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Jungle Fever by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

The human character and all the anthros have nipples. 


Deep within the jungles of Florana, an expedition group who had arrived by boat were making their way through the jungle to set up a campsite. They had arrived there to study the local Pokémon population since it was the only place left on Earth that contained non anthropomorphic Pokémon. As such, they needed to conduct research in order to help efforts to preserve them. The team was comprised of a male tyrantrum, who was the muscle of the group as well as the tour guide. A midday lycanroc, who was the head of the research operations, and a ninetales, who solely funded the expedition and had requested to come along wanting a break from her aristocratic lifestyle.

As they walked through the jungle Ninetales asked Tyrantrum if they had reached the perfect spot to set up camp. The shirtless Tyrantrum told her that they hadn’t, but were getting close.

“You want a drink, M’lady?” Lycanroc asked handing her a bottle of water.

“Yes, that would be lovely,” she replied gracefully.

Lycanroc held her parasol as she unscrewed the cap off the water bottle and took a long drink. She then screwed the cap back on and traded Lycanroc her parasol for it.

As they neared the site Tyrantrum reminded the two of the rules for the expedition. The rules were, never go out alone in the jungle, always carry a stun gun around in case of a hostile predator, and keep your distance from the feral Pokémon to avoid agitating them. By the time he had repeated the rules twice they had arrived at the site and started unpacking.

Once everything had been unpacked they reconvened in the canvas tent and discussed their route for tomorrow. Lycanroc took out a map of the area and drew out their path with a black marker. Once he had outlined the whole course he asked if there were any questions. Ninetales had two.

“Shouldn’t someone stay at the camp in case a predator comes by? I’d just hate for a feral to come by and destroy the camp while we’re away,” she said concerningly.

“We don’t have to worry about that, the ferals don’t bother with campsites so long as it’s not on their land,” Tyrantrum reassured her.

“Another thing, what happens if I were to get injured? Did you pack equipment to deal with it?” she proposed.

“Mam, I’ve been doing this for five years, of course I have the equipment. Plus I have two radios to signal a nearby hospital for help if the injury is serious,” Tyrantrum replied.

“You won’t have to worry about that though as I’ll make sure a lady like you is well protected,” Lycanroc said blushing slightly.

“Heh, not if I can help it,” Tyrantrum said causing Lycanroc to look at him.

“Just joking bud,” Tyrantrum whispered to him. “I have no interest in girls so you can have her, but as a guide I have to protect her, and you as well.”

“I-I know that, anyway, any other questions?” Lycanroc asked.

No one spoke up so the plan for tomorrow was a go ahead. Lycanroc pinned the map on the bulletin board behind him so it wouldn’t get accidentally misplaced. As he made footnotes of the Pokémon in the area to place on the map, Tyrantrum decided to go ahead and start making supper.

Once supper was finished and ate up Tyrantrum decided to go grab a shower as all the sweating he had been doing had made him sticky and quite smelly and was desperate to feel clean and fresh again. He took off his boots and socks and put them on his chair in the canvas tent. He undid his belt and pulled down his jeans and boxers at the same time before taking them off and putting them on the chair with the rest of his clothes. Now in the nude he went into his tent and pulled a towel out of his suitcase. He flung it on his left shoulder and headed towards the showers, he hung the towel on the hanger and went into the male side.

The showers were an invention made by Lycanroc’s researcher buddy. When he heard they were going on an expedition he requested they take his invention with them for testing and feedback. Since it was a functional prototype Lycanroc saw no reason not to take it along. How it worked was there was a heating tank that took in solar energy and when a switch was flipped the energy would be used to heat up the water inside. When a shower was turned on, water from the tank would move up into the head and shower the person inside. The water would then hit the floor and go down the drain, entering a purifying system that would clean it. The clean water would then reenter the tank and the cycle would repeat. It was quite a bulky piece, but it was certainly impressive.

Ninetales decided to have a shower as well wanting some soothing relief after walking all day. Lycanroc also decided to shower, not wanting to be the only one who wasn’t clean. Ninetales started stripping off in the canvas tent as Lycanroc grabbed towels for them. Ninetales took off her boots before taking her socks off and folding them up into a little ball. She took her safari jacket off just as Lycanroc returned. He placed the towels on the table and then took off his shirt. Ninetales took off her shirt as well and was just about to unclip her bra when she noticed Lycanroc turn the other way.

“What? Afraid to see a woman’s body?” she asked as she took off her bra and put it aside.

