait)

  3. Fight at the gate to viridian (1020 words)

    This has been written for awhile but haven't posted it.... -Zero The Fluffy mew :3

  4. The Change of form (1020 words)

    Changing forms and seals are breaking!

  5. The Escape(Lyre's backstory chapter) (1000 words)

    Wow a backstory chapter!

  6. Brock The Rock (1018 words)


  7. Team rocket and the mountain of moons (1033 words)

    Introducing Team Rocket!

  8. Rocket to the moon (1079 words)

    Team Rocket seems to be after the Large Moon Stone, Can Zero Stop Them? Let's find out

  9. Tortured Night (1062 words)

    A restful night at the Pokémon Center, What could possibly go wrong, A lot of things!

  10. Island of lost souls (1026 words)

    Zero and Rio Board a boat, but something happens, Read to find out

  11. The Rescue (2070 words)

    Lots of things happen on the island, Zero gets a new memory and They begin living on the island as a couple days pass by. What exactly transpires, Read to find out

  12. The Surging Wave (1444 words)

  13. Rock Tunnel and the Secret lab (1388 words)

    Salem the Umbreon
    Date:Sep 30 2018 Title:Lost

    Wow, this is pretty good. I've only read the first chapter so far, but I like it. I love how it combines the beginning story for the hero in every game up to gen 4 and the beginning story of Ash into one thing. Brilliant, tbh.

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