AGNPH Stories


A collection of one-shots involving relatives indulging in the forbidden fruit of incestuous romances and inbreeding. Chapters come when they come.

  1. Braixen M x Delphox F (10227 words)

    Widowed and pent up, Delphox finds herself succumbing to a taboo lust for her own son and devises a plan to have him all to herself. Mother/Son with minor Braixen M x Flaaffy M

  2. Nidoran♂ M x Nidoqueen Intersex (10109 words)

    Being the family breadwinner and a high school student on the verge of graduation, young 18-year old Nidoran♂ is riddled with stress from his obnoxious job and the buildup of school work. His mother, Nidoqueen, isn't making the matter any better. He's head over heels for her! Unbeknownst to him, his mother has an unconditional love for him that far exceeds a mere mother/son relationship.

    Nidoran♂ male son & Nidoqueen intersex mother with Nidoran♂ male voyeur-masturbation plus Nidoqueen female & Rhydon female

    Date:Jul 26 2021 Title:Braixen M x Delphox F

    This is great

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