“Well, uh, a lady like you deserves privacy,” Lycanroc blushed as he took off his socks.

“I quite admire the gentleman-like attitude, but I’m quite alright with people seeing my naked body,” she said as she took off her pants and panties.

Lycanroc turned around and looked at Ninetales’ naked body. He kept on looking at it as he took off his pants and underwear. It was quite an impressive sight to behold and Ninetales was all too happy to share it.

“You this carefree often?” Lycanroc asked while scratching his nipple.

“Not really, since I like to keep up a refined appearance. But I do enjoy letting myself loose when I’m on vacation as I might as well live it to the fullest. Which is kind of why I wanted to fund this expedition. Not only did I like the cause but I figured it could be like a vacation for me,” she responded.

Then an idea popped into her head causing her to smirk mischievously. She opened up her pussy and showed it to Lycanroc who stood there stunned.

“Speaking of let loose, want a taste?” she smiled coyly.

Lycanroc, blushing brightly, nodded and then dropped to his knees in front of her. He then started licking her clit causing her to quiver and moan out in pleasure. Lycanroc’s tongue was warm which helped her clit get more stimulated eventually causing her to reach her orgasim. She cried out as she gushed her juice into Lycanroc’s mouth who gulped it all down. When she had finished, Lycanroc licked her pussy clean before licking his mouth clean of her juices. Ninetales gave off a satisfied sigh before smiling at Lycanroc who just blushed.

Afterwards the two wrapped their towels around them and were about to head to the showers before Ninetales realized something.

“Oh, forgot to take this off!” she exclaimed, referring to the gold necklace around her neck that had a crystal heart pendant on it.

She gingerly took it off and laid it on the table before rejoining Lycanroc.

“Sorry about that, but I couldn’t go in the shower with that on. It’s quite valuable and I’d hate for it to rust,” she explained.

“How so?” Lycanroc inquired.

“You see, my grandmother had it made for me before she passed to remember her by. Whenever I wear it, I can feel her watching over me and keeping me safe,” she told him.

“Pardon my rudeness but why did you wear it to Florana if it’s that valuable?” Lycanroc asked.

“I know it kind of weird, but I figured I would need her watching over me for this trip,” Ninetales chuckled warmly.

The two reached the showers and took off their towels. They hung them on a hanger that was near their respective side before getting in. Tyrantrum was still in the shower so Lycanroc had to shower with him whereas Ninetales got the shower to herself. Tyrantrum asked Lycanroc what took him and Ninetales so long but he refused to answer, too embarrassed to say what happened.

As Ninetales showered she looked up at the sky as it turned from day to dusk. While looking up she noticed two figures in a nearby tree. They stood there motionless as they looked down at the camp. Ninetales took a closer look and was able to make out the two figures. One of the figures was a naked human male while the other figure was a naked male flareon with long hair that covered his right eye. After watching for a bit they scampered off into the jungle away from the camp. Ninetales couldn’t believe that an anthro and a human resided in the jungle and was quite intrigued by it.

Over at the male side, Tyrantrum was lathering himself up as he watched Lycanroc wet himself with the water. Tyrantrum snickered to himself as he put soap in his hands and got behind Lycanroc while he was distracted. In one swift movement he started playfully lathering up Lycanroc’s crotch. Lycanroc was startled at first but soon started laughing as Tyrantrum tickled his crotch. As he continued to lather up the crotch Lycanroc could feel his cock start to erect. When Tyrantrum had finished Lycanroc’s cock was fully erect much to their surprise.

“Woah, sorry about giving you a boner, dude,” Tyrantrum said. “That said, it is nice looking.”

“Uh, thanks,” Lycanroc replied blushing.

Once the three had finished their showers they dried themselves off and got ready for bed. Ninetales decided against telling the boys about what she saw not wanting to worry them. She then went to bed wondering about the two figures she saw.

The next morning the group prepared for their hike in the jungle. Lycanroc recapped everyone on their route before they left and Tyrantrum made sure everyone had a stun gun on their person in case of a hostile foe. Once everyone was armed and refreshed they headed out.

Tyrantrum walked in front since he was the most familiar with the jungle and knew his way around without checking a map. Lycanroc walked next to Ninetales, whose heart pendant glistened in the sun.

“I’m surprised you didn’t take your parasol today,” Lycanroc remarked.

“The weather’s fair today so I didn’t feel the need to,” Ninetales replied.

They hadn’t walked far before they reached their first destination, a lake that was just off the campsite. Lycanroc had wanted to study the local poliwag and golduck population there. As they got up to the lake Lycanroc took off his bag and got a pencil and pad out. He then went off to do his thing while the others sat back and enjoyed the view.

A while had passed before Ninetales spoke up. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her and decided to ask Tyrantrum about the figures.

“Hey Tyrantrum, I was wondering if you could tell me about the people that reside here in the jungle. Since you’re a guide I’m sure you must know a lot about them,” Ninetales asked.

“What? There aren’t any people living here, not even tribes. I’m very familiar with Florana and in my five years have never come across a person living here,” Tyrantrum told her.

That wasn’t the answer she was hoping for, in fact it only made her more curious. She didn’t bother probing further though as she didn’t want Tyrantrum to freak out over them.

Lycanroc eventually finished his studying and was ready to move on. As the group made their way further in they saw more of Florana’s wildlife as well as the beauty it had to offer. While admiring said beauty Ninetales also kept an eye out for the figures she saw yesterday. Every time Lycanroc stopped to take notes she would observe him before wandering around the site looking for any signs of them. She would never find any but that didn’t discourage her.

After they had visited the wildflower field, which they needed to go back to since no Pokémon showed that day, they started heading to their next location. However, as they walked Ninetales noticed a tree root was sticking out of the ground. After she passed it she called out to Lycanroc, who was busy with his pad, to watch out. He didn’t hear her and tripped right over it. His pen and pad flew into the air as he hit the ground hard. The loudness of the crash alerted Tyrantrum and Ninetales and they quickly rushed back to check on him.

Tyrantrum helped him sit up while Ninetales picked up his dropped items and handed them to him. Lycanroc thanked her as Tyrantrum asked if he felt any pain to which he answered that his right ankle was hurting. Tyrantrum then took off its boot and sock before checking it over.

“Well, luckily I see no signs of spraining. Can you walk on it?” he asked.

Lycanroc with Ninetales’ help tried to stand up, but his foot ached too much to stand on it. Tyrantrum mused over the situation.

“It seems like you mildly sprained it. Fortunately, ice is all you’ll need to cure that and I have some back at the campsite. Though, I’d suggest we stop for today so the pain will have time to die down,” he remarked.

Lycanroc was understandably disappointed by this but figured it was for the best as he didn’t want to sprain it further than he had. Ninetales helped Lycanroc carefully put on his sock and boot as well as get him onto Tyrantrum’s back. As they were about to start walking back Ninetales thought she could see a figure move about the trees. She wanted to go investigate it but knew she had to ask Tyrantrum first.

“Hey Tyrantrum, is it ok if I keep exploring without you?” she asked politely.

“Mam, I told you yesterday that no one is to go out in the jungle alone!” Tyrantrum told her sternly.

Ninetales gasped, she had been so focused on the figures that she forgot about what Tyrantrum said. That said, she still wanted to go and thought up a counter.

“You have two radios don’t you? Why don’t I take one and I’ll radio you if I’m in danger. I’ll only be going as far as we came and no further,” she countered. “That, and I did fund this trip.”

“Ah, well, alright, but just this once,” Tyrantrum relented as he handed her one of his radios.

“Don’t worry I’ll be safe,” she promised.

With that Tyrantrum headed back with Lycanroc as Ninetales went looking for the figure. An hour went by and she hadn’t found any signs of the figure. She still kept up hope though and kept on searching, that was until she got ambushed by a pack of mightyena. She quickly pulled out her stun gun as the mightyena creeped towards her. She knew striking them each individually wouldn’t be effective so she looked around for the leader. Prior to the trip she did some research on ferals and found that if you strike the leader of a mightyena pack the others will drop their stances to check on them as the leader is the brain of the pack whereas the others are just the brawn. As she looked she noticed one of the mightyena had a scar on its cheek so she targeted that one. The bullet hit it and it dropped to the ground unconscious and just as predicted the other swarmed it. While they were distracted she ran off.

She had gotten a good distance on them, however it didn’t last long as they had recovered and were gaining on her. In her haste she tripped but luckily recovered by performing a cartwheel and kept on running. That trip cost her though as they were now too close for comfort. She knew it would be game over soon so she braced for the inevitable. Suddenly she felt someone come behind her and swoop her up. She watched as the mightyena got smaller and smaller.

She looked to see who swooped her up and saw a naked man holding on to a vine. She gasped, by a complete stroke of luck she had found what she had been searching for.

-To Be Continued-

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